Bye bye job in four acts

Bye bye job in four acts


I'm not a historian or anything, but I don't think the jews in Auschwitz were busy DIY crafting their own patches to sell like some weird dystopian etsy?


You know it’s conservative victim-hood bc they made the target themselves


Right? Maybe if a majority of Jewish people tell me that infection control is on par with the Holocaust I'll think about it. But I've literally never heard or seen a Jewish person make that comparison. You'd think that would be enough to shut these assholes up. Maybe. No, probably not, because they're also the idiots that think Jewish people control the world via the illuminati. I wish they'd experience real oppression for once in their lives. They might not be so quick to trivialize legitimate suffering then.


But they did this with the utmost respect for the the new world order space laser Jews that they clearly would have no problem with if they'd just stop paying BLM protestors to pose as Trump supporters while eating babies on top of piles of ballots and emails.




*They'll make an MLM for fuckin anything these days*


Schindler’s Lipstick




I don’t get it. She calls it social welfare not for her, but these stupid things were funded by tax payers which she is then reselling for herself? Then isn’t it for her? God, her brain must be mush.


Don't try to make sense of idiots.


That's a "blocked by hatworks" group


[just took a screenshot for this thread! ](https://i.imgur.com/1Uh9AvV.png)


Were people allowed to receive two loans? Or was that actually fraud?


Yea there were 2 rounds of funding. I worked as part of a loan preparation team for the PPP and while there were plenty of checks in place to reduce the chance of fraud, there’s nothing keeping assholes from using it either




Wow. You weren’t kidding. There isn’t a shred of professionalism in sight in any of the negative reviews.


I doubt it hurts her business because right wing nuts don’t check Yelp or do research anyways and rely on word of mouth for 90% of everything they do.




Well, hopefully enough vendors back out that she loses the business. I think they're still open right now, though.


Stetson just pulled all their items from that store. That's gonna leave a mark.


Stetson is 75% of their floor inventory, and 99% of their high end items. I stopped by on a whim about a month ago and ended up not buying anything because of the signs all over their storefront. Losing Stetson is going to sting.


By my work, there is an Archery store. I went there a couple of times to check it out. I even paid for a lesson, and went back again to spend a half-hour on their range. March hit and we all got sent home until June. June comes around, and I'm dying to go back to this place, thinking very seriously about buying some gear. Archery sounds like a GREAT pastime during a pandemic, out on your own, far from people, fresh air. Anyway, they've gone full anti-mask in the interim. Signs about the covid hoax, impeach Newsom, all this paranoid nonsense. It sucks. I liked those folks. I enjoyed talking to them and learning how to shoot a bow. But, I'm not paying for them to behave like jackasses. They could have easily squeezed a grand out of me, but no way, now. It's just too much.


Putting anything political on your bussiness is a stupid idea. The only thing you should care about is getting everyone’s money and the only color that matters is green


I checked the Instagram account out of curiosity and most posts are about politics and masks being the evil. I saw maybe two posts about hats.


Yeah and in Nashville i would imagine thats a pretty big deal. My grandpa was buried with his Stetson and his justin boots. Kind of weird how that stuff works but buying a hat or a good pair of boots is not like going into a hat club.


They even have a car-sized Stetson sign outside the shop. I guess the company comes and hauls that off? Assuming they provided it.


Oh yeah for sure!


Even if they didn’t they probably are within their rights to insist it be removed since it’s their brand and image being used. Formerly with consent, now without. That’s what they get!


I think there was another vendor that OP doesn't have listed as well. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 Here's hoping!


Tula Hats and Kangol Headwear at least.


Go on the website, find who her vendors are and contact them directly and request that they work with their distribution networks to halt the supply to her business.


You know, for a leftist, I'm kinda digging this free-market capitalism right now. At least this part of it!


Some call it "cancel culture", I prefer calling it "fuck around and find out."


I prefer “individuals and businesses acting in their rational self-interest”. This lady—and every Covidiot—is perfectly free to espouse any and every stupid, hateful, scientifically illiterate view they want. And private individuals and private businesses are also free to look at their espoused views and/or behavior and say, “Yeah, we ain’t throwing our money in with that bullshit”.


