This is one of the many reasons why /r/huntersbell is supperor to random summons.


there might be a lot of factors to why they disappeared. for one, they might have just been disconnected.. for another they might have needed to go deal with something urgent. don't feel too bad about it and yea just come back when you're OP. that's what i did and it took me 1 minute to dismantle that jackass


Hey brother imnsorry that happened to you, of you are having trouble o recommend r/huntersbell they love helping folks stuck on bosses


maybe their baby started crying in the other room or their power went out or their internet connection was interupted. dont be a dork about it.


They purposely used the sit emote tho, you don't do that if an emergency comes up.


MANY things could've happened, chill the fuck out


Maybe he got disconnected. Maybe his abusing mother barged in the room. Maybe the light went out. Stay positive and don't assume the worst. As for Loagrius, you need to practice the gun parry and you'll be fine. He's scary but you can parry most of his direct attacks.


You should try to solo him it's easier in my opinion. Just stay to he's left side and parry parry parry parry parry parry


During Return to Yarhnam I got summoned for Cleric Beast along with another helper. Fight gets started. Me and the other helper are doing a good tag team but the host isn't in the fight. I find him by the fog door, sitting down. One of the only times I've used the Blank while doing co-op. Does that make me a bad person?


I don't think it makes you a bad person. Sounds reasonable to me. If someone is just going to literally sit there and do nothing, they don't deserve the help.


Maybe his house started burning


I'm sorry that happened man, it definitely sucks to deal with the consequences, but if you need help on a boss let me know, I'd be happy to hop on sometime and give you a hand!


Here's some good advice when he sticks his knife or sword in the ground and charges up back stab him so he's staggered and then in his second phase you can stagger him with bullets hope it hells:))


Could've been accidental/disconnected. I've had someone stand around while I was fighting Amygdala once and only did a few hits right at the end. I like to think they were letting me "succeed" on my own before stepping in but I think they really just wanted a share of blood echoes for doing nothing...


Logarius is easy, I could help you I have level 240 account


I was thinking I was the only one who found him super easy, beat him first try