Bicycle. An Ode, a symphony if you will, to human perseverance.


It was my first favorite episode and will ALWAYS have a place on my heart


As I sit and watch my three year old attempt the monkey bars for the first time, this episode is on my mind.


It's SOOO good! My wife never understood why I put so much effort into skateboarding until she saw the episode. She turned to me and said "I get it now! It feels good to overcome something that might seem impossible at first, even if you have to keep trying over and over again." For the record, I kind of suck at skateboarding lol


YES! It completely encapsulates humanity and childhood… but with dogs.


>An Ode, a symphony if you will, to human perseverance. Call me a self-centered nerd, but as a classical musician\* I found Ode to Joy too... dare i say *simple.* ^(\*The guy who played one f\*cking piece and think's he's the next Beethoven.)


Bike was the first episode I loved. Made me a better parent. <3


Handstand and the preceding duck cake episode always give me the feels too. Definitely underrated episodes!


Handstand always gets me because it's >!Bingo's birthday party!<, all Bingo wants is for someone to watch her do a handstand, and everyone's too busy doing their own thing to oblige until she asks Nana. It's almost a common theme that Bingo's so easy-going that her needs are forgotten.


My second kid is super easy going too and I often worry that I will overlook something when he really needs me because of how assertive, specific, and vocal my older kid can be about her needs.


I'm with you there! It reminded me of my sister's birthday at around 7-8 years old. I think it was cake cutting time, perhaps, but all the kids were running about the house, playing with her toys, not listening and she started to cry a little because she realized that they were not there *for her* (too dramatic of a reading, as it's a bunch of 7 year olds and then pumped full of jelly and ice cream and you're *never* going to be to herd those cats, even though I still tried).


Handstand is a great episode.


Handstajd is my current number one. It makes me cry every time.


"Shadowlands", one of the underrated gems from Series 1. For starters, one could see that become a real game in real life. As with many of the earlier episodes, the animation's a bit rough in some spots (no pun intended), but Ludo's technical/artistic brilliance is only starting to show. (That much I thought when I took a casual gander at it on Disney+ last Saturday at noon.)


We didn’t call it as such, but I de finely played a version of “shadowlands” as kids where the sunlight was lava?


Shadowland is a real (Bluey themed) board game! It’s… not very good. But my boy loves playing it, so I guess it’s doing something right.


Try the scavenger hunt one! Literally the only game I will play with my kids


"run Snickers! Hurry your little sausage legs!"


One of my favorites! Looks like a super fun game!


My daughter and I play shadowlands


Shadowlands made me cry because I have 2 sausage dogs 😂 I’m far too emotional


Fancy restaurant is up there in my top ten. I love how the parents are trying not to be romantic and kiss in front of the girls, and it turns into quite sweet how Bandit saves Chilli from such an awful fate. Also the final second gets me every time.


One of my daughter’s favorite things to do is yell “Hey, Chef, what’s the special?” across the house to her dad 😂




There’s no special 😊




Thah WHAT?!


Handstand is my favourite by far. My son's favourite is Rain.


Chest. Particularly the bit about Bandit's fears for his daughters' and how he wants to prepare them: "But one day you'll be Queens". Makes me think of my Dad. He thought I was tough but he was so worried about me.


I wonder if I agree with Chilli's "take care of their hearts" thing.


The Pool. It was the first episode I saw and I just loved how real the perspectives were for the parents and kids. Bandit as this kinda absent minded, just wanna have fun dad, forgetting all the small important stuff that Chilli ends up bringing. Plus little things like how Bluey didn't know how to shake water off yet and Bingo being scared of the pool cleaner. Alllso, the last shot with Bluey looking up and seeing her parents kissing. Oh man, the music too! Such a great episode. Also shoutout to The Creek.


The Creek is another one that doesn’t get enough love!


Easily my favorite


The Pool is basically a documentary of my life, as far as I'm concerned. This is a top tier episode. The noise Bluey makes when she is trying to shake cracks me up every time.


The Show. I know people always throw love to the bit about Chilli possibly having a miscarriage (personally I thought it meant that Bluey was an early baby hence Chilli's overprotectiveness in Baby Race) but it's a really great episode about resilience and that being strong doesn't mean you never cry.


>it's a really great episode about resilience This is why I quite like the tiny bit from Markets where Bluey and Indy don't get to have a pony ride. I know a lot of people feel like the stall holder should have let them skirt around the rules but I think showing that you can be a pair of perfectly lovely kids and still be told no by a reasonable adult is really good for kids.


Has a miscarriage reference gone over my head? I can't remember one 🤔


There's a bit in The Show where Bingo is pretending to be their Mum and she has a blue balloon under her shirt that represents Bluey when Mum was pregnant with her. During "the show" the sisters play a little rough and the balloon pops. Mum looks a little stunned and Dad takes her hand like he's consoling her. People have taken this to mean that Chilli might have had a miscarriage before Bluey.