Her billboard word for word “*warriors* of justice, we ask you PLEASE **STOP** trying to cancel the air that we breath. For we live in *AMERICA* the ^land ^of ^the ^FREE. *One thing is for certain* ^you ^will ^not ^cancel ^me !”


According to the nashville subreddit, people have already contacted every vendor she carries in her store, politely informing them of her public policies.


I bet she did nazi that coming!




Goorin Bros. too.


I just posted what I could find for every vendor this shop lists as a supplier


I saw on twitter two other companies other than Stetson have dropped her. So that's something.


This is what I was hoping to see. Every supplier should be dropping her. Soon her hat store will only have the ugly ass hats she makes herself. She charges $700 for her self made hats and they’re hideous. Edit: wow, I just went to her Insta. She is psychotic.


For every 1 post about her business there's 10 political posts. Not exactly a great way to conduct business


And then when her business fails because of her own dumb ass decisions she will blame the mean lefties for “canceling her”


I'm sure she could sell MAGA hats


and various hoods


Nah man, they’re pretty particular about the color and the shape of the hoods, though I am curious if the Grand Wizard himself wears wizard-y hat and have a beard, or just wear hoods like other losers.


[One of her "originals".](https://i.imgur.com/4e0joVn.jpg) That is one nasty ass fucking hat.


Did you see that it is titled "green eggs and scam"? I think the scam is the price tag.


Must have been hastily put together right around the dr suess "controversy"


As a former professional milliner, good lord her technique is terrible. I’ve seen children pull a better felted hat after no more than a day-long hat making workshop.


[Here's all of them](https://www.hatwrks.com/collections/hatwrks-originals)


Oh noooo. Legitimately, my millinery professor would have failed me if I’d turned in almost any of these for grading. And I’m like 90% sure the only technically proficient ones on that page are pre-made hats she just decorated and is claimed she made herself. Blegh.


Some of them are *significantly* better looking than others, and I also (with my totally non-professional eyes) think that those must be ones she simply decorated. There’s no way the same person made all of these hats, unless she suddenly started doing a lot of meth.


The majority of them are terribly cut, terribly dyed, or both. There's a few that actually look like she tried, but I wouldn't spend that kind of money on them. Then again, if someone has the money, they can do whatever they want. *oh shit, she named one "only you can prevent socialism" lmao


Wow one named Hunter Is a Crackhead wtf


And “storm’s a brewin”. How am I not shocked she’s a Qultist?


Who doesn't love a puke-and-mold coloured lump to wear on their head?


I could see that in Spirit Halloween as a joke hat but not for $700


how in the hell is that thing 900 dollary-doos?


Well, it *is* explicitly titled "Green Eggs and Scam", not exactly hiding her intent there. Also? Woman spends too much time in the alt-right extremosphere, that she's that annoyed by Dr Seuss company deciding to pull their own works. She'd probably keel over onto her fainting couch if she realized how long Disney has kept *Song of the South* out of print.


That one is *only* $700. The one above it is $900


Grifters gonna grift.


No self respecting pimp is gonna be seen in that hat.


The "M'lady".


Looked it up, and apparently an Aussie company had dropped their stuff as result of the backlash.


The website lists like 30 brands. I hope someone contacts each one of them.


Someone on the r/Nashville page had a post where they had teachers out to all of their brand reps and were posting the responses. They were either already looking into the situation or beginning an investigating it or out right dropping em. Edit: grammar


They are going all out. It’s beautiful.


In one breath she says how this was not meant to “trivialize the Star of David,” and then goes on to say how she did it to “make sure nothing like that ever happens again.” Lady wtf do you think “trivialize” means?! Being an anti-vazzer doesnt put you and will NEVER put you even remotely close to what the victims of the Holocaust experienced. SMH.


