What is your unpopular opinion on Breaking Bad

What is your unpopular opinion on Breaking Bad


Walter Jr is a poorly used and written character and it shows when compared with the rest of the cast.


I think he was more of a tool for the plot than an actual character


Agreed but still, he felt hollow compared to the others.


Not every character needs to be in-depth. The writers were showing how much closer Walt became to Jesse compared to his own son. His son is also just a reflection of how horrible of a life Walt feels he has


Beautiful. Agreed


Yeah that episode where Walt Jr goes over to Walts apartment and sees his dad all beat up and out of it. Walt Jr says Goodnight dad, and Walt says good night....Jesse


Perhaps we are seeing him through the lens of Walt's cognition. Not saying that he's a brilliantly written character or anything, but maybe he's a flat and kind of static character because that's the way Walt knows his son. He doesn't really make much of an effort to be close to his son at all except for when he's trying to piss off Skyler and it shows.


Walt Jr. was just kind of a bland and normal kid (like Skylar was a bland and normal wife). Walt Jr. and Skylar represent the life that Walt settled for. The life he thought he was supposed to lead. They were, to the core, the type of people that Walt was only pretending to be.


Haha. Made me think of them eating popcorn and watching Scarface. Pretty twisted.


Shopping for pants was a good example of that. I also feel that Jr's disability on top of Walt having another baby at 50 and their financial situation was to make you really feel bad for Walt and convince yourself that cooking meth for huge financial gain (in the beginning) was ok.


I don't think that's an unpopular opinion, but it's hard to have him also involved in the meth trade. His reaction in Ozymandias was the most interesting thing that happened to him


On my first watchthrough, I totally thought they were setting him up to be killed in a car crash with the whole storyline about him not being able to work the pedals right and then getting a muscle car.


They were actually considering killing him off i think


Yes he can't be involved in the drug trade, but the influence he could've had in dialogue about the state of his family was never used. His potential was wasted on breakfast instead of a lot more conversations with Walt and Skyler. If they can show Marie shoplifting, they can flesh out Jr. More.


They made it clear how depressed he was and how he blamed his mom for everything


I feel that Walt Jr. was there to be a constant reminder of how disappointing, average and underachieving Walt’s life was.


Idk, his last scene where he tells Walt to just die hit hard


R.J. Mitte is actually much more mobile than the character he played as well so did they tell him to play his character that way to make the viewers more sympathetic to him? I really liked Flynn and one of his greatest scenes that I liked was when he asked Uncle Hank if he should be in the hospital as well after Hank was shot and when he cared for Walt and slept on his couch. The scene in Ozymandias, where he tackled Walt and protected his mother from him was so riveting. As someone else on another post pointed out, which was a great idea and it was that there should have been a scene where Walt was helping Flynn with his science homework. I thought that it would have been a great scene as well.


Nah, he's used well. He's constantly used to highlight how different Walt is from the version of himself the world sees. He's the heart of what makes Walt sympathetic. The real underused character's are Jesse's parents and his little brother.


You’re just being a p p p pussy


Skylar is actually pretty realistically written and well acted. The character itself is pretty annoying but almost all her actions make sense from her point of view instead of walts'


It makes sense why she would react that way


Besides the ted fiasco i never understood why people hated her considering how pissed she was at walt for lying to her. Also when she was worried about people walt associated with she was right


Because people rooted for Walt and she was an obstacle. She just wouldn't let him cook meth in peace dammit


There’s no denying that skyler is well acted. Anna did great w her acting for her


Me too! I just finished the series for the first time (loved it, obviously) but I was SHOCKED to see how much hate both the character and actress had directed toward them. Skyler has some culpability in the whole situation, but all the crimes she committed were a direct result of Walt’s actions.


the fact that we hate her so much as a character is actually a testament to how well she was written.


I think this is a popular opinion among people who have a brain


Skinny is a top 10 character




I know it’s El Camino but “you’re my hero and shit” gets me EVERY time.


I don't think that's an unpopular opinion


Love it how you write that you like Skinny Pete and Just under i see a message that says "I dont like Skinny Pete and Badger"


I really liked the Jesse, badger, combo and skinny circle. The first episode with skinny I thought he was just going to be a throwaway punk, but he really grew on me.


