Nurse (who fucked around to find out) fired for refusing the COVID vaccine.

Nurse (who fucked around to find out) fired for refusing the COVID vaccine.


I suspect she would have had a much easier time getting that next job if she hadn't gone so public about her anti-vax lunacy. Won't let anyone else give her a shot in the arm but no issues at all with shooting herself in the foot.


You think she researched whether or not she might be allergic to the ink in the tattoo she has? What about when she got her ears pierced?


Or the vape pen sitting right in front of her


Didn’t buy her schtick for a minute, almost threw my phone when I noticed the trust she puts in the fine people of juul And she goes tanning! I don’t have the app but tell me people in the comments have been calling her out


No one should be falling for her crocodile tears. She's fallen for the bullshit propaganda and she only has herself to blame.


What are the odds she's one of the geniuses who vapes "essential oils"? Like, how in the flying fuck did that become a (dangerous) thing?


At this point I'm kinda hoping those idiots Darwin tbemselves...


Then you will love the Social Darwinism that's documented on r/hermancainaward


Way ahead of ya, but thank ya <3


lol I can't help but spread the gospel of the Godfather, that sub has been my favorite place on Reddit over the last two months or so. It's simultaneously enraging and cathartic.


As my gf says. "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes"🎵🎵🎵


As my grand pappy would say "thats the fuckin' you get for the fuckin' you got." Although i think that goes better when you're talking to family members about illegitimate children.


Thank the MLM bullshit for that. Ughhhh.




That's such a weak argument. You could randomly be allergic to anything you encounter, or even develop an allergy you didn't have before. The only time it makes sense to avoid something in case you're allergic is if you already know you're allergic to it.


She's the one that brought it up. She wanted to research if she was allergic to the vaccine. And she couldn't because of "corruption". She is an idiot


Oh I know, I'm just commenting on how it's a garbage excuse. The anti-vaxxers tend not to have just one problem, they have a whole list of talking points to gish gallop in case you can refute some of them.




Oh, I am so sorry, I misunderstood you! Yes, I agree; it is s garbage excuse 😊


What’s even scarier is how did she make it through nursing school being so stupid, and WHY at all, if she doesn’t give 2 fucks about other people’s health?


I have no idea how she, and a lot of others, made it through nursing school. I have always thought highly of nurses, and stool do, but there is a subset of them that are complete idiots. There needs to be some sort of investigation; are these idiot nurses mostly coming from the same nursing schools?


Wife is a nurse and I have met many of her co workers- the profession is not immune to stupidity and a vaccine for that illness had yet to be discovered..


Yep! My Mother cannot fathom wtf is going on these days. She’s a retired RN who has a PhD is something to do with care (I forget the exact title of the discipline/degree - but they called her Dr. Nurse at work) and she goes postal on all this anti vaccine BS


I bet she does! My grandmother is also a retired RN, and all 3 of her sons are scientists. We are all appalled!


I developed an allergy to bananas and avacados in my 20’s and only figured it out by the sharp a pain I would get after eating them. It feels like I got kicked in the nuts. This is also why reddit is so hard for me to digest sometimes as there are always bananas for scale.


“Can I offer you a nice egg in this trying time?”


Allergies can come and go during a lifetime most elderly tend not to be allergic to anything even if they were as youths or the one time my friend and his gf went to Turkey for a holiday they check in go to the room and find a complimentary bottle of bubbly wine and chips and peanuts, she took a few peanuts and boom was on the floor swelling up and struggling to breathe and she had prior to that never had an allergic reaction before and was very close to dying


They ask you to sit tight for 15-30 minutes after the vaccine, just in case you have a reaction. If you do, they staff is there to assist you. It's not like they just stick you and kick you out. The dumbest shit to me is all of the military or pretend military dudes I've seen bitching about this. Before my first deployment to Afghanistan, they gave me all the regular shots, and then a bunch of bonus shots. Anthrax, yellow fever, and smallpox were the highlights. Where was their outrage then?


