It still counts towards the trending when someone says ‘why do we need Avatar 2’


> People say no one cares about Avatar I bet half of those tweets are about having *No Cultural impact* . At this point Avatar's *Cultural impact* is that *It doesn't have a Cultural impact* .


Its not trending out of pure hype though, but rather because a movie news account asked if people would rather see Aquaman 2 or Avatar 2 since they come out the same week.


I've seen more random, pointless posts on this sub in the past week about people not caring about Avatar than I've seen actual people not caring about Avatar. There's no news here, stop posting this crap. Something trending on Twitter is [(in this case because of a random Discussing Film tweet)](https://twitter.com/DiscussingFilm/status/1483652185757929473?t=MFAc4ioBAmijMz-xqr6RIA&s=19) is not relevant to this sub.


People are so silly. All it takes is an account asking a question or saying something mildly controversial to start a trending topic. Like ffs candy trends every now and tend when people are like “save three, eliminate the rest”


Wow there are pointless posts on this sub. Then comes this post.


It's only trending because of the pissing contest between Depp stans who say the refuse to watch Aquamna 2 and would rather watch Avatar 2