What’s your favorite episode of BrBa and why is it 4 days out?

What’s your favorite episode of BrBa and why is it 4 days out?


I still won’t leave my keys in the ignition cause of this episode


Same lol


It taught me a valuable lesson about how cars work. I think my car has some kind of protection against it, but I'm not risking it!


Yes same!!! I've been watching the show for the first one. Def a classic episode it seems!






Oh I'm so glad to learn that someone else is like this lol


You brought a meth lab to the airport


And you bought a bomb to the hospital


Possibly my favorite line in the whole series. Can't pass an airport without thinking of it to this day.


Cause they’re cooking


Username checks out


Haha yea


Oh I am sorry, oh, the workstation.




Was looking for this. This should be the top comment


Lmao when the generator catches on fire and Jesse puts it out with their drinking water.


Well done Jesse...as always...well done


And how he looks so proud after doing it lol, and then walt’s reaction


it was all those string of events that happened so quick and you just keep thinking "it can't get worse than this" and then he dumps all the water out lol.


Ahhhh *wire*.


I also liked his response: “…a robot?” *Walt gives disappointed look*


That to me was better xD He really believed it for a second lol


I say this every single time I see a wire. 🤣🤣🤣


Ozymandias is supreme


Yep, with One Minute being a close second for me.


A robot!?




Every single insult that Walt has used in this series is too damn funny! I’d say those are my favorite scenes in the entire series.




Funyuns are awesome


How are you even alive?




I'm rewatching the series and I just got to this episode. It's just too good. I literally rewound Walter's monologue about the perfect time to die, Jane's death and the chances of him meeting her father on the day that she died (her father advice makes him go to Jesse's house, resulting in her death). The episode may be slow paced, but on a rewatch when you know exactly what's going on, it's really fun. The actors really shine on this. But To'hajiilee is the best TV Episode I ever seen. So To'hajiilee is my favorite.


Seconde watching is the best


Agreed. The first time you're like "Commme onnnn mannnn, get back to the story! Cook some meth, shoot some people!" because let's admit it, that's why you're watching it the first time. The second time you go back with a deeper appreciation of the story and you hear all that's being said and it hits you differently.


yeah right ? Like the moment in around season 2 or 3 there is a little Focus on a Lily of the Valley for no reason


I mean, Jane would have died without Walt heading over there, but Walt was now (mostly) responsible for her death, or at least responsible for not intervening.


Actually when Walt shakes Jesse you can see that it tips Jane over onto her back, which may or may not have happened without Walts presence, but since Walt directly shook the bed and caused her to roll over you could say that Walt is actually the reason she died. Without Walts presence it is a 50/50, Jane either would have rolled over onto her back on her own in the middle of the night and suffered the same fate, or (grossly) threw up in Jesse's hair while they both were knocked out lol.


Yea, Walt tips over Jane. She was laying on her side as they usually do to avoid this happening as it’s known concern in overdosing. That’s why they always slept like in spoon position. Walk tips Jane over and then she vomits. He could have put her back on her side to prevent the choking and chose not to. Would not have happened without his “help” and then lack of


Interesting, will keep this in mind to watch out for when I re-watch.


Yea, Walt tips over Jane. She was laying on her side as they usually do to avoid this happening as it’s known concern in overdosing. That’s why they always slept like in spoon position. Walk tips Jane over and then she vomits. He could have put her back on her side to prevent the choking and chose not to. Would not have happened without his “help” and then lack of


I agree with the Fly episode. Many people seem to hate it but I don’t think they are connecting all the bigger underlying issues that it is giving relevance to. I only took the time to understand them on a rewatch of a serious and I think that it is a phenomenal episode. Definitely underrated


******SPOILERS****** I thought when jesse gave him the sleeping pills that he was gonna blab about watching Jane die.


I started another rewatch and honestly whenever I get to this so I'm always a little like "ugh it's the fly ep" and then I always enjoy the ep a lot haha. Tons of great moments from both Walt and Jesse. I think I just don't like the intro and outro of the ep, plays into the fly a little too hard when that isn't the real point of the ep.


