Similarities between Brooklyn 99 and The Office?

I just finished watching Brooklyn 99 for the very first time, and loved it. I didn't think I'd find a sitcom after The Office that I would enjoy as much. Michael Schur is definitely a comedy genius. I couldn't help but notice a few similarities between both sitcoms. Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I would love to hear any other similarities people noticed.

The Office: That's what she said B99: Title of your sex tape

The Office: Office Olympics B99: The Jimmy Jab Games

The Office: Dwights obsession with Michael B99: Charles obsession with Jake

The Office: Dwights weird farm family B99: Charles weird farm family

The Office: Jan Levinson, a character/love interest that starts out relatively normal and the series ends with her being completely unhinged B99: Teddy Wells 👆

The Office: Todd Packer B99: The Vulture

Gina reminds me of Kelly but is somehow worse. They're both "business b's"

Rosa is basically April Ludgate (Parks and Rec). Both hate to show emotions, but open up throughout the series. I think Rosa was better written though


Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. Babushka!!!




Michael Scott = Hitchcock and Scully but he's actually in charge.


He’s definitely got some Jake in him as well


That's what she said.


Lmao I can see that 😂


Never thought of it like that, but yeah. Both of them were really good at their jobs when they were young, but just gave up. I will say, Michael tries to be funny and the center of attention while Hitchcock and Scully try to stay in the background


Both have same creators. Also, almost all sitcoms have many similar characters and some events which are very similar. It's the character and story that makes the difference.


A lot of the characters have parallels. You've got Kevin the jock, Pam the rebel, Toby Silly Pants, Talky-talky Phyllis, Oscar the stoner, and Creed the ringleader


I'm not sure you're nailing these 😂


No they are right, Oscar is a bit of a stoner. Remember when he wore that Rasta shirt?




I see what you did there


Can you explain me what he did?


Of course, Mose Schrute is a character from The Office played by Michael Schur. Michael Schur is a co-creator (amongst other things) of Brooklyn 99.


Bruhh I didn't know that Thanks for letting me know And wasn't michael schur writer or something in the office?


Indeed, the writer and director of some episodes Source: Wikipedia page


Sals Pizza. In some episodes of the office, you can see an advertisement for Sal's pizza on the cupboard in the kitchen. Even if one is set in Pennsylvania and the other in New York.


On one of the Halloween heist episodes Rosa drugs Boyle with that sleeping drug then puts him in a box and tells the driver to take it all the way to Scranton.


Since one of the declared objectives of B99 was to make a "the office in a police precinct" it's not surprising.


Jim sort of acts as the Jake and the Gina of The Office. He’s clearly the like young cool protagonist guy, but he’s also the office bully.




Jim is Jake as in young cool protag, Jim is Gina because he's the office bully.


Oops, I misread Jim as Jake. Thanks for clearing that up


Kevin and Oscar sort of Scully and Hitchcock? Even though they’re not that close


I can see Hitchcock being similar to Kevin as it was referred to that they both have very dirty search histories. And no one wants to hear what they have to say because they just know it will be inappropriate. Their characters also both repel women. Kevin, however, became progressively more dumb as the show progressed. He made Hitchcock and Scully look like geniuses.


Toby, poor man's Wunch


Good catch! 😂 the only difference, I feel Holt had reasons to dislike Wuntch, Toby was always quite pleasant to Michael.


Naah toby never gives it back to Micheal


Both should have ended in season 7.


okay so like jim and pam def the office ver of jake and amy


Very true.


Not on topic but is Jake holding a pizza roll?


Hot take. Jake and Amy > Jim and Pam


Agreed 👍


I've tried to get into the office, but it's too dry, it's like watching 22 minutes of fluorescent light tubes humming


When I watched The Office the first time (many years ago), I started at season 3. I'm not sure why, but it was such a great first episode, and I couldn't stop from there. I eventually rewatched it from the beginning at least 10 times. The first season is definitely dry, though. I felt the same about B99, I didn't really like it until towards the end of season 2.


