Why doesn't Microcenter expand out of the US?

Why doesn't Microcenter expand out of the US?


Only like 25 microcenters in the USA I didn't even know one was 30 minutes away from me the 30 series came out


Oh you lucky bastard


My microcenter doesn't get much traffic either so there were only about 30 to 40 ppl in line when I got there and I showed up late on launch day and only about 20 more ppl showed up while i was theretook a while tho cuz only one register lol but yeah I got pretty lucky


I have one 15 minutes away and another one 25 minutes away. But I’m too lazy to drive over there lol


Shit, I'd like to see them expand within the US first...I have to drive 3 hours to shop at one.


The nearest one to me is 1000+ miles away, as apparently Micro Center is completely allergic to the Pacific Northwest.


Yeah, same. I'm from spokane, and I've got to go to Denver if I want to shop at a microcenter. 17 hour drive.


I came here to whine about my 5 hour drive to one, but now I’m humbled. Sorry man.


Damn. In my country driving 5 hours is crossing the country.


Shit, 5 hours and I’m still in my state of Texas. Lol


drove from austin to big bend, 9 damn hours


I’m surprised I’m closer to big bend than you are in DFW. Big bend is awesome though! The window is great.


5 hours isn't even making it across NC...


To put into perspective how large some states are. California is roughly the same shape and size as Japan. Edit: looked it up so I could add numbers lol. Japan is approximately 377,915 sq km while California is approximately 403,882 sq km. California being the most populated state at around 39 million people, while a country like Japan has around 126 million people.


5 hours later and I've passed through mine, the one next to us and the one next to them aswell lmao


This, lol




I only need an hour


Damn. In my country driving 5 hours is crossing the country.


In my country driving two hours is crossing the country, but I live in the Netherlands so I don't think that counts ;)


Your 5 hour drive dwarfs my 5 minute drive


Used to live 3 minutes away from the Denver store and I miss those days so much since I no longer have access to them


Haha me too i used to live right off hampden and I25


Wtf, I live in Canada and my nearest microcenter is 14.5 hrs away in Minnesota. How you 17hrs?


US fat as fuck.


Dem Englishmens in 1600's were hungry for new lands huh


I live in Spokane too, it’s pretty rough trying to get parts sometimes. Do you know of any local computer stores?


Locally, there's recycle techs, they're a small store but generally have alright stuff. Best buy carries an okay amount of pc parts, and believe it or not, you can buy many pc parts on staples.com and have them price matched and shipped to store for free.


The closest one to me is in Georgia. I live in South Florida. fml


We have two in GA. ;)


Yeah Marietta and Duluth, right? Ive been to the Marietta one. Kinda looks like an old grocery store.


It actually is. I think it was a Winn Dixie in the late 1970s.


Yep - an old WinnDixie. The one in Duluth is brand new on the inside.


I’m aware, y’all are the closet and u have 2!!! Send your spare to Miami please ;)


I would be willing to do your shopping for you if you covered the shipping or something. I live 5 min away from one. I know you can order off their website, though. So if it’s something listed as “in store only”, sure - why not?


I’ll keep that in mind!! Thanks for offering. I’d totally pay shipping and such should we go down that route.


Oh really? I have to check that out.


Me 2 man. Same boat.


Maybe there's not enough people density there? Microcenter actually needs to a \*lot\* of turnover to have their huge stores be profitable as most of their stock is quite low margin.


There's a Micro Center near me in Kansas City and the population density here is definitely lower than in the Seattle area.


Possibly not enough to afford Seattle real estate. It did surprise me to find out the PNW doesn’t have *any*though


Surely at least a lone Seattle location would have sufficient density?


I've been crossing my fingers since Fry's folded...


No where near the South either. I have no clue as well. Just like I never heard about Fry’s Electronics until 2015, and I’ve only been there once in Texas. Look at them now. They’ve shutdown…#tears.


damn. That must be horseshit.


I’m on the East coast and the nearest in 8 hours away.


