The Acura NSX Type S Is Sold Out - Acura received 300 pre-orders in 24 hours, with over 100 more buyers on a wait list if anyone backs out.

The Acura NSX Type S Is Sold Out - Acura received 300 pre-orders in 24 hours, with over 100 more buyers on a wait list if anyone backs out.


*Here's our cool car* I don't want it *Here, we are running offers* Not competitive, I don't want it *Ok we'll stop, here's the last batch* FLSDAKJOIG GIMME I WANT PLS


To be fair, all 2022s are Type S models. And Acura has sold between 170 - 500 NSXs a year for the generation. ​ So 300 sales aren't exactly unexpectedly high


Acura PR should be getting massive bonuses this year. Completely average sales for the model (still absolute dead last in the $200k super car segment - Huracan sold 2193 units in 2020, ie: 7.3x more than the 300 NSX Type S' slated to be built - and not to mention Lamborghini sold ~1800 Performantes in total which had a base MSRP 43% higher than the Type S) and they've managed to make it seem like a positive thing. Their spin is phenomenal, Tesla should be hiring these guys. This announcement could instead be read as "total interest for limited edition model slightly above average yearly sales at ~400 units."


Acura’s spin doctors are very busy. Remember all the TLX hype? All the YouTube reviews “beating an Audi” with it blah blah then it comes out and it’s a turd again? They spend a lot of money on media.


Why bother when people excuses every mistake you make. Oh, tlx is slow and heavy but muh honda reliability and sh awd. Oh, is500 doesn't have launch control because that makes the transmission more reliable. (Yes this is a real excuse i read in some is500 discussion)


You do get a lot of push-back when you criticize Japanese performance cars in what I consider to be objective reviews. Short of Tesla, the largest amount of negative feedback I get is from people who think I'm biased against Japanese performance cars. I got SO MUCH hate for lukewarm reviews of the IS 500 and the TLX Type S, but... those reviews were accurate, and I stand by them. The cars just aren't that competitive with performance cars from the European brands, who take more risks (and spend more money) on design, tech, and performance.


Eh. But they spend money on the stuff you can't review: reliability, ease of repair (I miss Scott on SG because of this). A Toyota V8 will outlast a audi 10/10 times (thus part of the reason I like the new supra, it's a bmw with toyota reliability). I do wish reviewers would mention how reliable prior models have been in reviews. That way you can get an idea on what it would be like to own a newer model


The problem is when fans will dismiss anything by talking about reliability. Bad infotainment? Meh styling? Advertisements overpromised? Uncompetitive? "Well at least it will be running at 500k miles unlike X brand." It's only one part of the equation.


I'd argue it's the most important part of the equation when it comes to sedan. What good is a fast sedan if it's constantly breaking down and expensive to repair? A broken down car isn't going to pick Timmy up from soccer practice


People who lease or flip or otherwise go through different cars quickly wouldn't really care unless it's notably bad. If you never hold onto a car until reliability and maintenance becomes problematic, it's the next guy's problem.


This is basically me. If I’m not buying a different car every three years I’m not living. I love cars and want to try out as many as possible. I’ve never put more than 40k miles on anything.


> What good is a fast sedan if it's constantly breaking down and expensive to repair? How many Giulia Quadrifoglios sold anyway?


While I see what you’re saying, you hardly need bulletproof reliability for that. Not to mention that the choice today isn’t really between reliability and constant failures as much as we want to meme up German / Italian / etc. car problems. I think the (proper) target for luxury cars are genuinely more interested in being wowed (or wowing others) than knowing it’ll never end up in the shop. Or at least they care a lot less about it than your average consumer.


Legend has it, Timmy stopped playing soccer when daddy showed up to soccer practice in a new car with a long peak.


Although this is accurate, the simple truth in the sport sedan segment is that most people simply don't own the cars long enough for this stuff to be relevant. People love to bring it up, I think especially Internet People because many of them are buying used, but as a new car -- nobody I know who's looking at an M3 is even slightly moved by the IS 500. It's ancient, and everyone knows it, and they also know they'll get something new in a couple years anyway, thus never getting to actually appreciate the IS 500's greatest (sole?) advantage.


I think you're missing the point of these cars and the reviewers. If we were talking about Camrys and Accords then I would agree with you but we're talking about cars where the vast majority of potential buyers aren't considering reliability or ease of repair. At that point the review's purpose is to share all the features and the experience of the car, not to discuss repair bills. Like I said though, with normal cars you're absolutely right with these though it's not really important.