I thought it was because bingo was already upset, and the hand was a 'it's ok, this shits gonna explode with her emotions but we got it'


That's the way I saw it - Bingo was already worried that she would ruin the day/show, and Bandit was holding Chilli's hand in anticipation of the ensuing meltdown. The miscarriage theory has become very popular, even if I don't agree to it personally. If people identify with it though, and it helps them, then it's really not a bad thing and there's nothing wrong with it.


Bumpy and the Wise Old Wolfhound. It’s funny, it’s charming, and I saw it during a scary time with my health, so it really resonated with me when Bluey said “getting sick is just a part of life”. I grew up being blamed whenever I got sick, so it broke me. It’s pretty underrated imo, one of my favorites


The running shtick that Muffin can’t remember her lines gets me every time 😂 I love that episode.


I had wabies


"I had wabies."


Burger shop. Nice episode showing even Bandit and Chilli don’t always agree on everything parenting wise.


I like it too how sometimes you can try something as a parent, not have it work out, talk to your kids about it and adapt.


Ooooo, goodness, so many! See-Saw, always makes me laugh and aww at Pom Pom. Housework is hilarious, the Heelers are nuts! Whale Watching I love.


**Pomewanians are a small but hardy bweed!** I'm on the fence if she says it with a w sound but it *feels* an acceptable interpretation.


I thought Pompom was a boy?


Y'know, thinking about it, I don't recall it ever being specified. I shouldn't assume that Pom-Pom would be a feminine name. I just had a quick look around and all the fan pages and wiki things are non-specific with [only one](https://blueypedia.fandom.com/wiki/Pom_Pom) choosing to go with female. I don't think they have evidence on why, other than perhaps an assumption like my own. There's only one solution... *Pom-Pom episodes in S4 please, Ludo!*


Yeah. I’m pretty huge.


Chilli: oh boo hoo! *Hands two hot dogs over* Chilli, you sly dog 😂


Fairies. I die when lucky’s dad off screen yells “nice roller blades bandit!! Aaaahahha” and then bandit dances around the mailbox to unfreeze bingo 😇


Bin Night! Such simple tasks like taking the garbage out can still be meaningful when spent with your family! Thanks Bin Man!


I always really liked how Chili doesn’t belittle any of the careers that Bluey asks about. It’s clear that all she wants is for Bluey to do what she loves. “Can I be a bin lady when I grow up?” “If you like!”


This one is the one I was looking for in this thread. The way they show the passage of time, with the alternating recycling weeks matching the phase of the moon, the interaction with the neighbors, the ways a little thing like your garbage is impacted by the week you've had. The sub plot of bingo figuring out how to deal with a bully. I think it's the most creative episode of bluey.


Escape because it’s so different


I regularly yell “WE JUST WANT TO LAHHHV YEWW!” At my kids (and cats).


It’s Jerry Lee!


Love Handstand but Daddy Dropoff is my favorite, especially for the very end of the episode.


Daddy Dropoff is my favourite too


Daughter just started school. As with some covid toddlers she's having a hard time making friends so that one gets me.


I think pizza girls is one of the funniest episodes I've ever seen.


I love watching Socks in that one. Just doing her own thing like the little star she is


Muffin is my favorite but socks is a gosh darn angel who deserves all the happiness and calm she can find lol


Muffin is my favorite but socks is a gosh darn angel who deserves all the happiness and calm she can find lol


Rug island. A beautiful episode that just happens to follow sleepytime. But it’s wonderful.


"Everything." gets me every time 🥺


Stumpfest. It brings me back to my childhood with the moms day drinking on the back porch while the dads work on a project out back, and the kids run wild in between. There were so many projects! My dad still has is little red igloo cooler.


Daddy Drop Off, the end bit showcasing Bingo and Lila growing up makes me weepy. I want my daughter to find a friendship that lasts. Bedroom because my girl belly laughs every time they slide the notes under the floor. Any episodes with Nana because she reminds me of my mom.


Daddy Drop Off’s ending caught me completely off guard the first time. Destroyed me in less than ten seconds. For me that episode will always epitomise this wonderful little program. Nothing else I’ve ever seen on TV has come remotely close to causing such a reaction, Bluey did it in seconds


My husbands favorite is “Ice Cream”!


As a mom who loves a walk on my own and a former kid who freaked out a few times when given a longer leash (ha!) than I was used to, The Beach is definitely in my top 5 episodes. And I just love the soundtrack to it!!!!


One of my favorite is Muffin Cone. It was the first episode that made me laugh out loud, Bluey and Bingo's reaction to seeing muffin in a cone and Muffins clear disgust with it in the intro got me! My girls like keepy uppy and dance mode, my three year old calls balloons "keepy uppies" and they like to dance during dance mode.


“Thank you for opening, beautiful sunflower!” “We love youuuuu!”


Keepy Uppy was the first episode my daughter watched and she asked for it nonstop. I miss it now!


My kid is a thumb sucker and I’m 💯 a Trixie.