He’s in my top five faves tbh




That Skylar is actually an incredibly well written character, and that her actions make perfect sense given the circumstances


Never understood the hate. Amazing character with pretty harsh fate, as She was not a criminal and the life basicly forced her to be.


I love Marie. I love her annoying quirks, I love how she stands by her husband no matter what, I love how much her and Hank love each other even through the rough patches, I love how real she is and how she reminds me of so many people I've met in real life, I love that she's a comedic relief but isn't too caricatural.


Agree totally and how much she loves the colour purple 💜


Yeah I really like Marie. She had her quirks and issues but she stood by Hank and took care of him no matter what. That’s awesome


I liked her the most when she found out about Walter


Marie was my favorite character! After Jesse stopped being the comedic relief, I always felt like her character lightened up any scene.


I don’t mind Marie. On rewatch, I will say I don’t like how she handled telling Walt Jr about his father.


Me too!


You must be my brothers worst enemy. He absolutely hates Marie


The one thing that annoys me is her tendency to be a busybody. I wish she would have stayed out of other people's business more. Trying to take Holly, forcing Skyler to tell Walt jr then and there about Walt and so on.


For the most part she is a Karen, but she loves hard and is dutiful as fuck to her family. People dont appreciate that.


I hated her a lot at first but she got better.


To'hajiilee doesn’t get the credit it deserves compared to Ozymandias. Also the show is great but Vince has character motivations change way too much seemingly out of the blue, especially with Skyler.


Skyler never bothered me. She was a believable character in all this.


She only annoyed me in S1, because she acted so stuck up and controlling about everything. Making it some kind of big deal that Walt was smoking pot, then going to confront Jesse and demand he not sell it to Walt. Shut up bitch. Aside from that, I think her reactions to Walt’s secrecy were realistic and very smart. She responded to him in kind rather than yelling or fussing at him all the time. Then after she found out the truth, she was 100% believable in her actions. I think she did the best she could under the circumstances, not to mention that the circumstances kept changing and she was truly trying to make not only the best decisions but the decisions that would be the least painful for her family. So many people get on her about not going to the police right away, but she made a lot of valid points against that, not the least of which is that Walt likely would die of cancer before anything got found out. She was stuck in a situation with no good options.


Not only did the circumstances keep changing, but she also was not privy to all of the information all the time. This meant she had make decisions based on half of the information. I have to say, I don't know that I would make such different decisions were I in her shoes. She had to tow the line between protecting herself and her children, and watching the man she loves turn into a monster. Truly a remarkable role played by an amazing actress.


I never really got the feeling that Walter was a true kingpin in the show. After Gus it just seemed like he kept getting into logistical issues. The only time it felt like he had a lot of power was when he called in all those hits in the Prison.


“Just because you shot Jesse James-don’t make you Jesse James”


Yeah. Maybe it's because we watch him go from mild-mannered/repressed high school teacher to drug lord, and the teacher version of Walt stays on the back of our mind. But most of the time he felt like someone playing pretend, especially when he was dealing with saul or Mike. I wish we had more perspective of people taking about heisenburg, especially the low-level dealers in his operation toward the end.


I think the show glossed over the period where he was a kingpin (the crystal blue persuasion montage) intentionally. It was probably a good decision. Compare it to a show like House of Cards, where the first few seasons when Frank Underwood was trying to achieve something are much better than the seasons when he actually had the power. There is not a lot of drama in watching someone who has everything figured out.


That's fair. I actually thought about that comparison and it made me devalue Heisenberg. Frank had power, never felt like Walt did.


That, and the montage scene with Crystal Blue Persuasion playing. Walt is truly a Kingpin in that scene, his operation is finally moving likr clockwork, just as Mike described. The issue lies in the fact that those are the two only occasions we see that happening.


