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I have been so annoyed with classycleanchic that I had to start a snark page for her. Classycleanchicsnark The boyfriend The “stylist” The lavish trips The “I’m a size small” The naked dressing




Today’s exercise pictures show off her too loose gym shorts.


A women’s fertility doesn’t belong on a snark page. Go back to a designated subreddit, please and thank you! This is related to the past few months of speculation and comments on LB’s (Laura Beverlin) pregnancy status. ![gif](giphy|3og0IKGISnhQGIaR68)






@honeywerehome caught the rat! It was so entertaining and refreshing to have some new influencer content and that rat story was hilarious!


Random question, I've been going down the @ashleylemieux rabbit hole today and learned that she had a pretty intense phone call with her "son" where he asked her to stop posting about him. I'm dying to read the details about that, but have zero interest in buying her book. Anyone read it and have the deets?


wow what a rabbit hole that was for me to to fall into this morning. those poor kids :/


That's pretty much all it was. She said he cursed her out and told her to stop posting about them. She says she just listened and told him she loved him. She's kept the same phone number in hopes that they'll contact her again at some point. Of course, she HASN'T stopped capitalizing on the kids' story, since her "I've lost my children" grift is still going strong and she talks about them constantly.


Yesterday's stories about the "worst day of our lives" felt so icky to me. The children were reunited with their bio family. That's something to celebrate! I never followed her around that time, but they never officially adopted them, right? It was a guardianship situation? Plus it feels weird saying that was the worst day of your life when you also lost a biological child. I also lost a baby, so that could just be me projecting.


She legit built her whole following (and therefore $$$$) on this story… so there’s no way she’s ever gonna stop talking about it… kids feelings, be damned


Michaelapodo: “cooking dinner with two babies and no help” Welcome to real life


Every single parent everywhere is like ![gif](giphy|2shGlugQw1OrRQ4m00)


As most of us know, Betsy Mikesell shared on both her feed and her stories that she is listing her house for sale on Fri, 1/13 and shared some of the listing photos for it (listing showed up today as Coming Soon). I saw lots of comments wondering what happened between Betsy and Holly/Our Faux Farmhouse. Here are some facts that both have shared: Holly moved to Nashville, bought a big, beautiful home (I loved that first house). Holly said she convinced Betsy to move to Nashville as well. Betsy buys a bigger new home than Holly. Then Holly sells her first Nashville home after only like 6 months or something, and buys a house down the street from Betsy that's even bigger than Betsy's (7,100 sq ft compared to Betsy's 5,575 sq ft). Ok my 2 cents: Betsy is tired of the one-upmanship by Holly and is ditching not only the friendship but the neighborhood altogether. Good for her!


Do people find joy in packing all their shit in boxes and moving constantly? I don't even like tidying up my junk drawer, gosh


Is Betsy staying in TN or moving back to UT?


She's staying in TN! So she's just ditching the neighborhood that Holly is in.


Holly's moving closer to Knoxville where that blonde lady with the huge white house lives. Mallory maybe? Everyone is up and leaving that neighborhood!


Wait what? Holly is moving for the third time?!


No, Holly is not moving (not that she's shared anyway). Just Betsy is moving.




That’s about Betsy moving, not Holly.


Does anyone follow Jade Bennett ( @theJadeBennett)? I've followed her since 2019, & have no idea why. Idk if she's my bec, or what my issue is. She just always comes off snooty & like she's better than most. Anyway, just needed to let that out lol


Agree on all points. And if you call her out on it, she will vehemently deny being judgmental and almost immediately post something shared from the Mormon church. When she did her “Christmas house” where she just asks for donations and considers her donation to be her time 🙄🙄🙄. And then just praises herself for helping the family. It’s disgusting.


I can’t stand her (unfollowed her long ago). Pretentious, snobby, self righteous and the cherry on top is her unapologetically getting numerous puppies then rehoming. She sucks.


I'm shocked she still has her latest dog! I just unfollowed her, decided I'm over her, and it's just a negative vibe that I don't need.


You can tell now that the dog isn’t a puppy, she’s way less in love with it. It’s not potty trained and she’s mentioned it ruining her rugs so I predict the poor thing may be in danger.