Lol that’s rough, when I first got into pc building I thought damn the 40 minutes drive sucks when a bestbuy is right next to me then I realized how lucky I am


If Best Buy didn’t crap out years ago as far as parts that’s be nice


Apparently there is nothing of value north of Chicago either


I live on the east coast and the nearest one is still about 250 miles away.


I never realized how fortunate I am that I have 2 seperate MicroCenters within 15 minutes from me in northern Virginia


That's an absurdly rare situation. Most people have to drive hours to get to one.


if you live in New York there are about 4 in reasonable distance


same northern Virginia gang


As a marylander I have 2 in my state and the closest one is a 45 minute drive. I want them to be as common ish as Best buy Realy.


Yup. Going there this morning to see if I can get a 3080


Good luck lmao. They stopped having 3070s and 3080s for the in store raffles months ago


I love this. Im in Bmore so I feel super lucky to have 3 micro centers within an hour drive. I can just check all 3 for GPUs if i want to and hope for the best. And if I dont get one, I still love going to that store.


Yeah growing up and building PCs in highschool I never realized how lucky I was to have one 15 minutes away. It was so close we'd ride down there just to pick up a couple Bawls for the weekend gaming sessions


I live near Seattle. Closest one that I know of is Southern California


This, I love in NOLA, and the closest is Houston I believe.


Yeah 4 hour drive for me so I am not going there


I grew up near one and I never realized how luck I was.


Seriously, I've lived in both the Midwest and the East coast and have never even seen one.


On god. Closes one to me is Atlanta GA. I’m in fucking Nashville.


Agreed. Nearest one 10 hrs away in Atlanta. I’m in S.FL


My nearest one is Atlanta which is a hefty 7-8 hour drive from the Orlando area.


THIS was exactly my 1st thought as well! My state doesn't have 1, closest store is almost 3 hours away.


Yup many in the US are not even lucky enough to have one within a reasonable distance


Came here to say this, very glad it's already top comment lol


This is the exact reply I was gonna have bruh. There’s barely 25 in the us and I’m pretty sure that doesn’t even cover 25 states


I literally had never heard of them before a random non tech youtuber i watch mentioned them in an offhand manner a few months before covid.


I used to think MicroCenter was a European thing because I've lived in the US my entire life (multiple cities/states) and have never seen one.


SAME, Im on the western side of PA in Pittsburgh. For some reason there isnt one here. So either drive to the other side of the state, Or Ohio(where they started). You would think them starting the state closest to me there would be one on this side of the state. Guess they dont want any coemption that comes with us needing to drive over there. They are also SUPER niche of a store. I am surprised they have as many franchises as they do honestly. So many of these stores closed in the early 00's


Their profit margins aren’t that high because most of the time they are competing with amazon and Newegg who have much better economy of scale. Just because they are popular doesn’t mean they are bringing in big bucks to expand with. Did you hear about what happened to fry’s? They were bigger than microcenter and went bankrupt last year with basically the microcenter business model


Frys could have been so much more. They didn’t adapt to the times and the family that owned them is shady. It wasn’t the retail business that was bad, it was what was going on behind the scenes. They owned the land they built on so essentially paid themselves. That why they were open soooooo much longer than they should have been. I believe they also messed with their sales incentives by building it into price over Amazon, so if you asked for a price adjustment, that sales person just lost commission (very simplified, but what I heard). They could have entered the maker / diy space with classes in their mammoth size stores. Rented out a space for lan parties. I always have been near a CompUSA or Frys growing up, miss them both (esp. at their peaks).


I did computer sales at Fry's for awhile. Price matching definitely took away from commission.


"At Fry's we take our employees' commission and pass the savings on to you!" \-Probably a Fry's advertisement


Best Buy proudly advertised that they didn't pay commissions so you saved money and "got better service" for years.


Well yeah but people are actually *in* microcenter.


People were in fry’s too til they started running late on payments to their suppliers and it snowballed til they had no more product.


People were in Fry's, but those stores were huge with a ton of inventory. Clearly they didnt have the foottraffic to support that size of a store. Shame, because, as a Canadian, they had some neat products and the prices were decent.


