I’m so tired of books titled ‘The X’s Daughter’ or ‘The X’s Wife’.

I’m so tired of books titled ‘The X’s Daughter’ or ‘The X’s Wife’.


At my library we call those "the Occupation's Relation" books. It is a weird trend.


I see a new book display in your future


Next, it will just be professional associations. "The Plumber's Dentist" "The Librarian's Mail Carrier" "The Gastroenterologist's Gastroenterologist"


The Priest's Rabbi The Golfer's Gopher (loosely based on Caddy Shack) The Bartender's Horse


> The Bartender's Horse The Horse's Bartender


Why the long face? that's a lovely title!


"The Gastroenterologist's Proctologist" to go, hm, full circle.


The Nurse's Midwife? Well, at least that one sounds like it'd pass the Bechdell test.


Plot twist: the entire series is about the nurse and the midwife talking about the husband of the woman they’re tending to and how attractive and successful at his job he is.


Plus, both of them are sure the other is sleeping with the husband, so that's all they talk about to their own husbands. The Nurse's husband is sleeping with the Midwife's husband, though, and find the whole thing ridiculous.


somebody get this man a typewriter, some cocaine, and an unpaid intern editor


"The Proctologist's Third Cousin"


And don't forget that if you have a book based in Africa, you have to have that lone tree with the sun setting behind it.


Or have Mt Kilimanjaro rising over the Serengeti.


And if any part of it takes place in Paris, the Eiffel tower had damn well better be on the cover


Don’t you know the Eiffel Tower is visible from every window in Paris?


That's true! Even those which face away from it.


So Paris has non-Euclidean geometry? Danger will robinson!


Paris is actually a terrifying place. One moment you’re looking out the window: Eiffel Tower. You go to the opposite side of the room and look out that window: Eiffel Tower You look to a window on the left side of the room: Eiffel Tower In horror you turn to the right: Eiffel Tower The things is basically an IRL SCP


Africa? Just put a baobab tree lol


Or an acacia


That's the one! I couldn't think of the name of it. Thanks!


I work in a bookshop, and we all make fun of these sorts of titles. The [occupation]'s [female relation]. I hate it. The only worse thing I can think of, which is *distressingly* common, is a novel where the protagonist's name is Grace, Hope, or Faith, and then the title is a play on the name. "Saving Grace," "Losing Hope," "Keeping Faith," etc etc etc. Please please please don't ever do this.


Not gonna lie, now I'm thinking about a book titled The Occupation's Female Relation, and I can see it being a bestseller.


The book: Loosely inspired by a true story, a story about a young women trying to reconcile her inner conflict between being a member of the Danish resistance, and the absolute loyalty and love she has for her brother who is a German collaborator. The movie adaptation: Based on a true story, an until now untold incredible tale from March 1941 of 5 German Generals all stationed in a small village in Denmark, and how a group of their sisters, girlfriends and wives came together to single handedly win the war for America.


I thought of something along the same lines… 1940, Wehrmacht occupied Paris. After the signing of the German-French Armistice the French resistance begins its fight against the Nazi occupation. Lorraine Bonheur, skillfully employs tradecraft as she works her way up through the ranks garnering information from lonely soldiers and officers that she then feeds back to the resistance. As she slips into various different roles and professions she eventually comes in contact with a German officer who goes on to become the direct controlling force that oversees the occupation of Vichy, the head of the puppet state of France, the force of the Wehrmacht that controls Marshal Philippe Pétain. In 1942, after German forces take Vichy, she moves there with the officer and supplies all of the information back to the resistance and de Gaulle… until 1944 at the fall of the German occupation of France… she stood over the body of the German officer, knife in hand, blood pooling around his body, and she smiles knowing that France is finally free. (My friends in France, don’t be mad at me if I got details wrong, my knowledge of your history is very light. Je te pardonne.)


It could be very 'collection of short stories' or something akin to "Brief Interviews with Hideous Men" but where women talk about the realtities of identity reductionism.


