Real talk: Anyone here that does the ugga dugga method? I'm just so unsure if all the work I do and refuse to die in my own car (if it isn't my fault) that I almost always torque things to spec. Has anyone ever had a bad experience not torquing to spec?


Over torqued my spark plugs and got Misfires on all cylinders lol so yeah torque em to spec


Opposite thing happened to me on one of my cars, torqued the plugs to spec and they somehow got loose and started backing out. Added quite a bit of ugga duggas more than the factory spec and it wasn't a problem anymore.


I got lucky and it didn’t blow a head and the plugs didn’t strip, I just removed and torqued to spec and all ended up being fine.


Overtorquing spark plugs will strip the threads of the engine head, so you'll need to repair the threads or get a new head.


Spark plugs have a torque spec?


Yeah, generally everything in your engine has a torque specs


Ugga dugga with torque limiting extensions. Lazy and correct.


I only ever torque down the wheels and engine parts, other than that I just go by feel, my method hasn't let me down.


Ugga dugga


Have you watched that car throttle vid ? [[email protected]:26](https://youtu.be/BTtbOFIpUyQ)


Certain critical components needs to be torqued down. Ex: flywheel bolts Certain components you do enough times that you get a feel for the torque and can just use a ratchet. Ex: spark plugs Certain components you just follow the "tight, fucking tight, or really fucking tight" methodology. Ex: large subframe bolts


Ahaha yeah pretty much


Yeah this is the rules I follow.


Last time I had my winter tires put on, the shop over torqued every single lug nut. Shop that took them off stripped them so I had to buy a whole new set


On cylinder heads and engine comments? Absolutely, torque to spec. Lug nuts? Hell yes, torque to spec. Anything else? Meh


Only on lug nuts for wheels. I'd rather have them a bit harder to remove and not loose a wheel on the highway.


I work as a mechanic. All of the mechanics that work at the shop I do, including me, ugga dugga prettt much everything. The only thing we torque to spec are wheels. Only ugga dugga things you should be able to ugga dugga. Don't ugga dugga the oil drain plug, or battery terminals etc.


All depends. Cylinder head bolts? Torque em to spec. Suspension and frame bolts? Güten tight.


The last owner of my vehicle ugga dugga'd the battery cables onto the terminals. It took much longer than it should have to get them off.


The last owner of my car ugga dugga'd literally every fucking thing and it got to the point where everything is broken and I can't remove it because I'd strip the bolt, or break it off entirely.


Get em on with impact, torque with wrench


Holy shit you used the meme properly- with onomatopoeia based on the actual adaptation instead of the original.


A mechanic I apprenticed under did ugga dugga on literally everything and I was crying inside because he just completely ignored the torque specs.


I ugga Dugga my lugs with my air impact then snug em up with one of those cross lug wrenches Am I damaging my shit?


It depends on what you use it on. Wheels aren’t a problem but more sensitive engine bits are


Literally me and my cousin


i uga dugga all day long and never had a problem , you just need to learn how much uga duggas you need for each bolt ( you do need to torque to spec for percision stuff when rebuilding an engine or so )


So that's why I had to attack my oil drain bolt with a wrench ***and*** a long PVC pipe....