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Does it improve the performance?


Load times are slightly faster.


No 60 fps but it does stay at a solid 30 without loosing any frames unlike the PS4 pro from what I have read online.


Pro is shocking, especially during jolly cooperation. I can't believe one of the most popular ps4 games hasn't had a pro patch.


All I can say is blame SONY for not caring.


Really dude? Hmmm. I was amazed at the noticeable difference between the PS4 and PS4 Pro.


Well yes the PS4 pro has other improvements besides just frames but it's not locked at 30 since it can still go lower sometimes. The base PS4 would crash, have long loading screens, and massive dips in frame rates so I agree completely the PS4 pro was a massive improvement compared to it's predecesor. I didn't mean for my comment to seem like I was bashing the PS4 pro. If anything the real disappointment is Sony for putting the patch forward since they own the ip not fromsoft, meaning only Sony can release/make a 60 fps patch to the public.


I'm reading things I've never experienced. Yea, the original PS4 had some SLIGHTLY sluggish performance moments VERY scarcely. the PS4 Pro ran smooth as fuck 🤷🏻‍♂️.... I do share your sentiments regarding how frustrating it is that only Sony has the real power to improve this tremendously through the software patch route 👍👌.... Nevertheless, keep enjoying the hunt fellow Hunter!


Well to be fair bloodborne did go through many patches soon after it's launch especially for loading screens. Edit: Have a nice hunt as well.


I'm late sorry. Load times are just a couple of seconds, it's impressive. Feels very smooth, I'm not sure if the fps is 60 or 30, but it never drops.


Definitely not 60fps based on my experience, but I would agree it's pretty smooth 30fps. Haven't had any dips either, yet.


I noticed a difference from demons souls and ds3 to bloodborne, but bloodborne’s story is just so good


Congrats good hunter! fear the old blood...


I cant play it on my ps5? Out of my 300 odd games this is the only one that is "locked" ?


Did you buy it on a different psn account or something? Works fine on my PS5, but I got it from the PS+ collection and played it on the PS4 and PS5


I only have one account and got it when it was free on ps + like last year or whenever. I thought it might have been because it was installed on my ps4 it was locked so I uninstalled it off ps4. But it hasn't changed. Weird


I did that. Got a PS5 because... well, I don't know. It looked nice. During the install stage it said "Hey, here's some games you've bought that you might like to install" along with Bloodborne, which I must have bought at some point but never got around to playing. Anyways, I didn't get around to it because having sunk ~150 hours into DS1, I wasn't ready for that level of commitment. But my 6 year old discovered it and started playing, but got a bit stuck killing any of the monsters and asked me to help. So I did. And got a bit hooked. 100+ hours later and it's the first game I've ever bothered to 100%.


Than comes sekiro, and the dark souls games. It is a slippery slope.


Have they patched it to run at 60fps yet?


I feel this I got bloodborne and played it just to see if I woukd enjoy demon souls. Loved bloodborne , beat demon souls , now back to bloodborne and dlc . Demon souls was good and a great way to see the power of the ps5 but it doesn't get my heart pounding like bloodborne


That’s cool I just completed Demons Souls — amazing game on ps5 — and downloaded bloodborne about two hours ago. It’s also a fun game but for some reason it makes me feel dizzy playing, not sure why.