This is my favorite reddit idea in ages.


Damn my upcoming books were "Sparking Joy", "Crack of Dawn", "Smelling a Rose" about Joy's untimely end in a fire, Dawn's sexual exploits, and Rose's unfortunate encounter with a pervert on the subway.


Crack of Dawn, about Dawn’s tentative exploration of anal play, would be 100% more interesting than any of the ‘Losing Hope’ style books and you should write it immediately.


Ahh! I thought it was about Dawn's venture into the seedy underground drug world. I'm good either way. I shall wait for the book - I am saving this post, so please remember to add the GoodReads link here. Thank you.


That’s the sequel - ‘the Crack of Crack of Dawn’. Critics believe it heavily influenced the opening scenes of Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street.


And finally the third entry into the trilogy: The Crack of Crack of Dawn at Dawn. A tale about 2nd chances, and overcoming anal sex and drug addictions.


Jean Pierre notices that Dawn's pants are riding a little low and he can see a glimpse of her underpants. "I see London", he teases. Dawn blushes. "Would you like to see France?", she asks before biting her lower lip.


Crack of Dawn is actually non fiction about the first female plumber.




Unless Hope was the name of Dawn's anal beads and Losing Hope was the sequel to Crack of Dawn


Oof. I thought Dawn had a drug habit.


She does, it’s addressed in the sequel The Crack of Dawn’s Crack


These are actually the titles of my upcoming novellas. {Sparking Joy} - Peter Sparking, famous plastic surgeon, is on the run. His crime? He killed the president. Or did he? {Crack of Dawn} - Crack Peterson was the best detective on the force until his wife ran away with a serial killer, The Onion. Now more murders are occurring and his wife is back in town. Could there be a connection? {Smelling a rose} - Smelling Smith has always been made fun of because of his name. But now hes getting his own back, with kindness, as he opens his own flower shop. But the boy-next-door-who-got-away just moved into the empty shop next door selling weed killer, putting Smellings flowers in jeopardy. Hilarity ensues.


Honestly I'd read the last one.


I love the scene in Parks and Rec that makes fun of this. Leslie is reading a book called The Time Traveler's Optomotrist.


"A heartwarming story about a caveman eye doctor who travels to present-day Cincinnati and can see everything but love."




Wow that's a genius line haha


I recall seeing one of those ‘what would your X name be’ type Twitter threads a while back which was for making up these types of titles. I think it was your first job + the female relation you last spoke to. Mine would be The Florist’s Mother in Law 😂 Edit: as plenty of people have pointed out below, obviously don’t post whatever yours is if you’ve used your first job as a security question somewhere ..... it’s kind of a fun enough thing to do in your head though too.


The Babysitter’s Mother? The Plant Nurseryman’s second-cousin?


If The Babysitter's Mother is an extended universe spin off about the various adult characters in The Babysitter's Club then sign. me. up.


Yes! I loved those books when I was a kid and was actually curious about the adults. I would be interested in a spin-off series about them that’s actually written for an adult audience. I remember being intrigued that these adults had such busy social lives that meant that they used the BSC services so often. Not that parents shouldn’t ever get away from their kids, but the kids of Stoneybrook, CT seemed to spend a lot more time with the BSC members than with their parents lol


The (archaic trade) of (exotic city)'s (subordinate role).


The Knob Thatcher of Boca Raton's Unpaid Intern


What? No love for *The Scrivener of Bratislava's Daughter's Best Mate*?


The Milkman of New York’s Housewives


The Redditor’s Mother


Chapter 1: Getting my kid to move out already Chapter 2: Yes, I am charging you rent. Chapter 3: My failures as a mother. Chapter 4: Please get a job.


