Just counted this weekend! 400+ stuffed ones! (Not including unstuffed skins). I have a room with shelves on each wall, we call it the bear room:)


my heart is yelling at me to catch up but my brain is yelling at me to slow down so congrats on 400. i could never hope to reach that many lol. i've only recentlyish started a few months ago for pokemon/holiday ones then it sorta grew from there. managed to get pumpkin kitty too since she was one of my biggest isos as well as jumbo wolf pup from gwl


Wow! Congrats on the collection!


I mostly have squishmallows like over 90 of them. Cinnamoroll will be my first BAB in a long time. I actually gave away the ones I used to have a bunny and a kitty. I think I will be getting back into BAB now. I'm interested in the pokemon ones and now the sanrio ones.


good luck with the pokemon, those are htf since they dont restock often in the us. some of them are like liquid gold now lol


Thanks. Lol it's okay though I dont need them all. I did see a lot of Sylveons at my store. I want them.


it appears to have been out of stock for a while now(for alolan vulpix) and i dont think they plan on restocking this year if at all again. was surprised they restocked it at all tbh, had one from second handing without the clothes but wanted the full bundle so when it was added i managed to snag the full bundle and gave the second handed one to my niece


It was available the other day but it's not available now. Oh well I dont have the money right now for them anyway. Lol


I am, because I’ve been collecting since I was a child. I’m definitely out of room though. I have some that I should sell, but right now I just store them in a big storage bag to keep them clean. I also have a bunch of my older ones in a big plastic tub. I have some of my favorites lined up on the headboard of my bed.


at 131 currently!🫶🏻a lot of mine are unstuffed, mostly my character ones. like the high school musical bear, hannah montana bear, etc. the ones i don't bond with as much are also unstuffed. the remainder are stored on my bed, on display, and in four stuffie nets i have hanging up. my goal is to buy a house someday and have a room where i can display them all on shelves and rotate them. i also use my seasonal themed bears as decor for their appropriate season!


this is inspiring. I’m at 27 full-sized and 9 mini’s, so nowhere near some here, but i really like the fabric shelves i use for mine: https://i.imgur.com/KddGPj9.jpg Not an up-to-date photo, but was really fun to set up.


36 is still a nice size tbh. i count the minis as well but dont have too many since those are mostly for the axolotls and some frogs i plan on getting


I use carnival like chains in corners of my wall but make sure they are metal!! Plastic is too weak for babs weight:))


115 build a bears asdkks and they’re all next to my bed it’s a mess-


my bed used to be where they lived until i got a display case. now its semi managable but gonna get another case in the future lol


I'm around 130 to 150. Someone I know is close to 250.


I lost count after 75 I think I’m well past a 100 though


Currently i have 68 bears that i definately remember and have in my collection! I dont get the jumbos, havent found a good one i want yet, but im sure ill get one someday!