What is the best smg in the game?

What is the best smg in the game?


Plasma Coil and Flipper


A level 13 plasma coil got me through the whole story.


I was still using lvl 18 plasmacoil at lvl 35-36. In the early it just feels unfair


Depends on what you are doing. The Plasmacoil is probably the all around best imo. Flipper is really good. Not all builds can support it but I'm a big fan of the Torrent as well.


I'm using fetuccine fl4k which if you don't know pretty much depends on guns with either high damage(for fade away) and other weapons with high fire rate(to recharge fade away really fast). The monarch, lightshow, and reflux are my favorite for it.


If you are flak then yea Id say the plasma coil, there arent many good smgs on flak and ive noticed even the plasma coil takes more shots than my pure Jakob’s build so i just dont use smgs on flak


what should i use in my fourth slot? I have a really good butcher and they pretty much have infinite ammo, so should i use that or something else?


Hellwalker or Skullmasher are just op


i can't really use another shotgun that uses a bunch of ammo since i'm already using the reflux, which is very op with my build


Skullmasher or Headsplosion then, the skullmasher is by far the best jakobs sniper but the headsplosion is really fun and surprisingly great.


Have you tried the butcher?? It's very good with ammo consumption and wrecks all the way up to mayhem 10 or 11


Don't forget the Crit! It's a Legendary+ in all but name.


What anoints do you look for on a crit?


Since it's shock-locked, I tend to go for N2M of a desirable element (inc/corr). I keep a few copies. This is primarily for Fl4k.


As someone who has yet to (really) play Fl4k, what's the setup for Fl4k that lets the Crit shine?


Unpopular opinion at the moment but the Kaoson is my all time favourite SMG in BL3, satisfying to use unlike the Plasma coil, does work on Zane with eraser, does splash so it’s good on Moze, and comes from Traunt, the funniest character of all time (Sorry beans)


As a Moze main, I absolutely love the Koason. I agree with this opinion!


Agreed. Kaoson is insane on a Moze splash build. Almost infinite ammo, too.


Yeah, it’s great with terror ammo regen but 2 ammo per shot with adapting prefix is kinda sad unless you use a drum mag and insane ammo regen


Plasma coil, good on everyone, doesn't really have a downside.


The only slight downside is burst delay, and it's still barely a bother.


Id say depends on your build. Redistributor imo is the best with Zane running MNTIS Canon, Barrier and ReVolter (ASS anoint). Barrier amps every shot which chains and Revolter for the overall extra damage. Any other build I'd say the tried and true Flipper.


Plasma Coil, Flipper, Crit, Kybs Worth, Ember's Purge, DNA, Needle Gun, Dark Army, Ten Gallon, Kaoson, Blood Starved Beast, Torrent, Sleeping Giant, Smog, TroubleShooter. Idk there's alot of good one's


Ten Gallon and Sleeping Giant are actually good? They’ve always flown under the radar for me


They're capable weapons, slightly better than the Boomer which is what I considered the gatekeeper.


Needle Gun & Kaoson.


You’re the first I’ve heard say good things about the needle gun. It seems very, very sub par to me. How do you get it to work for you?


Fuck really? It easily makes the top 10 as one of the best smg’s if not one of the best guns in the game.


How? It seems to do zero useful damage for me. Do you just use it to debuff then switch to something strong?


I'll ask again though, how? Is it great for you for every character or just one with a particular setup?


I have no idea what to tell ya ..the gun destroys…this is a YOU problem


You have to trigger the debuff ability. Just keep shooting and the enemies will suddenly start melting. Beast weapon.


Fettuchine Flak works extremely well with needle gun…2/3 mag and graveward is down


IMO Plasma Coil or Flipper




Most versatile: plasma coil. Solid all round and good against everything. Can be a little inconsistent with its sporadic burst pattern, and projectile weapons aren't everyone's thing Most niche: blood started beast, if you can use it correctly and get the hang of it, its very very powerful. Such a twat to farm its unfunny. The flipper is the best if you get the one you want and have ways to extend its max power or manipulate its shots. No real downside, pick one up that suits yoir needs. Honorary mentions to the cutsman; proprietary license; torrent (is that an AR?) and Dark Army.


Plasma Coil is so op it was the only gd thing that progressed me to M-levels up to M10… always able to use one that was a couple/few levels below what I was playing… Torrent is indeed AR… I have a m8 Searing w/88 mag size that still shreds on m10


Fair enough. I used it as a mainstay for fucking ages and cant stand the thing now. Overtuned and unfun


I should mention I run a GB/pet Fl4k, with limited understanding of synergistic builds… I couldn’t even hit 1m damage until I noticed some fine print in some skills, so ditched some semi-useless ones & respec’d points & also noticed the Eridian skag was actually -15% gun damage… so at least that got me to getting 1-10m per shot… but I hear ya, I really don’t like having to rely on the PC so much, it’s not near as fun to use as other stuff, but it’s still more fun than dying all the gd time


I feel like it might depend on who you’re running


If you have the dlcs plasma coil from arms race is a GOAT otherwise kinda a toss up imo.


Coil and Flipper.


The one that turns into a walking turret when u reload


Plasma coil


For me it's the plasma coil, flipper and needle gun.


Crit lol,I play 5G Fl4k and have all these crazy meta smgs like lightshow, Plasma coil and Flipper in perfect versions, but nothing shreds as much as a Crit


What anoints do you look for on a crit?


Eventually on Action skill End, 125% Splash Damage increase or on Action skill End 2 Macs with 100% incendary


Plasma coil. Don’t even have a max damage one but it deals millions of damage in M10 each shot


Flipper is god tier, especially on Moze


I use a Plasma Coil on my Maliwan Fl4K, a Redistributer on my Hyperion Zane, a Torrent on my Dahl Amara and don't use an SMG at all on my Vladof Moze, because Boom Sickle just does everything (plus Vladof don't have an SMG in BL3...)


I like the koason and D.N.A


Maining Moze, flipper - w an infernal wish for extra pellet, and practically never ending clip, just walk and spray


You can't forget the kaosen either if you want some variety.... also if you have a melee build going, the ripper is pretty damn op as well


Plasma coil, especially on Moze with the anointment *Elemental critical hits can cause status effects of the element to explode, creating a nova that deals 500% of the status effects damage.* It wipes out enemies that are close to each other.


i used a Crit for a while and that shit shreds on Fl4k, got x2 on it with Fade Away Anoint and it’s so damn good, tears through your ammo though


Full-auto Kaoson or the Needle.


Plasma Coil. Flipper. Kaoson.


Nighthawking is always a great choice


Cloud Kill. Hands down really disgusting. *Mayhem Lvls on ehh not so much*