Chapter 5: Am I The Asshole


It's algorithm publishing. It's everywhere and I find it saps me of all curiosity - makes the world so much smaller. *"Our data says that the best selling books are bought by women aged 31 who work in chip shops in Barnsley and are called Brenda. Therefore all books must now appeal to Brenda."* *"I see you bought a book with a red cover, now have some more books with a red cover."* "Our American focus groups tell us that they liked characters with blond hair and lead rebelions, therfore all future books will have blond protagonists who lead rebellions." "That book has sold very well, lets get someone else to write the same book but with a blond protaganist called Brenda who leads a rebelion of 31 year old Fish and Chip workers against the evil Cod Father. In fact lets publish 10!


Kaijitt has the wares, if this one has the coin😸


same but with “a ___ of ___ and ___” titles


College Humour does a great game show called Um, Actually; a round they like to do every few episodes is called A Title of Words, where they take about six of these book titles and separate all of the nouns so the players have to pair them up and arrange them correctly. They rarely get them right, unless they happen to have already read the books, and it makes a very good point about generic titles.


A Clash of Kings The Boat of 1000 years The Gifts of Light The Pride of Kings etc etc It’s a funny game making fun of this naming convention (which I absolutely haven’t fallen prey to ever).


A song of ice and fire??


The Girl of Fire and Thorns A Court of Thorns and Roses Girls of Paper and Fire Of Fire and Stars All the Stars and Teeth The Forest of Hands and Teeth House of Earth and Blood Children of Blood and Bone Daughter of Smoke & Bone Ship of Smoke and Steel


The house of sand and fog


Can someone make a madlib generator of titles like this? I'm not smart enough but I assume it would be hilarious


I went to [Text Synth](https://bellard.org/textsynth/) (a neural net using the GPT-2 model) and seeded it with the first ~~five~~ six 'A ___ of ___ [and] ___' that came into my head: A Queen of Spite and Malice A Dress of Stolen Sequins A Court of Heels and Blisters A Cup of Milk and Honey A Tower of Invisible Bricks A Sky of Burning Garnets The titles need to be a bit out-there otherwise the output will be very generic (using actual 'A ___ of ___ [and] ___' titles gives stuff like: >A Wolf in the Night >A House of the Dead >A Place where Evil Dwells >A Garden of Roses Ho-hum. But the 'slightly weird priming titles' approach yielded results, some of them plausible fantasy titles: >A Roof of Burnished Glass >A Ship of Tides and Dunes >A Sky of Wild Fireflies >A Dream of a Small Town >A Throne of Curses >A House of Leaves (I think this one may be taken) ...others, not so much: >A World of Molluscs >A Pile of Dried Fish >A Sea of Sperm >A Boat with a Boat Boat >A House of Spam >A House of the Wicked and the Wickedly Wicked >A House of Blood, Blood, Blood and Blood >A House of Cows, Chickens and Goats and Bacteria >A Staff of Stormy Storms ...plus some intriguing ones: >A House with Only One Room >A City Under the Bed >A Daffodil Tree >A House with Thieving Eyes >A Bathtub of Snowflakes >A Clock of Tumbling Water >An Old Mirror at Dawn >A Greeting from the Sun >A Youth of Faith and Treachery >A Room with a Clockwise Twist ...and some better suited to Bizarro Fiction: >A Spaghetti of a Thousand Colors >A Windowful of Spiders >A Tower of Baked Beanbags >A Carriage of Lost Carrots >A Ship of Raging Prawns At this point, I was ready to quit, but Text Synth was just getting started with its epic 'A Daughter of' series: >A Daughter of Lumps and Licorice >A Daughter of Fungus and Fingers >A Daughter of Squiggles and Sleeves So, it's discovered alliteration. Let's try two more cycles: >A Daughter of Peas and Peacock >A Daughter of Wasp and Worm Dangit, this should be a series! Tell me more, AI Magus: >A Daughter of Foul Vomit and Farting Blood >A Grandmother of a Baby Who Will Never Be born >A Grandmother of a baby Who Will Take Its Mom By the Arms and Say She's "The Mother!" >A Grandmother of a baby Who Has All of its Hair But Loves It. >A Grandmother of a Baby Who's Born With a Bacteria! >A Grandmother of a Baby Who Won't Live to ...well, that got dark fast. But some of the titles were good, or at least not boring. Of the output not of the 'A ___ of ___ [and] ___' form, by far the best was **'All of Us Are Boring and We Like It That Way'**. If it's not a book, it should surely be a song.