Andrea is a frustratingly poorly written character who was a barely-there plot device for Jesse. Her main importance was just being Brock’s mom. Not sure it’s unpopular since she’s barely brought up (which speaks to her lack of presence IMO), but even side characters the show managed to make grounded with actual personality. She’s just kinda there, there’s no connection between her and Jesse (and their relationship was founded on manipulation through Jesse wanting to just sell her drugs anyway), and then unceremoniously fridged by Todd to cause Jesse more suffering and pain. It really pales in comparison to his relationship with Jane as well, who at least had more of character. Andrea is just relevant due to her relation with Brock, being his mother. Hardly anything more.


i kind of agree. i didn’t really feel connected to her. when she was killed, it ofc made me sad to see jesse lose someone he loved and empathised, but it didn’t really affect me as much as it did others.


We feel pain because we care about Jesse. Not Andrea; she’s hardly mourned by the show or audience. Considering how good BB is at drawing distinct side characters from Old Joe to even LOML Francesca, and she’s the *second* girlfriend of Jesse’s to die, it just always stood out to me. The decision to not kill her would have changed nothing too substantial in the show at the point where it was.


I feel the same way about Andrea


I don't know if this is unpopular or not, but El Camino is a very good movie. Apart from the aspect of the actors, it is a good closing for what was established with the character of Jesse. Those who expected too much action or something like that I don't think they got the point of the movie.


Agreed. I really enjoyed it.


Most people say that El Camino is not as good as breaking bad


definitely not as good as breaking bad, but it’s still amazing. nothing can match up to breaking bad except maybe better call saul. i haven’t watched it yet tho so idk


Mike's rant towards Walt in Say My Name was absurd Mike wasn't stupid and he had to have known Gus was going to kill Walt and by extension Jesse regardless of Walt shutting his mouth and cooking Did he honestly expect Walt to lie down and accept his fate? Walt killed Gus purely out of self defense for both him and his family and in Walt's shoes Mike would've done the same


I watched that episode today and was thinking to myself “it doesn’t really make sense for Walter to just not act especially when he knows gus is going to make a move” and there’s no way mike wouldn’t have known.even if he was in Mexico recovering it must have been talked over between the 2


Skyler got way too much hate as a character.


Definitely, I will say I did find her annoying as a person but the way she acted was fully reasonable given the circumstances


That’s not unpopular. 50% of this subreddit is that statement


The series needs more Salamanca


I loved the Salamanca family, my favorite is Hector


Better call Saul introduce a new Salamanca but I still need like a spin off of them


marie is one of my favorite characters she is adorable


Lydia is a fantastic character.


i agree that her as a character was freakin amazing but oh my god was she annoying


Fly is actually a very interesting episode and not just filler.


This right here is the most controversial opinion I’ve read.


Was searching for this comment :) Absolutely agree. I love that they took a break from story keep going in insane tempo and took a minute to focus on Jesses trauma and Walts obscesive behaviour coming from true fear of Gus. All in the tired atmosphere of the long lab stories. Plus, damn, some moments are so damn funny 😁 Honestly, seemed pretty psychotic and completelly underrated to me.


Exactly, it was an essential moment where they really showed how much Walt couldn’t really handle how deep he had gotten. Beyond that it really sets up a lot of the insane decisions Walt makes later in the series.


Fly is one of my favorite episodes of the show


THANK YOU! The main plot is just a really fascinating performance from Cranston and I wish more people agreed.


El Camino was not only really good, it was a necessary addition to BrBa and not just an extra fanservice epilogue.


Better Call Saul has a stronger overall cast than BB


I Will check better call saul out


It's so incredibly good. Obv no one beats Bryan Cranston but goddamn Bob Odenkirk has become an amazing dramatic actor over the course of BB and BCS.


Im now currently Watching episode one


Don't expect it to be like Breaking Bad because it's not! It's a very different kind of show. Seasons 1 & 2 are on the slower side but just stick it out, it's so worth it.


What!? Oh man where have you been!?


I need to watch this so bad. I just don't want to start it then have to wait probably over a year for the rest of it to come to Netflix


The first season is quite boring. It's characters like Gus, Mike and Saul that really make the show shine.


The first season did feel the most intense to me though. With how they have to deal with emilio and krazy8 and then tuco while trying to hide all of it.


Man not more intense than "we're a family" for me. The moment walt picked up you know who and drove off in the truck is the TOP moment for me


Agreed, which IMO is why BCS is a better show.