Their right-wing media and political masters weren’t pulling the strings to make them bitch about those vaccinations.


> Before my first deployment to Afghanistan, they gave me all the regular shots And I bet I know what they would have done if you started asking a bunch of questions about what was in the shots.


I’m ok with having one less nurse who doesn’t know what an “allergy” is.


>Won't let anyone else give her a shot in the arm but no issues at all with shooting herself in the foot. Damn that's a roast


> if she hadn't gone so public about her anti-vax lunacy. She sees it as showing worship and allegiance to the Great Orange Blob. That is all the Trumpsters live for. To please his majesty.


> Great Orange Blob That blob is fucking vaccinated! He even said that his followers should consider it and they booed him! God, these morons annoy me to no fucking end.


Dr. Frankenstein has lost control of the monster.


At this point, it's clear to me that it was never his monster to begin with. All Trump did was bait the monster into doing what he wanted. I mean, seriously, I've read that people think that because Trump recommends the vaccine, it is evidence that people have gotten to Trump (i.e. he's been corrupted). I'm sure a lot have seen it, but I think this comic perfectly sums up the thinking: https://www.reddit.com/r/HermanCainAward/comments/pfs9is/a\_comic\_i\_drew\_inspired\_by\_this\_sub/




He said that after making the virus political and sewing distrust of science. He waited until September 2021 to say anything positive and by then the nutjobs had already dug their heels in. All of this could have been avoided if he supported the scientists that HE appointed to deal with the pandemic. There is a strong possibility that we would be done with this by now. His handling of Covid is the single greatest failure of his presidency.


Dude, those Woodward tapes were Trump tries to sounds smart and acknowledges how deadly the virus is only to go to his rally and lie bold faced to his moron supporters is maddening because they don’t care. There’s fuckin evidence he lied about it in the beginning but they just deflect and thread it into their stupid Fauci conspiracies. I’m so tired of their shit.


"We don't care" should be their rally cry on those stupid red hats.


>She sees it as showing worship and allegiance to the Great Orange Blob. That is all the Trumpsters live for. To please his majesty. These people are crazy, I wonder how you CAN'T see that he has thrown every single person around him under the bus... they are just some unknown, faceless, useless peon for him to throw into the grist mill. It is staggering...


"Pft...he owns the libs...that's all I care about!" \-Random Karen about to be thrown under the bus by Trump.


> She sees it as showing worship and allegiance to the Great Orange Blob. That is all the Trumpsters live for. To please his majesty. Great orange blob aside, this is the republican party. Make no mistake. This is them. Edit: She is using that sovereign citizen language, too. Another Edit after watching it through: To hell with this ignorant POS.


Not even really that. More like conforming to the image of the cult so that one does not get banished. Trump was the more current (and, unfortunately quite effective) cultleader but certainly not the first or only one.


She doesn't want another job. She wants handouts. I would bet good money she or one of her "friends" starts a gofundme or some such and tells people she needs "help".


She chose clout and attention over a job and job security.


Or giving shots to others. Stupid twat.


There are plenty of MAGA businesses that will fall over themselves to give a 15 minute MAGA "celebrity" a job as a way to virtue signal to other MAGAs. Her nursing career is over but she will find employment at someplace that will further drag her down the MAGA hole. In about 10 years expect to see her wearing panties on her face at some city counsel meeting.


If there's one thing I've learned from this pandemic, its that there is a shockingly low standard of quality control on who can and cannot become a medical professional. You'd think that people who go to college to study medicine in any sort of capacity, from nurse all the way to doctor or specialist, would ya know, BELIEVE THE SCIENCE BEHIND VACCINATION!


Medical assistants and nurses aids have super low barriers of entry and normally only require a GED or High school diploma. I bet this girl is at that level


These freaks always try to use religion. > "God will forgive me because I'm being forced to do this" Do what? Get a vaccine? Get fired from your job? Trespass on your employer's property? Boo hooing on social media? Get vaccinated or find another source of employment.


