Why is everyone forgetting about Moonfall? The budget was 150M and it made 44M WORLDWIDE


> Why is everyone forgetting about Moonfall? Because almost no one noticed it in the first place.


Can't flop if you're already drowning in the bottom of the pool.


It really is one of the worst and bizarre films I have ever seen. I don’t know how they made a film about the moon crashing into earth boring and lifeless, but they did it.


"and then..the..moon comes crashing into earth! , It's just 2 BROTHERS!!"


Was Moonfall even advertised? I don't think I've seen a single ad or poster about that movie.


I go to see very few movies in theatres (in the past 14 months I have only seen the Marvel movies, (edit) No Time to Die, and Everything Everywhere All At Once), and I saw the preview for Moonfall at least 3x.


> Die Another Day What country do you live in, if you don't mind me asking? Here in the UK, they're releasing an old Bond movie every week for one week, but we're only onto Moonraker (1979) at the moment. *EDIT: Nevermind me. It's occurred to me that you meant last year's No Time To Die. DAD was released in Nov 2002, so it's not like it could have got an anniversary re-release.*


Yep, I meant No Time To Die. I definitely would not have gone back to see Die Another Day.


Haha, yeah, that figures. Thank you for the reply! It's appreciated :)


The only promotion was that Roland hated Marvel and Star Wars, like every director trying to promote their new movie (with the exception of Dennis as that was mistranslated; off topic but Bong Joon-ho still has my favorite response about the subject: feeling uncomfortable about the spandex costumes because he’s right, no one will willingly wear that)


Emmerich jumping on the Marvel hate bandwagon with *Scorsese* and *Coppola* was downright surreal.


Auteurs and auteurs


The way he tried to sneak himself in there.


If I had the money to spend to give this a reward, I would!


Can’t disappoint if no one had any expectations


I worked at a theater where I can get free tickets but even I didn’t feel like watching that film


Lmao watched it on a plane and it was so dull.


there was a funny scene towards the end where patrick wilson looks hilarious and that was about it lol


It was the first movie I ever saw on a plane that I wasn’t upset when the playback was interrupted.


That’s the worst. I was on a flight over the Pacific in the 90s at night and couldn’t watch One Fine Day. Like how fucking boring does a movie have to be that you would choose the alternative of just doing nothing.


I do too, and I wanted to watch it but it was gone before I got the chance to 💀


Moonfall is absolutely the most insane since dude funded the money himself.


I can't believe that movie had a $150M budget.


I cannot believe that they were so convinced of the need for a sequel before it even came out. ( I think they wrote it and even saved some scenes )


Ya its apparently the most expensive independent film according to trades


There is no way that this title doesn't belong to Valerian.


I literally had to Google this movie. Yikes.


Yo i thought this would be top answer why i gotta scroll so far. Yes it is moonfall ^


Because Lightyear had more potential. That and the people that have hard-ons and want it to fail.


I have a hard-on and didnt want it to fail. I wanted it to be better tho


Moonfall too. It’s just the movie is so bad I have been forgetting about it


Because people were predicting it would flop. People thought Lightyear was a surefire win.


>People thought Lightyear was a surefire win. Pixar Toy Story spin-off sure does sound like it should be an easy BO win.


I watched that for free on a a streaming service and it is SO BAD. Dragged on and on with basically nothing good about it, just that cat lol. I cannot imagine paying to see it and having to sit through it in a theatre.


Moonfall was expected to flop


But that’s saying people had expectations for moonfall, which they didn’t. It definitely the biggest flop of the year, but not the biggest disappointment as no one expected it to be big anyways.


Agreed. While disappointing, Lightyear has broken $100 million in the US, and with foreign earnings and streaming revenue factored in, will probably pay for itself in the end. There's very little chance of Moonfall recoupings its costs.


To disappoint, there needed to be high expectations to begin with


I don’t think anyone expected much from it to begin with so there wasn’t really much disappointment.


Is it really a disappointment if no one cares for the movie, was excited for it?


No one talks about it cause no one saw it + it was expected flop even before the first trailer.


Lightyear, Moonfall, and Fantastic Beasts 3 are the right answers to this


Nobody expected anything from Moonfall nor Fantastic Beasts. They didn't disappoint.