I deleted that episode from my library. Its a waste of 42 minutes of my life. Id rather if just been an episode short in season 3.


I know it's funny and plot-convenient and all that, but I still don't get why Jesse's first thought was to put the keys in the ignition if he couldn't put them on the counter. He could've left them in the glove box, on the driver's seat, the passenger seat, on the fucking dashboard. You're in the middle of the desert, it's not like someone's gonna come break the windshield and steal them.


I think it’s because that’s where he’s used to putting ignition keys. Human beings are creatures of habit, even if it means doing stupid stuff. One of my psychology lecturers at university specialised in studying people’s behaviour in fires, and found out that loads of people die unnecessarily in emergencies because they do what they’re used to doing rather than doing something out of their routine. An example: in the eighties there was a massive fire in King’s Cross station in London so the whole station was evacuated. Several people stopped at the bank of pay phones in the ticket hall to call home and say that they would be late, because that’s what they always did when there was a delay on the tube. They all died when the fire swept through the ticket hall. Other people died because rather than taking the nearest possible exit, they walked across the station to find the exit that they knew. Since I heard that lecture, apparently stupid behaviour like Jesse’s has made much more sense to me.




Copper, Jesse.




Tie between 4 days out and dead freight for me


We should hang out.


Oh sorry, the WoRkStAtIoN


The change in his attitude between here and when he goes to Mexico to help them run the lab is extreme. There, he's the guy yelling at them for "shitty" lab conditions.


full measure is my favorite. this one is definitely up there


4 days out is an amazing episode


In his defense the RV did not make the dingy noise 🤷🏼‍♂️


Seriously think this is the best episode of the whole series


I bought a car without physical keys just because of this scene


You read my mind. 4 days out is my favorite episode of Breaking Bad.


The RV is fantastic


is this actually everyone's fav ep? cause it is def mine


My favorite is a tie between Felina, Salud, and Dead Freight but 4 Days Out is definitely in my top 5


Exactly mine


Aye yo, and fix the buzzer thing


This may belong on r/unpopular but my fav episode is “Fly”. I just love the how it speaks volumes about the Walt and Jesse so subtly.


My all time favourite episode.


Ughhhhh I love love love this episode


Dead Freight.


Well done Jesse, as always, just….well done.


4 days out, ABQ or better call saul for me


Why not? 4 Days Out is literally about the clashing of Walt and Jesse's. It shows how right off the bat, there's going to be problems and it shows how they have to handle them. On top of it all, Jesse.


The episode gives me an instant smile and good vibes


This is definitely one of my favourites. But fly tho... It felt as an essential


Fly was disposable and really did nothing for the show. I don’t just mean plot wise, I usually love bottle episodes. But we really don’t learn anything about Walt, Jessy, or their personal dynamic that hadn’t been already established before that point or was reestablished soon after in a way that didn’t need the context of Fly. Even the concept of a bottle episode had basically already been done in 4 Days Out, the only scenes barring it from necessarily counting were a total of 5 minutes at the beginning and end.


Well yeah; I appreciate the entertainment the episode had provided me. The whole show is kind of about it; no? To provide entertainment? (I mean sure; ig we do learn some morals here and there) It's one of the episodes I really enjoyed. We get to dive into the characters a bit more and it shows how the teaming of the two is a disaster and of course; these things had been already shown; but it still felt cool. It was cool to see the contrast in the procedures both; Walt and Jesse follow respectively to catch a small annoying creature. It tells a bit about thier personalities. I liked the episode a lot! But yeah; not everyone has to


That’s all cool not saying you can’t like it, I just disagreed with the concept of it being “essential”


Alright! Guess; it's not an essential then.


