Seems like someone is talking on background about WB's big picture plans/options for The Flash. Let's focus on this on-topic stuff and not get bogged down by literally off topic culture war debates. [edit: post is locked because it quickly got bogged down into gender identity debates]. People's opinions on neo-pronouns have absolutely nothing to do with the box office but they make these threads unmanageable. > A source with knowledge of the situation says the studio appears to be preparing for three possible scenarios. * First, Warners has received indications that the 29-year-old Miller, whose mother has accompanied the actor in recent days, will seek professional help after returning home to their farm in Vermont after being away. If that help happens, Miller, who goes by they/them pronouns, could give an interview at some point explaining their erratic behavior over the past few years. The actor could then do limited press for The Flash, and the movie would open in cinemas as planned. * The second scenario: Even if Miller doesn’t reach out for help, Warners could still release the film. But don’t expect Miller to play a prominent role in terms of marketing and publicity. Nor would Miller be The Flash going forward, as the role would be recast in future projects. * The third case: Things go from bad to worse, with the situation with Miller deteriorating. This would see Warners killing the movie outright, as it could not be reshot with a different actor. Miller plays multiple characters and is in almost every scene. Scrapping a $200 million film would be an unprecedented move. *****************


I feel like WB is epitomizing the slowpoke meme. Which is funnier considering it’s the flash in question


The Satire writes itself


I like to imagine someone at WB just getting progressively more pissed off every time Ezra Miller makes the headlines.


I dont think you have to even imagine. $200 mil is alot of money


isnt it closer to 300 mil


Not anymore! Think of all the marketing budget they'll save by not doing the press tour! /S


The head of the marketing department, for one.


I don’t know how reliable this is but I heard from a couple of unrelated places that David Zaslav thew a complete shitfit the day the of the grooming and compound allegations


If someone made a story about this movie and Ezra Miller, It would be considered too unrealistic


So things that are off the table (1) HBO Max release and (2) Full press tour for Ezra Miller. They're implicitly saying all marketing plans are not relying on selling the movie around Ezra Miller's performance despite Miller being the film's lead.


I just want to see if The Flash poster will be trying to obscure Ezra Millers face as must as possible like in the recent Shazam movie trailer.


In the TV show, The Flash vibrated slightly to prevent people from identifying him, so I would love if they just release the movie, but Miller's face is blurred during the entire thing. They could ADR the explanation. Give us some real Ed Wood shit on your $200 million dollar movie, WB.


That… Wouldn’t even be that bad. And it’s in-lore. Yeah it’d be a little weird to ALWAYS be like that but it still makes sense.


My pitch would be at least for the first poster to be the classic bat symbol with a red oval instead of yellow with some lightning added in the background. Basically mirroring the classic Batman 89’ poster.


Full press tour with someone you can’t control is a series of accidents just looking for a place to happen


And they can tell journalists not to ask about Ezra's past issues, but that doesn't mean they won't -- it's not where they want to go.


Assuming those issues are ever in the past instead of the present.


Fuck Ezra Miller. lock their violent criminal ass up!! They are NOT a hero and should never be allowed to portray one on screen again.


Yeah after cancelling Batgirl I doubt they can afford not to release this movie at this point even if they know it will bomb.


Has there ever been another studio with so many bizarre, problematic, cinematic messes as DC? I thought the Justice League situation was as embarrassing and unprecedented as things could get. But now we have 2 more debacles (Batgirl & The Flash) that definitely top that situation in terms of how much of a headache they are. If it wasn't for Matt Reeves and James Gunn, the brand would be in complete crisis.


Wow. Heard about all the charges that Erza Miller has done. It's too late for intervention. Miller needs professional help. Because right now that Ezra Miller is making the brand WB look like that they are just finding weirdos out of a cracker jack box. Nor screening who is qualified to play any DECU role.


Imagine if Zaslav is contemplating on whether or not to use the red "axe The Flash" button.


Basically what I’ve been saying for awhile. The best way out is for Ezra to receive professional help and they chalk it up to a mental breakdown. It basically lets them dodge a lot of criticism since it reframes it to a mental health thing. I can’t believe THR is actually reporting that shelving the movie is actually a possible scenario in the cards though.


Honestly, they *could* have gone the honest route and been like, "Unfortunately Ezra Miller is having mental health issues and we will not work with them again, but this is a great film and we want everyone to see the hard work the cast and crew has done so we're releasing it ..." The public might have gone with that. HOWEVER, they just scrapped Batgirl and the Scooby movie those movies had hard working casts and crew as well, so they would look stupid trying to say something like that now.