A Comment of Great Effort and Incredible Hilarity


> A House of Blood, Blood, Blood and Blood This one sent me.


Possibly written by Garth Marenghi


Not going to lie, I’d legitimately read A Pile of Dried Fish and A House of Blood, Blood, Blood, and Blood


A Windowful of Spiders and A Clock of Tumbling Water will be my next two novels, for sure.


5/5 would buy and attempt to read all the bizarro fiction ones. Especially A Ship of Raging Prawns, a swashbuckling epic of invertebrate anti-imperialist intrigue.


With a smidge of human guidance, it's scarily good at these. Selecting repeatedly for titles with that bizarro feel yielded: >The House of Spatula >Pill Men of the Cadaveric Womb >The Fanged Mouth of the Glamazon >Dance Fever and the Tooth Fairy >All the Peasants Have Thighs >Pigeons of Death (ed. blatant plagiarism from Text Synth: they're a punk band from Ruislip, UK) >Eyes that Glow Like Ice Cream RE: A Ship of Raging Prawns, there is a (non-nautical) film that's Raging Bull...except that the fighter is [a 7-foot mantis shrimp](https://www.theguardian.com/business/2008/jul/05/emi.taxavoidance). The film was a flop in the UK but [a sleeper hit in Japan](https://thebedlamfiles.com/commentary/crust-and-the-calamari-wrestler/), where is actually spawned knock-off films about warrior sealife. I feel a little guilty for letting you know this, because 'Crust' is a hard film to track down for viewing.


Pill men of the cadaveric womb sounds like the heraldic name for incels.


Fookin' prawns!


Dibs on A Daughter of Wasp and Worm. I think I could plot that out pretty quick


I fed some of your titles back into text synth and it decided to write about haunted houses: > An Abandoned House in the Night An Underwater Treehouse A House that is Not Owned A House that is Empty A Puddle of Water A Bedroom with No Windows and a Door that Is Stuck A Room with a Closed Door A Windowless, Abandoned, Haunted House A Room with a Door that Only Turns on Once A House Where the Floor Is Missing A House with a Window that Isn't That Easy to Open


> A House with a Window that Isn't That Easy to Open True horror.


>An Underwater Treehouse I can totally see this for a coming-of-age horror story set in a bayou. >A House that is Not Owned >A House that is Empty This is just fantasy fic for estate agents, isn't it? >A House with a Window that Isn't That Easy to Open Okay, so the place needs a little work. Mind your fingers on those sashes! >A House Where the Floor Is Missing Dreaming of a luxury basement? We have the perfect project... >A Windowless, Abandoned, Haunted House Nonono. *Never* say that. It's just a bit of a fixer-upper!


"All of us are boring and we like it that way" sounds fantastic.


*A Spaghetti of a Thousand Colors* I need to steal. Absolutely beautiful.


now someone feed this to r/writingprompts


> A House of Blood, Blood, Blood and Blood Where do I mail this check for the advance


A court of heels and blisters! I love this 😂


A Sea of Sperm 😳


A Ship of Tides and Dunes And An Old Mirror at Dawn Need to be part of a sword and planet style series, the sort with bronze age societies with access to post-apocalipse tech. Like a ship that sails on sea and desert both, and a "mirror" that might be a weapon or a portal. I found my NAI prompt.


> A House of the Wicked and the Wickedly Wicked This sounds like the next Worst Witch/Harry Potter crossover spinoff title.