The reliability angle is 100% fanboism excuses and nothing else. Lexus leases over half their sales, MORE than Audi in your example. The people who are actually buying these products don’t value reliability anywhere near as much as the bench racers on /r/cars. My favourite part of it is, in 2006 when the 2GR and 2UR came out they were incredibly competitive with everyone else, and reliable to boot (as we know). So it’s not a “oh Toyota/Lexus only sells 15 year old tech because it’s reliable”. It’s a “Toyota/Lexus is still selling their already amortized 15 year old tech because fanbois will still defend it”. They are obviously capable of launching modern, competitive, and reliable tech like they once did in 2006. To keep defending them with the reliability angle is actively denying ourselves modern offerings from them. For the record, this is all coming from a Lexus fan. Except an objective one.


> The reliability angle is 100% fanboism excuses and nothing else. Lexus leases over half their sales, MORE than Audi in your example. The people who are actually buying these products don’t value reliability anywhere near as much as the bench racers on /r/cars. Boom. Precisely. And I suspect the lease numbers are actually a bit higher in this sort of segment, if you were to break it down. When I worked for an automaker, I once heard that 85% of 3 Series models in some metro areas are leased.


> I once heard that 85% of 3 Series models in some metro areas are leased. Hard to extrapolate that out to other makes though, BMW owners are very brand conscious and BMW has some *very* aggressive lease deals (especially on lower end models). That said, > I suspect the lease numbers are actually a bit higher in this sort of segment is probably still true.


I frequent a Honda enthusiast forum and everyone shit on the TLX when specs were released. Even quite a few of them were luke warm on the changes in appearance compared to the sharp looking concept. A few of us were cautiously optimistic it might be underrated, but were disappointed once reviews trickled out.


Genesis is taking the reliability angle from the Japanese


My parents cat does the same thing when she wanted to go to the backyard. *Opens door to backyard* Not interested. *Look, there is a rabbit there* Yawn. *Fine, closing door now* FLSDAKJOIG let me go!!! Dashes outside . Rich people are just like cats.


Why do you think they're called 'fatcats?'


What sucks for them is that the i8 outsells it for some reason… it’s around the same price and worst performance wise in every way. Why people buy the i8 over the NSX besides styling preferences makes no sense.


As, kinda shitty as i8 is on pavement - it is a thing of beauty unlike this hodgepodge.


Really, this is just another way of saying that even though this is the special, final edition, only 400 people want it. Porsche is selling about 6000 Turbo and Turbo S models every generation. They are announcing it like it's some $3M hypercar.


Acura: Buy our car. Everyone: no Acura: Please? Everyone: no. Acura: Look. It's the year 2021 and we just put a new grille on a performance car and it doesn't look like ass. Everyone: TAKE MY FUCKING MONEY!!!! Acura: Fuck. We would've sold so many more cars over the past 15 years if we'd only known....


I’m always amazed when car companies manage to release something horribly ugly, see that the overwhelming public opinion from day one is that it’s ugly, and then suffer through years of poor sales without changing anything. At least GM was smart enough to put in the absolute minimum effort to tweak the Camaro facelift after that debacle.


Wait, people think the NSX is ugly?


The version with the big chrome beak was


I wonder how’s the sale for the new M3/4 going tbh. I live in an area where they’d show up immediately in decent numbers when a new gen is released. I remember seeing a bunch of brand new F80s when it was new. Also true for any new Bimmer in general. But so far I’ve only see like 2 M3/4 in real life and like 3 of the new 4-series.


I live in Los Angeles and have been seeing an absolute shit load of M4s. I've seen like 3 in that ugly highlighter color in the past week or so. M3s not as much yet. I've also seen a lot of the new non m 4 series. I think they're selling just as well as normal. When you think of the average new m3 buyer, well I feel they tend to like standing out. Burbleburble tune off throttle, no signal asshole merges. Matches the ugly face of the new car perfectly.


That might have as much to do with supply constraints as anything else.


I'd happily never see them at all because every time I see one it makes me wince.


I saw one the other day in the Dark green with the bright camel interior. Beautiful combo but other than that it was hideous to look at. The grille is even more disproportionate looking in person.


Why do you write out Bimmer online? I understand saying it in person because it's easier than saying out BMW, but why wrote out bimmer when the actual name is 3 letters?