I know a lot of people have a similar opinion, and I do love bcs, but I just don’t see it. The characters themselves are great, but not enough happens, because they need to maintain some sort of stasis or stability to set up breaking bad, so Walt can come along and be the catalyst to ruin everything. I think at the end of the day breaking bad was so great because it balanced the action with a great plot and setup, but bcs is mostly just setup with not as much payoff. I still love it, just don’t think it’s as good


>stability to set up breaking bad, so Walt can come along and be the catalyst to ruin everything That's not what they're doing at all. BCS is not BB; there's not a life-or-death situation or intense screaming match every episode. It's about slowly building up over the course of episodes, sometimes seasons, for those life-or-death situations and screaming matches to kick in and really have impact


It did a good job setting things up and hooking me the first time around, but I often skip it in a rewatch.


Andrea’s deaths was one of the saddest ones.


When i finished Breaking bad, i forgot that she was even killed


Not unpopular


That gus was stupid. I always get downvoted which is fine but cmon, walt was out of the game and he had gale who was basically a ghost(no online presence, had no friends, was very loyal, etc), and for some reason gus HAD to have walt come back. For what reason? Then letting walt fire gale for Jesse? Dumb. Also the gps thing, it drives me crazy that he fucked with hank. Because he only went to one place all week hank started sniffing around more and found the laundromat(he says to walt on the phone "remember how he only went to work and home, i started poking around and he has a giant laundromat"...). If he went to the store or other polo hermanos maybe hank drops it. "Anybody this clean has to be dirty" was his exact quote. Basically if gus let walt stay retired and kept gale as his cook he would still be running shit.


On Gus hiring Walt, I think you are correct in that him not being satisfied with Gale was dumb. But I think it was more because Gus, like Walt, is too prideful to ever be content. He knows hiring Walt is a risk and he states exactly why when he won’t initially hire Walt in season 2. But he goes against his better judgement and takes that risk to deliver the best product possible and inflate his ego further, but in the end it cost him everything. For the gps thing, yeah that’s just pretty dumb lol.


To add on to this, gus definitely underestimated Walt and thought he could control him better at first and also him having inoperable lung cancer and limited time left to live probably made gus think oh I only have to deal w him for a year let’s say, he can teach gale the formula and then he’ll be out of my hair. But we all know it didn’t go like that


Good point. I always thought it was also ludicrous how Gus made such a huge issue out of his drug dealers being killed in by Jesse\Walt. I've said this before, but if your low level find-em-anywhere dealers are beefing with your extremely rare cash cow meth manufacturing duo, you tell your low level guys they're fired and keep your top employees happy. But then if he did that, no more drama.


>I always thought it was also ludicrous how Gus made such a huge issue out of his drug dealers being killed in by Jesse\Walt. It wasn't about the killings themselves. It was about Walt and Jesse not doing as they were told and being out of control. You cannot run a meth empire if you got employees running amock and not respecting your authority. I would have found it more believable for Gus to kill Walt and Jessie and have Victor temporarily cook. It's hard to believe that someone like Gus made it all the way to the top yet believed the boxcutter thing would forever keep Walt and Jess in line.


I never really thought about that but good point. Why he would side with 2 low level guys over walt and Jesse is beyond me. And having Jesse shake their hands is supposed to squash the beef? Did he really think that would work? Especially after he supposedly gave the ok to kill the kid right after it.


Gus is selfish the same way Walt was at the end, cared way too much about empire/money than he did his own self preservation. Dude would’ve been fine with just Pollos


Skyler gets too much hate and Jesse gets too much love.


Fully agree about Skyler, she’s probably the most misunderstood character. Disagree about Jesse though


I thought the scene where Gus dies was completely overdone.


Marie was hot


you’re goddamn right


That Fly was a great episode. I loved the trivial interactions of Walt and Jesse


This shouldn’t be an unpopular opinion


I don’t like Mike. I think his “noble gangster” act is pretty self indulgent and hypocritical and him putting down Walt as if he was so much better was more petty and selfish than some righteous perspective.


Exactly. I Never understood why people like him other than "hes a badass"


Watching BCS they really try and retcon Mike to be a better guy than he was.


Not really? He's a bad guy in BCS too


Or maybe he started out better and gradually became corrupted? It's a common theme on both shows.