I need to you to know that I have been laughing uncontrollably at this for a full five minutes and can barely breathe


Children of Blood and Bone Edit: I didn't see it on the list initially but it was the first one I thought of; not sure if they edited to add or I just missed it. Also I enjoy the comments about velociraptor babies immensely.


What are other peoples kids of?


Considering the diaper situation every day, I think mine's half poo


Children of Pee and Poo


I’m convinced my son is half poo, half velociraptor. Those shrieks are unearthly.


Can he open doors? I saw a documentary once that showed velociraptors can open doors.


Too short for doors so far but he can open the latch on the door to his baby gate. It’s terrifying, he’s only 10 months.


What was the documentary called?


My daughter is sugar and spice, which is a real pain. We have to keep the humidity really high in the house so she stays clumped up. Blood and bone sounds more convenient. You just have to keep it cool enough to not spoil them.


The Bookstore of Lazy Titles Siblings of Nouns and Other Nouns


A daughter of man and man! I wanna read that


That's like that oglaf comic


Covers are starting to all look the same too. Floral with block lettering B/w with thin lettering Multicolor swirls with bold lettering I keep thinking they’re the same author, but they’re…not.


I also keep assuming that books are by the same authors for the same reason. The ones I keep seeing are: A silhouette of a man in a long coat with a sepia image of a city behind him. A woman in a colourful dress and the rest of the cover is slightly monochrome. A close-up of a woman's face with her looking off to the side. A filter has been applied to the photo to make it look slightly, but not quite, like a painting.


How about a book actually called The X’s Wife?


let’s make it really difficult: The Y’s Ex-Wife


Ze Y's Ex-wife


Too Pie Are Ex-Wives Squared


Ooh, a sequel!


Does this mean I should stop working on my new book *The Zamboni Driver’s Common Law Wife For Tax Purposes Only*


A lot of new authors like to put the word fuck into the title of their book to be edgy.


I've been seeing this especially with self help books. There is a weird trend of trying to make self improvement badass. Not my style, personally


I feel like it's got to be due to the success off "the art of not giving a fuck" and they're trying to capture the attention grabbing magic of that title


I quit that book when every other word became clearly “fuck”. I’m not offended by swearing, I could make a sailor blush myself, but holy god, I get it, you say fuck, you’re edgy, can you just write??


The more you use the word "fuck", the less impact it has. A single fuck in a song stands out. Multiple fucks just lose all their power.


That book was hot narcissistic garbage lol


Ugh I dislike that genre lol. I have a feeling that you would have to give many fucks to buy a book about not giving a fuck.


I suppose I can kinda see it if you're hoping to reach the kind of person who associates self-help with personal weakness.


They need to combine these strategies. "The Farmer's Fucking Daughter." I'd read that.


Wait until you hear about their secret


Were they secretly The One, or inwardly beautiful all along?


Especially when they had a full makeover or *gasp* took their hair out of a ponytail and removed their glasses.


[sighs and deletes first draft of _The Crack Addict Tax Accountant's Step-Daughter-In-Law From his First Marriage_]


Or "the girl and the...." "The girl in the...."


Definitely this one! And if we were to include movies: "American \[every noun in the English language\]"


Pie Werewolf in London History X Just off the top of my head, no thinking required. I haven't even seen any of them, they're just that famous.


Don't forget Sniper, Beauty, and Gods


Graffiti Gigolo Splendor Honey Hustle Beauty Dreamz Ultra Wedding Gangster Me


I saw an ad for a book called, "The Girl Who Knew Da Vinci," and I swear it must have been written by an AI.


After Gone Girl and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo there was an influx of these titles. I avoid.


Riding off that, after Gone Girl and Girl on the Train, every similar thriller was compared to those two. Most came nowhere close in quality. IMO, GotT wasn’t close to Gone Girl, either.