Because I liked the way Bimmer sounded in my head in that sentence.


Zim zim in ma bimma


Why? What does Bimmer add that BMW doesn't achieve? To be honest I never hear someone say "Bimmer" it's almost always BMW. The only time I hear or see Bimmer is from kids who play a lot of video games.


Are you seriously trying to make a big deal out of this? LMAO. Are you trolling because of your username? FWIW people around me say Bimmer a lot. I say Bimmer from time to time and I've owned 3 in the past 10 years.


I have 3 bimmers in my name rn (not rich, just dumb) and say that shit all the time.


I'm not trying to make a big deal about this, I'm just curious because it's not a culture I'm familiar with.


This case is especially strange because the same company refreshed theb9th gen civic after just 1 model year because of the overwhelming response that it was hideous.


Its the interior for me, I dont know how a brand can be the "luxury" and still have worse interiors than baseic hondas. On par with mid 2000 kias and fords


Yeah interior was rough. Turned me off for sure


Precisely. The NSX’s problem wasn’t performance, but status. A top end $150k Mercedes, BMW, Porsche etc all have premium status. A six figure MSRP Acura? Not so much. Can’t impress the concours set with one of those, even the mighty NSX. Unless it’s a collectors edition of the final batch…..


People aren’t buying to drive. They’re buying to speculate on it.


I mean it’s a guaranteed investment. I give you 100000% percent that they’ll appreciate in value over time.


Lol there’s no such thing as a guaranteed investment. Sure it’s likely it will appreciate, but just because it’s rare doesn’t make it a good investment.


Over what time period will they go up in value over the non-coveted, low selling NSX that it is based on, keeping in mind maintenance, insurance, storage, etc?


I wouldn’t be surprised if they sell for more immediately, considering the limited availability. Collector car market is nuts these days.


Highly doubt it. It looks like ass, handles and feels like a video game, and costs way too damn much.


What’s so special now that it’s actually selling?




The ultra exclusive list of people invited to buy this was every single person in the country.


On a completely unrelated note, how do you like your LC?


The LC is awesome. Great engine and the 10 speed transmission is excellent. It’s a shame they didn’t use it for the IS500. The talk about the infotainment is significantly overblown in my opinion. It’s never caused me any problems and I use it all the time. The one criticism I do have of the car is the impracticality. The trunk is very shallow and you can’t fold the rear seats so you are limited to two suitcases back there plus whatever you want to throw in the back seats. It hasn’t been an issue for me the way I use the car but I wouldn’t ever plan on having people in the back. It has a beautiful interior with great seats and is an extremely comfortable place to spend a few hours. The car is quiet and refined cruising down the highway yet if you drop a few gears it makes the most amazing noises. If you’re a fan of a good V8 this car is very hard to beat. It’s basically a luxury muscle car. Truly a great dual personality. It’s not something I would ever take to a track but as a road car the performance and handling is great. I don’t see myself selling it for a very long time (if ever).


Excellent, thanks for the response. That pretty much answers all my questions about it, I just need to find one to sit in to see how I fit before I bite the bullet.


Good luck! I will say the driver area is extremely spacious and the seat is very adjustable. The ergonomics are quite good so I would be surprised if you can’t find a comfortable setup.


It’s one of those cars that everyone will be asking in 10-15 years, “why didn’t this car sell better?” The Lexus LFA and Carrera GT were kind of similar in that regard.


It wouldn't be a japanese supercar if it doesn't flop in production and became mythified 10 years later.


It's a v6 hybrid acura, I'm not sure it really has any hidden charm that we will discover in the future. Also it's not particularly expensive (like the LFA) so that isn't really holding people off from buying it now. Carrera GT and LFA have some of the best sounding engines ever made, which has become more valuable with the direction of the car world. What does the NSX have?




Honda reliability has been overrated for over a decade now.


The $90k engine is the unknown, nobody has yet push it to the limit. For all we know it could make 1000hp stock.


At least IMO power is so ubiquitous it doesn't matter. I'll take 500hp with sound over 1500hp any day. With manual it's no contest. The 600hp Koenigsegg 3cyl has me all ears but throw in 1100hp in electric and I've lost interest


If they can figure out electric power without all the battery weight, I will be more interested.


Eh the Carrera GT was well beyond the price range of this car. It was 450K, back then.


They made it not-butt-ugly. They also gave it a mild power bump and significantly improved transmission performance. Oh, and it’s a last year, limited edition trim.