I’ve never been in a Fry’s, but Microcenter’s inventory size made me gasp the first time I saw it. They have stacks on stacks of motherboards and PSUs just sitting there. I didn’t think it would be sustainable but here we are.


Microcenter is packed.


They would go out of business if they over expanded.


probably the best comment here lol




To be fair, there are only a handful of states here in the U.S that have Microcenters. Their reach is limited here as it is.


Tooooo beeeeee faaaaaaaaaaair... Edit: Lol who downvotes a Letterkenny reference??!? Lighten up people


Love the reference but it just doesn't carry as well through text


brick storefront are expensive and not suitable for every city, hell there's not one in every US state ;p


We have memory express, it's as close as you'll get to Canadian version


As an American in the Pacific Northwest, I think the closest thing to a Microcenter here might actually be going to a Memory Express in Canada.... It's many hundreds of miles closer than the nearest Microcenter.


It kinda sucks my nearest one is an hour away though


Thats way closer than I am to a microcenter here in the US


Mines 2h30, an hour is really not that bad. I drove ~45 minutes to my local best buy to camp all night. If you save 1000$ on your 3080, you got paid 500$/hr to drive.


Canada Computers as well


They’re barely even in the USA


Not enough of a market I assume If a Microcenter opened in Ireland I bet they'd get like 2 customers a month


I don't know, PC Building is getting more popular in Ireland. Saying that I don't think I'd drive from Donegal to Dublin to specifically visit a microcenter on a whim.


I'm in Waterford, I'd genuinely get the train up to Dublin if they had a Microcenter.


I'm waiting for them to expand within the US. Too few microcenters. If they had one in Florida I wouldn't mind driving a couple of hours. Make a day out of it.


thats what my friend and i do. we will make a day of it to go and shit cause it is and hour away


This has probably been said a few times at least but there only about 22 stores. I'm 750 miles from one and I live in a major us city. They would have to start expanding here before they ever left the US.


Why don't they expand in the US? There isn't one anywhere near me


Even if they have plan to expand, pretty sure it takes a lot of time to make it


We also have Canada Computers. Based on videos i’ve seen it’s nowhere near the size of a Microcenter, but at least the couple of stores near me always have everything i need (minus gpu’s)


I managed to find a 3060ti at Canada Computers but I think I got lucky.


Yeah i found my 3070 there as well


I think its because its to complicateded. Running a store and getting sponsored and stuff all around the us with an entire company is already complicateded.


Dude they need to come to Florida, we have 0 electronic stores besides 25 Best Buys.


nothing needs to go to florida


When I lived in the Fort Lauderdale area, TigerDirect’s store in Miami was my MicroCenter.


I'm in Tampa, we have exactly 0 computer part stores besides best buy. A bunch of PC repair shops though.


They need to expand IN THE US first.


We need one or two in the UK tbh. There is no shop like that here that you can walk in and purchase stuff.


What about SCAN?


Is that an actual shop or an online retailer. I'm from Scotland and never seen a physical store


It’s both, they have a location in Bolton AFAIK


Hmmmm still a 10 hour drive. Fits right in on this. Thread.


Only 5 from my house 😂


What's the prices there? Msrp?


Yeah, they are having a summer BBQ with GPU priced from MSRP, I sign up and now wait for confirmation of a place at the BBQ.


Your telling me a bbq as in ribs. N. Chicken.. I gotta check this our man.


Yeah free food! Totally worth a 7 hour train journey 😂


wtf? lol. they barely have stores as it is, for example the closest one to los angeles is 44 miles out. plus there's a huge issue of quality control as you expand.


The one in Tustin? Thats a great location.