What? Moonfall had a budget of $150M and Fantastic Beasts 3 had a budget of $200M. So clearly whoever funded those movies was expecting them to make a LOT more than they did. Those are massive budgets.


At least FB3's budget makes sense based on IP and previous movie performance. Moonfall had what going for it exactly? Halle Berry?


From Moonfall of course nobody expected nothing, but FB is still part of one of the strongest IP of the two decades. The fact that underperformed is significant.


The previous movies were shit and I have read repeatedly that the new one was going to under-perform since it was announced.


People were predicting sub $200M lol Edit: But the average WW prediction was between $350M - $450M.


Box office, I would say light year, but it’s definitely not going to be the least successful. I see it doing well once it hits Disney+ for the site. There were plenty of other movies that were bigger losses for their studios


For all the talk about culture war issues, I suspect the fact that it was going on Disney + so quickly had a lot to do with people not going to see it.


I do think that the D+ releases have kind of acclimated people to viewing them more as D+ movies. I think it'll take a big one to get peoples asses back in seats. Whether a mainline Toy Story 5 (if Lightyear didn't tarnish the brand), or a Finding .. Nemo/Dory 2/whatever.


I honestly don’t think enough people have even seen Lightyear for it to tarnish the brand :’(


Ahah, that's like the worst kind of slap in the face.


I wonder how much Disney paid to have that David Bowie song in the trailer. Since I didn't see it I wonder if it was included in the movie. What a waste of a good song to be used on Lightyear .


It wasn’t in the movie


The Northman (goddammit). It's the Last Duel of this year, I guess.


These two hurt. My favorite films of their respective years.


Two wonderful films, and their commercial failure is surely going to discourage studios from making more films of similar nature. :-(


I saw both in theaters. I'm doing my best to support them. I feel like that genre has great potential, but I guess it's just hard to market, and make money, sadly.


Let's see how Napoleon does. Probably a little better because both Phoenix and Bonaparte are big names.


> Two wonderful films, and their commercial failure is surely going to discourage studios from making more films of similar nature. :-( In the case of The Last Duel, it lost probably half its potential viewers due to the marketing ... specifically, that the marketing revealed the haircuts Damon and Affleck would be sporting in the film. I was totally hyped for The Northman after the trailer, then I recalled how the advertising for Eggers films are usually hysterically misleading. I waited and sure enough it turned out that it wasn't "Norse Conan," which is the film I actually wanted to pay to see opening weekend.


The Last Duel also likely suffered from some word of mouth. I know several people, myself included, who avoided seeing it in theaters after hearing about the graphic portrayal of sexual assault. Not necessarily a great theater experience, especially for victims.


Same here both are so damn amazing!


Man Last Duel was a great film


Yeah I loved it so much. Jodie Comer was amazing in it! She deserved an an Oscar imo. I actually went to her play in London earlier this year because she was so good in the movie and of course Killing Eve. I actually met her after the play which was unbelievable.




People just don’t want dark period pieces


Had to drive over an hour for the Northman. Best film of the year so far. I feel bad about it, but Robert Eggers said before it came out that he was thinking of going back to lower production films. Sad, because it if hit gold there would be more like it coming out.


> Robert Eggers said before it came out that he was thinking of going back to lower production films. Yeah, I'm pretty sure the choice will be made for him. Some of the scenes in the Northman represent hysterical miscalculations if you were hoping the film would find success with general audiences.


Damm The Last Duel is awesome movie, I didn't know it was a flopped.


They even made fun of it at the Oscar’s, in the third-worst joke of the night.


I’m assuming that Will Smith is the top spot, but I’m curious what number two is?


The Jada joke was maybe fifth worst. The first was Wanda Sykes joking about sexually assaulting some of the male actors. The second was Schumer’s Spider-Man joke.


The top spot for me is the “Animation is for kids” joke. Such stuff and nonsense


Last Duel is definitely more of a flop considering the leads and the fairly well known director.


Calling Ridley Scott a fairly well known director is weird when he’s one of like 10 directors the general public could actually name.


It an awful lot like The Last Duel but more entertaining and more awesome


It's more fantastical which I love. Honestly felt like I was watching a campaign of an Elder Scrolls game unfolding.