Yeah, that's what stuck out to me as well especially given how continuously WB execs have been arguing in the trades that anything sort of a full theatrical release was off of the cards due to the film's high level of cost. If people at WB are willing to float that now, it seems like a sign of a significantly stronger current in that direction than prior messaging indicated


Idk maybe they are hoping he dies so they can market on the tragic fall and death of an unfortunate troubled actor


Pulling the mental health card can only do so much damage control. Aren't a mother and father missing their daughter due to Miller's influence, too?


Pretty much yeah, but technically she’s 18 so it’s tough if she doesn’t want to be with her parents. They did get a restraining order between her and Ezra though. She’s still on “team Ezra” going by statements and it’s tough to prove someone’s actions/statements are a result of grooming even if it does seem to be the case. Messed up situation for sure.


If things do get worse how would WB even market The Flash? Everyone will be talking about what Ezra Miller has done instead of the €200Million Flash movie that’s supposed to be promoted.


The Flash IP is potentially worth billions of dollars to the studio. This $200 million dollar production could damage that IP. Shelving it now could save the IP and that is what they need to consider.


if THR reporter is mentioning it…it shows that there is a strong current of support for scraping this film behind the scenes


I don’t see how they can release it. Miller is a nonstop shitshow and it doesn’t seem to be improving


they won't ezra will be either in prison or in even deeper trouble by the time this movie is ready for release


> reframes it to a mental health thing. That's the way I've read it all along.


I feel like if this was Lindsay Lohan or some girl Hollywood could objectify that’s exactly what would be happening. It would be a story about their mental emotions and ultimately how they had a hard day. For a gender-queer individual - this actor is on their own. Good luck at comic con….


There ain't no getting off this Ezra train apparently. Every time I hear a story about Ezra getting into more trouble, I keep thinking how is he not in jail? Is he actually The Flash and they can't catch him? Does he have some serious dirt on somebody that's keeping him out of cuffs? What is going on? I keep waiting for the shoe to drop that this guy eventually murders somebody.


Well there’s a mother and 3 kids connected to Ezra that are currently missing. Ezra has already assaulted multiple people and behaviour is erratic and escalating, as horrible as it is, it’s not off the cards.


Well after Batgirl was scrapped, I believe some execs realized that killing this movie is not that bad. By the way there was rumors of they being involved with a missing family, things could take a turn for worse.


Yeah, that's a new development as of yesterday afternoon. A mother and kids are missing, and [the cops suspect that Miller is hiding them](https://people.com/movies/police-looking-for-woman-and-her-kids-who-were-staying-with-ezra-miller/). The mom is considered to be unsafe and unstable, and authorities have apparently been attempting to remove the kids from her custody for a couple months. Now, they can't find them.


I’m going to hope that’s nothing but Ezra is definitely on the decline so ehhhh


With Ezra, it gets worse


[The Warner Bros. Discovery tax accountant after flushing The Flash](https://youtu.be/TeXatquVqAc)


DAAAAAMN - so this is official confirmation from The Hollywood Reporter - a legit source - that shelving a $200 million fully-shot DC Comics movie is an option that is on the table. Crazy times that we live in, huh?


He was breaking down for quite some time. They shouldn’t have kept him around.


They should just release the movie on HBO Max, with zero press, and be done with it.


The second scenario, where they keep Miller out of all marketing and publicity, sounds extremely likely than the first or third option (although the third option is extremely unpredictable in this new era of WB).


The fact that WB STILL hadn’t cut ties with him is insane. Miller must have dirt on the executives or something. He’s a relative nobody yet still has a job after committing a different crime essentially every other day.


They fired Depp for being a crappy husband but kept Miller on after all the breakdowns and attacks?


Depps timing was the issue. He only filmed a single scene of Fantastic Beasts once he lost the UK case. If Flash was in pre production right now, or even just partially filmed , theyd of scrapped it Had Depp lost that court case a few months later, FB3 would have had him


Just shelf the movie and entire dc film franchise


Ditch this dork immediately. It’s not like there are 100 actors on the planet.. are you desperate??


Ever since I was a kid, I loved The Flash and wanted him to get his own movie. This is just sad


Why does ezra get a pass just because he has a job to do? None of us get to skip consequences just because we were employed and cost the company a ton to replace


Sometimes I feel like they’re handling this like how the character Kent handled a PR situation in HBO’s Veep. He waited until the public consensus were leaning into favoring an attack. I don’t know the economics behind cancelling a hundred million dollar film, but PR wise, WB maybe waiting until the at least half of the public understands that ‘The Flash’ should be cancelled.


I think that after Batgirl and seeing how the creative team reacted to it being canceled WBD needs to be careful what they do. They have already alienated serious heavy hitters in the industry. After seeing a feature film get shelved and called a tax write off more than a few people were concerned about future work. Imagine if they did shelve this movie. 10 years of hype and promotion and previous movies all for nothing. That’s going to cause some resentment and hesitation on future projects.


