Well this is an unexpected decision.


A surprise to be sure, but a welcomed one.


I assume it means hes about to write and direct less stuff, which i think is a shame, but i much prefer his style to Snyders so overall I guess its a win.


I believe the reason that they split the role is that both can still direct/produce. Gunn doesn’t seem to have a hard time juggling multiple massive projects. Just look at what he’s done with Guardians, then Suicide Squad and Peacemaker all at the same time.


Safran is just a producer FYI


Yeah I agree he is better than Snyder. But that being said I don’t think his tone should be replicated across ALL the DC movies. The dumb (and slightly heartfelt) fun of Suicide Squad, Peacemaker and Guardians really shouldn’t be the base template of everything in the DCEU. Would get old really fast.




I will watch their career with great interest.


James Gunn is great! Definitely what DC needs!


Turns out what DC needed was a little Marvel.


As a DC fan, there is no denying that the MCU formula has worked out greatly. If we can get that style for DC, it would be amazing. Just dont listen to the Snyderfans. Their dark and gloomy crap is the reason DCEU movies are terrible.


It's terrible because they applied that dark and gloomy to all the characters. I still don't recognize what character they made Henry Cavill play.


I…don’t think Gunn used the Marvel formula for Suicide Squad and Peacemaker.


He used the same template as GotG, amped up violence and swearing to become the R-rated and TV-MA version.


I’d say he used his own style as a filmmaker, which is to be expected and is similar to his other work that predates the MCU if you’ve seen them. Definitely wasn’t the Marvel formula though


In a way he did. The banter is great in both. But they can swear and murder the shit out of people too.


thats what they thought when they had whedon fill in for JL




Avengers was a success and at the time was questionable if a superhero team up could work. DC has been trying to replicate Marvel's success since the late 2000s. DC was hoping he would bring the same after completing the first 2 avengers films and also bring some comedic elements that DC was lacking. edit: not trying or care to defend whedon. it's pretty obvious DC wanted Mavel's success for themselves, they still do. Getting Whedon to step in on JL was a way to play catch up. Now having Gunn is very much similar situation. The positive here is that Gunn really seems to get the essence of the source material, which IDK if I can say the same for whedon. And according to some fans Snyder missed the mark on some characters as well.


Here's my downvoted comment from 2 months ago saying this would be a good choice. ​ [https://www.reddit.com/r/DCEUleaks/comments/wmcpme/comment/ik0t7h2/?context=3](https://www.reddit.com/r/DCEUleaks/comments/wmcpme/comment/ik0t7h2/?context=3) ​ EDIT: Sincere thank you to all my fans. Hater brigade in full force but we will persevere!


I’m downvoting you here so you don’t get a big head /s.


You're such a good friend


I’m a true hero.


4 minutes after you linked the comment, it has a score of 0? Did *one person* downvote you? Screw it, now I’m downvoting your current comment just to keep you in agony


Okay okay, you were right. Happy now? YOU WERE RIGHT. Congratulations


The DC subs are weird. DC_cinematic downvoted me to oblivion when I said that the timing of the New Gods announcement was the worst (A Wrinkle In Time had just opened below expectations).


that sub is in just as much constant civil war and toxicity cycles as the star wars subreddits. when plot leaks for the flash surfaced, i couldn’t take it anymore and i dipped.


Unexpected, but a REAL good unexpected decision. Almost ten years after the DCEU began, WB finally has someone clearly in charge.


My [wish](https://reddit.com/r/entertainment/comments/y7p00b/_/isyx62s/?context=1) is coming true!! Looking forward to what he will achieve!


Where were you when James Gunn single-handedly saved the DCEU after The Rock single-handedly saved the Snyderverse?


James Gunn promoting GOTG 3 while being the top DC executive Marvel x DC crossover


The Amalgam cinematic universe has begun.


Billy Batson and Carol Danvers are one character in this new universe and their code name is going to be… Fly Boy. What, did you think I was going to say Captain Marvel or something?




Just so long as we get lots of Iron Bat Panther. He's the best.


Dark Claw movie confirmed.


In ten years there's gonna be a thread on r/characterrant talking about how the outcome of Superman vs. Infinity Ultron was bullshit.


