I only stay at krystal-cancun when going to cancun. Admittedly it does have its faults. The bar doesn't stay open very late. The showers are set up really weird so you will get you entire bathroom soaked. And half the time only 1 elevator works. For me personally that's were the bad ends. The location is very close to the clubs which what initially drew me toawrds krystal. It has a nice sized pool with a swim up bar and easy access to the beach. The food is good and there are tons of restaurants nearby. The starbucks inside was a nice bonus.For the price I believe it is a great choice and that's why I continue to go.


If you're looking for excursions they have a huge table right next to check in with people who will set everything up from taxi to tickets


You should never, ever, ever book excursions though your hotel or concierge. Do you think they are just sitting there all day for free? No, they make money on you, and generally the hotel wants their cut too. The best place to book an excursion is always directly through the excursion company. They always have the best rates. Or, go downtown... the pricing for exact same excursions is way cheaper than in the hotel zone.


Yeah your definitely right I book through people downtown. But I'm not sure how adventurous OP is just offering the easiest way imo.


OP is staying at one of the cheapest all inclusive on the strip, I think they would like tips on saving money :)


We stayed at the Krystal Grand in December, and it was a nice location, nice room, great view. I would stay there again. I didn't do the all inclusives, we never do the all inclusives because there is so much good food in Cancun, typically much better than the swill that all-inclusive serve-- unless you want to pay $800 a night for one of the swanky ones. The Grand Krystal is nice and new-- but it looks like there is an old run-down section as well, that's probably why there are mixed reviews. We stayed in the old part of Casa Maya last year too... and my experience was that it was a dump, hated it. Beds were like rocks, but if someone stayed in their new section, they might have a different opinion about the resort.


It has some of the best locations in the city if you are looking for party, good beach, views, etc. Go for it!


Just got back. And stayed at Grand Krystal. Timeshare pitches, dated lobby, wavy beach in the back. Cancun is good if you want nightlife and clubs. But I found Isla Mujeres to be so much more fun. Great beaches, top notch food, beach-life vibe, fun night streets with vendors and restaurants, blue water, white sand beach, calm waves. You can rent a golf cart around town. Great snorkeling. I liked it a lot better. Wish I had stayed there the whole time.