Backstab the small one in the middle and get in as much damage as possible. After all 3 are aggro, focus on the one with the least health and parry them. (Beware of the cannon!)


how do you backstab? i've tried hundred of times the souls way but have yet to land one


Do a fully charged r2 on an enemy’s back and you can visceral the hell out of them. It looks… questionable when you do it to the giant pigs


You must go very slowly. This one with the lightnings, on the ladder. Try to kill him first, then reload location via lantern. Also tlry to clean area from the mobs before attack these guys, then used it, running from them, beat them one by one, running again, wating for the window, look for cannon etc. If you're not overleveled, I suggest just to be careful and not greedy.


You do a charged attack from behind (Hold R2)




What I usually do is creep around the stairs and back stab the one waiting there, then I back peddle up and down around the stairwell taking swings at all three of them and eventually wear them down


In fact, Blunderbuss or Ludwig's Rifle could be easier to parry them than the pistol. I think this battle is a quite fun one if you watch closely, they don't really gank you so your survivability is pretty fair even if you face them directly. But watchout the electricity and the cannon. Just always watch your stamina. I know BB is a fast game but in many battles it actually requires patience. Sometimes just hit and run and heal. There's no shame in fighting dirty.


Fisting their asses one by one