Al Casbah - a Moroccan restaurant) beats Efes (Turkish) and Damas Bridge (Syrian) to win the best Lebanese restaurant category?


It also beat Little Petra (Jordanian) and the Olive Grove (Greek). Kan Zaman is the *only* Lebanese place on that list!


Haha ok ok, I'm not a pro. Maybe I meant Middle Eastern.


Greece isn't in the Middle East.


I’m from Japan, and in case anyone is wondering Ohayo Sushi on Mill Road do exceptional sushi. Didn’t think I would find that quality of sushi in Cambridge.


Oh I have to go try this now, I had given up on finding sushi that could meet Japanese standards


Can particularly recommend their crispy salmon skin roll. It’s their own creation, so even though I’m visiting Cambridge this summer coming from Japan I’m still gonna eat it as I can only have it there!


Have you had sushi from Japas? If so, how do you rate it?


Japas has a 3 hygiene rating


[So does Ohayo](https://ratings.food.gov.uk/business/en-GB/1473206/Ohayo-Sushi-Cambridge). Still, useful info.


So it does. Grim.


Not very good. Though if I recall correctly their unagi was on the good side of affordability.


Have you tried sushi mania? I like how cheap it is there


Stir is awful these days especially at busy times. The tables at the back near the toilet are dingy with flies hovering around. The service can't cope at busy times, have had food delivered late or cold or missing items almost every time we went. Best brunch is at Millworks, or Scotts.


I also find the bacon really undercooked and they’re not very flexible. I asked for scrambled egg instead of poached egg for my baby and they couldn’t do it


Definitely don't try Cambridge Cookery & Cafe. Don't want y'all overrunning the place and spoiling my peaceful brunch.


I tend to go to the one in Histon now. I’ve only been to Stir when it’s quiet.


I have three curry suggestions for you: For very tasty fairly traditional food, Raja is a great bet on King Street. If you want to eat Sri Lankan food then The Banana Leaf near Mitcham's corner is not to be missed. I absolutely love their food and also the Lion Stout. If you want a blend of traditional curry house and South Indian then Indian Palace in Cherry Hinton is a very good option. I have never eaten in the restaurant (because of Covid), but the takeaway has always been top notch.


Thanks you, I will try them all!


I would recommend Kerb Kollective for coffee if you are ever down by Riverside!


Oh I have been down there, it was good coffee! The vibe is also very good there.


Out of interest, have you tried maison clement for pastries?


Yep, I tried a Coffee and Pain au chocolat from there as there was always a huge queue in the mornings. I didn't think it was very good but the queue certainly says otherwise! Maybe I went on a bad day.


Didn't see it on your list off coffee / pastry places :) yeah, sometimes I find they burn them but other days they're great


I had forgotten the name! It doesn't even have a sign. I refer to it as "that place on the corner"


Tawa not even runner up for Indian? I’ve been lots of times and find it consistently *very* good and interesting. Never been to Pipasha though.




First point is a bit subjective, and second point has never been an issue for me – I’ve always been able to find a table booking 2-3 days in advance! Third point is fair enough, I guess it isn’t super traditional but more Indian “inspired” in some respects. But I’ll definitely make sure to try the places mentioned here!


Well done for all the exploration. The problem with ranking is that it is subjective, so I will share some of my ranking to add diversity. Ice cream: Aromi - Pizza: Scotts All Day - Brunch: Foy - Coffee: the one I brew myself, from cafezinhio.co.uk - I prefer Brazilian coffee, not for everyone. - Meat Pie or Ribeye steak: The Cambridge Chop House


I've always read great things about Scott's all day when it comes to the pizza. I went recently and was very disappointed. Not only by ours but also the pizzas on the other tables looked quite bad. Even in Cambridge I think there is plenty of much better ones.


Nice one. We will definitely differ on coffee preference, I don't like South American coffee for some reason, especially Columbian. Espresso Library tasted very South American.


Fitzbilly use south American too - that classic fruity flavor. Brazilian coffee is known for being chocolatty/nutty, that is the classic export. What I get is the uncommon stuff they sell there, in, instance, “Salada de Frutas” is a very interesting one, it is chocolatty nutty, then fruity, then chocolate again. Quite strange experience.


Rankings are subjective… You got one of those PhD’s bruv?


Sorry. I meant that ranking food by taste or looks is subjective, not that all ranking is subjective. I should have reviewed my wording. And yea. I am a Double PhD and triple Masters in Subjective Ranking from Harvard. Yes, it is a thing, I am sure you will find if you google for it.


I did Google it 😂 as if that’s an actual thing. Some people study funny things.


Wit the caveat that I'm limited to places that can cater for vegans, Prana (British Indian) and Banana Leaf (South Indian/Sri-Lankan) are both personal favourites for Indian food. Yim Wah, The Dumpling Tree and Liutaio Music Cafe all do delicious and different variations of Chinese cuisine. The Old Bicycle Shop, Scott's All Day and The Tipsy Vegan all do excellent vegan brunch/breakfast (and food in general).


I was vegan for a couple of years. I actually found the dedicated vegan places to be a bit of a let down. As you've shown, the best places for vegan food aren't the dedicated vegan places. Las Iguanas has a great vegan menu, especially the mushroom fajitas. Wagamama and Nando's also cater well for vegans. There is a new vegan place opening on Regent Street. Vegan Vice was the best burger place I thought as they kept it simple. There is also Thrive across the road from there. Taste of Cambridge falafel wrap van is also amazing.


