We saw it on the RAMS face in the last few minutes like "is this really happening!?!?!??!?!" Our defensive coaching like "nah brah we just playin.... BLITZ!"


Fuck..the best receiver in the game...what were we thinking?!


Before both the snaps I was like, “Why aren’t we in deep coverage formation…..fuck”


"Ok guys, what play does Mathew Stafford have the *most success* against? The blitz? Perfect, blitzing doesn't even make sense in this scenario anyway. Blitz blitz blitz!!!"


The craziest part? This isn't a new thing at all, or a "second half of the dynasty" development. Against the Panthers in the 2003 Super Bowl, there's audio of one of the Panthers players saying "Don't count on it being over, not with that quarterback". I've definitely said this before, but there's a great post from the Colts sub back before you guys signed Brady that said "He's obviously not his 2007 self anymore, but would anyone not feel more confident with Brady at QB than Brissett? He's a QB that instills dread in the opposition, and by extension hope in the fanbase. You never feel out of it when he's in the game." Against the Falcons, when we were one score down, I believed. When we tied up the game, there was no doubt in my mind that we were winning. Obviously, what people tend to forget is that Brady doesn't literally always win. I had the same feeling against the Eagles the next year right before he got strip sacked by Graham(?). The difference? Even after a loss like that, you *still* have that feeling, that faith, in similar situations.


What's funny about the Falcons SB. You can hear Sanu telling people someting like "that's Tom Brady, we about to put 40 up on their ass, we got to"


Yep, followed by Gabriel saying, "It's Tom Brady though". You're damn right.


"im never comfortable"


yep exactly, same feeling in the 2015 afc championship as the 2017 afc championship, just can’t win ‘em all


That Eagles superbowl was brutal. That final drive goes Brady's way 9/10 times.


I like how everytime Brady makes a comeback or almost makes a comeback, his haters always say "yeah thanks to his defense bailing him out by getting turnovers". It's like well no shit, when you are down you need extra possessions to catch up. That applies to literally everybody and that's how comebacks work. It's just as bad as "if you pressure Brady fast then he wouldn't be good." No fucking shit, it also applies to literally all the other qbs. Lmfao


This comeback definitely had way crazier defensive plays then 28-3, but at the end of the day you still have to capitalize on them and Brady did that with that unreal throw to Evans with Ramsey on him




yea I remember in 2014 Rodgers got criticized because he didn't throw at all to Jordy Nelson because Richard Sherman was covering him. And when they played in the playoffs, he threw to Devante Adams in the endzone and Sherman intercepted it.


Yet they forget that all or your opponents points are the defense’s fault.


or when people say "BRADY NEEDS TEAMATES TO WIN GAMESSSSS". Ahhh yes, I forgot Montana used to throw the ball to himself. Fucking morons


Poor Montana being the first QB to play in the West Coast Offense under one of the 2 or 3 great offensive minds in NFL history who also got the greatest WR ever to top off one of the greatest defensive dynasties ever featuring the greatest safety and enforcer ever in Ronnie Lott, yeah, *that* guy just didn't get any help.


No salary cap either lmao.


Pretty amazing he was able to win games throwing to scrubs like, *checks notes*, Jerry Rice


Exactly. Even Patrick Mahomeboy, who is much more mobile, was made to look ordinary in the Super Bowl last year, because he didn't get good protection.


Ordinary? He looked like shit…


Haha, true. I was trying to be polite ;) If it comes to a Rams-Chiefs Super Bowl, I hope to see the same result with Von Miller and Aaron Donald slapping him around.


The crazy thing about is is that players were fearing his comebacks in like 2004 (17 seasons ago) If you watch the Brady 6 documentary Steve Smith Sr was on the sideline at the SB talking about how you can never rest when TB is on the other team. The duration of his reign of terror is just unmatched. There was this one game where we were down like 14 points with less than 2 mins. We still won.


I think this was the Bucs first real taste of Brady's magic. Ik he's had a lot of game winners and even walkoffs in the past two year, and even the 17-0 comeback vs the falcons, but I hope bucs fans finally learn why when we're in the game threads us pats/Brady fans always tell you guys to calm down when shit goes wrong. We've seen it too many times. He has such an aura about him and you never feel out of a game no matter how bad it is. Down 27-3 to one of the best defenses and offenses in the league while only having a second to throw the ball? He's still never out of the game. We've seen this story too many times we learned not to doubt. 24-14 comeback vs the LOB in the 4th quarter in the SB. Two 14 point comebacks IN THE SAME GAME vs the ravens in 2014. (Only time ever) 24-0 comeback vs Mannings Denver in the greatest QB season ever. 28-3 comeback vs the falcons in the SB. 31-3 comeback vs the 49ers in 2011(?) to tie it (still lost this game) And so much more. You can never count him out.


Yep, even the losses are legendary! Eagles game (505 yards, no punts), Denver 2015 loss (took a fucking beating, but almost came back with Gronk), both Giants games etc


I think Brady’s most impressive performance during a loss was the 2015 AFCCG, leading the final touchdown drive, converting multiple fourth downs against a legendary defense with an injured line and a center that tipped every snap. He never gave up. The Iggles super bowl where he through 500 yards is also a top performance, but I’d give edge to the broncos game. I’d put this 27-3 up there with that SB loss. I think the most legendary comeback has to be 28-3. The ravens game was obv true podracing, and the legion of book comeback was when the dam really starting breaking on neutrals begrudgingly conceding he was the GOAT (biggest SB comeback at the time, and when Tom doesn’t give his “the next one” answer I think this one is his favorite ring).


We came back against LAC down 24-7 last year, and against Indy down 24-14 when they were in position to score. Got a strip sack and then everything just started going our way. It’s weird. It feels like we’re just living in his world at times. It doesn’t matter what the odds are when he’s on the team, he’s not gonna win 100% of the time, but he’s going to win more than anyone else.


>he’s not gonna win 100% of the time, but he’s going to win more than anyone else. But. Anytime you watch him play and he's losing, you almost never feel like he can't come back from it. The one exception was that disaster against the Saints last year


I know these were regular season, but here's a couple I kind of remember There was a game he was down like 20 - 7 to the Bills at the half or something and ending up beating them 52 - 28. Another one, the Bills were up like 21 - 0 in the 2nd and he beat then 49 - 21


Yep. Theres that Bears comeback I believe from 2002 as well. Yep, Patriots were down 27-6 in the Third Q. And down 30-19 with 5 mins and 30 seconds left. Patriots win 33-30 in regulation. No other QB has this aura of inevitability like Brady does when he and his offense get rolling. His defenses feed off the momentum as well. They know that if they get the ball back to Brady he'll shove it up the other teams Butt. Its got to be intimidating as hell to be on the other sideline. The other team and coaching staff have watched Brady do this to other teams their entire lives. It just sucks that Bowles let the Rams off the hook with that blitz call. Because if that game goes to OT, Im certain the Bucs are in the CC game right now.


I was more surprised they lost honestly. Couldn't imagine they would have gave up those 2 long balls. Nothing he could do at that point.


My buddy was convincing me to hop on halo middle of the third quarter. “It’s over, why are you still watching?” I had to repeatedly tell him it’s never over with number 12. He finally tunes back in once we were driving down the field for the tie. Yet has the audacity to give me “I told you so” after the game. Bastard.




There were some guys on the defense who were just standing.


Amen brotha! Agree with you 💯


All I’m gonna say is 13 seconds




How does it feel knowing the highest Mahomes can ever rank is #2? Imagine your “GOAT” getting outgunned at home in a championship by a 41 year old, then getting blown off the field in a Super Bowl by a 43 year old


This is not relevant at all