Her sister @lexpacker is equally as snooty and rude and unaware of reality. They’re so interesting.


Lex disappeared right?


She was at Jade's house the other night. Jade was recording her cute little niece, and her sister was in it for a second.




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Maybe I’m just old school or I just don’t care enough, but Tiffany Houghton shilling silicone patches for her stomach to prevent and treat stretch marks. I just can’t. Your body is growing a baby. Some stretch marks are normal and okay.


I mean did you not see where she cried when she had her first stretch mark?? I can’t with her whole pregnancy.


Yeah there are people like myself that would love to have the opportunity to have stretch marks and she is whining about such a small thing.


Yes, they are okay. There is no moral value for having them or not. But women have been using oils and creams for decades during pregnancy to “attempt” preventing stretch marks. Some women get micro needling/ retinol after to improve them. Nothing wrong with using different products to change the aesthetics of your body. Now, whether these silicone patches work is a whole different story.


I follow a dermatologist and a medical aesthetician who both recently had babies. They both said there’s nothing you can do to prevent stretch marks.


Yeah, I think most of it is genetic whether you develop them in the first place. My dermatologist said I could do micro needling, prescription retinoids, or TCA peel for the older white ones I have on my glutes, but with these things, the results will be highly variable. You can get silicone strip tape to put over new scars (when they’re still pink/red) that help a lot! I would that on any new pink stretch marks, but you can get them free from the dermatologist or much less expensive than whatever Tiffany was promoting.




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Watching sarahknuth and holliewoodward story today, they reposted a picture from the Dallas market of someone who ran into them there and said they were their inspiration to start their own shop. So this lady is starting her own shop, because of them, which cracks me up because in her next story she posted the “Texas” sweatshirt that thepost just sold. I find it funny that all these people sell their “own” clothes, yet they are all selling the same things. How long can this be substainable?


IMhumbleO: Consumerism and capitalism are somehow linked but ask google


I think all the boutique buy/source from the same markets? It’s like wholesalers or something and there’s not too many of them


How is it different than Sam Edelman shoes being sold by Nordstrom, Dillards, Macys, DSW, etc?


I think because all of those stores still say “Sam Edelman Style X.” You can easily search any website for them and make sure you’re getting the best price. These “boutiques” buy the items, rename them and then sell them for whatever price they want. It’s impossible to tell whether you’re getting a good price because 10 other small online boutiques could be selling the same item at the same time for a different price. Often you can reverse image search the clothing in these influencers shops and find the exact piece on a different website for half the price.


So kinda like all the Amazon sellers who give their drop shipped items different names and prices, even though they’re from the same manufacturer?


The Buy Guide just posted a sweatshirt that says “cowgirls make better lovers” and said it’s a cute option for teens 😳 I’m not a pearl clutcher.. but my pearls are clutched.


Very early 2000s Abercrombie/Hollister


Totally… I had tons of shirts like that in high school from Abercrombie circa early 2000s… one was a track shirt that read “Fast girls finish first” 🙈 (yes, now I cringe to think about it)


My 15 yr old boyfriend had “liquor in the front, poker in the back” 🤦🏻‍♀️ we had no idea


Omg 😂😂😂😂




You can also see her abs pooch out when she bends and restraightens her legs meaning…she shouldn’t be straightening them since her core isn’t strong enough Does she truly have no training? But she’s selling Pilates workouts? Wow


She’s loading her spine! /s


She’s doing the work!


Imagine a world where all of us normal people quit Instagram and then it was just influencers peddling their sponsorships to other influencers ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|thinking_face_hmm)


You don’t really have to quit Instagram. Just unfollow the influencers.


But where would I find all the memes to send my partner as we sit next to each other on the couch?!


And animal videos!


Love it! Let’s do it!


No snark, Maddy Gutierrez lost her main Instagram account and seems to have lost her appeal. She’s now at themaddygutierrez. A few days ago she said she was appealing the violation that she had because it made no sense but then today she reposted some stories that hinted at a Live that she did where she explained she lost the appeal. Did anyone catch the live? I feel so badly for her- I like her content a lot and it is one of the scary things about this career that the platform can just shut down your account like that:


What was her name before? Any idea how many followers she had before it happened? I know this is a snark page but that really sucks. She seems vaguely familiar.