My oma told me about how it would, "snow," during the summer in Munich. Spoiler alert, it wasn't actually snow falling from the sky - it was the cremated remains of thousands upon thousands of people who were killed as part of an *actual* governmental orchestrated genocide. One of the ironic aspects of this is that they were doing mass cremations because of how many dead bodies the killing was generating... That sorta reminds me, just a little, of the refrigerated truck trailers hospitals were/are(?) using for the corpses from the virus - which the vaccine, and those who receive it, are protecting us from. Essentially, unwillingness to receive the vaccine stands potential to reignite mass infection and the overwhelming death that results. ... Considering that, I think that she may have chosen the wrong symbol for her flair.


That last sentence is gold lmao


Don’t forget “my intent was not to exploit or make a profit” while she was literally selling these things. And I guarantee they cost less than $5 to make.


I’ve been watching too much Shark Tank so when I read that I first thought “Huh, that’s a high profit margin. I wonder how she reached her valuation.” Love Shark Tank. Fuck that cunt.


I love your margins, but I'm not a fan of minimalizing genocide. I'm out.


IIRC the Jews weren’t producing their own stars and wearing them by choice or as some statement? And selling them to fellow Jews?




I’ve never had to show my “papers” anywhere. This bitch is stupid.


Neither have I. She’s right that kids will have to prove they are vaccinated to be able to go back to school. You know, just like we’ve always done in the interests of public health.


In CA they’ve needed that for a whole laundry list of vaxxes since I went to school in the 80s...


Heaven forbid we wipe out covid or TB, how will grifters sell freedom and snake oil?






That is pretty much every state. I had to do the same thing in the midwest.


Had to do the same out east, had to get a couple vaccines (flu, measles etc) and get a TB Test before youre allowed to attend


I live in one of the reddest states in the country. Vaccines required here for public school too. I've lived all over never seen a place it wasn't.


I can't even imagine how these idiots come up with this shit. I like to think of a scenario where they get pulled over by the cops and are asked for their drivers license and they start screaming about having to "show their papers".


"Sovereign Citizens." Lol


Yup. I cannot tell you the number of idiotic vaccination battles I’ve had with parents of students *before* Covid. One mom accused me of breaking HIPAA law for noting that vaccination records weren’t included in her daughters school application and telling her we needed it to enroll her. Another mom screamed that we were brainwashed by big pharma into helping them spread autism to children via vaccines. Yet another mom threatened the school with a lawsuit, apparently wholly unaware that state law requires her precious germ factories to be vaccinated and has for the last several decades. I cannot even fathom what registrations are going to look like going into the next school year.


As a mother of an amazing son with autism, I'm am disgusted and sick of the lie about vaccines and autism. The study had been proven to have been done so poorly, the doctor that authored it lost his license. You wanna see someone get angry? Try to use the vaccine argument in front of my son. He'll tell you straight out he didn't get it from a vaccine, he was born with it and if you think different, you're downright misinformed. I told y'all he's awesome. Ok. Rant off.. Proud Pfizer trial participant and covid19 VACCINATED!


As an autistic adult that shit pisses me off so much also. Like first of all, that’s so fucking far from the truth and you’re an idiot if you believe it. Secondly, how dare you think being autistic is worse than dying of a painful and preventable disease? My autistic traits make me who I am. I’m proud to be me and my weird attention to detail is great for so many jobs. The only sucky part about being autistic is people who refuse to learn and adapt to someone having a brain that just works a little differently and that treat me like shit. Or like a goddamn child just because I say I’m on the spectrum. This world just wants us dead. Edit: not necessarily totally related but fuck Autism $peaks for making us feel like a disease they want to get rid of.


Nah, stick with us, we need more people like you 👍


Thanks, I honestly needed to hear that right now. Life has been ROUGH during this pandemic. Changes to my routine are so fucking hard and having to change basically everything I do was probably the worst experience of my life. The lack of being able to find a safe job for me got me back in college now though for public administration and it’s been an amazing help to have one thing that is consistent and routine. It’s all online until I finish my degree in a year and it’s amazing.


I grew up in Republican dominated Indiana. Can’t pay our teachers dirt, but we sure as hell had to vaccinate for school.