It's like the famous joke about the man not wanting to be saved from drowning by people passing by and then complaining to god why he wasn't saved.




For those who’re also curious. *A fellow was stuck on his rooftop in a flood. He was praying to God for help.* *Soon a man in a rowboat came by and the fellow shouted to the man on the roof, "Jump in, I can save you."* *The stranded fellow shouted back, "No, it's OK, I'm praying to God and he is going to save me."* *So the rowboat went on.* *Then a motorboat came by. "The fellow in the motorboat shouted, "Jump in, I can save you."* *To this the stranded man said, "No thanks, I'm praying to God and he is going to save me. I have faith."* *So the motorboat went on.* *Then a helicopter came by and the pilot shouted down, “Grab this rope and I will lift you to safety.”* *To this the stranded man again replied, “No thanks, I’m praying to God and he is going to save me. I have faith.”* *So the helicopter reluctantly flew away.* *Soon the water rose above the rooftop and the man drowned. He went to Heaven. He finally got his chance to discuss this whole situation with God, at which point he exclaimed, “I had faith in you but you didn’t save me, you let me drown. I don’t understand why!”* *To this God replied, “I sent you a rowboat and a motorboat and a helicopter, what more did you expect?”*


That’s less of a joke and more of a parable.


The joke comes in the build up and the delivery. Like the Aristocrats, it's not *what* is in the joke, but *how you tell it*. When telling it out loud you're meant to embellish each interaction as much as possible, so you're expecting a miracle the whole time. Adding in your twists so no one hears the same joke twice in a row. And the last line is meant to be said with a pause for separation, and with as much emphasis as possible: ​ A man was swept away from his house in a flood. In the chaos of the rushing water he managed to cling onto a tree. But his strength was fast failing, and the water ever rising. An endless flood around him. The man clung to the branches, wet, damp, shaking, and prayed to God. "*God, I have always been faithful. I have always served you. I have tried to live an honorable life! I am not ready to die. Please save me from this flood*!" A woman on an inflatable raft rode by, pulled by the current. Clutching her dog to her chest. She waved and called to the man in the tree, begging him to leap to her craft, as the waters were getting more tumultuous. A beam of light catching her hair. "*No*." Said the man in the tree. "*I believe in the grace of God, and he alone shall save me from this flood.*" And the woman's raft was swept away by the waters before she could insist any further. The man looked at the rising waters, and prayed. "*God, I have always been faithful. I have been a church-leader and ordained pastor. I have headed the choir and taught Sunday school and volunteered countless hours to charity. I pray, please save me from these rapids!*" The man in the tree hears the raised voices of others suddenly. A speedboat, solid and well built cruises over towards the tree, doing loops around the trapped man. A group of survivors calls out to him, tossing him a life-saver, telling him to hurry to the ring so they can pull him to safety - Hurry! - their boat only has so much fuel left. "*No*." Said the man in the tree. "*I believe in the grace of God, and he alone shall save me from this flood.*" The survivors circle the tree desperately, calling to the man. But eventually they are forced to peel away and head to safer waters. As they disappeared over the flooded horizon, the man turned his face to the raging heavens and prayed. "*God, I have always been faithful. I have donated blood and a kidney. I saved a young girl from a burning car. I have served my nation on the battlefield, and raised a healthy young family. Oh God! God please, please deliver me from this awful storm!*" As he finished speaking the eye of the hurricane comes over him. The rain stops as the skies become a perfect blue. He hears the THOWMP THOWMP THOWMP of rotor blades as a helicopter hovers over him, making the waters of the flood ripple and dance. A rescuer in a harness descends to the man, holding out a rescue harness to the man in the tree. The man in the tree just needs to hook this to his belt, the rescuer says, and then they can both get out of here. "*No*." Said the man in the tree. "*I believe in the grace of God, and he alone shall save me from this flood*." As the rescuer goes to secure the harness, but the man retreats further into the dense branches. The winds start to pick up, the helicopter pitching and rolling dangerously. The rescuer calls one last time, hand out to the man in the tree.But the hurricane returns, and the helicopter has to pull away. The rescuer raising into the air as the rains return. The tail-half of a hurricane is always worse, and the flood waters rise too rapidly. The man in the tree holding on as long as he can, till even the tree lies buried under the brackish tide. The man in the tree finds himself awake, in the marbled halls of Heaven, before the feet of the All-mighty himself. Dropping to his knees first in prayer, the man in the halls of heaven raises his eyes to God's inexorable being. "*God, I have always been faithful. I have always lived in your image. I could have done so much more in my earthly body in your name. I am not one to question the will of God, but why didn't you save me?*" And the All-mighty rolls his eyes. "*I sent you a raft, a motor-boat, an a helicopter -* ***YOU*** *were the one who stayed in the tree.*"