Love Maddy! Hope everyone goes and follows if you are a true plus size girl like myself


Thanks for posting her new name! I thought about her the other day and realized I hadn’t seen her stories or her feed in awhile, before Christmas for sure. I missed seeing her stories, I like her too! I feel so bad for her too, all that work just gone! Just a personal anecdote: my sister got hacked last week and her entire account is now gone so she had to start over too! Her page is private and she only has about 150 followers, just shows it can happen to anyone! Scary!


Oh that’s so awful! She’s my favorite IG follow and I was wondering what happened to her account. I feel so bad for her!


What was her violation?


On her stories she said instagram said she violated the TOS for fraud. Weird.


Krista Horton gives $500 a day x 365 days = $182,500. I chose the wrong profession. Also, her stories always seem so chaotic.


In addition to her December giveaways and the loop giveaways she does, she has to be giving away $1million a year! But I guess she considers it her marketing budget.


And remember when she clear the list of teachers for 30 days?


I don’t follow her religiously and didn’t realize the $500 slider bar was a daily thing all year! Wow.


She must like somehow write it off. And also the amount of people who come to her page just to try to win helps her. It’s so crazy tho she’s done it for a year now. Plus all the times she did 1000 for a few days etc


But still … it is a ton of money. How much do these influencers make that they can give atleast $200k as a gift and live the life they live. It’s mind blowing!


They make millions. I’d say she probably brings 5million plus a year. She has insane brand deals.


There was a Forbes article about Dani Austin making like $8M! Edit: here’s the article: https://www.forbes.com/video/6311919953112/dani-austin-ramirezs-8-million-year-how-a-godloving-saleshopping-mommyblogging-influencer-built-her-business/


A lot. My husband has an 80k subscriber YT channel with sponsors and multiple social media platforms and he earns 200k. That’s chump numbers for big influencers. The ones with over a million followers are easily pulling in millions.


You can’t write off gift money. It’s more likely that she considers that $500/day as part of her marketing budget, given how much engagement it provides her every single day.


I generally don’t have an opinion on TIBAL (things I bought and liked) but it’s just really wild that she customized a fancy straw bag to hold trash so she could take videos of the trash and post them on the internet.


Her skincare/hair are/makeup/everything routine must be exhausting with the number of products she seems to use


Overall I enjoy following TIBAL. I like to think of her “at a distance” and view strictly for suggestions. I refuse to compare my consumption/purchasing to her and don’t feel the need to buy everything she shows. If I did it would be a quick unfollow.


I love tibal but she's definitely too extra. I think she said she already had the bag and decided she didn't like it for every day use but her penchant for buying bags over and over is also a problem


She has the bag because she used to just have a box for empties and her cleaning lady threw it away 🤣


But the trash inside the bag will make her money! Eta: I appreciate the TIBAL empties approach rather than what Dede Raad does - linking items she just bought and hasn’t tried.


@thedowntownaly just casually posting conspiracy theories on her stories is something.


She’s always been nuts. They’ve had to restart their lives so many times, been homeless etc for “their dreams”. Ma’am if you can’t feed your kids maybe work a 9-5.


They’ve been homeless? I never knew that.


Oh this is good tea. Lol! They are a strange family for sure.


But she doesnt believe conspiracy theories she is a “fortune teller” bc all her conspiracies comes true 🙄🙄. She has honestly lost it and I dont know how brands continue to work with her.


For real, if I were a brand I would not want to work with someone like that! But also, I’ve seen conspiracy theory types on TikTok say something along the lines of “the difference between conspiracy theories and the truth is a few months.” Meaning they all really think their conspiracy theories will come true and they’re obviously more intelligent than those of us who don’t believe the nonsense. So I guess that’s why she called herself a “fortune teller,” it’s wild.


Always!! She has gotten very nutty lately. Also, I went to TikTok and you can look up chemtrails so no TikTok is not hiding your crazy theories. She is so problematic - from her crazy pudding fast, her parasite cleanse… I can’t look away though


Her diets have been very concerning and none of it seems sustainable.


