The nightmare swirls and churns, unending

The nightmare swirls and churns, unending




Praise the passive death


I was exploring a chalice last night and discovered free 6k by purposely triggering a trap. :)


Gotta be honest.....I've avoided this chalice and other non-core chalices for farming and just stuck to the basic dungeons. By the time you're working your way towards the Queen, the last few dungeons give great echoes compared to the loft pigs. They are 13k each for me with only the 3 pigs per run, when I can get 6k each from basic mobs in level 5 chalices....


On the way to the Queen, I got more echoes than I know what to do with. I was faced with the choice to either overlevel or buy blood vials and QSB until I reach the inventory limit. But NG++ Ludwig helped me with the problem by making me use about half of my inventory.




If you know, you know


I am confused but I respect that answer


To give you some insight, they are referring to a good echo farm. Not going to say more so you ruin your search history with it if you want to find out.


Its a very well known and open secret around here. The people on r/TombProspectors will explain it.


Chalice dungeon I think.


No I'm not. Bless the chalice dungeon that drops 80k base echoes for you just standing there for about 10 seconds.


\*Cries in no PSN


Cummmpfk strat


I'm very proud that it only took me 60 times and I had to farm ONCE!


Nice Cant say the same but i still did it


Except i didn't know about Murgos loft middle, so i spent hours grinding out the two floors of the lecture hall 😮‍💨


I love the lecture hall farm for how easy it is, it’s so simple to just flamespray the room with all the scholars and reawaken for 16k per run


Lecture Hall isn't bad either if you have a way to quickly deal with the scholars. But Mergo's Loft is definitely faster.


Mergo’s pig fisting route?


For some reason I found Orphan much easier than some of the other dlc bosses. Can anyone explain why they found him so hard/unfair?


Orphan is incredibly aggressive and some move combinations are very hard to deal with. Ludwig for example has about 1 or 2 seconds inbetween his attacks while Orphan sometimes waits for 1 second and sometimes just weaves 3 or 4 moves into each other. Orphan can at times feel like a boss from a bullet hell game. Orphans moveset is also really big so you have to memeorize every single one to properly react.


I have never read here ppl say orphan is unfair. For me personaly he is the most fair boss i ever fight in any game but still he hits hard and is agille enough to make fight a challange. Also he is preary resistant to arcane dmg and co op, so i think that makes him even more fair since its hard cheese him. So in my oppinion he is fight that is fair to both boss and player but fun and not easy.


Second phase is a bit fucking wild


Because all of their attacks are good at roll catching and they're super agressive. At least, I think that's why.


did you really just they/them orphan of kos


I don't remember the orphan telling the character what their gender is


Uhhh, I guess. I could have called it an it. If you wanted or a he or a she... It was just reflex. I responded the same way I would have for anyone really


Different players havr different playstyle i guess. I completed dlc in just few hours but stuggle so much with Vicar and defined Amygdala. That Amygdala fight is so unfair, that thing one shot me so easily.


It depends on what happens in his second phase. I guess it’s lucky RNG but when I played him he didn’t do a lot of the crazy ass shit I’ve seen him do against other players in the second phase.


…. do people actually farm echoes there? False depth chalice dungeons are way more convenient.


People like me who can’t play online sometimes have to :( But at least I only had to do it in my first playthrough. In NG+ even the story chalice dungeons were enough to make this unecessary.




YES! I'm currently doing this right now! All I've been thinking is that's all I do in this game... farm blood echoes to take down powerhouse bosses


Really feels like this should read Vials.


Vials, echoes, bullets, sanity, eventually you’ll have to leave to recover one or more of these things.


Fuck blood echoes, all my homies farm cursed gems


Did anyone else use the upload/download save file method to avoid farming? Orphan of Kos only took me like 10 tries while Ludwig took 50+


How did you know?!!! It’s just the Orphan and Gehrman left in my first playthrough...realized I hadn’t done any dungeons so I’m doing that now and getting quite a few levels. The difficulty difference between Micolash/Mergo’s Wetnurse near the end of the main story to the difficulty of the damn sharks and Orphan seems so vast to me, but maybe it has to do with Skill build, too.


*laughs in being way too stubborn and just throwing myself at it at BL70 for like 3 hours*


Cumm chalice


Ah yes this cunt


Or you could go to the DLC with the Heir runes, Nightmare church and back stab the 2 giants for an easy 300,000+ ecos.


If you are fighting orphan you already missed that chance unless you backed up the save before them though


I think the giants always respawn though


Oh wait, I thought you meant the Living failures because I was a living failure and didn't see you meant nightmare church


Yeah they do, they're just a normal enemy


Not gonna lie, i spent a total of 3 separate save file in order to kill this bastard, first is strength ( Executioner Axe)...second is Arcane(Moonlight), finally Skill(Saif) Took me about 2 month to finally gut the bastard


Have never had a problem with him... which I'd say with pride if I wasn't more ashamed of the fact that Lady Maria had killed me like a dozen times my first few playthroughs. Each playthrough, not collectively.


Loran/Lower Loran*


helping people with chalice dungeons earns you way more echoes


Try Isz depth 5 layer 3. Equip all moon runes and milkweed (for better loot drops).


I use base. Should I be using middle? What I do is slap on my visceral boost runes then backstab the 3 giant guys right near the light. ~20k per run


I think the pigs drop 13k (each) and thats without runes on so yeah its better


This guy took me a solid amount of tries but my most frustrating boss by far was Pthumerian Descendant. I figured him out after swapping to the blunderbus for counters.


How is this POV


The inferior grinding spot


I always forget about the area when I go back to play bloodborne, but when I get there I’m like, “Oh, this is why I stopped playing.” It’s like a time loop


He’s hitting you with a placenta right? The imagery is not great here. Not a big fan of parenthood, eh from? I always try to wrap my mind around what they might be hinting at, the curse (life/death) the overt imagery of exposed birthing organs used as weapons. I feel like I mostly disagree with the game’s messaging, but I do enjoy it also. Haven’t heard a lot on other’s opinions of the themes in FROM games.


Famin in mergo's loth? Pathetic


My new favorite build is saw spear, rush 50 skill, and get the visceral runes. By the time you get to orphan, your visceral damage is just disgusting. It may take a few tries, but you just need the one run where you get the parry's or back charged attacks off, and then you're done. Lots of ppl choose to deal with orphan by chain parrying, but saw spear lets you lean way into it. You get the same insane dps that the saw cleaver has, except it scales with skill allowing you to also get access to insane visceral damage. Recently started a new playthrough with this build again. I was at 50 skill and BL 45, which lines up perfectly to the next breakpoint. I went and fought electricity-boi. Few hits on a leg, hit him in the head, visceral attack, and his hp bar almost completely vanished. Absolutely disgusting.


I only had to farm for blood vials to restock my back up supply. Never really did it for levels.


I don’t know what it is, might have been pure luck but I beat this guy maybe 4th or 5th try. Had a miserable time with Ludwig though.


Correction: I go to the lecture hall


Now that I finished sekiro I need to focus on beating Orphan so I can start NG+ before Elden ring


Pfffft. Those are amateur numbers. Try just killing the lil' kin of the cosmos on one of the Isz Chalice layers with the Moon Rune equipped. Easily get 50,000 plus echos just from the opening of the dungeon there. Clear a layer and you get 200,000 or more. Praise the blechos!