They need a bot over on /r/JDM that auto replies with just this meme every time some 16-18 year old asks "which first car should I buy?!?" with pictures of an RX-7 and STi.


God I would love that


First car checklist for me, does it run, does it move and lastly, can I afford it.


Man mine doesnt even meet the first two


does it roll at least? you can push it around if you need your car


No, the wheels are rusted stuck. The things been sitting for like 7 years


You could always carry it


get some of those things with wheels under so that you can push it around without even worrying about turning problem solved


WD-40 will solve your problems.


My first car didn’t meet the first two criteria, but I knew that going in. And it certainly met the third criteria only costing me £120


I see so many of those posts I’m 80% sure they’re bots or something


We need to start fanboying other cars until jdms are back to normal


Blue Corollas with a manual transmission 😍😍😍


Don't you dare We need to have the Corollas off the radar


Live the username


zastava yugo 45 😍😍😍


Silver Altimas with a CVT 😍😍😍


ae86 corolla is already expensive


I was just about a regular Corolla since I drive a 2013 one.


let's fanboy over the Cruze, nothing would be lost on those


Citroën Traction Avant?


miiidd. Citroen Rosalie gang wya


Sir, Private reports for worshipping old Citroën cars, sir!


Ready your GSs, prime your 2CVs and set your ZX Volcanes, we gonna get funky


Are we also gonna turbo the CX GTI?


I got my self a super nice Sentra Se-R Spec V and that’s about as close as I’ll get to a JDM legend


Still a cool car


Oh for sure. That’s why I bought a second one


I'm starting to look for my first car I would want one but I don't think my parents would allow it due to it's age


Many of the best first cars are in the 1995-2005 range so if you can convince your parents then it will be worth it. There are many reasons that an old car is good. And you can get super reliable cars from that long ago


I mean it’s only 20 years old at most, mine are both only 16 years old. 🤷‍♂️ but hey it’s your parents


Yea they want something newer which makes sense


I think this happens to every other “cheap” sports/sporty car that appeal to young people (Mustangs, Camaros, BMWs, etc), it’s just that historically, JDM sports cars tend to sell less than than Muscle, Pony, and euro sports cars, so there are just less examples of these popular JDM tuner cars on the market, so proportionally more of them get riced to all hell. This is compounded with the “fast and furious effect”, those movies kind of inspired the JDM/tuner culture among young people at the time, so those kids who grew up watching those movies are now looking for JDM cars to rice out instead of other types of cars.


Somebody was selling an r34 gtr for 450k nzd. Absolutely stupidly expensive


Wasn't a clean stock AE86 sold for 90k nzd some time ago? The moment I saw it in the news, I thought it's stupidly expensive even for a nice car like AE86. At the end of the day it's an used 40 year old Corolla with less power than my goddamn Avensis. It shouldn't cost that much even if it is a legendary RWD drift car in a good condition.


Yeah, and there is a 1985 ae86 on trade me for 65k.


I was partly involved in this. Had a 95 Talon that was wrecked while street parked and a 98 Eclipse GSX that was hit by a drunk driver. This was back to back JDMs taken from me. Both were mint OEM+ and I planned on keeping it that way. The talon had 40K miles! Thanks for making me cry OP Edit: Okay so the Talon wasn't JDM but every piece under the hood said Mitsu. Next this sub will tell me my Q60 isn't a 370Z


Eagle talon isn’t JDM it was literally made for American markets.




>95 Talon >JDM What


Shoulda said DSM lol keep it accurate and relate to the meme


I’m 2006 I passed on a AE86 Corolla coupe(or whatever the exact version we got in the states) because I didn’t feel like it was worth $800


My uncle traded up his AE86 for a 3rd gen Supra back in like 02’ which he still has & is pretty nice but he let a small fortune go & he punches the air about it.


I feel like your uncle because the car is was good shape but I decided to go with a 1991 BMW 318is for like $1200. To be a teenager again


Surprise, that's how it always felt to search for any remotely sporty car in most of the third world


A completely stock Japanese sports car is infinitely more impressive than a Supra with 4 figure horsepower, change my mind.


i have NEVER seen a clean 2g eclipse, they're all in shitty condition, EVERY SINGLE ONE


This was me when I was in middle school and wanted a truck. Nowadays- you gotta be kidding me. Truck has how many miles? Truck is how much?


I bought a pretty clean 97 GSX in July of 2020 for $5k. The balance shaft bearing was making some gnarly sounding noise, vacuum lines were going all over the place, it had a shit ebay 16g on it, and there was an exhaust leak because these cars hate aftermarket manifold to turbo bolts. Weirdly it had a properly installed AEM Wideband and nice HKS carbon exhaust. I think the young guy I bought it from was probably freaking out about the balance shaft noise and wanted to unload it. I took care of those problems, did a bunch of mods and now I have a really nice daily.


The fact you can buy an E Type Jag, The car Enzo ferrari himself called "the most beautiful car in the world" for less than a jazzed up 20 year old Japanise sedan makes me a special kind of sad


Me who lives in a country where JDM cars were not available


So every country outside of Japan then? Unless you mean you can’t import cars in your country?


Imports only happened from the 90s onwards, but very few cool stuff, and all absurdly expensive


Idk seems like pretty much everything has just been going downhill since 2016


Wake me up when RX-8 prices skyrocket and I'm no longer able to have a cheap fun car without spending a fortune.


Ae101 sedan is best N/A race car


I thank God people hate the Eclipse, 300ZX and Sentra SE-Rs (enthusiasts in my area refer to them and their owners with bigoted slurs) and stan Honda where im from, because they stayed cheap and good-running while Hondas and Miatas got stupid expensive, even for non-running examples.


Painful truth