Chemtrails feels like such a vintage conspiracy theory to me. I thought the theorists had moved on to covid and Qanon, how quaint that they’re still worried about the sky too lol


It’s the “desiccated blood cells” for me. Just, what?! 😂 do you hear yourself?! Dried out blood cells in chemtrails? Why would that be a thing? That doesn’t even make sense! ![gif](giphy|r5SxJYcU21Auk)


“How quaint” cracked me up! 😂😂 So true though!


“It’s crazy how many conspiracy theories are true now” she says. No Aly. No, they aren’t 😂 QAnons are still trying to convince everyone they’ve been right about everything, even though they’ve gotten absolutely nothing right.




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@hunterpremos maternity dress is 1000 dollars. These influencers are just becoming just unobtainable and I just can’t relate anymore. .


I feel like Hunter was pretty unrelatable from the start. No snark on that, I like her overall and think she’s beautiful and sweet. But just money wise, I feel like she’s always been rich. Lol. I literally never click on her links because I know it’s not in my means.


I agree. I read on here, she wasn’t wealthy her whole life but definitely agree. She has been since the start of her career.


Her mom is Carrie Underwood’s makeup artist so yeah totally different world lol


Yes! Her mom is total mom goals! I wanna look that hot at that age!


it’s 2023 and you guys are still wanting influencers to be relatable? they haven’t been for a LONG time and they never will be as long as they’re making money from affiliate links.


Are we going to have to see Liz Joy take bikini selfies every single day for the next 3 months while she’s on vacation!? 🫠


Umm, excuse me this is not a vacation. It is a cultural learning homeschooling eco poverty language immersion much-needed family bonding experience (at the four seasons.)


I think I’d rather see the bikini pics than the close up of her ripped off toenail 😣🫣


Omg yes! Saw that after I posted. That should have had a trigger warning! 🤮 TMI Liz.


Unfollow her, you don’t even notice she’s gone. One of the best unfollows I did. Because other wise the answer is yes, you will see that.


I unfollowed her forever ago and the only time I remember her is from this sub. I do this thing where I mute influencers stories and if I go looking for their story or post I unmute but if I don’t then unfollow it is.


Absolutely yes, probably the point of the trip




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The Influencer world feels so passive aggressive to me that I think I end up reading too much into simple things. Because of the “sales” aspect of it, it is just so hard to tell who is actually genuine! For example- Dede Raad (who, admittedly, used to be a favorite follow of mine and I thought was so helpful and genuine and now I just feel like she’s condescending and feel differently) posted items she has/ bought to try and posted scalp serums. And said bought them to try as scalp treatments- that she’s heard great things about peppermint/ tea tree oil. Which if they work and she shares, that is great for people who don’t want to use/ don’t like/ don’t want to spend $$ on Divi. Should be totally normal and accepted widely to be honest and post about different options etc. BUT because they all rely on each other for engagement and promotion, I feel like they need to stay close to other influencers and promote their brands no matter what. There is no way Dani hasn’t sent Dede plenty of divi to try. Every other influencer has spoken about using it. I love if Dede is trying something else and doesn’t promote divi because she is genuine and it simply didn’t work for her and she doesn’t want to promote a product she doesn’t love. But it just always feels deeper in this influencer world


She’s maybe not the best example because any many the Trend influencers make is just more money in her pocket.


Also remember when she had to show her tears when Damar Hamlin had a cardiac arrest? Sure, she felt sad. Alot of people were sad but why did she not show her tears when Emily’s, her BFF, mom had supposedly TIA? I question her sincerity sometimes.


I read this 3x and can’t figure out what the actual snark is. Are you saying Dede isn’t genuine bc she shared options or that she is bc she shared options that weren’t divi? OR is the snark that you want there to be beef in the influencer world?


I don’t “want” there to be beef. I just can never tell who/ what is genuine given the culture. That’s it. I don’t usually find Dede to be super genuine these days and feel like there is some sort of shade to posting that and saying she’s “heard that teatree and peppermint oil are good for scalp” when she is so engrossed in influencer culture that she has seen divi posted everywhere. Meaning she knows the story and knows there’s a product for it. But then I second guess myself because everyone should be able to post whatever products that they actually use and not just support another influencers brand in order to network. But given the influencer culture, I don’t know if that’s possible anymore. Sorry the wording wasn’t clear. Was just trying to share a thought




I also used to like Dede until I realized she will promote junk 24/7 and her recs mean absolutely nothing. She is wasteful and I find her content useless. There are other influencers who actually do have quality recs. Like, if I wanted a scalp serum rec, I would find a skincare influencer instead of someone who links anything under the sun.


