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Wait, is this a crazy deal??


6800xt with $200 GC is better if you can use the gift card


Wondering the same thing. Been waiting on a 3070 but now I’m contemplating this.


Worth it. I dont think there is any reason to go Nvidia unless you want nvenc or dlss. Dlss is only good at 4k tho


It's decent but some would argue that the 3070 ti for 599 at bestbuy is a better purchase.


Nobody is promoting the 3070Ti in any capacity lol.


I'd say no for 3070 Ti: 1. TechpowerUP have a [test](https://www.techpowerup.com/review/geforce-rtx-3070-ti-vs-radeon-rx-6800-megabench/2.html) 6700 XT vs 3070 Ti, 6700 XT have clear lead in DX12 and Vulkan titles. 2. Hardware unboxed [tested](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdBCB4Fm0RY&t=212s) 6700 XT w/ May preview driver. it's a huge boost in DX11 and DX 12 game. W/ these driver improvement from AMD and potential preview driver merge with stable. 6700 XT will have a clear lead in performance(10%+) over 3070 Ti. And the founder edition 3070 Ti especially sucks overheat and loudness. Plus, free games and cheaper price from 6700 XT.


And if you are on Linux AMD is easy peasy.


Yeah and by easy peasy, /u/Echelon64 means works automatically out of the box without any drivers or config needed Long time Linux user that just switched from a 1080ti to a 6950xt and it made me so happy.


AMD Gift - Radeon Raise the Game Bundle: Saints Row Forspoken™ Sniper Elite® 5


Just to throw this out there, I got a 3080 FE coming Friday with the Face Your Demons Bundle. I’d much rather have the AMD bundle in case anyone may want to swap bundles or a few games (main want is Saints Row).


OOS. Pull think i was the last to buy. Moving from RX 580 ive had since 2020 and before that from a geforce 670 i had for 5 years Thank OP, sorry guys who missed it


Crap. I'm currently running a 580 as well and had been holding out for a deal like this. I just missed it.


Ha, also, on a 580. Good news is I think there will still be more deals like this to come


Yes the deals are just starting! It took 18 months to get a $20 discount off msrp


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Never forget GPP