The Office gets a little less grounded as the series goes on. Less close to reality. The dry humor in the beginning was also an attempt at recreating the British office. As the show went on, they found their own, unique identity. I personally think B99 is closer to Parks and Rec


Agree with the rest but I think Hitchcock and Skully were more like Toby from the office.


Scully had moments where he would share very sad or big news, and everyone would brush it off (which is very Toby like). He reminded me a lot of Jerry from Parks and Rec too.


Relatable funny main guy, weird niche sidekick guy, kinda out of touch boss that grows a strong relationship with the main characters as the show goes on


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They both have attractive men… i.e. Andy Samberg (in B99) and Steve Carrell (in The Office)


I didn't find either attractive until I finished watching both. That's how good the writing is😂


Relationship between two of the coworkers


both have quite a few previous SNL members in at least small roles. At least Terry Crews used his real first name and so did many of the office main cast. Craig Robinson is a significant but not super main character in both. Also Bill Hader / Will Farrell (both SNL) play a very similar new hard-ass boss that ends up in the hospital after like a day. I feel like Gina is Creed lol. Totally whack and completely absorbed in their own world, and famous (gina is mostly pre-stardom, while Creed is post) And you have the Latinx LGBT person that has some short relationships which have little to no screen time and they end up alone (Rosa, Oscar) Food obsessed and not very smart Kevin and Skully/Hitchcock Andy and Jack Danger (pronounced dong-er) are pretty similar characters both played by Ed Helms Everyone who goes into labor at work doesn't want to go to the hospital Tim Meadows Plays a small role in both as well I've honestly considered making a bingo with workplace sitcoms like The Office, Brooklyn 99, Superstore, and Parks and Rec as there are a lot of little overlaps and a lot of big ones too!


These are all great! Thanks for sharing


They share multiple actors


Since OP broke the premise bringing in April from P&R, Amy is a less endearing version of Leslie Knope


Well written 'diversity' characters. Oscar, Holt and Rosa are all proudly gay/bi, but that's not their whole personality.


Kevin and Creed = Hitchcock and Scully


I think there are a lot more comparisons to be drawn between Brooklyn Nine Nine and Parks and Recreation. Stern boss with a limited set of emotions but is endearing whenever he lets his guard down. Zany protagonist who is childish but very motivated. Amy and Leslie are also both studious, binder-loving go-getters. Gina and Tom are both self-centered and care more about their other ventures than work. Hitchcock and Sully and Gary are old incompetent older men who are ridiculed. I don't see much of a correlation between the other main characters. Maybe April and Rosa's general demeanor.


I didn't realize how similar it is to Parks and Rec, too!


No nonsense boss that takes himself very seriously and doesn’t care about what his employees think


For me Hitchcock = Creed Scully = Kevin but at least Scully is smarter


both are the best sitcoms


Both of their final seasons were pure shite


Thats debatable


Totally debatable!


Season 9 of the office is debatable, season 8 of B99 was unwatchable for a large part of it


Oh it’s simple, one is a good show, the other is overrated


I have a lot of questions. Number one, how dare you?


You heard me


FYI, I don't technically have a hearing problem, but sometimes when there's a lot of noises occurring at the same time, I'll hear 'em as one big jumble. Again it's not that I can't hear, uh because that's false. I can. I just can't distinguish between everything I'm hearing.


I was making an expression, but okay? Sorry if that sounded weird


I'm sorry I was quoting Nate from The Office. 🫣


Brooklyn 99 isn't overrated at all


I know that, I was talking about the Office


They knew.


I wouldn't say Todd Packer and The Vulture are similar. The Vulture never took a crap on the floor of Holt's office.


They both are written to be creeps and say things that (in real life) would get you a sexual harassment lawsuit. They're both employees of the same organization and hated by the majority of the main cast.