Idk I loved the Northman but it had a pretty basic Hamlet story. The multiple POV structure of the Last Duel was extremely engaging for me


I mean, I suppose you probably know this since you mentioned it, but the movie is supposed to be the original danish story that Hamlet was based on so I can forgive it that. I think it’s failure was threefold. It was released at a not great time. It was not as weird as Eggars other movies so far. There were articles about the alt-right/Norse connection that might have hurt it. I like the movie a lot myself but the VVitch is still his best, even with the Northman’s budget.


I don't think you can pin it on the original story. They don't have much in common apart from revenge, which is a mainstay of sagas and Viking fiction anyway.


The problem with Northman was that it was presented as another one of those art house awards type movie in the promos so the GA had the impression that it was gonna be boring which led to it flopping


It was also sold as a barbarian action movie to general audiences, and the movie itself jumps between both. I don't think the problem is in the marketing. It's an unmarketable movie. That said, it did alright all things considered. If the budget hadn't ballooned from Covid, it might have turned a profit.


Indeed also people seem to not understand that movies in that genre usually aren't big draws among audiences even if it's good its not the type to sell alot of tickets


Costner's Robin Hood was a massive hit, but it's always a little funny to look back and see how relatively weakly a film like Braveheart did at the box office.


Lightyear. Everything else really just had it coming imo.


I feel like objectively it’s Moonfall. The movie had a net loss of what, well over $100,000,000? And to think it was supposed to start a trilogy 💀


Ya'll forgot about Morbius, and I don't even blame you.


Everyone expected it to bomb though


But to become a legendary meme?


It's Morbin' time


But THATS not disappointing




Legendary? It’s already been forgotten. Minion memes are legendary, since they have lasted for years.


Not really people were at least expecting it to cross 200M to break even


Morvius has a buget of buget of 75m. Even hpw disappointing ir was it reached 2x.


False! The movie sold over 420 morbillion tickets and saved the entire movie industry from disaster! /s


1.5 morbillion tickets, nobody forgot they saw it hundreds of times


Lightyear. Should’ve went to at least infinity, but turns out no one wanted to see beyond


There was no buzz for it, you could say.


I thought there was lots of buzz for it after they dropped the teaser.


There was, that’s why I think it’ll do great on Disney+, where it’s free and you don’t have to spend money on a risk there


You missed the pun there, I think.


And then it died.


It was a good pun but i remember that initial teaser hype. Looking back they really should’ve sold Buzz as a spin-off after that the other trailers rode that “epic” vibe to the grave. We should’ve known…


I want to see it badly but I’ve been so swamped with work and life that I have no free time to go see it! So I guess it’ll be a Disney+ watch for me


That was Bobs Burgers for me. I overslept from picking up shifts so I missed showtimes


Lightyear by far. To have predictions around $1 billion in the months before release and then only make $200 million is absolutely embarrassing.


Whoever thought it would make $1 billion was drunk. Toy Story 4 only just made $1 billion and that’s Toy Story.


Here's a [thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/boxoffice/comments/ub1npx/after_the_recent_successes_of_the_bad_guys_sonic/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share) from just a month before it came out. Most were predicting round $700 - 900 million but there were still alot of optimistic people who thought it would hit $1 billion or over.


Lmfao that thread aged like milk outside in the sun 😭🤧


The first prediction I see is Lightyear outgrossing Minions 💀


I was very optimistic after the first teaser, but the more trailers dropped the more the optimism went away...


Absolutely insane that it's probably going to be outgrossed by fucking The Bad Guys. Absolute disaster.


Pixars biggest bomb has to count for something too


*Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore*, and it's not even close. Despite the absolute monolith that was *Harry Potter*, the entire *Fantastic Beasts* series is on an iron lung at this point.


To be fair with the movie, it's currently number 6 on the 2022 list of highest grossing films. That's impressive considering how awful and long the movie was


Domestically (US/Can), it’s not even in the Top 10. Was shocked to see it #6 behind The Battle at Lake Changjin 2 internationally but it won’t keep it for long with Minions and Thor climbing up quickly.


Its domestic market would be the UK though. Shot in the UK, and a UK source material.


No it wouldn’t. It’s a US studio. Almost all US movies shoot in foreign locations, that doesn’t make them foreign films. Same for source material.


Domestic to the studio that produced it. Which is a studio in America.


Went to check how it did there and it’s 8th lmao… behind Sonic 2 and Uncharted…


Yeah, couldn't believe it did so worse there. Aren't harry potter and bond movies earn most in the UK. And definitely Avengers series and avatar. But still, isn't bond and potter brand stronger than marvel n star wars there?


