The "10-second Supra" driven by Paul Walker in two of "The Fast and Furious" films, sells for $550,000 at Barrett-Jackson

The "10-second Supra" driven by Paul Walker in two of "The Fast and Furious" films, sells for $550,000 at Barrett-Jackson


I wonder how much the hero 1 car would go for if it was ever for sale


1 of Eleanor's hero cars from the Nicolas Cage GI60S film, I believe went for $1m+. Given the love & memories people have of Paul, I can't imagine Hero 1 couldn't match the Eleanor cars.


I would think it would probably even go for more than Eleanor given how big the Fast and Furious franchise is.


Hero 1 car?


For movie cars, there's not just one car. There always multiple of them. Let's take the orange supra for example, they would build stunt cars for uhmm...stunts. There may be slight mods to help it do the stunts but the idea is, it looks similar enough when viewed from a distance. The hero 1 car on the other hand, that's the eye candy. If they need to make a close up shot of the car, that's what they use. Basically, it's the most beautiful example of that car


I still can't believe the hero 1 general Lee was used as a junk car prop and then abandoned in some guy's backyard forest junkyard. Thankfully it was found and somehow fully restored.


Actually it wasn't restored. They just reused the VIN. Not one piece of that car is original to the hero 1 car.


yo do you really have 2 c43's?? that's so awesome! i really want one but have been unable to find a good one.


But I watched the video. The car somehow didn't have frame damage from being jumped. Just the something can was caved in under the front which was an easy replacement. Or something. Idk it's been a while


They actually used the same frame, engine, and transmission


Unfortunately it’s now racist … FFS Edit: Ok, to clarify, as an Aussie kid who grew up loving the show, I had zero understanding of what the flag was on the roof, it just looked cool on a cool car. I don’t get how this was so mainstream if it’s always been racist? FFS is in reference to something that was an innocent childhood memory to me is being destroyed …




Yep. I remember seeing some of the cars at Universal a while back. They were obviously stunt cars due to the cages and large metal 1/4" plates welded to the frames under the cars.


> large metal 1/4" plates welded to the frames under the cars You mean the manifold?


How else would they prevent "danger in manifold"?


Shut up!


Could be from the F&F live thing that went on for a while. They made a bunch more stunt car clones


goto craig lieberman's channel


Someone really tried to argue with me on here that this would sell for $10,000,000 lol. $550k for a repainted stunt car is insane enough.


Saw a video of it from Tyler Hoover. It’s an automatic bare bones Supra. Yeah it’s the f&f supra but it’s not a $10m car


Motherfuckers play too much Forza.


If hero 1 was sold then we'd start nearing those numbers, but yeah a stunt car is different.


It wouldn’t get anywhere close to that. I can’t recall the exact numbers from my post but something like 13 cars have ever sold for over $10,000,000 and I don’t think a single JDM car was on the top 50 sale prices. It’s basically all old ferraris and other Euro makes.


The people that care about those cars, aren't the ones with 10 million dollars


Well people are getting over a million for random NFTs. I'm surprised this doesn't fetch at least a million.


Are they still? I know they had a boom for a couple of months but I haven’t heard anything about them in a while.


People have enough money and are still ignorant enough to not understand what this car really was. Or they just have so much money it doesn't matter.


I stopped bidding after 5k.


I put up my car and my respect but didn't end up winning


You never had your car


Granny shifting not-double-clutching-like-you-should


I never understood that line. I get it that the writers aren't car people, but do at least a little bit of research before making fun of a character for not doing something that would slow you down. Modern stick drag cars don't even lift off the gas!


You'd wish for at the very least Vin Diesel to know enough that he would say "no, I'm not saying that bullshit" to the writers but no, everyone just thought that shit would fly. Or maybe the movie is genius satire and I just never realized it


It's probably just genius satire. They're on what, their 10th movie? In the end the small details don't really matter, but goddamn it still bugs me


If you wanna watch a movie that gets the details right, check out Born 2 Race. The title is lame, and the plot is similar to Tokyo Drift but with SoCal and drag racing, but it gets the details better than most big budget films. It was spearheaded by Subie enthusiasts, iirc.


I recall an interview with Walker, or someone else, where they knew and wanted to ham it up.


Yeah, the used car market is crazy right now.


Yeah, I was bidding on this to get it as a starter car for my daughter but then the auctioneer started screaming some stuff about “golden god” at me so I backed out.


So you didn’t bid?




DIRT cheap. They stole the car tbh.


Eh, it's not Hero 1, so the price is still more than fair for what it is.


It's not? Everything I'm seeing is saying it is.


TMU, Hero 1 is in The Netherlands. This is Stunt 1 and used when Paul's character was chasing Tran.