You sizzled it. Thanks


The fact that she says “God will forgive me” is a tell that she knows she’s in the wrong. Edit: typo


And that she called 5 “places that test for allergies” because she wasn’t getting the answer she wanted to hear. You can tell in her last recording that she’s had a little wind taken out of her sails because the people that matter, not her cuckoo online community, are shooting her down.


Hearing that made me roll my eyes. Considering the high probability that she was probably vaccinated as a child, she or her family would know if she would have an allergic reaction to vaccines (in general). But to work in the medical field and refuse vaccination? Utterly ridiculous. Lord, I have zero sympathy for these idiots.


Don't forget illegally record on private property. I'm glad she lost her job, you worked in Healthcare, smarten the fuck up you idiot.


Right it's not like it's even part of her religion to not get jabbed. Or she already fucked herself to damn nation with all those tats


There are no actual religious reasons to not get the shot. The religious exemption thing is just the latest bullshit excuse to avoid doing the right thing


I’m religious and so is my family, guess what, we’re all vaccinated and wear our masks. There’s literally a verse in the Bible that basically says to wear a clothe over your face when ill as not to spread the disease to others. These idiots don’t even know their own religion. I hate it when people use the Bible where the Bible contradicts you. Fucking ignorant idiots.


For a moment I was worried she's gonna shoot the place up.


“I don’t care.” -God


I hear the restaurants are hiring...


No chance she's gonna be continuing a career in the medical field without the shot. Gonna be a rough period in her life, that's for sure.


I just find it amazing that people made a non political thing - a virus- political, then made it the hill they stand and die or get fired on.


They need to invent something to be brave about. Like Holden Caulfield in Catcher In the Rye.


They did. It’s call Q Anon. Except their bravery looks a lot like selfishness and their something is fever dream conspiracy theories.


> the hill they stand and die Literally. Some of these idiots die.


I just can't imagine going to school for how many years, just to throw a probably decent paying?? job away over politics.


They’re offering $15/hr. at McDonald’s. Bootstraps and all.


Depending on the franchisee, she'll have to get the jab to work there as well.


Well then, federal minimum wage it is. Unless she’d like to make a living wage as a waitress/bartender, but those wages require her to be nice for 30+hrs/week.


A lot of cities require vaccination proof to eat inside. She can be a outdoor only server I guess. But I doubt it.


Fed work equals shot.


Nice. I have a masters in microbiology and I make 15.50 an hour. I should consider a career change


She’ll make a splendid waitress at a redneck bar.


Onlyfans her she comes.


Sure as shit ain't gonna make it at Hooters...


You are a terrible person and I love you for it.


*Gonna need some ice over here....*


"Welcome to Raisins!!"


When vaccine mandates become more widespread it's gonn be really hard to keep places that don't require vaccination fully staffed.


NYC is supposed to require customers to have a vaccine soooooooo


They have signs up saying it but on a lark I applied to a bunch and never heard back. I'm told by the staff that boss' put the signs out because somehow they get PPP money by saying they want to hire but not actually hiring.


