He’ll be an assistant, Eric Washington is still the head DL coach


Expecting Buffalo Fanatics to be accurate is a bit much.


Is this to be an assistant to Eric Washington or is Eric moving role/leaving?


Guess it's to replace the assistant dl coach who just moved to the Texans https://billswire.usatoday.com/2022/02/15/buffalo-bills-defensive-line-jacques-cesaire-houston-texans/


As an alumni of unc Charlotte and a bills fan this is such a horrible move. Charlotte literally had the worst defense in fbs football last year and West was the main architect for jt as our DC. Hopefully Buffalo sees something I don’t with him on the D-line but this makes no sense to me.


I mean he’s assistant D-line coach… people put waaay to much stock into these position coaches influence. At the end of the day it is still Fraziers defense these position coaches just help implement what Frazier needs from the group. Have you ever heard of John Butler??? He’s the DB’s coach, we have maybe the best secondary in the league, doubt anyone has even heard of the guy, because at the end of the day its all about the entire unit and the scheme out in place by the DC.


Have I ever heard of John Butler? Mothafucka I used to get high for a living


People aren’t going to get your John Butler Trio reference and it pains me.


True true. Still a head scratcher to me nonetheless. Hopefully he’s a much better dl coach than a DC but yeah either way it won’t have much of an impact


Sports are very much a demonstration of the “Peter principle”, where people are promoted until they reach the level of their incompetence. West clearly isn’t a good DC, but he could very well be a great DL coach. Brady Hoke was a disaster as HC and DC, but he’s still an excellent DL coach.


I mean, he’s coming on as an assistant dl coach, Washington is still the head dl coach. Not great to hear that still tho lol


Yeah overall it probably won’t have a big impact haha. Still funny how everyone at unc Charlotte wanted to get rid of this man asap and he ends up going to Buffalo of all places


You do realize that working on positional player development for like pass rush moves is not quite the same thing as Asst HC/DC, right? And that somebody who isn't a great coordinator can be a perfectly good assistant position coach?


Yes I do realize this which is why I’m saying that the bills might know something that I don’t. But from my experience from charlottes alumni discord and going to games and seeing the product on the field it is a head scratcher considering his resume isn’t great.


Assistant position coach is two steps down. Your argument is the same as saying "That boat captain got that cargo ship stuck in the Suez Canal. Why would somebody trust him with a jetski?"