AH. A hunter is a hunter!


A Plat Hunter is never alone. Congrats on the perseverence.


Congratulations, good hunter! A platinum, or some say platinumm.


I’ll never understood the Micolash hate on here. I’ve run through the game 4 times now since I first played it in February (not bragging, I know everyone on here has beat it 500 times, just stating for reference) and I’ve only died to him once. He’s only ever had a chance to use his call beyond once on me and that’s the time I died. That being said my most died to boss is The One Reborn so......... lol


Are you me? The only “easy” boss I regularly have some trouble with is The One Reborn. I have no idea why. I can solo Ludwig on NG+6 for days, but The One Reborn gets me a few times each cycle. Why?! Also, I adore Micolash. He’s the best worst thing ever.


My only real issue is his call beyond. On NG+ runs it often times 1 shots me and having to restart the fight over and over gets old.


I had this issue too when you fall into the arena just hug him and hit twice, bait out the augur, repeat.


Yes exactly, but personally I’ll hit him over and over until I have only a tiny bit of stamina left and then I’ll hit him with the auger. But yeah auger really really helps. I’ve used that every time


Don’t even worry about dodging it as long as you constantly move left or right after you’re done attacking it’ll miss


Next time, introduce him to the Beast Roar.


So many people hate on him but he's at least somewhat interesting in my opinion. Now, his Call Beyond is waaay too good, but other than that, I like him as a boss. He mixes things up


I'm new to game. When I fought him he got stuck in a loop where he would run out of a mirror, stand still, I would shoot him twice and he would port and come out of the mirror again. Killed him this way super easily lol.