I told mom this and she said it wasn't true..... Really mom you didn't need to show my required vaxinations when I went to school in the 80s..... Bullshit


Lol right? I was gonna say I still remember my little folded vaccination record booklet from the 90s I had to show every time I enrolled in school. This is not news, Karen.


right? like the people on Facebook who complain saying "Target can't ask me if I'm vaccinated". like they think they are going to form lines and ask people lol.


To be fair, there should be a vaccine passport to get on a plane. These already exist for international travel. Then again, we're at the point that the vast majority of unvaccinated people are unvaccinated by choice.




The idiots who scream loudest about oppression have never experienced a moment of it their entire lives and are always the first in line to oppress others.


"to those accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression"


Where's the quote from? This is perfect!


I've got it on a face mask with Ruth Bader Ginsburg on it but nobody knows [where](https://quoteinvestigator.com/2016/10/24/privilege/) the quote came from originally


And they are so bored and empty of meaning in their own lives, they live for the bullshit and drama the prior administration fed them.


This is exactly what I think too. They whine about cancel culture when in reality, no one gives a shit what they have to say and tune them out. So they have to create more of a spectacle to get noticed because they live small, unhappy lives.


It's ironic that these people who claim to hate the government telling them what to do are the same people who would gladly overthrow our democratic system and replace it with a dictatorship.


Some of them even want a hereditary monarchy (i.e. have Donald Caesar's stupid kids rule after he croaks) :b


I did have to show my vaccination card to get a free doughnut at Krispy Kreme. Now I know what fascism tastes like. /s


My local hospital made me wear a mask though!! Even though my state lifted ALL mask mandates. /s (Except for in hospitals.)


I’m going to a wedding in NYC next weekend. Since it is a large gathering, they are requiring proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test within 3 days of the wedding. I’m perfectly fine with this.


Also I’d love to ask her what she thinks voters should need in order to vote.


Went grocery shopping without a mask today because I'm vaccinated. Nobody asked for my vaccine card. Nobody asked for anything. I've never once had to provide it. I am occasionally asked the date of my second dose to ensure in 2+ weeks past it.


I did have to show my vaccine card a few weeks ago to enter an assisted living facility. But that seems like a reasonable request considering the facility’s residents.


I had to provide proof of vaccination to join the Cub Scouts... 40 years ago. This is not a new concept.


I had to show proof of MMR booster vaccinations to get my high school diploma. What an Orwellian dystopia the 90s were!!!1!!!one!!!




Honestly there are some places and times I am going to just keep wearing it. I figure it is probably good to wear it when you are sick like they do in parts of Asia. Also I work in a plant that does a lot of cutting and grinding metal. I was shocked the first day I wore a mask last year and came home to find my mask reddish black absolutely covered in rust, tiny metal particles and dirt. There was so much metal in the dust on my mask I could wipe it clean with a magnet. I could actually feel a huge difference in my lungs by the end of the first week. ​ I don't even work directly with the cutting and grinding processes. Those guys have always worn respirators, but I am still breathing that stuff on the other side of the building about 50-100 yards from where they work.


For your own safety, wear that mask all of the time you work there. Edit: stupid spelling mistake


Haha I’m doing this too, which makes me wonder how many of us are. It doesn’t hurt me to wear it, though, so it’s not a problem.


This comment hits me. It hit up the local supermarket last night. I expected crowds to be thin, it was warm out, I've been vaxxed, I figured I'd keep the mask in the back pocket this time. I got 5 steps in, looked around, saw like 30 people all still masked up and I decided I was *not* about to be **that** guy. Mask on.


I still wear mine indoors because non-vaxxers have been refusing to wear their mask since this whole thing started and there is no way to tell if a person was vaccinated unless you ask, which I'm sure is grounds to start a fight.


I just fucking flew so I was in perhaps the most regulated of areas and other than having a mask on no one gave a shit. Even having the mask on was super lax outside of the plane itself. People just dying to be victims ffs


Conservatives need their persecution complex to give meaning to their shallow lives.