Titles consist of only so many words, so it is inevitable that every basic wording structure, and even some specific words, get associated with subgenres or aesthetics or allusions that the writer is going for. If you are writing women's lit and try to let potential readers get the vibe that it is about a (probably sidelined) woman's personal experiences, you don't want to title it to sound like a thriller, or a high fantasy. Anyways, the formats are sometimes pretty transparent: "The \[noun\] of \[Full Name\]": Coming of age story that draws attention to the individual, and their experiences. (Eg. The Miseducation of Cameron Post, The Revolution of Birdie Randolph) "\[Noun\] of \[simple/elemental noun\] and \[simple/elemental noun\]" = Fantasy with a theme of dualistic conflict. (eg: Girls of Paper and Fire, A Court of Thorns and Roses ) "\[Noun\] of \[Made up word\]": Fantasy with a focus on the made up word promising escapism and elaborate worldbuilding (eg: The Heralds of Valdemar, The Sword of Shannara, The Chronicles of Narnia) "One simple word": TV show, or a book wanting to offer a similar experience/angling for an adaptation (e.g: Lost, Dark, The 100, Vikings, Ash, Scythe, Vicious) "YA with the word "Fire" in it" (or Ember, Cinder, Flame, etc): A tone of edgy rebelliousness, a promise of "We are about to burn this entire motherfucker down". (Eg: Girls of Paper and Fire, Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Incendiary, Of Fire and Stars). (For reference also see the second category). "Incomplete part of a sentence": Literary ambitions, the title is part of a quote that doesn't spell out the literal plot but underlines the story's symbolic themes (To Kill a Mockingbird, Of Mice and Men, Catcher in the Rye, Grapes of Wrath)


>Titles consist of only so many words Japanese LN authors: "Because My Toilet Turned Into a Dungeon, Taking Care of My Business Has Become too Difficult"


But your examples are so short -- how about "I once saw a cat fighting an eagle, so I immediately decided to go eat ice cream at my childhood friend's new shop". They're only rivaled by scientific papers at this point ("Time-resolved structured illumination microscopy reveals key principles of Xist RNA spreading", *Science 372*)


I was hoping someone would bring these up, i find them hilarious how long they can get sometimes. Then the fans come up with something much shorter to call it anyway. ;)


A lot of LNs start off as webnovels, where people don't often read the synopsis or websites won't even allow a synopsis to be added. The easiest way around it was to turn the title into it. Now we get absolute gems like - Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon I, a Demon Lord, Took a Slave Elf as My Wife, but How Do I love Her? WorldEnd: What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us?


Incomplete part of a sentence is the GOAT


Then again, I only named the literary classics that started the trend, it is very easy to appropriate the same pattern for fairly straightforward Big Issue YA: The Fault in Our Stars The Hate U Give The Female of the Species If I Was Your Girl All the Bright Places Thirteen Reasons Why


Becky Chambers has some great ones that aren't classics by any means, still great- *A long way to a small, angry planet* *A closed and common orbit* *The galaxy and the ground within*


I kinda hope Small Angry Planet ends up thought of as a classic. The others are good, but Small Angry Planet is just wonderful.


Overtly long sentences are probably worth their own entry. I would say they are mostly associated with intentionally verbose children's book titles (e.g: Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day), and comedy titles( e.g: So Long and Thanks for All the Fish") . The ones that are neither of these things directly, are usually still promising a sense of life-affirming twee quirkiness. Chambers is doing that, along with: The Summer of Jordi Perez (and the Best Burger in Los Angeles) Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe To All the Boys I've Loved Before Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda


“The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making” is one of the longest titles i have EVER seen


Then we've got Japanese LNs like: The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time and Because My Toilet Turned Into a Dungeon, Taking Care of My Business Has Becomes too Difficult


And it’s usually some quotation or other. The Fault in Our Stars, Pale Fire, Infinite Jest, The Sound and the Fury and Brave New World are all Shakespeare, for example.


Not Shakespeare but other well-known titles that refer to a quote or line of poetry would include No Country for Old Men, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, For Whom The Bell Tolls, The Grapes of Wrath, The Winter of Our Discontent (Shakespeare), etc.


