Meanwhile at Marvel Studios

Meanwhile at Marvel Studios


Who would've thought the MCU's first Oscar-winning director would also be responsible for what's looking to be their most divisive film in a while?


I mean that was always the expectation. Either a masterpiece or a divisive “artistic” film


There were rumours that people in Marvel Studios thought it was a masterpiece and their best ever film. So much for that lol.


74 is more than a good enough score for 34 out of 46 fresh.


I love they’re freaking out over a 73% lmao It would be understandable if it was rotten but a 70 is not terrible


DCEU's highest grossing movie has a 65%, lol


[sure about that?](https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/shazam)


I said DCEU's highest grossing movie.


not even in top 5 highest grossing DCEU movies.


I thought we were talking RT score okay


Lol, exactly. It’ll probably even go to the 80s, given that it is at 75 now, with finally settling for a flat 80 or high 70s. Absolutely nothing about that is bad, Lol.


Why would it rise? If anything CBM scores go lower


It’s already been on the rise since yesterday. And as more reviews come in, a lot of them will be from small publications / publications squarely directed at CBM films, and they are usually positive.


Yh like beo there's no difference between getting a 70 or 90 at university.


but you know its not like that. RT is a review aggregator, nothing like the american grading system (which is a terrible reference point for anything like this). also, if you really want to make that comparison; a 70 would be closer to just under a 50% on RT, because apparently 75 is the average for grading in schools. either way, its nonsense to even bring this up and i shouldnt be humoring it, whoops!!


Read that in Logan’s voice.


I thought the critics wanted something that isn't the usual Marvel flare, then why they are hating it for being different?


From the reviews I've read, the issue seems to be that the movie was trying to be something different, but it was constrained throughout by some combination of the Marvel formula, establishing MCU lore/exposition, and setting up future movies. The Polygon review made it seem like the movie is so focused on its scope and its future implications for the wider MCU that it often loses focus on what's actually happening in the present.


And there’s too many characters and a convoluted plot. And it was long. Probably should have had 8 members on the team not 10. Get rid of the kid.


have you seen it? does the kid suck?


> it was constrained throughout by some combination of the Marvel formula, establishing MCU lore/exposition, and setting up future movies. that sounds terrible.


Maybe I’m a cynical ass, but that’s kind of what I expected. No matter if an Oscar winner or the Russos direct a Marvel movie, there has to be certain stuff in there in order for it to work in the MCU. Those movies absolutely have a formula and sadly the quality suffers because of it (but it also brings asses into the seats and keeps the franchise going).


>it was constrained throughout by some combination of the Marvel formula, establishing MCU lore/exposition, and setting up future movies. You'd think a Movie about Eternals would be a standalone without marvel meddling


It wasn’t the right different? Idk, I gotta see this to see what these critics are talking about.


Critics are praising it for the ways it deviates from the Marvel formula while bashing it for ultimately conforming to that same formula. The lukewarm reviews stem from high expectations as no MCU director prior to Zhao had her critical pedigree


I feel like the critics who say that are ones who aren’t watching the MCU movies for the most part. I think this will be used as justification for the MCU to stick to their proven formula in the future, rather than branching out and trying new things like DC has been doing lately.


It wasn’t the critics. It was people on Twitter.


Forbes: ‘Eternals’ Review: Marvel Tries To Make A DC Films Movie * Well that's awkward


Different doesn’t mean better? There are lots of bad movies that don’t follow the marvel forumal


A lot of their movies do very well critically. Trying to change things up to appeal to the 20% or so of critics who don't like their style can just end up losing the rest.


58 on metacritic. A sinking ship


Metacritic is such a bad metric. It only uses specific critics with unclear methods for selection, it gives certain critics' opinions more weight than others for no apparent reason, and all of the data is normalized for the final score which may or may not distort the data more than the algorithm already has. The website's methods for determining meatscores is confidential, so as far as I'm concerned, the scores are nearly as meaningless as just assigning a random number.


> meatscores Mmmmmm... meatscores


Never been a good metric, though. Not that RT is perfect. It has HUGE limitations as well. But is, in every way, better than Metacritic.


I guess it will be a good test to see how an mcu movie fares at the box office with a less than stellar review and mixed opinions. I wish the confounding factor of the pandemic wasn't there so that we could get a more accurate number


Who cares about critic reviews anyway? Wait for the fans to decide if they like it or not


Reviews seem more positive then mixed from what I have seen.