If you close an app that's running on the second monitor, it should re-open on the second monitor. I don't think there's a way to have shortcuts open that way; Windows isn't that smart. Regarding Warzone behavior, without borderless windowed there's not much that can be done there.


Yup this right here, I just use the shortcut windows + ctrl + arrow key direction, left or right to move my apps to other monitors. I know csgo is the same way, I use a different resolution other than native when I play and when it minimizes the game it has to redo the display back to native resolution on the desktop, even I click off onto a different monitor. The only way around it is to download a 3rd party software with just as many steps to be able to use it. I myself haven't found a way around it other than that. But to add to that, borderless mode actually runs faster then windowed or windowed borderless because it truly minimizes all background apps to your disc. That's part of the reason why windowed isn't offered on competitive games.


I guess I'll just have to drag the apps over. No big deal. But the main problem is not being able to do ANYTHING when Warzone is running. It has Fullscreen Borderless mode, but I lose functions of my mouse and keyboard because I play on controller. I don't know any solution to this..


Can you still Alt + Tab out of the game and then use your mouse?


Yes, that seems to work when I'm in Fullscreen Borderless. Thank u! I just wish there was a way to use my controller on 1 monitor and m&k on the other. But Warzone is input locked.