!remind me 10 years


RemindMe! 10 years


Regular Superman? Bit of a mismatch. [Let's get the man some gear.](https://qph.cf2.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-2c0de41ebe1e2d0df2cd673ab4e19186-lq)


The trailer for the *Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special* just dropped too. Funny to see that trailer then immediately see this news. I guess this is the final confirmation that he’s really done making MCU stuff once Vol 3 is done


I assume we won’t see another Guardians movie for a long time. Gunn has made it pretty clear that Vol 3 is the last hoorah for the current team, and whoever makes it out alive will probably join up with another storyline like Thor’s heading into Kang Dynasty/Secret Wars.


I don't mind their story ending after three fun movies. It would suck if they overstayed their welcome.


JLA vs Avengers when? lol


Insert all those threads about how Superman picking up Mjolnir and smashing Darkseid in the head with it are bullshit. Well, if that film happens, that is…




Disney firing James Gunn has worked out great for Everyone




And he got $15 million from Disney right after he got fired, and then got more millions from WB for TSS and Peacemaker, and more millions from Disney for GotG 3 and holiday special plus royalties he gets from GotG rides in Disney parks plus royalties from "I am Groot", now he's chief of DC. This guy is winning!


He's the new Jack Kirby. Going back and forth between Marvel and DC, reaping all the benefits of both companies.


Better be the new Jack Kirby than the new Phil Harrison... Going from company to company drowning their new products.


And add the girl he is banging on top of that. ​ A true winner for sure!


They're married last month. She's hot.


Plus her skeleton has all the bones in the normal spots and she knows the star signs of the ninja turtles.


I could not think of a better + than the latter.


Epic Chuck Sheen “winning” reference!


He’s an EP on the avengers movies too.


Like a phoenix out of the ashes


The odd ball thing is Alan Horn, while working at Disney as head of the film division, made the decision to fire Gunn while Feige was against it. Now Horn works as a film consultant at WB. So now they're working together. On top of that, Gunn is in charge of DC and will release and promote a Marvel film next year. Hollywood is such an strange place.


Everything happens for a reason 🙏


Disney firing Gunn was the best thing for his career it seems. He made a fantastic movie at Warner Brothers, got back to Disney to make his final movie in a well regarded trilogy, back to Warner Brothers as a fucking CEO of the department he made a fantastic movie in. Things are finally coming up Gunn.


Mike Cernovich must be fuming right now.


What funny about that it was Alan horn that fired him


Interesting, unexpected choice. The Suicide Squad was pretty wonderful so I'm pretty intrigued. Wonder what this means for The Conjuring series, which Safran produces and has a PGA credit on a couple of. Part of the sticking point with Lin was his involvement with Rideback Ranch, so I'm wondering if Safran will step back from that series going forward.


That won't be a problem tho, since they are from the same company.


It feels like everything Gunn touches turns to gold. The Guardians are household names, TSS was well-received with oddballs like King Shark and Ratcatcher, and Peacemaker was a hit. He's able to extract an emotional core from any character so he's a great choice to oversee DC.


TSS wasn't really profitable, was it?


TSS bombed, but since Warner was more focused on HBO Max than anything else at the time and the film gave them that streaming success with Peacemaker, it was probably seen by them as a win in the long run.


It probably wasn't. But it was also an R-Rated movie released in the middle of the pandemic, simultaneously with streaming, as a sequel to a somewhat divisive movie. Also, the naming scheme and loss of its biggest(on paper) star.




Was peacemaker a hit?


Critically? Absolutely. Ratings increased every week it was airing, and it got a second season renewal pretty quickly.


From what I know (someone please correct me if I’m wrong) there were times it was beating “Book Of Boba Fett” in viewership in its opening weeks, which surprised everyone. (Also I’m now wondering what a James Gunn Boba Fett show would be like…)


I think you're wrong because that doesn't make conceptual sense to me. That data just wouldn't exist because at that point Max wasn't allowing Nielsen to release their data. The 5 day samba Book of Boba numbers were 1.7M households for opening and 1.5 for finale/1.9/1.6 for 7 day numbers. Peacemaker on the other hand was 638k to 584k households even if that is contradicted by WB anecdote (read better quality anecdote) that Peacemaker grew week over week.


Pretty easy thing to Google. That’s where the claim comes from. https://www.syfy.com/syfy-wire/peacemaker-streamed-more-than-the-witcher-book-of-boba-fett?amp


Peacemaker did well enough to get a second season so at worst it could be called a mild hit. The Suicide Squad would be considered a bomb by it's box office numbers but w/it having a same day release on HBOMax I assume the streaming views did well enough that WB doesn't care.