Nice tattoo you injected into your skin...


Have worked in the tattoo industry for 10 plus years.There is no ink that is FDA approved..People are morons.




Look up lymph nodes and tattoos and tell me what you think.


yep... its standard stuff. your body pull the ink from the skin, and gets rid of it via your lymphatic system. Its actually pretty cool when you think about it.


Ur pretty cool when you think about it...


A lot of the things that a Our bodies do is pretty awesome.


I wonder if she got tested to she if she was allergic to the tattoo ink too


She definitely tested to see if she was allergic to vaping, right?


Waaaahhh I don’t know what’s in the vaccine :::takes a drag from her Juul::: I deserve to know what I’m putting in my body :::takes another drag from her Juul::: FOH spinner


The real question that should be asked: WHAT FUCKING SCHOOL GAVE THIS MORON A NURSING DEGREE!?


Most nurses are pretty smart, kind people, but her behaviour isn't uncommon for nurses. Nursing is a hands-on profession. You're not trained to *think*, you're trained to *do*. Most nurses aren't crazy like she is, but a big chunk of them are pretty out there.


I think you're being overly generous with your assessment of nurses in general. There are some very smart ones for sure, but "nurse" also covers a huge swath of education levels and responsibilities. A lot of people come out of community college with their RN and can barely take blood pressure correctly but there's a staffing shortage so they can get a job quite easily. There are some super smart RNs as well but there aren't exactly huge barriers to entry to nursing.


I thought this for a long time too, but my girlfriend is finishing up her ASN (associates in nursing) right now, and it was not easy to get into, or complete. There were well over 500 applicants and only 82 got accepted. Of those 82, 25% of them dropped out, and another 25% failed their first semester which meant they either left or had to pay and try again. Perhaps it may be different in other areas, but I would say that an ASN is by no means easy.


You’re not taking into account that many people are just dumb as fuck so even a low bar is high for them.


Apparently a large category of unvaccinated are nurses and firefighters. This video gives me reason to think this stat might change, but it isn't at my org.


…and watches hundreds of millions worldwide go entirely unharmed. She’s a liar.


Billions now I'm pretty sure


over two billion.




I know so many people that say those lines, but have done, and still do all kinds of random recreational drugs without a second thought. The irony is unbelievable.


Her tattoo ink is not FDA approved.


And she's full of vaccines that she has no idea the makeup of. Dumb.


Legit came here to find the Juul comment. Happy it's the first one. This lady is a fucking dumbass.


I recommend not looking up the video on Tik Tok. 99% of the comments are supportive of her and shaming the hospital.




>She's had all the time until now to learn about mRNA vaccines. To people like that just point out J&J is not mRNA and watch their brains melt




It's like DNA. But the D pulled his pants up and became R.


She might have also been trying to collect unemployment but some states aren't paying if you're fired for refusing the vaccine lol


That's most likely what's going on here - she wants to get them on record saying she was fired/terminated so she can file for unemployment or possibly have other legal options. Her head is going to explode when she finds out the hospital can deny her claim because she was fired for cause.


She forgot about the “for cause” defense. It’s worrying that people this stupid are employed in the medical field.


she did not meet hospital health and safety guildelines, thats basicly quitting by refusing to be work apropriate.


I note that she wasn't verbally terminated until after she refused to stop recording on hospital property so they could simply fire her for that. She has fuck all to complain about now. Not even vax related.


When I was a manager of a major cell company store a few years ago, I had an employee that was fired try to collect unemployment. Their filing causes a letter to be sent to me at the store where I have to verify that they qualify. They selected that they were fired for performance and would qualify. I selected the truthful response, which was fired for gross misconduct (theft from the company). When they tried to overturn it and it ended up almost going to court but they probably realized that they had no chance and didn't show up at what I believe was the original hearing.