I’d throw in Taj Tandoori for your exploration of Indian options


This keeps coming up so I think I’m going to have to try it


Try the Alex for burgers there good. Norfolk st bakery has amazing pastrys and cakes. No mention of Bedouin?? The sister restaurant of Al casbah. It's excellent.


For me the best burger hands down was Steak and Honour. Although I haven’t been for a while and visited the food truck when it used be be down Mill Road and not the restaurant.


Brunch - Blue sage Dessert - Dopleganger (shake) Pastries - Norfolk Street Bakery


Maison Clement for pastries?


Their little tartlets are fantastic.


If Mo Malik's is still open in Orchard Park i'd highly recommend as an Indian, never had a bad one from there. Can be a little pricey but worth for the quality.


Yes it is, and concur Mo Malik’s is superb. Best Indian in Cambridgeshire is a toss up between Mo Malik’s and Lalbagh imo.


Have you been to Zara in Great Shelford? I think they’ve actually won awards for being the best Indian in Cambridgeshire!


I haven’t yet as a bit out of my way. But definitely one on my check out list. Zara were a finalist in the 2021 awards. “The shortlist included Lalbagh in Bourn, Montaz in Newmarket, Prana in Cambridge, Taj in Cambridge, Zara in Great Shelford, and Renu's (in the takeaway category).”


I vote Renus for indian, you can't eat in, but they are very nice people and the food is awesome


Pls try Noodles Plus!!! Best soup dumplings EVER!


So I've heard, just walked past it and as per usual, there's a huge queue


You need to go at sharp 12 on a weekday or at 5:45 pm! And there will be no Q :)


You went to the Black Cat, but not Urban Larder? (It’s only a bit further up Mill Road Broadway, with much better coffee)


Aye. Black Cat might have been the original antipodean coffee haunt but, at least in that section of Mill Road, Urban Larder is where it's at now.


Yippee Noodle on King Street is probably my favourite restaurant.


Yes I've been here, I enjoyed it!


For Thai I can highly recommend Luk Thai at the Cricketers. Great list, thanks for compiling!


Navadhanya should win best Indian IMO. Although Cambridge is blessed with many amazing Indian restaurants! I've never tried Lalbagh's and will have to go, but of the ones you've been to I actually rate Tiffin Truck over Pipasha and Tawa Kitchen. Interesting to see other people's lists on this :P


I'm a big fan of Royal Spice for Indian so I'd reccomend that being worth a try, tho admittedly i havent tried the places you have done to compare it to.


A couple of suggestions, Haymakers is great for pizza, so is La Pergola for Italian food, had amazing crab ravioli there recently.


Seems like I need to visit Stir, I hadn't heard of it until reading this as I'm not often over that side.


Really nice list. A couple of suggestions: * For chinese, Yim Wah Express. * For colombian, La Latina Bustaurante.


Thanks for the list! Have you ever tried Fancett's(french) or Vanderlyle(vegetarian) or Mercado Central (Spanish)?


Haven't tried any of these, but will give them a go for sure! I've tried Tu Casa on Mill Road and enjoyed it.


Seven Days for Chinese


I find food at Stir mediocre at best. If it weren't for the coffee I wouldn't bother.


Butch Annie’s is to burgers what Angus Steak House is to steak. And Stir is grotesquely overrated. Cakes are dry and boring. Scott’s for both pizza and brunch. Bould Brothers for coffee. Maison Clement for pastries. Steak and Honour for burgers. Tawa for Indian.


Not affiliated with any place and happy to say what I ordered or discuss places I've missed and happy to hear opposing opinions. Didn't include Chinese as I don't get them often, But Noodles Plus always has a huge queue so I assume that is the best.


> Burger: Butch Annie's No. No. No. And *hell* no. When they can't do rarer than medium there is huge problem. I've given BA so many opportunities to redeem themselves over the past seven (?!) years but they just keep fucking things up.


I don’t get the love for BA either, tried it for the first time the other day. Average burger and the music was too loud, won’t be rushing back. And Steak & Honour needs to be bought from the van, not the shop for the best burger


Surprised not to see Gail's Bakery mentioned somewhere, would def. give it a try if you haven't! Signorelli's for Italian as well. edit; great list btw 👌


What about Brewdog for burgers?


I've never had one some maybe someone else can answer. I did enjoy their chicken tenders when I had them though. I've got a soft sport for Brewdog as I always have a good time when I go.


You should try it. Then you may actually end up updating your list ;)


Agreed, the brewdog burgers are excellent. I think the issue is burger choice is very, very subjective and almost has an element of religion about it.


I do agree with piranha for Indian and butch Annie's for burgers!


Great list, but I’m surprised about Pipasha. Terrible last time I went. Royal Spice on the Bridge between Midsummer Common and Jesus Green is a hidden gem for Indian.


Coffee: Bould Brothers, pastries: Maison Clement, burgers: Steak and Honour, pizza: Al Pomodoro, Indian: Taj Tandoori, English: Bread and Meat, ice cream: Jack’s Gelato.


The roasts at the Petersfield are 👌👌👌


The roasts at the Petersfield are 👌👌👌