Honestly, I think The Suicide Squad helped the DC brand a ton regardless. I think they're finally learning that's important when building up the DC universe. Canceling Batgirl was unfortunate, but may have been a smart move if it was really that bad.


Dude if you haven’t watched that go now. It’s phenomenal.




Kite man! Hell yeah!


>***Gunn will focus on the creative side, while Safran will focus on the business and production side of things. Both are expected to continue to direct and produce projects, respectively. They will report directly to Zaslav, and work closely with Warners film bosses De Luca and Pamela Abdy. Sources say the deal runs four years and Gunn will be exclusive to DC.*** > >***The goal is for them not just to be producers, but to truly function as execuctives even as Gunn will occasionally hone a movie. Unlike Marvel Studios, DC has multiple films set in separate creative universes, and according to sources, Joker filmmaker Todd Phillips’ work on the upcoming sequel, which goes into production later this year, will not fall under Gunn and Safran’s purview and instead will be overseen by De Luca and Abdy. Matt Reeves, who worked under Hamada, has a budding universe based on The Batman movie. It is unclear under whose purview Reeves’ future projects would fall, but everything else moving forward would be under Gunn and Safran.*** > > ***“DC has among the most entertaining, powerful, and iconic characters in the world and I am thrilled to have the singular and complementary talents of James and Peter joining our world-class team and overseeing the creative direction of the storied DC Universe,” said Zaslav in a statement. “Their decades of experience in filmmaking, close ties to the creative community, and proven track record thrilling superhero fans around the globe make them uniquely qualified to develop a long-term strategy across film, TV, and animation, and take this iconic franchise to the next level of creative storytelling.”*** > > ***“We’re honored to be the stewards of these DC characters we’ve loved since we were children,” Gunn and Safran said in a statement. “We look forward to collaborating with the most talented writers, directors, and actors in the world to create an integrated, multilayered universe that still allows for the individual expression of the artists involved. Our commitment to Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Harley Quinn, and the rest of the DC stable of characters is only equaled by our commitment to the wonder of human possibility these characters represent.*** > > ***We’re excited to invigorate the theatrical experience around the world as we tell some of the biggest, most beautiful, and grandest stories ever told.” The hiring is effective Nov. 1, and comes as De Luca and Abdy have been making creative decisions and overseeing post-production on everything from The Flash to Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom, since taking over their posts in early July.***


I hate it when Reddit does this. You copy paste multiple paragraphs and it just creates one giant paragraph. So fucking annoying.


It looks like multiple paragraphs to me.


It's remarkable how influential the original Guardian of the Galaxy movie has been. One,it completely drove the tone of the MCU afterwards both in terms of creative and business side. It changed the MCU from being pretty grounded,to being crazy space magic adventures. From a business side, it really established that preexisting character knowledge was irrelevant for the MCU, and they can make a hit from any property. It created one of the few A list stars of this generation in Chris Pratt. Others on the cast continue to have increasing profiles as well. And now you have DC grab the creative force behind it to shape their universe.


Yeah Gunn definitely made a huge mark and influence on the mcu and now looking to do it with the DCEU. That’s a huge flex as a filmmaker, hopefully it all works out


Whatever happens in the end, as a filmmaker, you really have to admire his passion for the genre. Most filmmakers have stepped in and out,and try to use their clout to make other projects outside superhero films. He's used his success to make more of these films. He's never tried to act above the genre. I thought his reaction to Scorsese's comments was the most interesting and genuine take on the matter. He's the truest of comic book nerds that is appreciative of the opportunity to bring the characters to life. The more you think about it, it's probably the best possible decision for the job.


I’d argue that the only modern movie as impactful as GotG is the original Avengers. Both drastically changed all comic book movies going forward. Edit: modern. Yes, there were many, many amazing movies that helped set the groundwork for the MCU. But Avengers and Guardians were the MCUs way of making something unique that could be as impactful as the movies of the past.


like the replies were saying on Twitter: an unexpected W for warner bros for the first time in a long time???


With how tepid Phase 4 has been, this will really shakeup the comic movie landscape. DC might be the darling in this new phase of comic movies. ​ Kevin Feige must be PISSED at Disney for firing Gunn and allowing this to happen.


Feige was already super pissed in 2018.