Even if you've been required to show proof of your vaccination from covid, being identified by your ethnicity is NOT the same as being identified by whether or not you've been vaccinated. The first is abhorrent, the second is reasonable in many circumstances and could be a basis for partial treatment. The possibility of you being infected and spreading the virus is a public health concern, which supersedes some of your personal liberties.


she just posted [this horseshit](https://www.instagram.com/p/CPgBtrpBNLd/), which I'm inclined to believe she typed up herself. she's a pathetic creature who deserves everything bad coming her way.


That got taken down. [this is her response to that post being taken down](https://www.instagram.com/p/CPf6h75BiDN/?hl=en)


Dude what in the world is up with this self aware bullshit that these people always throw in their rants? They go crazy talking about some insensitive ass things, and then follow it through with a “but watch them hate on me for standing up for freedom” or something like that. It reminds me of the cunts you see on Reddit sometimes that will say some ignorant, racist shit and then end it with “but watch all these snowflakes downvote me”. How do they know their opinions are garbage yet still decide to broadcast them? This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg on what was wrong with that post. She still skirts around her initial mistake, saying that “many believe” that her using the star was insensitive, instead of outright saying it was insensitive.


They need to feel superior, like they know something that most others don’t. It also makes them feel smarter. This is the basis of conspiracy theorists.


Against large government but gladly accepted $100k in PPP loans last year. Unfortunately this seems to be common among these people. They talk about how evil socialist programs are and how terrifying large government is but collect unemployment and apply for loans for free handouts




it was a spiel from a supposed conservative jewish guy who saw nothing wrong with her selling yellow badges. should have screenshotted it.


I can't be anti-Semitic, here's my Jewish friend


If you scroll down her Instagram a bit you’ll see her quoting Elie Wiesel (facepalm)


Looked through a lot of the posts, lordy. Should report her Instagram account, if not for her sake because she keeps digging a deeper hole but for all those idiots who are now clamoring to use her as their hero.


As a jewish person from Europe, this is pure offense porn.


As a Jewish person in the US named after a survivor ...fuck that person and anyone who equates COVID with the Holocaust


As a non-Jewish person *who is simply aware of the Holocaust*, fuck that person and everything they stand for.


As a Jewish American, and someone with a shred of decency/empathy in general, fuck this lady and her false equivocations.


As a Non-Jewish person who is American and and aware of the Holocaust *and* is aware of this comment, fuck that lady.


As a fly reading this from over someone’s shoulder, fuck that lady. And I can’t even read.


I honestly just find her complete inability to apologize amusing/sad, finishing off with "I'm sorry for any insensitivity" or whatever, she completely dodges any responsibility, and it just shows a complete lack of caring, she hasn't learned a damn thing, she's not really owning up to it in her mind or otherwise, it reminds me of Ed Kemper after he got caught, he says something along the lines of "I'm sorry she got her throat cut" It's obviously not on the same level but completely has the same vibe of "I'm going to do what everyone expects I should but in no way am I going to acknowledge or admit that I did something wrong, but rather apologize that YOU had that reaction to what I did" Hope everyone sees through this bullshit for what it is and she doesn't get back any of the lost business, because she obviously could not give a fuck less if she tried


As a sane person, fuck the holocaust in general.


You know. I’m gonna say. The Holocaust? I’m against it.


As a human being in the world, her actions are offensive country racism.


This level of self victimization is beyond me. Imagine navigating life this way.




I love when people say "That's not who I am." Isn't who we are defined by what we do and say? If you act like an asshole than an asshole is who you are lol.


"I don't think I believe in 'deep down'. I kind of think all you are is just the things that you *do*." - Diane, Bojack Horseman


https://www.instagram.com/p/CPf6h75BiDN/?hl=en Well close enough, this was posted after their "apology"


I just saw her Insta. Wow. Garbage human.


Yeah I just wasted a few minutes on it. OOOOOF


This whole thing began Thursday or Friday, something like that, and went big on Saturday. She has since removed a bunch of Facebook and Instagram posts, including her personal photos and proud proclamations of participating in the January 6 attack on the Capitol. As of early Saturday, she was still doubling-down on her ridiculous rationale until after the protesters began showing up and her big-name suppliers dumped her.