Where'd you learn that? Because every media presenter was acting like this is Hero 1.


From Craig Lieberman. https://youtu.be/OTvF2m2Wd0w




Haha, I had to go back and look 'cause I didn't remember it. I guess it stayed like Slap Jack's for a while. Grandma's Boy was a couple years after 2F2F iirc.


Part of me really does want to see a beautiful car have its value crater simply by film association. "This car was seen in Adam sanders ' jack and jill'..."


Well...since it was his car I *suppose* he's a trustworthy source that this wasn't Hero 1.


If you're interested, Hero 1 is in this article with some other F&F cars. http://www.speedhunters.com/2019/10/100-auto-live-celebrating-car-culture-netherlands/


Craig called it! $550k


Stunt car with stock engine and an automatic.


This is also a stock Supra under the hood with an auto transmission. It’s a $25,000 car maybe without the body kit, wheels, interior and graphics so total without it being in F&F a couple of scenes it’s worth around $35,000


"If you took everything away from this car that made it famous and made it into a normal 1994 Toyota Supra it would sell for less" Thanks, detective.


> without it being in F&F a couple of scenes it’s worth around $35,000 yeah...no shit. That's why it went for $550k. Because it's a screen used movie prop.


That's pre covid prices, boy. This non-turbo automatic Supra recently sold for $50k. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1995-toyota-supra-36/


Let's just ignore the fact that this nearly 30 year old car only had 37k orig. miles...


Good god, I wonder if that person has buyer's remorse after driving it.


You would be a really good real estate agent. "So what? Without the 2 bathrooms, the 2 bedrooms, the living room, and the garage, this is just a 300 square foot kitchen! It should be worth around $25,000"


How’s the school district?




as overrated as they are, 2js definitely aren’t crap. most engine builders i know still have only praise for them. they sure are old and heavy though


I feel attacked but seriously ppl are starting to buy na 2j and just changing out the rods


People have been turboing the n/a's for ages.


not anymore my man. if you can find me one for 25k i’ll buy it right now


Probably the most expensive 90s supra sold with a body kit of that generation. The body kit is considered somewhat for that time.


> The body kit is considered somewhat for that time. somewhat... rare? ugly? I think you missed a word there :P


Then why didn’t it go higher? This is a well known auction. Seems like that’s the market value right now


I think people are confusing Stunt 1 (this car) with Hero 1. I could see Hero 1 bringing over a million, but stunt 1 will always be worth significantly less.


No. Way overpriced.


They could sell an NFT of it for millions


idk I have a feeling the average age of car enthusiasts is going up by 1 every year


Oh dang Miaviv is here, bullish!!!!


Hoovie got to ride in it.


Was wondering if he won it or traded for it?


He is doing Barrett Jackson coverage so he just got the ride.


In his last video he talked about buying it. But I’m sure that $550k is too much even for him.


I was just about to say I don’t think Hoovie won the bid on this one 😂


If a youtube title is a question; the answer is always no. Goes for news headlines as well


"When will you receive your stimulus check?" Exactly, answer always no lol


This is for a automatic stock Supra that was repainted back to look like what it was in the movie (real car from the movie but was repainted afterwards and then again to make it like what it was like in the movie.) The roll cage is the wrong color. $550,000. Insanity.


It was repainted and used in the 2nd movie then someone bought it and repainted it back to the 1st movie scheme.


For that one dudes gold colored Supra that he crashed into the billboard thing? I remember that the same car was used.


Yeah Slapjack's Supra in 2F2F. A lot of cars were re-used from the first move in the second movie according to Craig Lieberman. Other fun fact, Slapjack's Supra makes an appearance in the stoner comedy Grandma's Boy.


Yes, correct. Point still stands. Insanity.


Not only that but it’s a movie car. Everything “modification” will be done poorly and only to look good on camera. Attention to detail is not a feature of movie prop cars.


Who buys an automatic Supra?












Did anyone else see the NFT of Bronco VIN 001 sell for 22k. Ridiculous. https://www.barrett-jackson.com/Events/Event/Details/2021-NFT-2021-Ford-Bronco-2-Door-VIN-001-249070


Auction houses fucking love NFTs because it’s literally printing money


Money for nothing! No doubt they charged the same buyers fee as a real vehicle lol.


But you get your chicks for free!


I want my MTV!


And the Hummer EV for $5k lol https://www.barrett-jackson.com/Events/Event/Details/NFT---2022-GMC-HUMMER-EV-EDITION-1-VIN-001-249074


Lmao, looks like it sold after the Bronco as well. Mustn't have been many NFT buyers in the crowd I wonder why.




Q: What's the difference between a 900 HP Supra and a 1500 HP Supra? A: Nothing, they both run in the 9s.