I'm kind of stunned that they *don't* indicate that Ezra would not continue in the role even if they got help. Literally the first option doesn't say that, but the second option does. That should be a non-negotiable point for them. They do NOT need to be in this role ever again and WB is absolutely insane if they don't make that perfectly clear to all involved. Ezra should be done as The Flash after this movie. Period. No matter what help they get. WB's real internal problem is that the movie is testing well. They think it would be a hit IF ONLY ... but there is no if only here. Ezra has real issues and that is going to effect everything about this movie.


deepfake another actor onto them


0% chance this movie gets released, by the time this movie is ready to release Ezra will be in so much shit lol


They should can the Flash movie and replace it with a docu-drama called “The Ezra Miller Problem”


Dude just deepfake him out of the movie


god dammit, warner brothers. Just cancel it. Cancel the whole DCEU movie projects aside from The Batman and the Joker. Let it cool down, let people forget the fucked up franchise you made. Find someone who gives a shit to create you a MCU for DC heroes. Don't try to compete with the MCU. Come back in 5-10 years with this new person who gives a shit with a vision to bring the Justice League heroes to the big screen. Boom, solved. Done. I just did your job for you, Zaslav.


No way WB is just going to throw away a €200Million+ movie that is also supposed to be the reset of the DCEU. WB would have to be really desperate to make a decision like that.


They should. The only reset WB can pull off is to just stop all productions related to the DCEU continuity and focus on other efforts for awhile. Let the Batman trilogy finish, let the Joker finish, and Peacemaker. Maybe Doom Patrol too if not already cancelled. That's it. Just let it die. Fuck the money. It's not worth it.


A movie that’s going to flop no matter what


Can’t they just cut him from the movie and replace him digitally, like they did a whole character in Army of the Dead?


Warner Bros. Suprised they are having an issue, with a fully blown, blatantly mentally ill man. The satire writes itself these days.




I feel the vast majority of people aren’t really worrying about using their pronouns, but I think it mostly comes down to a lot of people don’t have to respect someone to not misgender them. Just kind of second nature to refer to someone in the way they actually go by










I’m not sure if you realize, but non-binary people fall under transgender identities. Being trans just means that you aren’t cis.


Nope! Didn’t realize. I did think trans would have to mean that transition was taking place. Learned something! Thanks for that.


As long as he isn't running another sex cult, I think it can all be forgiven. Quoting: https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/ezra-miller-vermont-child-services-department-1392572/ Miller has not spoken publicly about the multiple allegations that have stacked up against them, apart from an Instagram story in mid-June that read, “You cannot touch me I am in another universe.” They deleted their Instagram account shortly after. 








Cancel it.


This dude is method acting his part in We Need to Talk About Kevin


Why is this fucking wanker still getting work/attention? He's obviously a reckless fuckwit. Remove him from public view and replace The Flash.


Wait so is the implication that they aren’t definitively looking to recast him after this movie unless he doesn’t something heinous as spelled out in option 2 or 3!?


I really don't think that's the case. The fact that options 2 and 3 are even on the table proves they're obviously not committed to him long-term. This is all about the existing Flash film. The best case scenario leaves the door open for Ezra Miller returning but I think there's a very low chance Miller returns for any subsequent film unless The Flash makes an ungodly amount of money.


> they're obviously not committed to him long-term. Yep. And Warner Brothers could have saved themselves a lot of headache if they'd just cast Daddy Day Care's Jimmy Bennett in the role in the first place.


That's still years down the road. They have to deal with this movie first.


From Agender to Repeat Offender: the Ezra Miller Story


He's an idiot


Get it finished (do whatever revisions you need to do) and get it in the box office ASAP before he does anything else stupid. Even with the crazy stuff he's doing I think it would do at the worst ok.


If the movie indeed cost around $300 Million to make as claimed [https://www.resetera.com/threads/the-flash-budget-is-closer-to-300-million-than-200-million.615054/](https://www.resetera.com/threads/the-flash-budget-is-closer-to-300-million-than-200-million.615054/) then it would need to make close to $750 Million Dollars worldwide just to break even (2.5 multiplier.) Can it do that? If realistically it can't how much can it be forecast to make worldwide? If the realistic forecast is low enough would it make more sense to just scrap it and eat the heavy loss instead of investing another $150 Million Dollars or so to market the movie, distribute it, printing, duplicating, etc. I think the cost is so high that they'll still go through with it and take their chances that they might not break even (reach $750 Million gross worldwide) but also not lose all of $300 Million Dollars, either. If the movie can get to $600 Million worldwide gross, for example, it would then have lost $150 Million Dollars. That is a heavy loss, but not a $300 Million Dollars loss if they just scrapped it altogether.