Things Fall Apart


Good one! And from the same poem, *Slouching Towards Bethlehem* by Joan Didion.


My least favorite is “[One word name of character]” – the untold backstory of a character. More of a movie/TV trend, though. Pennyworth Clarice Cruella Maleficent


That could be connected to a broader trend of one-word proper nouns alluding to an existing property: Gotham Smallville Ratched Sherlock Hannibal Riverdale Lupin Merlin Titans I think it's a combination of what I said above about TV shows really wanting to have one-word titles, and a flex about how famous the property is, that you will recognize it just from one word that isn't even the proper franchise name. If someone would finally make a Harry Potter TV show, it would probably be called "Hogwarts".


I just realized that bands do this too. Ex: \[verbing\] \[name\] (Flogging Molly, Breaking Benjamin, Asking Alexandria, etc.)


It’s more obvious with bands. There’s even the trope of “new band name!” when someone strings together an improbable phrase. Hell, my kids do this and we have a list of funny band names on our fridge, each with some dumb inside joke behind them. The Banana Pennies; Crab Engine; Rabid Platypus Edits: Here are the stories behind them: The Banana Pennies -One day my oldest kid was cutting up banana for her cereal. She couldn’t think of the word for slice and said she was cutting them up into coins. Crab Engine- we had a Strandbeest toy model and were playing with it on the porch. My son remarked it looked like it was powered by a crab. Rabid Platypus- we were trying to imitate the sound that Perry the Platypus makes and one of us couldn’t make the sound at ALL and someone said it sounded like if he was rabid.


Crab Engine isn't actually that bad


Damn, Crab Engine works great for a band name lol. Any story behind how those names came to be?


One that isn't used nearly enough, in my opinion: [Name] of [Location]. I love this title structure. Anne of Green Gables, Mare of Easttown.


Now if we could come up with way to search for books using this system I'd be set! I really enjoy \[Noun\] of \[Made up Word\] books are for the most part.


Sounds like a great machine learning project. Just gather some pre-sorted training data, train the model and let it run wild on goodreads.


Don't forget the Cities of. ​ City of Bones City of Dogs City of Cats City of Litter City of Kitties City of Girls City of Ember City of Ladies City of Dreaming Books


The Book of the City of Ladies by Christine de Pisan.


Titles like “The End of ______” and “The Death of ______” . There was quite a spate of them for a while. The End of … Faith, Poverty, Men, History, Power, Nature, the Ocean, Policing, Alzheimer’s, Everything. The Death of … Bees, Expertise, Truth, the Liberal Class, Democracy, the Book.


The Death of Clickbait Titles.


Genre: High Fantasy


Agree. Along the same lines, I think the "The Good X" is so over used in Books and TV. The Good Doctor, The Good House, The Good Place, The Good Widow, The Good Father, I get it ...


For the TV show, I think *The Good Place* was perfectly chosen, even if it is overused in general.


Doesn't hurt that the show is forking amazing.


You know it's the internet you can say fork. Edit: What the shirt?


You realize I’m trying to say **ash hole** instead of ash hole, right?


The good place can stay but the rest can leave


The Good Dinosaur


Don't forget "The Good Wife"...


Oh great, two hated title formats in one.


The Good Earth


Yes! I'm a librarian too, and if I see another cover with women walking away or their backs on the cover, I'm going to chuck one against the wall. I know the trend will be over eventually, just like the Gone Girl stuff (every book a domestic thriller and with "girl" in the title). I'm just always amazed how readers will read so many of them. Don't they get repetitive after a while?


>Don't they get repetitive after a while? For some people, that's the point. As a die-hard sci-fi and/or vampire fan (hello Firefall!) .. I can't really judge. It can get repetitive to constantly read variations of the same tropes, though I feel like my choices have differences and nuances. Maybe these books do too, for their fans.