No more Guardians I guess


Pretty sure Gunn said Vol 3 would be his last involvement with the MCU


He said Guardians 3 was for sure his last guardians film, but I don’t think he ever ruled out him possibly doing another marvel project. I’m guessing that’s changed now lol


with Disney giving him the (albeit temporary) boot, I’d don’t blame Gunn for working with a studio that gives him carte blanche. But thank goodness WBD is making an effort to continue working with him, even despite Zaz’s own bs


Before his initial firing by Disney in 2018, wasn’t it widely reported that he would be overseeing the cosmic side of the MCU in some capacity?


Yeah. But getting fired for no good reason probably taints the relationship.


Yeah he still has a good relationship with Fiege who even visit the set of TSS and according to Gunn, he correctly guessed the villain was Starro during the visit while Gunn was trying to keep it a secret. Fiege also had no say in the firing of Gunn and only found out when we found out. The rest of Disney manage, Gunn might not the best relationship with them after that.


I like to imagine Fiege walking on a covered up set, talking literally one glance around and just whispering under his breath "Starro", shocking everone there


He walked on set, lowered his chin and let a sly grin creep across his face. He ran his fingers across the rim of his captain marvel baseball cap. They thought they could keep their secrets in the dark from the one who turned off the lights


Feige: Your next Villain will be Starro Games Gunn: NANI?!!!!


Man I love Kevin Fiege


Don't we all.


Every billion dollar franchise should have its Kevin Fiege


Couldn't agree more !


He always has good relationship with Feige. Feige didn't fire him, Feige was actually mad he was fired and tried to get him rehired Alan Horn fired him, which ironically is currently consulting for WB.


And even Bob Iger was shocked by the whole thing.


Kinda sounds like no one wants to take responsibility for it.


[Nope. The decision to fire Gunn was Horn's only, he announced it and he even refused to rehire Gunn when Feige insisted Disney to rehire him.](https://www.indiewire.com/2018/08/james-gunn-guardians-vol-3-alan-horn-meeting-fired-1201995103/amp/)


>eah he still has a good relationship with Fiege who even visit the set of TSS and according to Gunn, he correctly guessed the villain was Starro during the visit while Gunn was trying to keep it a secret. Damn. The guy is walking comic book encyclopedia.


Kevin the man the myth the legend lol


If I'm not mistaken, wasn't a Peacemaker scene filmed on the Guardians 3 set (or vice versa)? Definitely seems like there's not bad blood there


Yes, the flash cameo was filmed on the set of Guardians and used its production crew for it.


Wait, a flash cameo?


Flash and Aquaman made a cameo in Peacemaker's finale.


Yeah it feels like he did GOTG3 out of his respect to everyone who worked on those films and his loyalty to the Guardians, but he's otherwise done with Marvel. No doubt he is loving that DC lets him be as experimental and weird as he wants; Peacemaker was a passion project written by him in 8 weeks in the pandemic lockdowns.


Yes, he was overseeing the cosmic side of the MCU up until he was fired. It appears that when Disney brought him back that it was just to do Guardians 3 (and now the Holiday Special). I believe the “cosmic overseer” position was something he didn’t want after that. Gunn just wanted to finish the story with his Guardian characters then leave on good terms.


Is that surprising? By Guardians 3 he'll have been working on that franchise for like a decade. I mean that's about as long as RDJ and Evans were involved in the MCU. Not everything can last forever.


Unless your Kevin Feige


>No more Guardians I guess Not with the current roster, at least


They’re not gonna just let that cash cow go. They’ll recast in all phases and at least attempt another movie


The more likely option to me is just having a new iteration of the team with a few of the old members carrying over.


>No more Guardians I guess As a Guardians solo film, maybe not. But I do think we'll see them in Avengers 5 and 6


No more Gunn guardians, the guardians are a team like the avengers, nothing stopping marvel from doing a 4 movie with a new team


Gunn always said that after 3rd movie he is done with Marvel


No, he didn't always said that. He's indicated that since his firing and rehiring that he'd likely be done with Marvel, but prior to that there were indications he was going to have a big role with Marvel moving forward.


This is crazy, but it might work?!? James Gunn as the creative Co-CEO of DC is definitely a choice. Suicide Squad was a well-received movie, but in every way it was a failure at the box office. Obviously the joint streaming / theatrical release didn’t help, but still it’s crazy to me that Warner Bros saw that film and was like ‘yeah give me more of that.’ Peter Safran is very good at his job, and he is probably who Warner Bros wanted to hire as their version of Kevin Feige except he isn’t splashy enough so they included Gunn as well. Aquaman and Conjuring are well made franchises that make a lot of money which is exactly what DC needs more of now.


