I was depressed but don't lose hope

I was depressed but don't lose hope


Edmonton is definitely an interesting city. I think it's great if you're looking for that suburban settle down kind of lifestyle, but if you're younger, or if you're looking for that density, you're better off going south to Calgary. Edmonton's downtown... is something.


>Edmonton's downtown... is something. Speak for yourself, I love the Soviet style Brutalist architecture, it makes me feel like an ant or small rodent under the crushing boot of the state.


I think it's the wonderful folk that defecate outside of storefronts on Jasper Avenue that makes me feel super warm on the inside


But wait - half the people on here are saying either moving is “impossible” or “not the solution “. Your post makes no sense! How dare you leave the 905 to improve your life!


Man I’ve been thinking about the same thing. Both Toronto and Ottawa prices are becoming unaffordable, while the wages are not increasing. I will likely start exploring options to move with my family. Ive heard from many others that Alberta is not as bad as what most Canadians redditors are saying.


Feel free to to reach out to me if you have any questions.


How are the winters in Edmonton?


I heard it's dry.


Sounds similar to my story. I left and moved to Edmonton in 2012, built an amazing career, bought a home right away and started a family. People on the prairies are awesome. Whenever I suggest moving away from Toronto on this sub I get dog piled and downvoted, I keep getting told how "privelaged" I was for move. I literally left for Edmonton alone with nothing but a $2,000 used car and $1,500 in my pocket.


But it really does suck to have to leave family, friends, continuity for kids and familiar neighbourhoods that have memories. But I understand the rationale of moving….


You should have come in 2009/2010, jobs grew on trees and nobody cared about getting fired. Calgary is far nicer though if its not too late, you'll like it far better there.


Yes.... but coulda shoulda woulda. Better late than never!


For most of us in this shitty position, moving to another province basically is the definition of losing hope. Glad it worked out for you though. I care too much about being in proximity to my family than moving somewhere else.


Um, do you think people haven't considering moving?


An electrical engineer who isn't applying systems thinking to this situation?