This is a good place to rant. I'm sorry about your diagnosis. Cancer does not spare anyone. Feeling numb seems normal, it's hard to process and it's different for everyone. Some cry for weeks, some jump all in with energetic positivity, and some go what the H is happening?! It's also normal to go through all of that. Depending on the day, I'm might be saying I can do this, or I don't want to do this anymore. Radiation can be hard on your body, get some rest.


Amen! It is a myriad of emotions that happen.


The numbness i think is normal for a lot of us. What ended up annoying me was all the “fuck cancer” or “you can kick cancer’s butt!” And the non stop stories about other people’s relatives who had some form of cancer. That said, positivity is important, the mind body connection is real and you don’t need to be free-basing cortisol. But don’t feel guilty for being numb.


I got a death sentence this year for stage 4 kidney cancer.you cry someday and others days don't even think of it. I find.being around people helps me.most It's when I am alone my mind wonders off negative and anxiety


Hold on yes being alone you go everywhere and anywhere. You cry as soon as you open your eyes in morning if you even got sleep. You hide the tears from other's I've been there. Maybe I shouldn't tell you this. In April I was diagnosed with 3a non operable squamous cell carcinoma. Did 7 weeks chemo 7 weeks radiation. At one point at the end I was so sick I was done I knew one more chemo and I would of been. I refused my last chemo for this reason. 3a is treatable not cureable. Geuss what I am now NED as of NovemberDr told me yesterday that yes remission was the word. I am doing a year of immune therapy on number 4 so much easier than chemo. I didn't think I'd be here today to say this. I don't know what the future holds. But my team is going for a cure. I am lucky why my body responded so well when others didn't makes me so sad. I do know from the people who check you in at Drs office to the nurse who put my line in for infusion to my Dr who could gently take your hand and without words tell you it's ok. To my nurses in infusion. They all greeted me by name. Hugs by all. Smiles no sadness ever from any of my team not ever. I had thought it would be sadness and depression. It wasn't even all the patients in infusion smiles and kind words. I think that helped. The positive vibes. I just want to give you a big hug 💕. I hope this storm along your journey gets better. Anytime you wish to talk I'm here.


Thanks, your the best.




I'm in the same boat. Jist finished radiation before Thanksgiving. Cancer really sucks!! My heart goes out to you!!!


Hugs ❤️


Happens to us all 57 years old the past year was tough. Chemo radiation it was rough. 3a lung cancer. I am now cancer free in less than a year. So good luck with treatment vent anytime. Hugs ❤️


I’m sorry your going through this. I have a similar story. I served 5 years in the Marine Corps, traveled to Europe, bought a home and was diagnosed with cancer a month after returning. You can do it. A positive attitude is everything.


I like being numb The emotional roller coaster just exhausted me. I have too many responsibilities to have time to cry / scream / yell. So I did the opposite of what therapy taught me and disengaged from my emotions. It has helped me. I don't recommend it but sometimes numb is a protective thing. Take care


Sorry you are going through this. It's a tough pill to swallow and even harder for those of us who have always been healthy and lead and healthy lifestyle. It's not for nothing through, being in healthy condition before treatments is definitely an advantage. It will help you complete treatments easier and recover easier. Good luck!!


My condolences, and welcome.


More often than not. 😑


I had the same exact thought since my diagnosis in 2021. I’m an athlete, I eat clean, take care of my body well bc I value my body and when I was diagnosed with cancer, I was bitter. Why the heck did I do all these for if I was still going to suffer from bad health? A friend and I had this conversation, and her response was: maybe it could have been worse if you didn’t do any of those things. I’m still mobile, I was running about 10-20km, cycling 80km per ride, and had just done some strenuous hikes in California while my right lung was only about 2/3 of its original size - which I wasn’t aware of until I had it checked bc I was experiencing stitches whenever I ran. So I guess about eating well, working out helped me listen to my body well. Upon my diagnosis and lung keyhole surgery, i decided to take a solo long trip out (20hour) to Morocco and Turkey before I come back and start on chemo. Obviously I shouldn’t be on air travel after a lung surgery but I felt I had to do it before life takes a downturn. I had myself checked, calculated the risks and went for it. No regrets despite not feeling 100%, but I needed to remind myself that I’m still alive. I think there is merit in taking care of this temple, we don’t know the extent of it and cancer really is a random occurrence. Our disease is not a failure.


Yep. When we can’t fight or flight, we freeze. We stay stoic during treatment, then need to unfreeze afterwards. That’s the tricky part. It’s healthy to rant. You got that going for you.


Exercise and healthy eating ? What do they have to do with cancer? Cancer is caused by a genetic anomaly - I would suggest you really should try to understand your disease. Of course, hearing a diagnosis of cancer is something life shattering and life altering. (If exercise and healthy eating could control cancer - it would be an easily preventable and curable disease)


Can't blame yourself. No matter how well you took care of yourself. Thinking what more what didn't I do. What should I have. Cancer is a mutation from genetics to environmental and so on. It's still a mutation some of us get others not so mu much. Hope someday they find that magic cure and causes. 3a lung cancer never smoked. Life hands us things sometimes. It's so hard. My heart goes out to all my fellow travelers. I wish you all the best. Hugs ❤️


You're not alone. I have felt like this too. I exercised, ate healthy and took time for my mental health and I did these things to avoid getting cancer. I had cancer at 19 (Leukemia) I survived had 3.5 years of treatment. Afterwards I continued to live the same life healthy and everything, I relapsed on my birthday in November of 2022. I'm staying optimistic that I will get through this with God's help.


I’m in the same boat , I’m 59 , I found out I have cancer in the middle of December . I eat healthy,keep fit , I don’t smoke and only drink maybe two drinks a week , no family history of cancer but I got it anyway! I’ve been feeling numb all the time , it’s all I can think about . It feels like a bad dream and it’s not real . I Start radiation therapy and chemo soon with surgery later and more chemo after that . The doctor is optimistic but I’m scared . Hopefully it will be fine