@dressupbuttercup was one of my favorites when it was a hobby for her now that it’s a business for ted, she has become and looked like someone i don’t even recognize. the land with the cows…the new diet…i’m so lost in her unfollowed months ago and don’t miss her at all.


I unfollowed Dede weeks ago. Haven't missed her.


You won’t miss her Amazon crap, chaotic try-ons, and terrible style at all! Unfollowing her was a great choice!


Agreed!! I also kind of realized that her brand/ gimmick was to be a “Guinea pig” and to be a resource “for you girls” and it just ended up being so fake


Sum lolo\_webb up in one pic: https://preview.redd.it/1ow6q6rfijba1.jpeg?width=1170&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=52b014292cab679f09f63e2ac201e8fd3254fb0a


Yeah I unfollowed awhile ago and haven’t regretted it. They were poking fun at the furniture at Living Spaces and I was like sorry not everyone can afford 10,000 dollar couches. So tone deaf.


So over her (and unfollowed, but this confirms my decision 😂). She must go to bed thinking “what airhead content can I come up with for tomorrow…”


She is annoying these days!!!!! I used to love her


She was another one I just couldn’t handle any longer and had to unfollow. Nothing felt genuine, and if any of her cluelessness was genuine, I couldn’t understand it. It’s not cute or funny, it’s stressful.


No one can be this much of an airhead. I’m convinced so much of what she posts is for content because she’d be be another white, skinny, beige influencer otherwise.


It’s a bike, pedal it


Anyone else tired of seeing ritual vitamins on every influencer story?


Hello fresh. It may be good, who knows, but the amount of advertising makes me not want to try it.


Lol Laura Beverlin used to shill ritual prenatal alot and then during her IVF transfer in NY, her one a day prenatal was accidentally shown when she was showing her medications.


And athletic greens! 🙄🙄


It’s fucking everywhere!


I tried them. And my x-country running daughter tried them as well. We DID NOT like the taste at all. They ended up getting thrown away in our house.


Part of me wants to try AG however a bigger part of me thinks it all seems so scammy and I have no idea what is actually in this product. A lot of these products are going to look like a scam 10 years from now like, quick trim and all the like


If you make smoothies already, try [Green Vibrance](https://imgur.com/gallery/Vaal0PP). They don’t waste money on marketing and have been around for 30 years. Unlike AG1, they list the amount of every ingredient (no proprietary blends) and have more probiotics. I just look for when it’s on sale at Sprouts, WholeFoods, or iHerb, but it still costs less than Athletic Greens. It tastes grassy alone, so I blend it into smoothies with fruit or juice.


It’s a scam for sure.


I got a sample pack of it in maybe 2015 as part of some other random purchase and it tasted like straight-up swamp water. And I usually like green juices and such.


Ok I actually started athletic greens before it was all over influencer nation and (as a random person on the internet that you don’t know lol) I think they are so worth it! I feel my best when I start my day with AG for real


Same. I love AG but im sad they have gone the path of influencer marketing bc now it feels like it has devalued their brand / product. I also started it before it was IG de rigeuer .


Instinctively even a genuine review now feels like you are shilling and are about to offer up a discount code 😂


I feel the same way, curious to see if those benefits are actually true?


I’m really tired of seeing it all actually. These influencers for me are burning out


Not a snark, but did something happen to Emily Travis’s mom? I saw her stories a couple of days ago and said her mom was getting out of the hospital?


They never found out for sure, but Emily said they think it was a TIA.


What's a TIA? \*\*Edit\*\* Nvm, looked it up. Transient ischemic attack, aka a mini stroke.


I think Emily said she was having strokes or some form of a stroke. I didn't fully understand what she was talking about.