What about the time traveler's Optometreician?


*The Optometrician’s Girl With the Unicorn Birthmark*


At least the "Girl" title trend is starting to die out.


I would read the fuck out of The Hitchhiker's Wife's Guide to the Galaxy


The Librarians Complaint, by HowAboutBiteMe


I love it. Repetitive titles can be one chapter, food used as bookmarks can be another! Oh, and don’t forget ‘Help me find this book I don’t know the author’s name but the cover is red’, the sequel.


Commercial Fiction keeps the lights on. Although I have a similar (respectfully) snobby opinion on books as someone who has worked in a independent bookstore past fourteen years I came to realize it’s an ecosystem not a competition. Publishers are not gonna publish the next Margaret Atwood without the next John Grisham selling millions of copies to help justify that risk. It’s not literary vs commercial. It’s books versus Netflix. Books v Reddit. Books v Leaving the house. I understand its probably annoying having everyone trying to constantly take out the same couple titles but try not to let it bother you. It’s making people happy and at least they are reading.


Remember when every other movie was tilted "Confessions of a [blank]" or "Memoirs of a [blank]"? Same thing.


I find the '- of Auschwitz' fad much more problematic.


Are you suggesting that Cameron Pierce's *Ass Goblins of Auschwitz* (yes that is a real book) might be in bad taste?


*It's Monty Python meets Nazi exploitation in a surreal nightmare* Not a joke....That's actually from the dust jacket.


3.2 on good reads. Lol


I looked it up, and the description starts with “In a land where black snow falls in the shape of swastikas...” and now I’m wondering how much nuttier it can get.


Had to search that one in incognito mode.


I want to go out for a walk now.


So you're saying I should name my book *the Wife of Auschwitz?*


Assuming it retells the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice in the context of a Nazi concentration camp, yes that sounds perfect. Guaranteed best seller.


I’ve noticed that it’s always female characters too, you don’t really see “The Watchmaker’s Son.” It’s always “The Male Occupation’s Female Relation.”


Time for someone to write "The Midwife's Uncle in Law"


Leather Daddy's Great Uncle


The only one I can think of is Magician’s Nephew


I noticed an uptick in “All the” titles: All the Light We Cannot See All the Ugly and Wonderful Things All the Missing Girls All the Pretty Horses All the Birds in the Sky All the Things We Lost in the Fire These titles are growing longer and longer.


Not sure how old you are, but in the late 1990s and early 2000s, I was absolutely sick of verbing titles (eg, Saving Silverman, Finding Nemo, etc.) I think it’s just a curse of the popular.


The protagonist wrestles with something similar in Stephen King's book Lisey's Story. After her famous writer husband passes, titular Lisey goes through old newspaper clippings and counts how many time she is referred to as "Famous Author's Wife", versus how many times she is actually referred to by name (if she is mentioned at all). The trend in both the news media and naming convention has become a lot more obvious to me since.


The Wife, a movie with Glenn Close, tackles the same sort of thing. Her husband, famous writer, is getting a Nobel price for Literature and all she's known as is The Wife when in fact he only writes because of her. (I have not seen the movie yet but that is the premise)


My wife is a fairly famous photographer but she wasn't when we met, I'm now "(her name) husband" I gotta say it is a really weird experience having a) a suddenly public life and then b) not even being the protagonist. I've literally walked into parties and heard behind me "is that (wife's full name) husband? Is (wife's full name) here?" As a side note that's sort of when you realize the shift happens, when your spouse starts getting the full name treatment.


Article source: https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/themillions.com/2012/03/the-___s-daughter.html/amp Apparently the author stopped counting at 530 books with a title of this style!


Non-AMP link: https://themillions.com/2012/03/the-___s-daughter.html


Another interesting article by the same author (Emily St. John Mandel of Station Eleven and The Glass Hotel fame) about titles with “girl”: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-gone-girl-with-the-dragon-tattoo-on-the-train/