Can u explain


They’re dyno queens with no low end. Big turbo is great for making big HP numbers, but they lag.


Ah gotcha


And they are heavy ass cars. So, slow to 1/4.


YES. When I first got my SC the first thing that struck me was how heavy it felt driving it. Not a bad thing as it’s a personal luxury coupe, but man these are heavy cars.


I wouldn't call a car that runs 9s a Dyno queen


yeah depends on the context if the 900hp supra runs a 9.87 and the 1500hp supra runs 9.10 then yeah, diminishing returns, and maybe there's "better" ways to shave those seconds, but still significant


Also no one would risk a factory transmission. Spinning up 1,000lb rollers is one thing, doing a high RPM launch at full power could mean a new transmission. 4,500RPM of lag was almost an act of mercy since everyone would only do highway pulls. The fastest cars were all are drag automatic swapped.


Yup either th400s or glides with a tabs brake and anti lag setup.


I thought the joke was always about a lack of traction. Also doubt that's very true any more with modern ECUs, turbos and stuff like that.


In my experience it has more to do with the turbo lag. Factory, they came with a sequential twin turbo setup that did a decent job minimizing lag, but the stock twins were only good to around 400-500 hp. So most of the big horsepower builds are done using a big single turbo, which despite modern advancements still have some lag, though pretty minimal. That’s why it’s a joke.


That's why antilag exist. You get full boost at launch. Pretty sure 1500HP would beat 900hp any day of the week at the drag strip.


Doesnt matter how much hp a Supra has they will still never be fast in the quarter.






[6.9 is fast as fuck](https://www.thedrive.com/news/33773/mk4-toyota-supra-breaks-stick-shift-record-with-six-second-quarter-mile-run)


Billet block, prepped surface and tons of boost ...yeah that will go deep into the 8 and 7’s but a stock block Supra has a plateau


99% of quoted quarter mile times are on prepped surfaces, why even mention that?


That car is still an H-pattern manual. That's fast as fuck.


But I thought it doesn't matter how much hp they have? And here you are arguing it's so fast because of the engine.


But you said: >Doesnt matter how much hp a Supra has they will still never be fast in the quarter. And despite the mods, that is in fact a Supra. Turns out that all drag cars are heavily modded Frankensteins of the original.


It says heavily modified engine. No where does it say billet block. And it's a 1/4 mile run, or course the surface is prepped. [And here it ran low 8s with interior, power steering, and A/C. That's still fast as fuck](https://www.grannasracing.com/pages/grannas-racing-supra)


https://m.facebook.com/bulletraceengineering/posts/1120745931421801 Grannas Racing is known for there billet 2jz blocks. It’s their bread and butter.


You mean 13's.


i always think big horsepower is just kiddie stuff. like when i see a video on yt about a 1500hp road car i think when are you ever gonna use that? 500hp is absolutely loads anything above that just seems pointless


It is pointless, except it's fun.


except for when you're stuck behind a slow driver, or the road has a blind turn, or you're approaching a junction, or passing through a residential area, or passing through an industrial area, or there are speed cameras about, or there could be police about. there is genuinely no place to utilize 50% of a 500+hp car on the road


>there is genuinely no place to utilize 50% of a 500+hp car on the road Legally. Plenty of fun to be had on back roads, or at race tracks.


may be different where you live but i cant think of any backroads you can properly stretch a 500+hp cars legs. also race tracks arent roads buddeh


I have a 700 hp supercharged mustang and I will say this, it is on the edge of streetable. Fun on the freeway of course but unless you know my car and drive it as often as I do stay out of the throttle on surface roads.


Drag racing is the only purpose for anything above ~1000 hp


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYDGmeCsUdo from hoovies garage on youtube, he goes over the car before the auction.


More than you can afford pal, Supra


I really hope its kept original and a youtuber doesnt buy it to modify or whatever


The engine bay and running gear need to match the rest of the car.


They do match the rest of the car. It is a mostly stock supra that was used in a movie. Thats the car. You can modify any supra.


You're wrong on this one.


Mostly stock from drivetrain perspective, not including the stunt gear


Honestly, it should be modified. It’s a completely stock Supra besides the cosmetic work.


Yo what! He owed Dom a 10 second car Not 10 second 0-60 car


That’s what I’m saying man!


Exactly, it's waaaay too reliable now!


Its a car of historic significance. You can buy any supra and modify it


It’s one of the stunt cars. If anything it’d be a tribute to modify it in a way that it would perform in real life the way the movie made us think it did.


Yeah I wouldnt be bothered if they modded this into a manual turbo supra.


It's already modified anyway. The Paint is not original. It's a F&F1 replica on a F&D2 car that used to be one of the actual F&F1 cars.