>James Gunn as the creative Co-CEO of DC is definitely a choice. Suicide Squad was a well-received movie, but in every way it was a failure at the box office. Obviously the joint streaming / theatrical release didn’t help, but still it’s crazy to me that Warner Bros saw that film and was like ‘yeah give me more of that.’ Gunn also wrote and (mostly) directed the Peacemaker series.


The Suicide Squad was WB’s second most viewed movie in 2021 behind GvK I believe. Repeatedly WB has said to gauge a film’s success last year they’d be using multiple factors, the box office just being one part of that.


It was behind Mortal Kombat as well despite their being more subscribers when it debuted


The Suicide Squad had everything an audience can hope for but the double release + 0 marketing + reboot had all a huuuge impact, thus the failure (even though critics & audience loved it). Also Peacemaker was a great great hit for HBO Max and Gunn is already planning 1 movie and several other tv shows so WBD definitely loves working with him!


The Suicide Squad got B+ cinemascore. That's not exactly rating saying that people loved it. The 2016 suicide squad also got B+ Cinema score and I don't hear anybody suggesting that people loved that one.


Reddit doesn't like admitting that


> but still it’s crazy to me that Warner Bros saw that film and was like ‘yeah give me more of that.’ I doubt this is the case. He likely got the job based on pitches for characters that specifically **dont** fit his usual more comedic approach. It’s kind of like if I’m an owner hiring a defensive coach, he needs to sell me on what he’s going to do on offense. One thing that makes me hopeful is that Gunn seems very aware of what characters fit his approach and which do not. Like I don’t think he’s going to go into Superman and try to make it like GoTG or TSS.


He actually interacts with the audience too, he’s always on Twitter answering questions and dropping info and getting a feel for what people actually want.


DC needs to make good movies. It needs to rebuild that goodwill. Especially now that the goodwill Marvel has made is slowly diminishing with shit movie after shit movie. If they make regular hits like the Suicide Squad and gain goodwill DC could be very well off. With that they could get bigger openings and overall bigger box office numbers. And they have the added advantage of more likely having movies open in China. ​ Safran probably isn't as educated about the characters as Gunn. So it makes sense for Gunn to lead the creative side as has been explicitly stated.


Its gonna take more than 2 not well received movies to diminish marvels good will and there are still better than ww84, suicide squad and birds of prey.


Glad that Gunn will most definitely stay with WB now!


Well for a little while, it's DC so I expect changes in like a year or two


First the GOTG Holiday Special trailer drops and now this. Good day for James Gunn fans! DC is in good hands, Can’t wait to see how they steer the ship from here on out, I think creators will have a lot more freedom to get some crazy ideas off the ground. (And now Gunn has the power to resurrect his plans for the true WB project he needs to make….Scooby Doo 3!)


This is kinda of hilarious. Mcu executives didn’t want to fire Gunn. The decision came from overhead. Alan horn fired Gunn. And now both horn and gunn work for wb now. How the tables have turned lol


Yup. Very ironic. Horn fired Gunn and both work for WB now.


James Gunn made the best DCEU film, hopefully this means good things for characters who have always deserved more.


Booster Gold!!


Thank god they went with someone who actually knows how to tell a story


Its important that they have a guy who cares about the comic books in charge. Good to see.


Marvel/Disney did him so dirty with that Twitter bullshit. He’s a MONSTER pickup for DC


He probably would've parted ways with Marvel after around the same amount of movies regardless, in all honesty. The natural retention rate for all of their fan-favorite directors has pretty much been 2-3 movies. Russos. Favreau. And Waititi already expressing neutralness to making another Thor. Would not be surprised if Reed and Coogler bow out soon too. And it's arguably for the best for both them and the fans. New blood rejuvenated Thor and now in turn people are already leaning for a new director for it again.


No he was going to see the cosmic side of the mcu before he was fired


Jon Watts too. I was excited for him to take on f4. But understand why he might not be up to it.


Ironically, the guy who did him dirty over at Disney was Alan Horn…. who now is at WB working as a consultant for Zaslav


He got his cake and is eating it too. I think this is a good move for both sides. He gets to finish his GotG trilogy and throwing in a holiday special as a cherry on top and DC finally gets someone competent to help with their overall planning. Kinda like Jim Lee helping establish Marvel as a powerhouse again in the 90’s and is now the head of DC’s art. Worked out for everyone involved.


