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Literally just put my batch in the oven to sit overnight. This seriously saves me so much money because after the first batch you can just use a half cup or so of the previous batch. All I buy now is milk and cheese cloth to strain it (I like Greek style). I get 1-2 quarts for the price of a gallon of milk. Mine also tastes better and I was for sure thinking it would not rival Fage. I’d say try it out for all the doubters :)




This is what my mum does. She says just leaving the oven light on helps keep the temp up and so you don’t accidentally turn the oven on. Scald the milk. Which heat it until bubbles appear on the side. 180F or 83C degrees. Cool to 110F or 44C You'll need some yogurt from the store to start about 1 T per litre of milk Do you have a light in your oven? One of my Indian clients would put hers in the microwave. Maybe if you wrap it w a blanket. On its own mine cooled down too much This is from Google: Cool the milk down to 44°C (110°F). A quick way to cool your milk down is to place the saucepan with your milk in it (or the top of your double boiler) into a sink filled with cold water. Stir milk until it has cooled. If you don’t have a thermometer, check the temperature with your (clean!) finger. If you can count to twenty with your finger in the milk, it’s cool enough. Add yogurt and blend it into the milk well. Pour the mixture into an incubating container. Here are some possible containers: Alternative to oven: An earthenware bowl that will be covered with a blanket and left in a warm spot in your house—like near your furnace or inside a turned-off oven or microwave. A wide-mouthed thermos that has been preheated by pouring hot water into it and letting it stand until you are ready to pour your yogurt mixture into it. Wrap the thermos and leave it in a warm place. Preserving jars that have been preheated, as above, filled with yogurt mixture, covered and set on a wire rack or jar rings in a large heavy saucepan. Fill the saucepan with warm water, cover it and set it on the lowest temperature on your stove. Check frequently to make sure that the water stays at the right temperature. Alternatively, you can set small jars on a wire rack in an electric frying pan. Add water to cover the rack, cover the pan, and set the thermostat between off and the lowest possible setting. Check frequently to make sure the water doesn’t get too hot. Incubation 6 to 8 hrs


44°C is equivalent to 111°F, which is 317K. --- ^(I'm a bot that converts temperature between two units humans can understand, then convert it to Kelvin for bots and physicists to understand)


A lot of people pour it into jars, and put them in an air insulated cooler. If the cooler is large, fill the empty space with towels.


does pasteurized bs unpasteurized milk matter? or fat percentage?


Pasteurized milk is fine, more fat the better. If you want to make it lower calorie skim works too, but whole milk will have a fuller flavor.


What if you bought low fat milk and melted some butter, cooled it and blended it with milk? Would the result be close to the natural whole milk? Edit: milk will probably have to be heated before the procedure to prevent butter from solidifying in chunks during the process.


Why would you do this? If you really want to add that fat back you'd want cream not butter


I mean butter is churned cream


Yes and the churning matters for this purpose


Is there a way to estimate the nutrition of the resulting yogurt? I would assume regular yogurt has a pretty close profile to the milk used to make it but what about Greek?


Curious about this as well.


I read that it is basically the same as the milk. Slightly less sugar and lactate IIRC. Can't answer the question about the Greek yogurt.


We use the oven light for the right temperature. We also strain it for Greek. We strain it a long time for cheese... Ish. Like it's not real firm.


Make easy homemade yogurt in 4 easy steps! *STEP 1 : BUY YOGURT.* ...


Only the first time you buy one small yogurt from then on you use a bit from the previous batch I did this all the time raising six kids and saved a fortune


That makes sense . I’m curious to actually try this


Lol at reddit in general. People ask a question and get downvoted. Someone recommends you buy a *starter for your culture* and it gets a shitty joke from ignorance which gets a bunch of upvotes. SMH.


\>inb4 someone answers to this with "Touch the grass". We live in a society.


You mean I shouldn't just let things spoil and eat the pathogens? /S


But if u loved yogurt enough to make ur own I'd bet there's yogurt already in ur fridge lolllll


Fage 0% yogurt is $7 currently. Go ahead. After you.


Bruh .. I was kinda thinking the same lmao, but I guess it cuts cost still ? Gotta cut that yogurt like yay 😂


It’s only that you need the culture as a starter. Once you start making yogurt you can simply add a scoop from your last batch to your next batch. When I was making yogurt weekly I got into the habit of scooping out a little into a separate container as soon as my batch was made because my husband would eat the entire container, leaving me with no starter for the next batch.


Makes sense . Sounds like a great $ saver and delicious ! I stand corrected


Does a gallon of milk equate to a gallon of yogurt? Like how much milk would you need to get how much yogurt?


Pretty close to a gallon.


It depends on the yogurt you’re making. Regular yogurt is pretty much 1:1 (milk:yogurt) but Greek style yogurt strains out so much liquid it ends up around 2:1


This goes perfect with the post made earlier today, thanks for sharing!


Watch the milk carefully when it's close to boiling. It can go from almost there to spilling over really fast. I wrap it in a blanket or 2 to retain heat while it sits.


Ohh this is great. I usually get like 2-4 gallons of milk from the food truck and we never use all the milk! My kids love yogurt too! Thank you


I'm pretty sure the answer is no, but any chance you could use soy milk to do this? Maybe if you started out with a yogurt alternative that used soy milk? I can eat milk products in a limited extent, but I try to stick to soy as much as I can.


According to [this article](https://www.fermentationrecipes.com/making-your-own-soy-yogurt/1409/) any live yogurt will do for a starter. But all the vegan ~~jerks~~ bloggers seem to think you need to use a homemade soymilk or one composed of only soybeans and water as your milk. I leave you to do your own research on that count


Thank you! I will see how it goes with- uh, normal soy milk first. XD


How to make yogurt\_ Step one: Buy yogurt..