Bond definitely is. NTTD, Skyfall, and Spectre have all made more than Endgame here. I’m not sure with Wizarding World though. The Fantastic Beasts series isn’t close to the original Harry Potter series.


No. Someone tried saying this for Harry potter too It’s an American movie.


I think it was for Harry Potter, but Fantastic Beasts is an American production based in UK


To be fair, every pizza place in my town was voted "Best pizza!" by some official organization. 😄


Eh seems like it doesn't warrant those high expectations after Crimes of Grindelwald collapsed.


I mean, even as shit as *The Crimes of Grindelwald* was, it still made money (unlike *The Secrets of Dumbledore*).


I would think crimes of Grindelwald killed excitement for secrets of Dumbledore. My bros and I went to see the first fantastic beasts and enjoyed it. We were excited for the second one and really disliked it. We didn't care to see secrets of Dumbledore because how bad the previous movie was. Was the same for star wars for us.


Yes, and due to the bad reaction to it it was pretty obvious the next movie would be effected.


Imo $405 million is quite impressive considering the previous film was absolutely torn to shreds by both critics & audience, & Secrets of Dumbledore didn’t fair too well review-wise either.


With a production budget of $200 million, a $405 million gross is actively losing Warner Bros. money. There's nothing impressive about its run except how much of a hole it burned in WB's wallets.


Yes it obviously was a box office disappointment when you factor its mega budget and probably lost the studio millions, I’m not denying that. But when you have films like Lightyear (a Pixar Toy Story spin-off) only making half of Secrets of Dumbledore’s $405 million, it’s definitely not the biggest disappointment imo.


And at the same budget too!


but that’s a flop, I’m looking through some of the threads right now and the majority of stuff I see is 400 WW. It met expectations, even if those expectations were absurdly low. It’s a flop, not a disappointment as people didn’t have high expectations.




What’s also crazy is that Deathly Hallows Part 2 made more in its midnight-only showings than the Secrets of Dumbledore made in its entire opening weekend ($43.5 million vs. $42.1 million).


The 355. Such a fun cast for a disappointing movie


Lightyear Moonfall Ambulance The 355 The Northman Morbius The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent Firestarter The Bobs Burgers Movie All of these are bombs


The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent bombed? I didn’t check any earrings for the film but I thought it was really good, I enjoyed it


I enjoyed it too, but I think people thought it was just Nic Cage memes and that was too niche. People didn’t realize it was an unironically good movie.


It also weirdly chose to go h2h against the Northman despite both obviously having a somewhat similar audience. It seemed to quickly fall into third place between Northman and EEAAO for action-y art house-ish films all released around the same time. I bet there's a mild degree of self-canniablism there.


Are you sure about morbius? I keep hearing how it bombed, but 163M on a 75M budget should at least break even. unless of course their marketing budget was too high.


It’s also at around $83 Million


The Numbers says 73M domestic 163M worldwide, are you referring to the budget?


Maybe they’re saying ~$83M was the marketing budget?


Bob’s Burgers Movie surprised me. Though it’d do better.


The budget was probably pretty low though so I can't imagine it lost too much


Seems like budget of 38m, gross of 34m


,,,,,,,, Use these next time


Commenter is most likely using Reddit on mobile, which doesn't respect single line breaks, you have to double line break between each item.


I didn’t realize the Bob’s Burgers movie flopped. That sucks, I’ve heard it’s really good :(


So all the movies


Funny how the post is about disappointing box office performance but there are comments of people saying what movies they didn’t like


Lightyear all the way. The Batman deserved $1B. Shame it didn’t get there, but was by no means an underperformance


I think you shave an hour off and you get it. A 3 hour movie is hard the first time let alone going for repeat viewings


Depends on the movie though? Avatar (2:42), Endgame (3:02), and Titanic (3:04) are the top 3 box office and had no issues. I saw The Batman, highly enjoyed it *but* I’ll say that the three hours felt like three hours, uike the above films. I don’t know about an hour, but I think you probably could have trimmed it to Avatar length no issue, and possibly been a slightly better movie, and got a little more Box Office.