I love Army so much. I have ADHD so I obviously relate to it, but it’s just so well done. They spend the first part of the episode listing all the things he can’t do (listen to directions, sit still, and remember things) and the second half of the episode shows him doing all those things (listening to rusty, staying still while on lookout, remembering the tree and all the hand signals). It even has some representations of my distorted view on time “*timewarp* and then it was pickup!” And my heart breaks for how aware of his issues he is. As a child, it was very frustrating that I couldn’t do what everyone else seemed to be easily able to do. I also read a comment on this sub that speculated Jack’s dad also has ADHD (doesn’t remember where his son’s school is, turns on satnav and spaces out, forgets to charge his phone, somewhat impulsive). Everything seems intentional in this show.


I watched this one for the first time today! Such a good episode!


*The Creek* is a lovely one. It's just something about the beauty and greenery of nature that I love about it. That being said, I LOVED that scene in *Born Yesterday* where Bandit stares at a leaf and it zooms in.. It was amazing!


bumpy and the wise old wolfhound is the funniest one imo but i never see it up there with the top episodes


Probably because it has bum worms


I was going to make a post about how great “Handstand” is! I definitely stayed tuned-in on Bingo the first time I watched. But it’s always fun on repeat watches to follow a different kid/game going on. Each person (dog?) is set on their own task, which overlaps with another’s. It took me until the third viewing to understand why Winton was so upset!


I need to watch this one again. I always look at Bingo lol


Christmas swim for me


Christmas swim reminded me so much of my childhood (down to the kid wandering through the house dripping from the pool)


I love Aunt Trixie's face when Nana Heeler makes her gravy comment.


I started a note on my phone tracking all the episodes that made me cry… I stopped counting after 12. They are all amazing.


Takeaway is basically my life whenever i want my kids to just sit still for 10 minutes while waiting for...well anything. I don't think any other episode captures the random chaos of having young children


I have three children, ages 1, 3, and 5. Takeaway makes me feel seen 😂


Café is one of my favorites. And as a NICU mom, Early Baby gets me every time 😭


And Rusty being the sweet little kid he is. “Hello doctor ladies!”


For me it is Whale Watching. Having been in that situation it is equal parts hilarious and understandable.


I haven't seen it here yet, so I'll nominate Sticky Gecko. Apart from the obviously relatable story of trying to get the kids out of the house amongst chaos, I LOVE the music in this episode.


Bus. It just makes me laugh but rarely gets mentioned in the top comedy episodes. We always talk about bus babies in our house.


The Custard factory reference gets me every time 😂 my kids love it when I put on a Custard album and they get to listen to 'Blueys Dads Band'


Two Grannies to Mahjong please


Asparagus is the funniest for me. Flat Pack is the cleverest, and Rug Island draws forth fatherly tears.


Dance Mode, Omelette, Quiet Game. All sweet episodes


Handstand and Barky Boats, both totally underrated IMO!


What I like about Handstand is that Bingo sooo badly needed someone to watch her and Nana sooo badly wanted to help someone and they both fulfilled each others needs perfectly at the end. But I'm always a bit weirded out that Bingo is the birthday girl and yet everyone ignores her even up to the cake coming out and all of a sudden Chilli being like "Bingo???" However....my toddler runs laps around the room when she sees the episode so I think she loves the rhythmic motions and music to actions of the episode.




Handstand gets me too!! Reminds me of my mom and my daughters bond together. And curry quest. Dunno why, but makes me cry EVERYTIME.


Whale watching, because when they’re watching the video and Chili feels like a really bad mum, that resonated with me so much. Also, Cafe, because my god if that isn’t what it’s like being a parent?! The awkward standing round, trying to make small talk whilst your kids are besties within 5 mins. I also love the build up to the friendship between Bandit and Winnie’s dad.


My two girls during those school holidays have had Bluey on constantly, so it’s always in the background. (A bit like me and Friends!). But tonight I sat down and watched Flat Pack. For the writers to come up with that evolution idea from IKEA furniture was so cool!!!


Early baby. Pregnant with my third with a real possibility of a early baby. It's made tell my 8f and 2f to prepare them easier


I love Calypso. It's melodic and starts seemingly slow, then builds up into a crescendo of activity. The interweaving stories was also great.


The episode *Octopus* makes me long for the father figure I wish I could've had but never will. All I can do now is be the best I can for my future children if I wish to have them someday. Heck, even the neighborhood kiddos looking for a safe space.


Squash. Season 2 episode 4


Bicycle The Weekend Daddy Put Down Wagon Ride Army Bedrooms Curry Quest Bumpy and the Wise Old Wolfhound The Creek So many!




I love The Creek. It reminds me of my childhood playing in the creek with my little sister. I also love Shops as that's exactly how children play, constantly checking in with each other about the rules and who is doing what.


Prolly Flat Pack and The Creek


Yoga Ball has to be my favorite because it's what made me love the show so much to begin with.


I love The Beach. I think Handstand is underrated too


Handstand brings me so much sadness and joy, plus it reminds me of my relationship with my grandma


Sleepover, Grandad & The Creek ETA: and Moms & Dads. I love Rusty and Indy.




Seesaw and Sheepdog are my faves.