The commuter rail is currently free because of the orange line shutdown but the subway lines are not free. The commuter rail doesn't go anywhere near BC though. You have a few options: 1) Take the airport shuttle bus to Airport station. Take the blue line to Government Center then switch to the green line. The B line goes right to BC but it has a LOT of stops. Most BC students take the D line to Reservoir then take the BC shuttle bus to campus. It's been a long time since I graduated from BC and idk how frequently the shuttles are running at this point in the year. 2) The the SL1 to South Station then the red line to Park St. From there, take either the B or D line as noted above.


Shuttles should be running frequently, school is back in session (or at least move in day happened)


Back in the day the shuttles still came pretty frequently during the summer. Even though I graduated 20 years ago, I still visit every other year to have lunch with a professor who became a good friend.


Take the silver line (buses that run from airport to south station) to south station, grab a red line train to park street, then wait for a green line train on the D branch and take it to Reservoir. BC runs a free shuttle bus from the reservoir stop to multiple places on campus. The D train on the green line helps you avoid the 1 million stops on comm Ave on the B train and same for Beacon St on the C train. Should take an hour


thanks so much for the great recommendation ! How feasible is this trip with two large-ish suitcases ?


Getting to the silver line from the terminal and transferring from silver to red are gonna be the longest treks, but all the stations have elevators and the BC bus picks up right at station entrance. Will be easier if you’re not doing this at rush hour, because of the train is packed, you’re not getting two suit cases on


At present only select boarding areas may have a free pass due to ongoing system repairs. From Logan you have a couple of options to get to BC by public transit. **1) Silver Line SL1** At the airport ask any person where to board the Silver Line. This is an extended length articulated bus rapid transit or BRT. Boarding within the airport is free. The vehicles have luggage racks. This will take you into Boston to South Station (rail and subway). At South Station go up one level and locate signs for the Red Line toward Alewife. There is no charge to change trains as long as you remain within the confines of the subway. Ride the Red Line train from South Station to Park Street (2 stops). At this location go up one level to the Green Line (no fare charged). You will take a "B" train for Boston College (BC). This is a streetcar operating part in subway service and will emerge for surface operation along a dedicated right-of-way. It travels Commonwealth Ave and ends at the edge of the BC Campus. Note that if you reverse direction back to the airport there will be one boarding charge fare. One on the train and down into the subway, you will have free transfers back to the airport. 2A) Blue Line From the Airport access a free MassPort Shuttle Bus to the MBTA Blue Line Airport Station. Pay a boarding fare and take a train inbound to Boston (toward Bowdoin) and exit the train at Government Center Station and go up one level to the Green Line. Board a B train for BC. Due to ongoing construction Government center is looping multiple trains but if a B train is not available, ride any train inbound OEN stop to Park Street and transfer to a B train there, then follow above directions. When boarding you will need to get a transit fare card or ticket which stores the value paid. It may be a plastic card (obtained from a station attendant) or a paper ticket with a mag stripe that the machines will dispense. **2B) Silver Line SL3** MassPort shuttle to Airport Station and wait outside to Board an SL3 Silver Line BRT to South Station. While SL1 loops the airport, the SL3 does not. Again, make sure you get a transit fare card/ticket at this station before boarding the SL3. Construction and closures are not impacting your route at this time so you should be OK Currently construction and repairs have the Green line north of Government Center not working, and the entire length of the Orange Line. You do not need either of these.


British Columbia is on the other side of the content. Route 20 runs from Boston to Oregon so maybe start there for the first 3k miles then go north?