I assume they have so few locations because they have to buy a GIGANTIC amount of stock for each location to get their cost low enough to be profitable. Shipping them out to a bunch of different stores might cut into what little margin they have too much. Moving into other countries (especially Europe) shipping and taxes are so much higher they would have to raise prices to make up for it which defeats the purpose of them to begin with. It’s also just more expensive in general to run a big business there. I’d also assume the overhead cost is a big factor too for why they’re not in places like Seattle. The customers are there sure, but not enough of them to warrant how much more overhead would cost them as opposed to a fairly small city in Ohio.


there are like 2 in the us lol


Used to work for their corporate offices way back in the day in Ohio. They were pretty conservative even then in terms of expansion and not overextending. CompUSA was a main competitor in the space but their demise was pretty easy to spot and I think that really resonated with MicroCenter in general. Boutique vs Big Box. They sort of have always straddled the line.


This. Granted this was 20 years ago when I worked there, but I've doubt it's changed. During orientation/training they briefly go over the history of the company. Paraphrasing the story, when they first started they overextended themselves and came close to bankruptcy, so ever since they will only expand when they can do so responsibly, without significantly raising their debt level or risk to their overall stability.


I got my gpu at a MC somewhat recently but it was not at MSRP. They have a 25% markup for the terrif they pay to get it into the country. Or that's what they say.


The tariff applies to all GPUs made in China for all US retailers, not just MC.


I personally they should increase their locations in the usa first...


We need a micro center here in Hawaii


There are only 25 in the country and somehow 5 in the New York City area


We will give you a Microcenter when the West Coast gives us an In N' Out -> Signed NYC


Probably because they've hardly expanded within the US. That and there's still a shortage of parts.


The closest one to me is in Massachusetts I guess I'm lucky


Same, the Cambridge store! I used to live in MA but now NH, still only ~1hr away


I’m in Australia we have no tech stores at all I had to buy my parts from Amazon


I used to live 1.5 miles from one. Now its like 450 miles to the one in California


Wish they add more stores. Looks like a cooler place to buy from.


Canada doesn't even amount to the size of a small US state & is about as large as the entire continental US. The market just isn't big enough & what there is is spread out too much. That's why we end up with stores in Montreal, Toronto & Vancouver only in a lot of cases. So, online it is then...


Same reason they don’t expand to Florida. Because they don’t need to.


Micro center doesn't even expand enough in the US.


Nearest one to me is either a 3 hour flight or 24 hour drive lol FL to NY


There is one near philly, so 2 hours closer then ny.


True true lol


Roughly 4 hours from Pittsburgh


I live in South West Florida and the nearest one is Atlanta Georgia 😔


A better question is why don't they have more stores in the US. I live in Southern Oregon and the closest one is damn near San Diego.


Just my opinion, but Fry's was in the major cities on the Pacific and Texas locations, so I don't think they wanted to compete. They could do it now, of course. I'm lucky to have one less than an hour away. It's a magical place. Stuff mysteriously ends up in my cart that I didn't know I needed.


it's a brick and mortar store, which operate at razor thin margins. it'd be incredible to see them open up new stores in the US to begin with.


I just want one in Arizona 😥


they should expand in the US first lol


The nearest one to me in Arizona is 5 hours away in California. They need to get a solid base in the states first


They can't afford to host their insane supply at more than their few existing locations. Everything that you find on their website can be found physically in their stores as well.


You ask this when the nearest one to me is 6 hours.


I'd kill for one in Ireland


My speculation based on what I know about retail: 1) Margins. Technology retail carries high overhead and mediocre margins at best. They have few keystone products (buy for $x sell for $2x). Plus when competing with online, those margins even get smaller...except in times of inventory shortages. 2) Import laws. The US is a fairly business friendly country when it comes to importing product which can help control already high overhead costs. I'm sure there are other reasons, but brick & mortar technology retail is a dying business with only a few players left. It is far more sustainable to expand at the eCommerce level first before the brick and mortar level.


Ive never been to a Microcenter, I see people complain that theyre in the U.S and the closest one is far away. Are they mostly on the east coast because I checked and closest one is a 40 minute drive from me in Massachusetts.


40 minutes is way closer then most people and it's worth the trip for sure.


I got two within 20 miles!


There have been plenty of similarly working business models in Europe that have all gone bankrupt. The model doesn't work in Europe because of laws that protect the employees. You should look around for employee experiences with this company in the US. The pricing has caused some of the worst treatment in the business.