I really liked the episode “Fly” from season 3


Skyler was right about almost everything.


i love skylars character and the shit she does makes sense if you put yourself in her shoes and i also love marie especially when with hank


Face off and felina are better episodes than ozymandias


I rooted for Walter all the way


It’s not hard to root for him when you’ve followed his entire journey. I knew how awful and evil he was but still wanted him to have an good ending with his family 😭 what Walt jr said to him really made my heart break for him.


I really don't get people who root for Walter in the end. He is such a selfish, lying ass who will step on nearly anyone to protect his pride and ego. It may have been about his family in the very beginning, but it very quickly became all about him


I don’t think it’s odd to root for Walt at some level at the end. The Nazi characters are set up to be even more evil than Walt, and you’re rooting for Walt to protect Jesse and do one last interesting science trick. You don’t like Walt in the end, but narratively you care a lot about the outcome for him. That’s part of what makes it an interesting show. I agree that it’s possible to root for a side character though — I definitely cheered on Hank over Walter for a good stretch. That’s part of why the writers needed Hank to die at some point. He was ultimately not meant to be the main protagonist.


Those are some very good points


When he turns down selling out the methylamine and quitting is when he becomes way too selfish. Everything to that point, as twisted as it might’ve been, made sense on paper. Letting Jane die was fucked but I understand why he did it, because he cared about Jesse and didn’t want to see her continue to drag him down. Poisoning Brock to get him to flip on Gus was also fucked up, but Walt thought he was a dead man walking so he was willing to go to that extreme to save himself and his family, and I do believe him when he said Brock was never gonna die from it. Walking away from the methylamine money was when his selfishness fully took over


Letting Jane die wasn’t about Jesse at all, it was about protecting himself bc Jane threatened to rat Walt out and knew way too much. And Brock not dying was definitely part of Walt’s plan, particularly the part where they lift the ricin cigarette from Jesse knowing he’d tell the doctors and that got them looking in the right place for the cure


I rooted for him because he was the main character. He’s who we saw change and we knew his story. Who roots for a side character?


But rooting for him because "he's the main character" seems like such a weak argument?? Like, would you root for Hitler in a tv series centered around him trying to achieve his goals? The complexity of breaking bad and the characters' development is one of the things that make this show so great. Like, at the beginning I found Hank to be an annoying macho cop, but towards the end I reaaallly wanted him to get Walt. Plus, I actually really liked him and loved his devotion to Marie. So yes, you can root for a side character


Todd was right about shooting bikey spider boy


I can't believe I scrolled so deep down to find an actual umpopular opinion


Im really mixed about the killing


The scale of that crime could leave no traces, regardless of how innocent the victim. All he would have had to say was “I saw three guys over there” and that would’ve been curtains for them.


I really feel like they could tell him they were doing work on the train and he’d believe it and think nothing of it. Even if he mentions it to his parents or something they wouldn’t have cared. It was a hasty decision make without the consent of the group, and he should’ve been fired after that


I feel that, but the beauty in the plan is that the rail line would have NO IDEA where they lost their product. If there was even a SINGLE report of people along that line it would have been HEAVILY investigated. It was, unfortunately, and symbolic of their evil acts, that the leak NEEDED to be contained. It wasn’t optional, negotiable, or organized. The only other option they had was to detain the boy until they could make a decision, but at that point, just like Crazy 8’s, there would be no decision to be made. It was a forgone conclusion


Todd being hateable and being a bad character aren't the same thing. He's extremely well-written, and is easily the second most compelling villain character on the show after Gus.


Hank and Marie suck. I'm sorry to those who love both characters but I never liked either of them.


The show should have ended right after Ozymandias: To clarify, Felina is an excellent final episode and worthy of the overwhelmingly positive reception it receives. However, having rewatched the show, there's something almost poetic about the final moments being Walt leaving his life behind, having lost everything that ever mattered to him. Hank is dead. The family that he once knew has been shattered. Most of his money has been seized by Uncle Jack and his crew. His wife and son can't stand the sight of him. His empire has fallen apart. The string of events leading up to his dissapearance justify the choices he made. He let his former partner be captured and potentially killed. He mercilessly killed those who were seen as inconveniences (Jane, Mike's guys in prison). He murdered Mike purely out of spite. In some ways, his character arc makes Felina's ending too good to be true for him. He got to leave on his own terms while taking a trip down memory lane and attempting to right his wrongs. I feel that letting the viewers theorize what happened to Walt post-dissapearance would have been more compelling and given a satisfactory conclusion.


