When the deck is so straightforward that misplays are almost impossible and I still lost 99% of the game I knew something was really wrong with the deck. More firepowers doesn't mean much when you get rushed by every deck and die before riding G4 Bushi better gives a new form with Dailiner-like skill that gives shield to G3


What build are you using?


I already sold the deck but I'll try to recall. I played 4 Honnettaria, 2-3 Dark Strain, 4 Embrace, 4 Alden, 3-4 Radluke, no Lagrelle, no Forsado, forgot about the orders.


I was hoping and praying that they would show art for D BT12 with a teaser for a new Bastion. But no such luck. I am about 70% sure that a new Bastion is coming down the pipeline, considering that they are foreshadowing a Bastion V Zorga matchup, we will hopefully get something soon. Since Orfist Masques is more or less confirmed, I am guessing we will eventually get new Seraph snow so that Tomari can save her boyfriend. As for Magnolia, I really have no idea what they are going to do. Considering we have Sylvan Horn Beast Dragontree support though, and we saw Megumi wavering when she being asked to join Uniformers, I cpuld easily see them pushing for Magnolia Masques.


They're either going to push on Megumi's insecurity of being Danji's successor, or Halona's VG also uses Sylvan Horned Beast cards are my guess.


Halona's been shown in the OP using Dark States triggers. So No Sylvan Horned Beasts for Halona


wow. so, masques just trending in Dark States then? Cuz, they have a multitude of them at this point.


Magnolia and seraph too lol


I built the whole deck when new Bruce got announced and when I found out it wasn’t getting a retrain right away ( if ever ) I sold it the first chance I got. Deck was fun for what it is but far too outpaced currently.


Hopefully we’ll see something soon since Tohya should have some games next season. I personally think it’d be cool if we got a Masques or other G3 Bastion who’s more defensive that makes it easier to live and let you pick when you rush with Prime. Something like Baphormedes that gives G3s some shield value is the obvious pick but they could also maybe do something more unique.


One day


I'm glad I'm not the only one wanting something new


I personally hope that tohya as well as megumi and tomari gets their avatar upgrade same as danji and yuyu.


I love the art and idea of playing bastion but the deck is so damn boring and playing with such low guard values makes every game a challenge but not in a good or interesting way for me. Not to mention the occasional whiff on your bastion effect makes for turbo feel bad turns/games.


I was thinking along the lines of Bastion soul charging a rear guard, benefitting from that then calling it out from soul next turn or is there a deck that does that already? Other than that bastion could easily become a defensive unit by giving everyone shields.


A grade 3 bastion that you can discard to search for a grade 3 or grade 4 bastion OR a new bastion with an on-ride effect that sets up an explosive next turn.


I'm realling liking this new trend and hope they continue it, and I'd like G3 alts for not only Bastion, but for Kairi, Magnolia and Seraph too. My problem with the G4s is they're a bit like giving the guy who sucks at archery a cannon. They basically just brute force their decks to be better but usually don't really play into the identity of their decks much. Kairi and Magnolia even have persona ride effects that don't even get used, and I feel that's a bit tragic. ~~Vietnamese~~ Viamence Bruce was especially well designed because it leans very heavily into Diabolos' win con and fixes the main issue with the deck, while also making the deck a lot less degenerate too. The player isn't sitting around for their fix-all cannon, and the opponent isn't just going to get blown out on turn 4. It's a win for the player and the opponent in my books. I'm hoping the same can be done for Bastion, who has very similar problems.


D- TD4/5/6 on July. D-BT12 on August. D-BT13 on September.