Ahhhh... Wire


Watched this episode again last night and my wife and both LOLd at that.


Georgia O' Keefe... duh. She's an artist. She does vagina paintings, or photos of vaginas, or maybe the paintings are on vaginas.


Eating cheetos and masturbating do Not constitute as plans in my book!


One Minute. We all have those special TV moments that we'll always remember, but the innocuous phone call Hank receives leading up to one of the most suspenseful moments I've ever seen on TV always sends chills down my spine. Man, what a show.


The buzzer buzz bitch


The correct answer is Crawl Space


I don't even think if 4 days out breaks into my top 10. It's a good episode but by no means a favorite.


Probably the train robbery episode. I love it so much but it's weird how the video cuts out after they wave to that kid which I found uncharacteristically heartwarming and it didn't even show the credits.


Hold on, i always had that question ever since i watched this episode. I don't get it, did the battery run out because key was in ignition. Or did jesse leave something on?


Yes it ran out because the key was in the ignition. If you watch the episode again, right when jesse puts the key in the ignition a very faint orange light goes on. That light indicates that the battery is running.


But i dont get it. Usually keys left in ignition drain batteries? What is the reasoning behind it.


Yes leaving keys in the ignition drains batteries.


Ok so I’ve been sitting trying to think of a way to explain this for like the last hour. Im not an electrician or anything. But basically, when the key is in the ignition, it completes the current. And energy flows, without the key, the energy has nowhere to go. But with the key completing the current, the energy from the battery is constantly flowing. Think of it like the battery is connected, and when the battery is connected to the ignition through the key, even without the engine on, it slowly leaks energy and in a few days will die. Someone else with more experience with electricity can correct me on this but im pretty sure thats why it happens.


No. Leaving the key in the ignition in the off position doesn't complete a circuit, with the sole exception of possibly a door ajar / key reminder buzzer or chime which that RV doesn't have. However, leaving the key in the on or accessory position would allow power to items like the radio, ignition system, etc. It's a tv show. Take it at face value, if you drove any RV without a self contained / external generator to the desert and used the overhead lights or any accessories, the battery would be dead in a day or two no matter what.


Cool thanks! Like i said i have no idea what im talking about, I literally just googled the question “can a battery die because the key is in the ignition” and my dumbass could get that it happens but my brain was struggling to process the why’s. Thanks for the info! :)


Best episode just for the wire and robot line


Ahhhhh wire


It's pretty much a tie between 4 Days Out and Fly for me


Whatever episode has Krazy 8's leftovers fall through the ceiling (Bag's in the River I think?). That cemented BB as a favourite show.


My favorites were always the "caper" eps. When they stole the barrel of methlymene, when they destroyed the evidence room, the train heist. Any time they had to come up with a wacky plan to fulfill an objective and things go wrong but it always ends up working out.


Funyuns for 4 days.


It is four days out!!


I hate to say but in the last 5 watch throughs I've skipped it thrice, it's just too fuckin stressful. Great episode though


Essentially any episode where Walt gets his. It's the only show I've ever watched where I've just rooted so hard for the main character to fail. It was very satisfying in season 5 where it all comes crashing down for him!


The episode when Walt and Jesse are trapped in the RV and they get Saul’s secretary to call Hank and tell him Marie’s been in an accident. That was a savage move and the scene crushing the RV was great. Also any Hector Salamanca scene with such highlights as shitting himself at the DEA, telling the DEA to suck his dick (non verbally no less), and, of course, some of the most expressive acting with the eyes of all time


Crawl space is my favorite. Most tension in any episode of TV I've ever watched.


They found water on Mars. Don't exactly know what to do with that information, but God bless em.


The train episode is by far the best!


*tHe wOrKsTaTiOn*


Face Off.


Full Measures has entered the chat


No more half measures walter He’s had it coming for a long time now Don’t ruin a good thing over one junkie


Walt: *proceeds to ruin everything over one junkie*