End times is the best episode


I don't know if this is all too unpopular, but to me Felina is a better episode than Ozymandias. I think both episodes are great and wonderfully written and made, but Felina as a finale is just so perfect and so amazing I just love all too much. Ozymandias is still great and I get why people say it's the best episode of the show, but Felina has always had just a little bit more of an edge on it for me.


Ted is the worst character. by far.


I like Todds character


I can't believe people don't like Todd. He's so fascinating to me.


He’s a REALLY good actor, have you seen the episode with him on black mirror?


Yes!! I've seen Fargo as well. He's awesome, I get excited whenever I see him in something lol.


Yess finally someone mentions it that was actually my favorite episode of black mirror


It’s kind of scary how good he is at playing the part of an emotionless sociopath


I was never annoyed by Skylers character! I always felt she was a victim when I watched for the first time. Walt was terrible to her and was abusive many times (basically sexually assaulting her at one point). But her scenes with Ted were unwatchable, I had to skip the entire scene where she sang to him. I always wanted Skyler to succeed and was really sad at the end when she was so emotionally defeated.


Uncle Jack is a better villain than Todd


I disagree w this just because Todd was more nuanced than Uncle Jack. Uncle Jack was just “hurr durr ima nazi and bad guy” while Todd seemed to have a moral conscious albeit completely fucked in every way.


This is a good take. Todd seemed like he got that what he was doing was morally wrong but still did evil anyway. Jack was just a run of the mill psychopath that didn't care.


Felina is a better episode than ozymandias


I agree, after the first part of Ozymandias episode when Hank gets killed it was pretty depressing episode. Like nothing to do with the acting or everything just not really enjoyable watching Walt fight with his family and kidnap his daughter. Great acting in the episode all the way through though.


I think the show could’ve gone on one season longer, just to flesh out the hank finding out storyline a little more, and truly establish Walt as a kingpin. He still seemed like more of a manufacturer than an actual kingpin, and I think it would have been cool to see him put in a position like Gus


Every single episode is walt and the gang getting into some crazy jam there’s certainly no way out of and then in the first 5 minutes of the next episode Walt comes up with some hair brained scheme and (temporarily) saves the day. This was no more evidenced than the episode where they’re stuck in the RV and Hank is knocking. Jesse is like “please tell me you have something!” Of course he has something up his sleeve Jesse do you even watch the show?


The Neo-Nazis were weirdly written. They were vaguely introduced by Todd/Mike and got extremely important in the show all of a sudden, despite having very limited screen time


I don’t think Walt letting Jane die was a bad move. The woman knew too much, was going to get Jesse killed, and was perfectly willing to resort to blackmail. She also seemed to mostly be using Jesse for his money. Overall, I think she kinda deserved it. I also feel like Walt isn’t really responsible for the Wayfarer accident. Sure, he started the events that led to it, but the fault mostly lies on them letting Donald go back to work when he was in the state he was in. It wasn’t Walt’s fault, it wasn’t really Donald’s fault, it was the fault of Donald’s employers for not being careful enough. Starting it doesn’t matter if there’s so many measures that could have been taken to prevent it after the fact. And, not sure how unpopular this is, but Gus blamed Walt way too much for the drug dealers getting killed. Yes, he did kill them, but he wouldn’t have done it if Jesse wasn’t going to get himself killed. It’s not like Walt did it specifically to be a dick, he was just protecting Jesse. Walt is no angel, but Gus should have dealt with the matter a different way. Walt only hit the point of becoming difficult to rationalize the actions of once he didn’t care about Drew Sharp. It just got worse from there.


Hank was actually a terrible cop. Surely any other detective following that case from the start, with the original pseudo in ABQ, followed by missing glassware and gas mask, and the obvious link between Walt and Jesse would be enough to consider Walt a suspect. Hank is a good character and the definition of good, but he was seriously blindsided.


