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What a great opportunity to get 2-in-1 vacations to remember for a lifetime!


This is not the way. It will breed resentment rather than teach responsibility. If there must be punishment, give them community service at a hospital. Apparently the hospitals need the help. In this way teach them respect. In this way show leadership instead of anger and fear. All while supporting the health care system with extra hands and energy.


Good, I also heard some of them got fired which is fantastic as well


Fired from being an influencer?


One that was fired was a realtor and another in the banking industry- hopefully more to come


Hopefully for them after they get a nice fat settlement cheque and their jobs back you mean? If they got fired they got fired with severance. I'm sure they won't be too upset and if they didn't they are in for a nice pay day. Remember the fuck her right in the pussy guy who got fired? He got his job back and probably got paid. So will these guys.


Was the dopamine worth the consequences?




Got to love idiots who document their own crimes. Similar to the Jan 6th morons.


Send them to the gallows for the heinous offense of vaping on a plane. Meanwhile our politicians have blood on their hands and get rewarded. Clown world.