BAB really needs to put a limit on how many people can buy. Like not even just at once, like keep their info in the system and if they try to buy more, not allow them




yeah… i’ve already seen them sell on ebay, it’s just very disappointing to see


same happened with devil bear and that wasnt even a licensed bear. just.... \*gags\* disgusting. theyre kid toys. sure, adults collect them(me being one of them) but it's just getting so out of hand. and you know thats the only reason people bought the max is to resell like 5 at 200 dollars even when they didnt have any IN HAND. thats right, they didnt even wait to receive them to sell them again or for it to go out of stock. like... what? good way to get scammed tbh


i’ve been seeing them everywhere & it makes me so sad, especially with him coming to stores soon(Feb. 2nd) i can understand buying something & end up not liking it… but to sell something you paid less than $40 for, for $100-$200 is insane. sadly people will continue to buy & support resellers like that 🙁


do you know if they will restock i didn’t know abt the drop until ppl were posting they got him


There will be an online restock and it seems some stores might be getting stock too [https://www.reddit.com/r/buildabear/comments/10kmyel/i\_called\_my\_store\_to\_see\_if\_they\_were\_getting/](https://www.reddit.com/r/buildabear/comments/10kmyel/i_called_my_store_to_see_if_they_were_getting/)