Shite remakes that should never have been allowed to happen - Total Recall. Psycho. Ghostbusters. Oldboy. Conan. Poltergeist. Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Robocop. The Lion King. Jungle Book. Aladdin. Get Carter. Magnificent Seven. Shite remakes that are being done, and should not be allowed to happen - Ace Ventura. Akira (live action). Big Trouble in Little China (WHY?!). The Birds. Blade. Clueless. Escape from New York. Gremlins. Highlander. Home Alone. Logan’s Run. Naked Gun. Pirates of the Caribbean (what?). Road House. Scarface. Starship Troopers. The Warriors. They really are fucking idiots. And completely out of ideas.


Can you add the remake of the lion king to the first list.


As you wish. Sorry. Forgot the Disney ones.


You just reminded me that they also did a remake of Get Carter with Stalone to...




That was utter arse gravy, even for the low bar of most Stallone drekk


Aye, I watched the trailer after posting my comment and it didn't really surprise me tbh. Just another typical "tough guy out for revenge" flick.


I agree with all of your choices, except I'm slightly curious about the Highlander remake. I love that film it's a cult classic, but the acting is dreadful. Christopher Lambert is awful, and Sean Connery came across like he didn't give a crap about putting any effort in. Clancy Brown is probably the best thing about it (and the soundtrack) so they can't be topped. But I'd be lying if I didn't think that someone could reboot the franchise with the quality and dedication it deserves.


Highlander is awfully brilliant.


Which remakes have been done that actually improved upon the original?


Casino Royale. The Thing (82). The Fly (86). Dredd. True Grit (2010). Village of the Damned (95). Scarface. Dracula. Apocalypse Now. Little Shop of Horrors. Wizard of Oz. 12 Monkeys.


Dredd was amazing


Not a true remake. More a reboot. And an excellent one at that. Wish they’d make a sequel. But not economically viable apparently.


Oceans 11 (2001), The Mummy (1999), Airplane! (1980)




Your wish is my command.


Home Alone isn't a remake. It's a continuation. Also, the original Magnificent Seven itself was a remake so...


It’s not Home Alone 6 though. Same thing with the “new” Scream.


> It’s not Home Alone 6 though. Oh bloody hell I thought you were joking but I looked it up - I never knew there was a Home Alone 4 & 5! I was only aware of the first 3 and Alone For Christmas (Home Alone with dogs, not officially part of the franchise).


It has a character from the first 2 films played by the same actor. A film doesn't need to have a number in it to be a continuation. Scream is still a sequel even though it's not called Scream 5


I watched the remake of Total Recall and particularly enjoyed the opening credits showing one of the production companies was called "Original Film".


Why on the cock would anyone remake Warriors, that's like remaking Taxi driver.


[https://www.thenationalnews.com/arts-culture/rumours-of-taxi-driver-remake-circulate-1.393676](https://www.thenationalnews.com/arts-culture/rumours-of-taxi-driver-remake-circulate-1.393676) ;-(


Star wars, Godfather, citizen Kane, 2001, Gone with the wind, 39 steps, The great escape. Rocky, Apocalypse now, where will it end. Is nothing sacred?


That’s probably in the works. Along with raging bull, goodfellas and casino. I can’t believe they are bastardising hitchcock.


I'll cry when I see The escape from New York and the warriors remake, top of my favourite film list, hopefully they live is too obscure to ruin.


Blade? Why? wtf?


Which remake? Get your lousy dirty paws off my remakes.


In other words The Italian Job is not on the telly.


Just wait until you see ‘point break’ advertised and then discover it says ‘2015’ on the listing


This time The Italian Job didn't even say the year on the listing. That's how they get you


There is an interesting comparison to be made between the two Jobs. During the filming of the original, the Italians absolutely loved the whole thing. Practically the whole of Milan was put at the producer's disposal, along with a fleet of Alfas to dress up as police cars, and the promise of free Fiat Abarths if they couldn't procure enough Minis. (They apparently weren't fussed about the fundamental premise of the movie being a serious crime against the Italian state). In the remake, there are scenes filmed in Venice at the beginning. Apparently, the Venetians were completely uninterested, and offered minimal assistance to the production. (I think the underwater sequences were filmed in the UK).


I never knew any of that, but it certainly makes sense with the Milan chase scenes.


it’s the bloody americans, isn’t it. they like that shit


No we didn't.


I liked the planet of the apes remake


The new remakes with Andy Serkis I hope you mean, not the Wahlberg abomination!


Seriously, the newest trilogy is damned fantastic.


I was walking around Barnes & Nobles and checking out the fucking staggering amount of original Sci-fi/fantasy available in just those two genres alone that could be used as source material for new concepts...and was thinking wtf Hollywood!?!?


I advocate heritage protection for some films, theatre productions and perhaps one or two other artistic things. Some things should never be remade. 'Intangible' things should be protected just like some buildings.


I want heritage protection for Deep Purple Mk2 and Rowntree's Nutty.


I long for the day I can find the proper version of Oceans 11 being shown somewhere.


In the original the minis drive in the order red white then blue. In the remake it’s alphabetical order. Says it all.


Yep shit indeed


People still watch scheduled TV?


Yeah, funny how other people don't live your life.


Shitty remakes are the future The chances of seeing original films mad this century seems to be plummtting Just stick an expensive name in some cack rehash