The Batman definitely deserved it but it was never going to get there being what it was. I’d been calling a 800M gross since the first trailer came out - a 3 hour neo-noir horror thriller was never going to have a massive audience. Still the best movie of the year though


A 3 hour hard PG-13 with dark themes and an HBOMax release a month in getting to nearly 800M coming out of a pandemic is pretty impressive.


The international numbers took a big hit with the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, but the domestic numbers were impressive for this movie. Bodes well for the sequel if it's even slightly more commercially appealing.


but it only made $770M not in the $800m range


Eh close enough lol


Lightyear, Firestarter and Even Jurassic World Dominion. Firestarter deserved it and Jurassic World Dominion wasn’t good but that and Lightyear deserved much better


Firestarter flopped but IDK if you can say it underperformed. “Cheap, lazy Stephen King adaptation box office disaster” is an entire genre at this point. Failure is the expectation.


Jurassic World Dominion Is not a disappointment at all. 900M dollars is a lot of money


It still has the same trajectory as the Star Wars sequel trilogy, diminishing returns on each movie.


Most franchises do....


I’m happy that Dominion underperformed. It was an awful movie




Oh my God, I can think of many bigger box office disappointments rather than Lightyear. The 355 didn't even make back its budget, unlike Lightyear. WW: $27.72 Million Budget: $40-75 million Moonfall didn't make its budget back either. WW: $44.43 million Budget: $150 million Blacklight didn't make its budget back either. WW: $15.47 million Budget: $43 million Movies that made over their budget yet are disappointments are Ambulance, Morbius, The Northman, The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent, and of course Fantastic Beast. Clearly, Lightyear isn't the biggest box office disappointment.


these are just flops not disappointments. Disappointments would mean that that they heavily underperformed and didn’t meet expectations. 😭


>Moonfall didn't make its budget back either. WW: $44.43 million Budget: $150 million Wow I never realized how terrible the ratio for Moonfall is.


I’m not talking about making more than the budget. I’m made this based on expectations for these films and how they went under it as well as how high the budget is


Disappointment: sadness or displeasure caused by the non-fulfilment of one's hopes or expectations. nobody expected those movies to do very well. Lightyear was expected to do 600 million at least.


>nobody expected those movies to do very well. Lightyear was expected to do 600 million at least. Everyone in [this thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/boxoffice/comments/ub1npx/after_the_recent_successes_of_the_bad_guys_sonic/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share) were expecting well over 600m for Lightyear. A lot of people even predicted 1bil.


Exactly. It really seemed unthinkable that it would end within the 200 million range.


All those movies you listed were never expected to be successes though and ween as flops before they happened so they weren’t big disappointments lmao


The 3 movies you listed above the made over budget category everyone expected to bomb.


It is when you consider the WW numbers for all of Pixar's other films.


I consider it to be the biggest box office disappointment because I am currently and not lying to you over $1 Billlion off of what I predicted




There’s been a lot of bombs this year and I think a lot more to come, looking at you dont worry darling….


I’m saying Lightyear. The other flops everyone predicted to flop, this one felt like it was going to be big.


Obviously Lightyear


I mean Lightyear obviously wins but for the sake of variety, I’m surprised Bob’s Burgers did as bad as it did.


Lightyear. Pixar's first film back to theaters and this is what we get?


Lightyear. Side note: Here before some dumbass says “mUlTivErSe oF mAdNeSs” or “lOvE aNd tHuNdEr.”


The biggest Box office disappointment of the year for like 90% of this sub would be Top Gun Maverick because it completely destroyed their predictions.


Gotta be Lightyear. Fantastic Beasts maybe a distant second but I think the expectations on that were diminished.


So far its probably Fantastic beasts 3


Northman? Good movie but the marketing ruined it. People were expecting action and it ended up with some drama. I might be wrong tho, Lightyear is a bigger bomb




Definitely Lightyear.


Lightyear, me and many people really expected a billion or close like Toy Story 4 and 3


Lightyear, but for me I would also put Ambulance there. First Michael Bay movie I've liked in a REALLY long time, but people really couldn't care less.


Morbius was a bad movie - editing hack job.


IT’S MORBIN TIME! The only movie that rereleased to an even worse reopening.


Moonfall. It's totally my kind of movie, and I didn't even know it existed until recently. Part of the problem (other than it apparently being terrible) was I mixed it up with the other moon movie. I forget what it's called. Oh, Moonshot