Side-tangent, but I have a pretty bad phobia of needles. One time after getting a vaccine a few years ago I nearly passed out, was SUPER dizzy for nearly 15 minutes. I warned the nurse that was giving me the shot that I have a terrible phobia, but they still seemed really shocked and kinda annoyed that I got dizzy. Begrudgingly grabbed me a cup of water, and never checked in on me. Maybe they were busy (although the place was pretty empty), but it put me off from needles even more. I still get my vaccines, of course. Just super not fun. I get dizzy almost always these days, and have psychosematic symptoms (like a random limb going numb, or having sharp pain) for 30-60 minutes afterwards, even if I'm not worked up over the shot.


Wow, that’s shitty. I’m a student pharmacist and I’ve vaccinated over 500 people for COVID in my small town (including most public school teachers for the entire county!) and that’s super sad to hear. Just know that not everyone is so inattentive and rude, you can always look into other places! I’m probably biased, but your local community/independent pharmacy is likely to be the most understanding!


Have you happened to talk to a doctor about a possible vasovagal syncope response? I’ve found that nurses and doctors take me far more seriously now that I have an actual diagnosis/term for what happens. It’s especially important information for post surgery recovery. Not saying you have it, but I do recommend talking to your doctor about it.


And yet, even with all that, you still did the right thing. Because that's what it means to protect yourself and others around you.


I mean, given that she cried her crocodile tears on video \*AFTER\* being fired for being a complete twatnozzle it's not a real surprise what type of "followers" she'd have...


Blind leading the blind.


Cool. People like this should stick together and share that virus among one another. Covid parties until dawn!


They’ll collectively birth a vaccine resistant mutant super covid. Fuck that. They should be ostracized and pressured hard to get vaxxed from every direction. Vaccine passports to go anywhere! Unless you get everything contactless-delivered to your door, can’t go any place without the jab proof. Restaurants, bars, grocery stores, dmv, escape rooms, h&r block, jamba juice, supercuts, you name it. Only medically exempt can go without but with proof of medical exemption and not by a fucking chiropractor. I’m so done with these fuckers, wish we could just dart them like we do with grizzly bears when they wander into town.


Here in Hungary you couldn't go to restaurants, and other indoor places without the vaccine pass this summer. I asked an unvaccinated family member, her tought on this, and she simply said that then she just don't go to these places. The only reason they don't vaccinate because the goverment pushing it so hard. And they don't like the actual prime minister. It's socking for me, the rest of the family is fully vaccinated, without any side effect, and they are not stupid people. But I can't persuade them to get the vaccine. :( I just hope some miracle happens and they change their mind.


Tiktok is a fucking cesspool.


Is there any social media platform that's not a cesspool?




Grow. The. Fuck. Up.


They do have a test to see if you're allergic. It's called the 15 minutes you hang out at the vaccine site to make sure nothing bad happens to you. Granted, there are other side effects that have manifested after shots, but you're more likely to win the lottery than die. Edit: I meant to say more likely to win lotto than die from vax side effects. There are smarter people in the comments below.


What is she supposed to do, just roll the dice and take a chance on this vaccine?! She could be allergic! This is her life she's crying about!!!/s These fucking morons with their brain-dead loophole logic.


You cannot test allergy to a vaccine directly the same way you cannot test allergy to cake. Too many ingredients. Historically allergies to vaccines come in the form of allergy to a single ingredient. It is down to the individual before receiving the vaccine to look over the outlined ingredients of the vaccine and the preservatives used inside it to see if any raise concern. If they do, you can get them individually tested at allergen test centres.


You can though... it's called a challenge dose. They give you about 10% of the dose mixed with saline and then observe you to make sure you tolerate it. This is done directly with an allergist, not at a vaccine center, so you have some hoops to jump through if you want to go this route


Unless she has some history of severe allergic reactions to at least some of the components that would not make sense from a medical standpoint. By tthe way she is talking about it I think she is just hoping for an excuse to have a medical exemption...


I don't know wtf she thinks an allergic reaction will do to her?