Tell that to Travis Scott, who bought an 8k mile all original E30 M3 for 250k, then put rally bullshit and lights all over it and ruined it for a music video.


Lol he wrapped it and put removable lights on it


And he could've done that to a junkyard E30 for a fraction of the price and not a soul would've ever cared that it wasn't a pristine M3 example instead.


I think having the money of Travis Scott (and possibly a label having the project), there's so discernible difference in your life or back account by getting the nicer car.


I'm not concerned about him saving money on a cheaper donor car for his music video, it would've been nice if he didn't modify a perfect original E30 M3 considering there would be few left in the world with that mileage and in that condition. I know a lot of people are against keeping cars as museum pieces, but there are some that should be preserved or at least kept original. Again, I just don't get why he didn't use a worthless E30 since he modified it beyond any original recognition anyway. You could modify a 318i with 300k miles to look exactly the same and no one would know.


There’s plenty of e30 m3’s that are pristine. Guess what you can take the wrap off and the lights and it’s the brand new


Ya’ll care too much. Do you want the new generation caring about cars and motorsport in general? This is how it’s done. Who cars if Travis Scott bought a “special”’E30 and put a removable wrap on it and lights. Who cars that Tyler the Creator has a Lancia Delta Integrale painted baby blue. Literally who cares besides dudes that think these cars are sacred. Car’s arent sacred, they are here for people that can afford them to do what they want with them. Travis Scott buying an E30 you, me and most people here would never have the opportunity to buy is not a big deal and doing what he wants to it so a younger generation gets interested is NOT the end of the car world.


Just looked up who that is and what he did. Dang. What a dope. He apparently cant even drive a manual, so it was just a prop.


>You can buy any supra Now wait a second here


It’s a completely stock Supra in average shape. The car needs modified.


You have to be a real fucking moron to buy a movie prop and then modify it. You would completely destroy the value.


I mean, single turbo and a manual swap and I'd call it a day.


I was betting this would go for at least a quarter million. I was only off by half.


Or off by twice as much depending if you’re a glass half full/empty person.


To put this in context, we live in a world where the transaxle from James Dean's 550 Spyder sold for almost $400k. Surely that makes this Supra the bargain of the century.


Can buy lot of tuna sandwiches with no crust. Honestly that seems cheap


Why don't you try Fat Burger from now on? You can get yourself a cheese and fries for 2.95!


Missing a word at the end there


No one like the tuna here!




It's honestly worth that or more just based on what an icon it is. But anyone know how much actual performance parts were put in it? I'm guessing it's just a supra with cosmetics?


Yeah sounds like it's [bone stock](https://youtu.be/lYDGmeCsUdo?t=227) under all the fancy cosmetics.


It's an auto too.


Paul Walker was a Gem...if I had the extra dough to blow......


He made a habit of dating high school girls.


I think the price would've been higher if more people knew about it going up for auction. Those cars played a part in a movie movement that helped define a generation.


Except it's an autotragic (always was) and all the engine mods from the movie are gone. Tyler Hoover did an in-depth video on it. Rich people gonna rich.


It never had mods. There was one car that had all the bells and whistles, and something like 6 others that where used for stunts and other scenes.


Because it was the stunt car. The hero 1 was manual and fully modded


You say "rich people gonna rich" like this isn't going to sell for twice as much a decade from now (assuming F&F is still somewhat memorable/nostalgic).


I almost bought it but then didn’t.


And then you realized you only had $200 in your savings for the water bill?


Hooray for jacking up auto Supra prices even more where it’ll be recited by all the fanboys that they know what they got.


ITT: people not understanding that this was a STUNT car not the HERO car


Honestly that seems like a deal. Assuming the engine was built and meant to be driven. Add the notoriety and yeah easily flip that that for 4x to some kid that held 14 btc since 2011.


It's meant to be driven. Engine is stock. Auto transmission. Paint is unoriginal, as the car was a stunt car for F&F1, then was repurposed as stunt car for F&F2, then someone ended up with it and put a F&F1 replica paint on it.


10 seconds? That’s barely older than Paul Walkers girlfriends.


500k too much.


Too much 2 dumb


Whoa calm down cuz.


more than you can afford pal.


Controversial but I kind of agree. If any supra is cool, this is it, but in general the 90's supras are very overrated IMO. They are now 30 year old mid range Toyota GT cars. Sure the 2jz has a lot of potential, but I would guess its a don't meet your hero's type of car.


Hoovie said he was interested in bidding on it. Anyone know if he did?


I'm sure he did. But he also said that he thinks it will go up too high


So Hoovie didn't buy it then?? 😆


Now every fuckin supra owners gonna post $200k+ for their 2000 toyota


Eh, it’s just a stick automatic supra