Cuddle, for me personally if they are just for display then they aren't worth it. I purchase my bears with the intentions to love them : )


Most of mine are display, I enjoy changing their outfits though. My cuddle buddy is my frog 😊


Sadly, a lot of mine are scattered everywhere, I really need to find a place to put them 😅 As for those that I have bonded with, I usually cuddle with them, especially Forest and Sir Vampy (fox and bat respectively). I prefer this over display as I feel like I'm going to upset them if I don't show them love (if I remember them! I'm very forgetful 💀)


Cuddle. I wouldn't be able to resist if they were display only.


i have designated cuddlers and most are display


cuddle! i sleep with my frogs every night as i have somewhat of a difficult time sleeping without a stuffed animal. their shape has perfect cuddle-ability and they're so soft! well... my pink one is, at least, because my green one has lost half of its softness due to me washing it just once. (would appreciate tips on this if anyone lurking happens to have any!)


Is it all matted? Cuz if so, get a wire cat brush at the dollar store/walmart and brush super gently :) It’ll loosen the fur and bring it back to its original fluffy state


i will definitely have to try that! thank you! i’ll update if it works hehe


update: it worked!


Cuddle on my bed


Both! I only have two that I cuddle and the rest are display in adorable outfits.


Cuddle! Bcs i bonded with mine the second i got him & my bf & i have matching one so it makes me love him even more :)


I put mine on display and just alternate who I cuddle with, I only have a twin bed still so I can’t fit that many with me. So I constantly switch who is on the bed with me so nobody gets offended :,)


I always remember what the naming machines said about them being your best friends so I cuddle all of mine in case they feel sad. I think I have issues.


cuddle all the way


I have two babs they’re like the best stuff animal to hug idk y it’s just something abt them


Depends. My Frozen BABs are on display because I collect Frozen merch and because about half of them have wigs that I don't want to mess up. Others are either in storage containers, my closet, or my bed. The ones that are on my bed get cuddled from time to time and the ones in storage or in the closet get occasional visits because I feel bad for not having enough room for them all. This is part of the reason I was so upset when they removed the online game (Bearville, I think). Even though I couldn't cuddle all my BABs at once, I could have them in my condo and give each of them a personalized room.


Cuddle, Toy Story has yet to stop effecting me and I'll feel bad that they aren't getting any attention


https://preview.redd.it/pxthofyeeada1.jpeg?width=2992&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=b96b707eed8707862ba8148aeecd4dd4e6d5a876 This is my Ricky bear. He was my cuddle buddy for years. I've since changed to BT21


both 😌 if it’s one i like enough i buy more than one so i can display one & cuddle the other


Cuddle! I have three and they all live on my bed.


I cuddle and display! I keep my “bed squad” coordinated to the season/holiday (pinks and light colours during spring, wolves etc during Halloween) and the “off-season” squad get cute outfits for display 🤣


Cuddles lots of cuddles sonic will end up on my face when I wake up from sleeping


Both! I display all my bears on a shelf and rotate which one I sleep with. This keeps my bears nice and I get the chance to cuddle with all of them.




Both. Well idk if you count it as display but I position them all in an order on my bed and don’t cuddle them at night but if I go out then I will take one with me and cuddle them then




for me the only reason any are on display is because theres no more room on my bed 💖


Cuddle. They all stay in my bed. The reason why is because I don't buy them to look nice, but as companionship.