I worked at a vaccine site as paramedic. Both giving shots and working in the monitoring area. Thousands of people and not one had an allergic reaction. While I was working we had a couple pass out after and one person threw up. Most people just played on their phone until they could peace out.


I sincerely hope she is not an actual nurse and is more of a CNA or PCA, because otherwise nursing school in KY must be REALLY easy. Good lord these women are morons. Literally hundreds of millions of people have gotten the vax and been fine, no “corruption” or whatever tf she was talking about. People like her are why this is never gonna end, fucking selfish assholes. Then she made/posted a tiktok to celebrate her stupidity. Good lord I hate some people. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ PS someone pointed out the MFIng juul on the counter… you wanna talk about not knowing what you’re putting in your body, try vaping!


Aren't we up to a couple billion fully vaccinated now, globally?


Just checked, around 2 1/2 billion fully vaxxed, and almost 6 billion doses given.




She’s also a flat earther and religious nut bag


In Kentucky?? Shocker!


No! Really?


One of the real worrying revelations is how many nurses around the world have turned out to be lunatic anti-vaxxers.


Yep, my wife is a crisis RN in a CA hospital’s covid ward, and she has coworkers that are close to this nuts. They have until 9/30 to vax, get an exemption (which they’ll have to show twice-weekly negative covid tests and pay higher insurance premiums), or gtfo.


>I sincerely hope she is not an actual nurse and is more of a CNA or PCA Her facebook says kitchen staff in a nursing home.


Lol thank god.


I was told that she worked in food prep in the ambulatory center and is not a nurse at all…


It's a trend for grifters to now pretend to have been nurses that were fired so they can set up GoFundMes for people to donate to


It seems so easy to con these people. If I could quit being such a goody two shoes, I'd get in on the grift myself.


Wow I hadn’t heard of that. I sincerely hope that’s not true, but I’m not naive enough to doubt it.


My dude, it is kentucky. The second stupidest state behind tennessee.


I thought that was Mississippi? 🤷‍♂️


Same thing? If you see a power T on a vehicle get the fuck away. They at least let you kmow who they are.


Don’t put Tennesse down that far. It’s Mississippi, Alabama, then Kentucky. Source from Bama live in Kentucky. Bamas motto is “at least we aren’t Mississippi.” Edit: I lived in Tennessee too but it was Nashville which is completely different from the rest of the state.


Please don’t forget Idaho. While not in the southeast, it really should be.


It's Kentucky if you can read you're considered a genius


My wife’s friend is leaving her $200k per year job in medicine because of a vaccine mandate. She turned in her two weeks notice but now the hospital she’s moving across the country for started mandating vaccination. she’s going to pay to move only to be exactly where she would have been here.


Yup. It's pretty great, right? A state attorney near me lost her closest friends because she refuses the vaccine but guess what, the courthouse is about to mandate it for entry. She's going to get it anyway now, for her paycheck. She refused when it came to getting it for her family and friends wellness though. Before you ask, yes she's a Trumper and no, her close friends aren't, but they avoided politics all this time. She's finally ostracized because she refuses basic human consideration, not because she is gullible.


Tell your wife’s friend that a stranger on the internet thinks she’s an idiot.


Will do


What an ass hole. My aunt is going through this same thing.. she tried to tell me ‘oh they let me work all this time without the vaccine…’ Who gives a shit auntie? No one.. get the damn vaccine!


I'm getting concerned with this uptick of people pretending to have been nurses that were fired for their vaccination beliefs. It's getting to the point that they're just popping up so much that it makes me wonder is it really just for the GoFundMe grift or is there something larger behind this?


Dunning Kruger


When you receive the vaccine they require you to wait 15 mins in case of allergic reaction, she has no argument, get your shot, shut the fuck up, and get a new job.