It's a matter of opinion i guess and i respect urs, but personally i love the look of the NSX and i think the Type-S is not as good-looking, might just be me though


Its the last production run. But also All models are the Type S for this year. So it gets a power bump (600 hp) and revised bodywork, new electric motors, faster transmission shifting.


nothing, probabily underperforming like the non-typeS did.


not surprised.


Seem to be in the minority but I like the new NSX. Unfortunately for Acura, like most other fans of the car, I am sitting patiently waiting for depreciation to do its thing.


Realistically though how much will an NSX depreciate? I think they are way too pricy to ever drop like the 90s ones did at one point


They’re probably never gonna be $30,000 but even for 85 or 90 grand that’s a lot of car, and I do think they’ll fall a good bit below that even.


I don't think any new car is ever going to depreciate like 90s cars did.


The original cars weren't exactly cheap at MSRP in their day, either. I bet this one takes a good hit in 15-20 years.


I'm with you. This and the first gen NSX are equally my dream cars and I lean towards this gen a bit more because of how rare it is (only seen 1 in the wild, 2 at auto shows, 1 at a dealer) and how underappreciated it is.


I am with you there. When this Type-S was released I was scrambling to try and figure out how I could afford one without having it being a damn house payment, but I had no luck lol.


Haha another MKV Supra owner! Love everything they did on the Type-S. People complain that it's overpriced but it's pretty much the same price as the regular NSX fully loaded in options being about $200k yet, they improved on the car overall. Even then the NSX offered a lot for a hybrid supercar in that price range and is still daily friendly as the old one (reviewers getting 30-40mpg is insane for a supercar lol). I've only sat in one during an auto show but hope to grab one used someday. Hopefully the value isn't crazy by the time I'm ready.


I don't think people didn't like the NSX. Tons of people liked the NSX. I got a ride in one at the track and it's great. There were other reasons it didn't sell well.


I like it too. I just can't afford a new one. Well, can't reasonably justify buying one at least. GT-R too. I could make the payments if I didn't instead put that money towards a mortgage which should hold better value.


The 350 units, does this include the Honda badged NSX? Speaking for most countries out there that also wants to buy it as a Honda.


Yes. 300 for the US, 30 for Japan, the last 20 we're not sure how that spreads out for the rest of the world.


Europe will probably get 10 and the rest of big Asia will get around 5? What a shame, but I will guess rich Asians will still pay millions of dollars to get it anyway. This car will be worth more, much more than the 1st gen NSX in 10 years as a collectable car.


Yeah that sounds about right. And I don't doubt how collectible this 2nd gen would be either. This and the 1st gen are my top dream cars and I lean towards this one since it's just so rare and underappreciated. At less than $200k, it may not be the best performer but it was loaded with tech. There's no other hybrid supercar at that price point. Everyone can recognize the Lambos, McLarens, Audis, etc. but the NSX feels more special in my opinion.


Will rich Asians pay that much for a Honda.


The standards here are different, a Honda is sorta a mid-range car since it is known globally. There are local car brands that most people in this subreddit have probably never heard before.


But rich Asians will go for cars that rich people drives such as Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and other sports car brand.


They should have made this limited run of Type-S's and continue to accept orders for the regular version in 2022. Still end production, but give people a chance to get a regular one before production ends. With Covid sports cars seem to flying off the showroom floor. They should of taken advantage of that.




I think John Cena bought one lol


After his issue with the Ford GT, I wouldn't use Cena as an example of what to do with a supercar lol


Haha he is a noted car collector enthusiast though! Makes sense he would get one of these




Demand for a Playstation abomination no one wanted the way it turned out to be?


Why such limited numbers? Im not saying build hundreds of thousands but maybe 2500 to 10000?


They've only sold ~500 a year, if they built 2,500 they wouldn't sell.


Moreover, if you make too many its appeal as a limited edition car goes down.


I kind of like the car but, why buy this when you can get comparable performance, similar looks and better noises for half the price in a C8?


The C8 destroys the argument for practically any supercar. Though with the shortage, good luck getting one right now at a reasonable price.


I hear you. Have to be patient, but you can order one and pay sticker. I drove one over Memorial Day and it is spectacular. This particular car was ordered by a family member. Took about 9 months, but in the end, he was happier because he ended up with a 2021 instead of a 2020.




Glad I don't work for Acura😬


Do we know when this will be on roads?