Sticky Bombs is great for tier 1 of all bosses. Recursive Cluster is great for Bloonarius spawns, MOAB Assassin or MOAB Shove are great for Lych summons, Bouncing Bullets could be bought for fast bloons of Vortex. MAD is great for tier 2 of all bosses as well as AoW and RoD. AoW sometimes require more track lenght, MAD has infinite range and while RoD is very expensive, if you can afford it, you can sell it and go back to farming faster. Recursive Cluster again is great for Bloonarius spawns. Apex is usually preferred for tier 3 bosses, but PMFC + Support or ninja army + support can take down tier 3 Bloonarius. This is the way I play in order to maximize pops for my paragons. 2 Paragons or 1 high degree Paragon + support can take down tier 4 bosses effortlessly, but maxed-out PMFC + Support and ninja army + support against tier 4 Bloonarius are still viable on longer maps. To my experience, Ascended is the single most important Paragon to get maximum degree on to deal with tier 5 bosses. Every 20 degree, its damage increases drastically (well it's true for other Paragons too but sticky bomb becomes a lot powerful). Aim to get it to at least degree 40, preferrably 60. ​ Which boss is my favorite? I like variety, and I like all of them, though I think Bloonarius is too easy compared to other two. Lych can be very stressful to play sometimes, but it's literally how it's designed to be and I like it. Vortex is the most interesting to me, but that might be because it's the newest boss added to the game.


Loving the in depth take on a quiet thread. Thanks mate.


Hey, no problem! You can DM me if you need further help with strategies.


AOW is one of the best options for T2 elite bosses. Narius and Lych doesn't stand a chance