I’m not sure if Hank knew Walt was hanging out with Jesse. Skyler knew, but then she didn’t know about Jesse’s car at Tuco’s house. I’m in the middle of a rewatch and from the start Hank likes Walt ok as a brother in law but in no way thinks he’s tough or capable of crime. I dunno if Hank knows much about Walt’s high level science background. Especially as the first thing Hank would think of Walt is he’s nearly dead from cancer and a rich buddy is paying for treatment, he’d be the last person to expect to be launching a violent crime empire.


Jesse basically fucked everything up.


Skyler is just fine. She made bad decisions, sure. But at the end of the day Walter became a monster and I'd go fuck Ted too.




I never thought of this before and I’ve seen BB 5 or 6 times. Can you expand on this? I’m really interested in this take.




But you’ve gotta look deeper, Jesse only started using again when he met Jane because Combo got killed as a result of Walt wanting to expand their territory, then with Gus’ dealers Jesse was going to kill them with ricin and no one would’ve even known except for the fact Walt told Gus the plan (so again Walts fault), as for Andrea she would’ve never been killed if Walt hadn’t started working with literal Nazis. The other things you say though are Jesses fault although pretty minor in comparison.




I think it’s safe to say both Walt and Jesse share a good amount of the blame for their many woes.


Jesse was human and had a conscience, Walt did not, that’s the way I interpreted it anyway.


Spot on but you need to know this subreddit loves Saint Jesse. Patron saint of snitches.


The fly episode wasnt boring at all, just a bit slow


Steve Gomez (Hank's partner) is the worst actor on the show.


I get you, but I don’t think Gomez’s acting is that bad. If anything it supported the robustness of the other actors.


While i watched Breaking Bad i called him Mexican Adam Sandler


Everything he says sounds like he’s on a corny buddy cop show




Definitely noticed that during my most recent watch through, he stands out a lot compared to the others


Todd deserved something better


Yea, for me he was not that interesting of a character, they needed to do someting more about him other than "he kills a Child and Andrea"


mike may have been an in-universe terrible person, but i liked him and he didn't deserve to die


Walter wasn’t the bad guy. I know his character arc changes into a “selfish bastard”, he loved Jesse, loved what he did, and did the things that had to be done. He basically sacrificed himself at the end of the show and in the first season he tells Jesse “so because I’m dying of cancer, my life is less worth saving then yours?” And wasn’t willing to die then, but when it all came down to it, he sacrificed himself. Of course Walt was flawed, and did a lot of awful things, but he did it for Jesse and himself. I never saw him as a bad guy like people make him out to be. He wasn’t a good guy, he was just human. Edit: put in quotation marks


I never found Skyler annoying (like at all). I don’t think there is something as unpopular as this 😂


I can’t stand Jane and I think Walt did the right thing letting her die. She was on track to do it soon and she would’ve taken Jesse with her


Skylar is nowhere near as bad as everyone makes her out to be. In alot of ways, shes right. Also i dont see gus as much as a villain. he is a big help in the community and is genuinely nice to people who are nice to him. But only when you cross him does he go batshit


Skyler has her issues but she isn't an evil B and reacts exactly how a normal person would if their husband did that.


Skylar is overhated imo




Breaking Bad is my favourite show of all time. The Wire is the best show of all time. Sopranos pales in comparison to the above 2. But the only reason the other 2 even exist is because of the groundwork The Sopranos laid out. Without Sopranos we would never have the golden age of TV that we do (well... we still would, it would have just happened later, and maybe with less emphasis on anti-heroes as main characters)


Not unpopular at all




Walt is amazing! Despite all the damage/pain he caused, I loved his story and was pulling for him all the way.


And thats why he is my favorite character in Breaking bad


Badger is a piece of shit.


Walt was in the right and Jesse in the wrong within the the context of the story Still love Jesse...I just think he gets too much credit. Dude was an idiot.


Skyler is a bad person. Skyler gave Walter Jr. his disease by smoking during pregnancy. Cerebral palsy is known to be contracted in children who's mothers smoked during pregnancy. Skyler actively smoked right beside her baby daughter.