Can we report her for being at the insurrection?


This point was covered pretty heavily on Twitter and Instagram. She was probably reported more than once already. On the other hand, why not.


That post was insane. Who does she think was running the government 15 months ago?


Every single damned one of these legitimate clowns uses the same 1st grade level script: 1: THESE ARE MY BELIEFS AND I DON'T CARE WHO THEY OFFEND. THIS IS WHO I AM! 2: justifiable public outrage 3: AHMAHGAWD I AM SO SORRY BECAUSE I'M LOSING MONEY NOW. WHAT I SAID BEFORE IS NOT WHO I AM OR WHAT I STAND FOR. PLEASE STAAAAAAAHHP


Lol. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving person. I hope all her vendors dump her ass and she is forced to sell MyPillow branded trash.


I'm doing a quick check to see what Vendors have said what so far so y'all don't have to: * **Stetson: Pulled all products/ended relationship** * **Atwood: UPDATE- Previous distasteful remarks were not from owner, but from an employee who has likely been terminated ("dealt with", so no promises there). Owner has made a statement disavowing that employee's actions and ending their relationship with hatWRKS** * **Aegean: Ended Relationship** * **Akubra: Ended their relationship** * **American Hat Co: Replied to email that their account has been closed for 3 years and will not be reopened. Requested their name be removed from hatWRKS website** * **Bailey Hats: Ended Relationship** * *Betmar: Unable to locate statement (Possible subsidiary of Bollman Hats brand, whose other brands have ended their relationship with hatWRKS)* * **Dorfman Pacific & Biltmore: Ended Relationship** * **Brixton: Haven't sold to them in 2 years, have also now officially removed them from Distributor list, permanently** * *Brooklyn Hat Co: Unable to find active social media presence (Possible subsidiary of Dorfman, who has ended their relationship with hatWRKS)* * Capas: Switched Instagram to Private. No Statement. * **Civil Standard: Has not done business with them in 4 years and will not again.** * **Dobbs: Ended Relationship** * **Doria 1905: Relationship ended** * **Giovannio: Ended relationship** * **Goorin Bros: Ended Relationship** * Henschel Hats: No Statement * **Kangol Hats: Ended Relationship** * Magill Hats: Closed all social media accounts * **Mayser Hats: Ended relationship,** ***considering legal action*** * **New York Hat Co: Ended relationship** * Resistol Hats: Social Media mostly inactive/sporadic. No statement * **ROCHE: Relationship Ended** * **Stefano: Relationship Ended** * Sunbody: No Statement * **Tilley: Relationship Ended** * **Tula: Ended Relationship** Not on main list but sold on HatWRKS site: * **47 Brand: Ended Relationship** * **Austin Accents: Ended Relationship** * Bullhide: No statement * Couture Inc: No social media presence * Hammer Plastics: Sporadic Social Media presence (FB Only) * **Mary Ink: Ended Relationship** * **Milano: Owned by Dorfman Pacific, Ended Relationship** * Something Special: Inactive Social Media * **Sun Yorkos: Ended Relationship** Edit: Updates Edit 2: More updates, thank you everyone who is following up so we can keep this up to date, and thank you for the awards, from those who gave them, and who continue to do so. It's a team effort now and y'all are awesome.


Atwood Hat Co reviews have this posted now. Someone tried to talk to them and was told to make sandwiches for their husband. https://imgur.com/a/ihrgEdr/ Edit - I wanted to link to the full FB post, but I’m unsure if I can. If you hit up the reviews on the Atwood Hat Co FB page, the woman who posted these has shared everything publicly.


I love finding out which companies to *not* buy from.




"I'm not an anti-semite! I let Jewish people pay me for things every week!" 🙄


Holy shit they should send that post to local media there. It’s crazy how right wingers think Oregon burned to the ground and was took over by communists. These alt right boomers use whataboutism as often as Russian trolls at this point they can’t even have a rational conversation. Fox News has melted their brains.