I'd like to see them expand in the US, I don't have one anywhere near me


There’s memory express


It's barely in the US to begin with. There's less than a dozen locations if I remember correctly, and all but two of them are in the colloquially western US (one in Denver, CO and one in Los Angeles).




I have one 10 minutes from me....yeah be jealous It's a blessing and a curse I've spent sooo much there


I have one that is 15 minutes away and another about an hour away. A friend stood in line and got me a 3080 FTW3 Ultra for $800 and I snagged a 5900X for $550. I have gone there for mobo/cpu combos but usually, their prices are higher than Amazon so I've never gone there for computer accessories. Now their GPUs prices are still inflated but they do have them available for purchase.


In the UK we have companies in that market space folding and disappearing. Maplins for one. It wouldn’t surprise me if Microcenter derives a good chunk of its income from non-direct consumer sales, like commercial supply/support contracts or whatnot. No one can compete with Amazon in the UK at least, and I can imagine it’s similar throughout Western Europe.


Maybe selling stuff at msrp isn't making them enough to expand? Probably not but funny to think about.


There are only 25 microcenters in the US. I like their stores, but for many people, there isn't one at all close to them.


Because then they would have to rebrand to Macrocenter


In Canada we have Memory Express. Multiple stores across all major cities. Everything in micro center you can get there. They also have an amazing price match guarantee, find it cheaper anywhere else, just give them the website info and they will sell it to you cheaper. I don’t know about promotions, but keep up with their socials and you may find some good ones.


People here complaining they have to drive one from within the US, yet I'm over here living in the US and having to swim to the Dominican Republic, cross into Haiti, swim to Cuba, avoid getting captured by the G2, swim to Florida and only then I get to drive 11 hours if I manage to find a rental after getting sacked in some random Cuban alleyway. It's all worth it for a GPU at MSRP tho


I have one within a 10 minute walk. But starter homes are $600,000 and climbing. Microcenter drives up home prices. /s


I'd love to have more than the 1 we have in Michigan right now.


Sorry but Canada business environment sucks. Too many high taxes. Too many labor regulations. And its a much smaller market. It's not worth it to compete. There are better markets to go after than Canada. Beautiful county. Great standard of living. Small class gap and better equality. But doing business aint great.


Come to az jfc


I live in a state where there is one 5 min away from me and one an hour away


Sooo... I got my 3060 at CLOSE to retail.... still paid 540 for it(which should have made it a retail 3070), and had to win a lotto involving standing in the parking lot for an hour before the store opened to even get that option. While I love the store, what they get in is limited and quickly gobbled up. The prices aren't retail, just way better than scalpers.


I was just telling my friend who lives in Texas they need to expand in the Us. They have under 60 stores in the whole US! And what’s even weirder is I was at a micro center today and they have several 3060, 3060TI, 3070, and 3080TI!


Closest microcenter to me is 2 and half hours away. I don't believe there's that many microcenters but more people are willing to make that drive, I make the drive twice a month and I feel like there's never one near me


Cause then it would be Macrocenter?


Used to have a Frys Electronics out here in Arizona, actually we had 2 of them. Frys Electronics is like Microcenter. The pandemic really killed them and honestly, their business was going downhill as the younger crown these day are NOTHING like 70’s and 80’s kids when it comes to electronics and building and tinkering. But it is what it is. Frys would’ve been a great place to pickup GPU’s during this pandemic and even now. It’s a shame we lost that here in Arizona and with the closest Microcenter being in Colorado or California, it’s not not worth the drive. It’s a real niche clientele for that type of business.


Logistics costs money


Micro center is overrated, have two within a 2 hour drive from me. Just long lines of people for $20-50 of savings potentially… ecommerce is way more convenient


Why don’t they expand into Utah first? lol. Since we’re apparently the new “silicon slopes” or whatever.


If they expand in the US first lol I gotta drive up to Dallas from Houston (3-4 hours) just to get to one


Why do sweaty pc nerds offer their business expertise when they have no qualified business experience


I work like 15 minutes from one muahahahahaha