Ironically, Alan Horn fired him and Horn is currently consulting for WB.


Very interesting with Gunn being there. He needs some restraint (just a bit) himself I’d say but now he’s the CEO so we’ll see what happens going forward. At least he has a love for the comics and can execute a well made film. Hopefully a sign of good things to come.


Best news for DC. You have two people who understand and love the comics, however, one is a creative and the other is a producer. Best of both worlds and I'm sure the results will be better than before. This is better than Henry Cavill returning imo.


James Gunn seems to be popular online but i don't think he's movies are popular outside of that.


He has yet to direct a box office hit outside of the MCU


Maybe superhero movies are his forte, so this position is perfect for him.


The GotG films are loved and DC fans love TSS and Peacemaker is good, name a good and loved MCU Director?


Ryan Coogler


Sam Raimi


Taika Waititi.


Nah everyone switched up on Taika Waititi after he made Love and Thunder so fast it was wild.


Russos. Favreau. Destin daniel cretton. Jon watts. Ryan coigler you mfs try to framenit like dc has better directors than marvel while most dc directors dont even get sequels


Nolan, Matt Reeves, Gunn, Patty Jenkins, Wan, Todd all of them got sequels and have got also Oscars and nominations for their work in DC…


the Russo brothers


TSS was an immense flop lol


TSS is the actual definition of a flop. That word is usually thrown around movies that factually aren't flops, interesting how Gunn gets the "but but, this and that" when it deadass lost them like 200mil


DC is saved. Let's Fucking go!!!!!! As a fan of Marvel and DC I am loving this timeline which we live in


I still wish we got Gunn in charge kf the cosmic side of the mcu, as was the original plan


YES! Let's gooo! Thank you Disney for firing James Gunn


Honestly... DC should just hire their animation departments to run their movies. They're the only ones I've seen who really understand these characters. I think James Gunn is a fantastic director, but it seems like he's only really interested in the weird side of DC. Which is reshreshing and can lead to some great content but I don't know if I want someone like that running the whole studio.


Best decision outta WB about DC since 2008.


They laughed when he said The Hierarchy of the DCEU is changing Who's laughing now ✊


The Rock sad.


James Gunn is 100% in this position so he is “locked” and can have his little corner and do whatever he wants without micromanagement. Peter Safran has been involved in a few big horror franchises…so i guess it’s relevant experience? Similar audience type too with a built in dedicated fan base?


They weren’t kidding when they said the hierarchy of power is changing.


Phew. Things might really start to turn around now. Can't wait to see what happens next.


So he's officially done with Marvel


Good. I want fresh blood to replace him.


DC Adult Animation > DC live action


Hopefully the gap can close a bit


Honestly hoping the same.


Great news, although I am wary of more "committee" situations.


Phenomenal news. Nobody better to lead DC than JG.


First time I've been excited about the DCEU in a long time. Actually first time ever.


Man that weird Twitter me too stuff just washed away here.


This is going to be wild. I've been a fan of Gunn's since Tromeo, and I like his DC stuff better than his Marvel stuff, but he hasn't really done anything special as a producer. It'd be interesting to see what happens if he brings back Snyder in some capacity.


Difficult to see how Snyder's humourless style would fit into the vision of the guy who made a movie where a giant starfish was the villain and the guy who made a film with an army of sharks who had lasers on their foreheads


Still, they worked together on the Dawn of the Dead remake, and I haven't heard anything about them not getting along, so anything's possible.


i wanted DC to feel different from marvel, to have deeper themes and to not have comedy overshadow character, i just hope they dont try to make DC marvel lite


james gunn is such a great choice for this


Absolute colossal W


This is amazing news


I always thought that James Gunn would have been the replacement for the Russo Brothers at Marvel as the lead director for the Avenger films and then potentially move more into a leadership role within Marvel. But that whole Disney firing fiasco probably put any potential of that happening to an end. Great addition for DC and sad this most likely means the end of James Gunn working with Marvel once Guardians 3 comes out.


Promotion for Guardians 3 is gonna be kinda awkward


Why? Contrary to what fanbases think, people like Gunn, Feige etc don't think and behave like bickering fanbases


And it's okay to like multiple things. This is not a sport.


If you say so.