Anyone fought Gyze yet in Global? This post also doubles as an advice thread.


No joke. My hands were shaking. I only got the last turn cause I was expecting to be creamed. I tried to finish him off last turn with Eden but he had all his pgs. Now he was fresh out. I just had to somehow get a massive column to scale a 36k Gyze. I did like the tinge of irony in the end. This is also my first time ever to rank up twice in the same fight too.

I also like to ask the advice of my fellow players. The way I understood it, Gyze binds a zeroth... whenever it like gets a damage trigger check? With the owls in shadows, how on earth can you counter that? And if I hadn't killed him on that last turn it means I'm dead, right?


I salute to those who spent real money just to build a gyze deck in Zero. Especially that the game will likely die any moment now


It's Meme deck. I fight one DI Gyze and they die before they could even stride. Yeah its Coral Lacol


If you don’t get them the turn after they stride Gyze you’re done for. That is the case unless you stride a Gyze of your own. An effective tactic against them is going all out on the early game rush. They removed their defensive trigger power increase so rushes will go much smoother.


I agree with the tactic part but after they stride gyze, if you're lucky their hand has only a few heal guards and PGs, a highly power multi-attack deck can still win. Played musketeers like that and won against luard gyze.


I fought a DI gyze and they do get all 5 zeroth by first stride but I destroyed their chance to ult stride gyze by pulling the last copy of daybreak from their hand and use maguntenbu to kill it (2 of it was on damage zone)


Daybreak? So thats a trigger unit they needed to bind another zeroth?


Daybreak scharhrot as ultimate stride cost


Oh it slipped my mind that you had to ultimate stride it. In our fight i was counting how many zeroths he bounded.