It's always best to take care of your health, but part of that is addressing whatever deficits creep into the workplace so they dont interfere there or elsewhere. My first suggestion would be therapy to address that, if only to feel better and make a clearer headed decision. Sometimes its the job, most mostly its the person, esp if its a first job and your expectations are based on things other than actual work experience.


Yeah, I put a lot of thought into this and talked to quite a few of my older mentors abou this and I think there are multiple reasons which I want to leave. I definitely think I'll consider therapy in the future too. Just when I get another job, haha. Thanks for the advice!


Sooner is better. Probationary periods work both ways; they're checking you out and you them. Just go to them and say, "I appreciate the opportunity you've offered me, but this just isn't a good fit for me so I'm going to move on. " Give them as much notice period as you think they need if you want to be professional.


Thank you! I just don't know how to approach my boss... and I don't want to burn bridges either. I appreciate your advice, thanks so much!