If you are a member I would look at Costco Travel current “hot deals”, last year my husband and I stayed at a 5-star all inclusive resort for 5 nights $1k per person which included the shuttle to/from the airport. We did not feel comfortable driving, but used the “Turistica” ADO buses. They are extremely nice, targeted to tourists, and easy to use. We used it to go to Playa del Carmen 2 days we were there and had no problems. There is a bus station in downtown Cancun and downtown Playa del Carmen with a non-stop line. The ADO bus times are online so it is easy to plan your day out in advance.


Personally if your wanting to enjoy more food than your hotel has and it seems your comfortable leaving the hotel than I'd opt of all inclusive. There are PLENTY of cheap and delicious food options. The $1000 would surely be all towards an all inclusive resort for 3 nights. I'd say just book a decent hotel with a nice beach and walk about to get food and drinks. Even if the beach isn't the greatest a walk 5 min down will be a completely different vibe. As for driving I have no idea I usually shy away just because the stories I've been told.


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The expense of a car isn't really worth it to spend the day in Playa. Easy enough to take the bus and walk just a little bit to find a beach club or something to hang out at. Plus, Playa is a hellscape for driving these days and so busy that having a car and finding a place to park it is a liability rather than a convenience.


Go to the oasis at the pyramid in Cancun! 20 restaurants and 21 bars