Hmmmm....let's see where she currently is on the covid moron checklist....... - Antivax moron ...check - Antivax moron goes on media to profess their stupidity....check - Antivax moron gets sick with covid (pending) - Antivax moron tries unproven medical treatments instead of known scientifically proven ones (pending) - Antivax moron admitted to hospital in grave condition (pending) - Antivax moron makes a call out to "prayer warriors" (pending) - Antivax moron now told their prognosis is terminal and NOW is inquiring about getting the vaccine (pending) - Antivax moron dies (pending) - Friends and family sets up a Go Fund Me to pay for funeral (pending)


But willing to inject tattoo into your body…


Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! So brave to work through a pandemic when there was no vaccine, until there was a vaccine, and then I ***chickened out*** and didn't want to bravely get a vaccine, like a preschooler who doesn't want to get an owwie!


She can’t be a nurse. Any school that gave her a nursing degree should be closed immediately.


In the video, no one from her work stated her job title, but she could get more attention if she implied or lied about being a nurse. Perhaps folks are just assuming she's a nurse, because some how it's more tragic and sensational? Without doxing her, someone claimed she listed 'kitchen staff' at a rehab facility on her Facebook page. This tracks with her attitude, disrespect and sense of entitlement. She could have recorded her 'termination' meeting hoping to catch them saying something she can use to get unemployment benefits.




Love how she goes on about not being given a choice, dumbass, get vaccinated or get a new job/career is a choice


Good riddance. We don’t need coworkers who don’t understand science to this degree. It’s dangerous.


Brave, but afraid of the shot that millions have had without an issue. Cupcake, that ain't brave.


Good she lost her job. Be a professional nurse and get vaccinated. Idiot.


No doubt she also went to a doctor to ask for allergy testing prior to smoking that Juul vape pen she casually leaves on the countertop in the video. Everyone knows vape pens have been proven safe and effective.


Aww....you can go back to the hospital As a patient


Good Luck loser in filing for un-employment. Being terminated for refusing a vaccine is grounds for denying unemployment benefits.


I am really glad that this very, very stupid person is not involved in healthcare any more.


That is one SERIOUSLY stupid person. "that is where the corruption lies." Get the vaccine idiot.


Your life is ruined because you are an idiot.


She is and has been risking other peoples lives. Religion is a terrible thing, but even that said. What religion is telling people not to get vaccinated???? Cry but your a walking time bomb.


What a dummy. Doesn't even know that they ask you to wait for 15 minutes after each jab in case of a reaction. 25 years old and wrecked her own career. What a waste of an education


That should work out well on her resume....especially when they tell the licensing board that she refused to get vaccinated. Her career is now on the skids, the money daddy spent getting her educated all down the drain and we are applauding her losing her job. Her video will live in infamy and be searchable by all potential employers. How did that work out sweetheart?!


“Nurse”~ “I do not believe my doctor was aware that you cannot test for allergies to a vaccine.” It’s obvious that her doctor allowed their friends at the allergy labs the opportunity to laugh at her stupidity.


“God will forgive me.” What is WRONG with these people? 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️


Before going into healthcare work you must receive and/or provide proof of vaccinations against: Hepatitis B Measles Mumps Rubella Varicella (Chickenpox) Tetanus Polio Smallpox Diphtheria Pertussis Meningococcal Flu (annually) I'm wondering how much crying she did over "the lack of research done about allergic reactions" over those required vaccinations. We have ICUs and ERs and converted wings of hospitals all over the UK filled 100% with only the unvaccinated. Covid doesn’t give a fuck about your politics, your lame reasons or apprehensions, that fucker kills indiscriminately. https://youtu.be/LU5HyKoAa20


I like the part where she questions if the Dr knows better than her about allergy testing. Yes. The MD knows more than you about every topic that has to do with health care. They spent a lot more time in much more competitive schools than you for that very reason. That's why it's only CNA's and Nursing assistants losing their jobs in droves while NP's and MD's are not.


How desperately she seems to *want* to be allergic to the vaccine...


I'm playing the world's tiniest violin for her. I hope her license is next.




This person should NOT be a nurse.