Whats there to weigh .. Cut them off already wtf


This movie is goosed and so is this so called human


I don’t see them canning it but are enough people really going to go see the movie, especially if Miller lands himself in prison in the next year or so.


Get rid of him.


How is it difficult??? Do they REALLY think people are going to go watch the movie after all the shit he’s been pulling? It’s not just a little reckless behaviour, if true then we’re talking multiple felonies and some severe jail time. They couldn’t drop Johnny Depp fast enough when the accusation of spousal abuse came out


This isn't true. They stuck with Depp through initial spousal abuse allegations as he played the role in FB2. They only cut him after Depp lost a libel case and then essentially paid Depp 20M his full alary to not be in FB3 and, I assume, paid Mads <5M to take the leading villain role. Let's call that WB paying 25M to avoid being associated with Depp. Also, as these articles *constantly* point out, Miller is in nearly every scene of the Flash (spoiler: >!often playing multiple versions of the flash in the same scene!<) and the studio has determined they'd need to functionally reshoot the entire movie. They'd be forced to swallow ~200M-250M dollars in sunk costs and the film likely comes out looking like shit as they'd want to scrimp on reshoot costs due to the amount of money already lost (perhaps they're forced to composite some scenes if an actor is unwilling to return for a non-contractually second round of filming). Fantastic Beasts 2 and 3 were never going to be scrapped over Depp's actions. At worst they'd have to spend <50M to reshoot all scenes in which Grindelwald was involved.


This. Warner Bros. Discovery has about $2 billion in cash on hand, and reshooting this movie (spoiler alert: that's definitely not happening) would probably wind up costing them close to half a billion when combined with the cost of production already spent. The company is already on the ropes after a very dumb and very poorly executed merger, and swallowing that much money would pretty much guarantee they enter into bankruptcy. They are just not going to do that. They will release the movie regardless of what happens from this point forward, and even a loss if and when they do that would *still* be better than forking up the shit ton of money to reshoot and reedit.


>Do they REALLY think people are going to go watch the movie after all the shit he’s been pulling? I guess if the film is actually really good and has good WoM and is actually advertised, it will be an interesting test to see how much the general audience really cares about this stuff. My suspicion is not as much as reddit/twitter would like to think.


Except that no one cares about the flash on a good day This isn’t a fucking Batman movie


I mean, this drama is mostly in the US, in terms of a international audience, I don't think that many of them care, or even know about their dramas and serious alegations brought forward against them.


The drama may be happening in the US but the movies have a global reach and as the star, his actions are of interest to the viewers. I’m in England and he’s come up in multiple news feeds and conversations so it’s not a massive stretch of the imagination to see news of him going global.


Turf him. He’s an idiot.


It's like the guy is trying to break some sort of Guinness World Record on crime


It seemed like a good tax write off at the time under extreme financial pressure associated with the sale contract deadline, but there are MANY months for tons of additional Ezra mayhem before Marvel continues to justify axing Batgirl and releasing Ezra's Flash in the theaters. It should always be the LAST RESORT to pull the plug on a movie that has already been acted and directed, with post production being all that's left. Unless of course, you had a boyish, charming actor, who suddenly turned into a cross between Jeffrey Dahmer and Armie Hammer.


I just don't understand how the role could not be reshot. Even if Ezra played multiple characters, someone else could as well. After the Christopher Plummer reshoots that Ridley Scott did for All the Money in the World I can't see why this couldn't be done on any film. I guess their reasoning is the sunk costs on the film already and it not being able to recoup the costs? Seems like dumping more money into the movie and releasing it would be a better option than shelving it indefinitely.




Jesus, now Woody Allen is a SERIAL child rapist? I’m of course aware of the unproven allegations from ONE person, but where the hell are you getting “serial” from?


Just release it with a disclaimer like you do with those old racist shows. "Hi. Ezra is a piece of shit. He won't be flash in the next one, everything will be rebooted. Michael Keaton is here! Enjoy the film"


do you guys think they are afraid to just fire him because he’s gay and they’ll get backlash?


Could you just open the movie with a disclaimer? Something like "the star of this film was in good standing with the law before and during the production of this film. The showing of this film is not to be interpreted as the studio condoning or endorsing the actions of this film's star in any way."




what the fuck does that mean


Who cares! Release batgirl




For context, they are the actor for The Flash in the movies, not the TV show. They have been in a DC movie’s up to this point, but this was their first solo movie. Also, the actor was also known for their work in the Fantastic Beasts films.


Well he’s trying


At least he tried to disguise himself. I mean if I saw that photo of him I certainly wouldn't think it was the same dude.


How far along are they in filming? Could they recast at this point?


The movie has been finished and canned for over a year. It's way too late for that.