Oregon must have the best construction teams in the world because every night the same building gets burnt down, and every morning it's completely rebuilt!


oooh god i hope a media outlet picks this up.


"make your husband a sandwich and relax" Wtf. not that I probably ever would have in the first place, but I'll definitely never buy anything from them


That's what I got. Their own platform aside, the outright sexism was just icing on a shit cake.


This is A LOT of hat-related drama.


Just a reminder that *aware and investigating* is a valid response. On a holiday weekend, it might take some time for the right employees to review the right contracts, contact the right PR team and eventually get a statement out. Stetson took about 8 hours to officially sever ties and announce it, and relatively speaking, that actually was pretty fast.


I didn't know there were that many hat companies. Wow.


Tilley will drop them. They’re Canadian lefties that make travel clothing and exceptional hats. Their clientele is retired wealthy boaters and birdwatchers and about as opposite opposite of red neck Stetson wearers as you could imagine, and even Stetson dropped them.


Good experience dude


This bitch is sorry because she had to face the consequences of her actions.


The message they posted directly after their "apology" deflects all blame and the owner goes on to say they did nothing at all wrong. They've learned nothing. All they've done is locked commenting on their IG because, in the usual GOP fashion, Free Speech only applies when it doesn't hurt their feelings.


Yeah, but you can still DM the bitch... Edit: I stand corrected, she's not allowing strangers to slide into her DMs either. Edit 2: Typo.


HatWrks phone number is still active. Voicemail is full but the phones ringing


Personally, I never had to show proof anywhere. Only exception is my employer. And I'm glad they are asking and not go by the laughable "honor system".


"i didn't intend to trivialise the Star of David nor did I intend to use it for profit!! I only made a snarky social media post wherein I offered to sell my tacky Star-of-David-based designs... for MONEY!"


“Strong adhesive back”.....as it’s attached with a safety pin


Honestly, it’s not surprising how low people can get to compare not getting a jab to becoming a Jewish victim under Nazi rule, yet they align themselves close to Nazis politically. The mental gymnastics these people go through is somehow powered by a NASA Rocket.


I'm still shocked by how everyday people do something massively dumb on social media... _and millions of ther people watch it happen and learn NOTHING_. lady, have you ever heard of Gina Carano?? it wasn't even that long ago that you got a perfect example of what happens when you compare your dumbass plight to that of Holocaust victims...


When you internalize that these people are simply not very smart and it's incredibly easy and profitable to manipulate them, the shock will go away.


She probably lives in a Faux News disinformation bubble that valorizes those idiots.


"they turned out great" - they look like they were cut by a 5 year old with safety scissors


This is actually a very positive step as idiots can now be easily self identified


She can eat a big old fat shit sandwich. Fuck you for all eternity


How else can we explain to these idiots that we are in a bona fide disaster and we JUST need you to wear a mask around people you don’t share a household with? Seriously. That’s it. Wear the fucking mask and we can be done with this yesterday, you fucking self-righteous moron. 🤦🏻‍♂️


Their Instagram basically documents their free fall into Q-insanity. You would think that a hat store would post things about their hats in their Instagram.


What do you want to bet that she loved the wave of actual "show me your papers" laws for Latinos in the 2010s?


You don't get to directly and explicitly make light of holocaust imagery, double down and then say "I was only kidding" Bye Felicia.


Where’s the rage for showing ID for buying alcohol, or driving, or practicing medicine, or getting married or any of the million other things you need to have proof to do. This lady, and people like her love to both compare small inconvenient situations to the holocaust while then probably denying it happened. If she wants to wear that star so badly we should take her house away, split up her family, ship her thousands of miles away. Then work her for year is a job that pays nothing then gas her at the end of it. I’m sick of these wimpy little bitch Ass people complaining about absolutely nothing. I am so sorry you grew up without any hardship in your life.


Such exquisite.


Such a brave soul that she turned off all comments and messages for Instagram.


Can all anti-vax people just go live together in their own little town so they can be "free" to infect each other?


Conservatives will wither and die if they don’t have a way to prove to everyone that they’re being persecuted at all times.


They want to be persecuted so bad