I believe she had a stroke


Hayderz’s latest reel saying he will send you the link to his amazing outfit as long as you DM him the word SHIMMER, then provide your blood type, stool sample, deed to the house, credit card info, passport, and global entry has me dead. Definitely seems directed to a few specific influencers. Haha!!!


Yes! I hate the manufactured engagement of, “Comment (blank) to get my every day smoothie recipe.”


I knew thedowntownaly was a little off but she’s posting chemtrail conspiracy theories and it’s just….desiccated blood cells? Viruses? Wtf!


I just made a similar comment lol! It’s nutso.


No snark, but what was @ashleylemieux referring to when she said that 6 years ago her family went from 4 to 2? I wasn’t following her back then so I feel lost.


Found the pod! https://youtu.be/i_OwSZPhmdw ETA: this is not HER podcast. She was a guest & it’s over five years old. So, not linking to give her clicks…


There is no reason to give this woman more clicks and money to exploit that situation.


It’s not her podcast. She was a guest - and this was like 5+ years ago. I agree, but was just citing where my info was coming from because there’s always someone that will ask to verify.


It’s in a podcast from a looong time ago. The two kids belonged to a mom that lived by a family friend of hers. Her and her husband met the kids 3-4 times, “decided to mentor them”, and then the family member of hers called her to ask her to become permanent guardians to the kids, on behalf of the mom. She applied for adoption, which triggered notification to the biological family, who wanted kids back and had not seen or communicated with them since they had been with her (whether or not they knew some random white woman had the kids this whole time wasn’t disclosed in the pod). The court instantly revoked the guardianship and she had to become a foster parent. The focus then was reunification with the biological family, who the kids were returned to after almost two years in court. She built her following off of the story on how they were returned/not getting to say goodbye. Supposedly, per the court, her husband was not allowed to inform the kids they were going back to their family/leaving. She was out of town, an emergency court hearing happened, she didn’t get back in time to say goodbye and her husband put them to bed that night, dropped them off at school, and they never saw them again. The older child has asked her to stop sharing photos and stories on multiple occasions, per her posts/book excerpts she’s shared.


She was foster/guardians (putting both for clarifications) for 2 siblings who were reunified with their family and she never got over it.


But weren’t the kids with her for like 4 years?


She was only a guardian. Foster is a different department.


How did they become their guardians? Do you know? I started following shortly after they left and never got that part of the story.


She was a temporary guardian for 2 children. She writes about it as if she legally adopted them and then they were kidnapped or something, but that’s not at ALL the case. The children (or at least one) have told her to stop talking about them and stop making content. The two children are black and she definitely talked about them in some very unacceptable white savior ways (in my opinion). And she’s very disingenuous about her role and how the kids were “taken” from her. If you can’t tell I really disagree with the way she handled it


She built her whole online persona over this “loss” too and has financially benefited greatly from it 😡


Thisssss. Someone recommended her to me bc I had an actual loss in my family and when I found out THIS was her loss and grief she was teaching about and whatnot I was pissed AF. the goal of being a foster parent is for reunification. Don’t offer to do it if that’s not what you’re prepared for/happy about. Super white savior crap and I’ve hated her ever since.


Yesss so many people think fostering is a faster way to adoption. Or they just want a baby. That’s not what the system is for?! It’s to give parents a break to get back on their feet. Fostering to adoption is sad because the parents couldn’t improve/fix themselves for their kids. Such a savior complex people have.


The fact that one of the children has asked her to stop talking about them (cause yes she was only the legal guardian and they were reunited with their family) and yet she STILL continues to talk about them, really gets my BP up.


How do we know this about The kid that’s asked her to stop?! That’s the real tea


She admits in her book that the boy called her, was very angry, cursed her out, and asked her to stop talking about them. She did not stop talking about them, clearly.


Wow. That feels like a total breach of privacy for the boy. I would be absolutely fuming!!!


She’s literally said it


Omg! 😱 Yikes.


Wondering if it is just me and the stage of life I am in / how I see the world currently - or does anyone else think we are going to see the rapid downfall of these larger scale influencers because of their serious un-relatability that is becoming more obvious / worse by the day (imo)? Examples: Krista Horton buying two salads for door dash delivery because she wanted extra croutons. Mallory Ervin going to buy a second vest on Amazon because she got a pen mark on the first one. Katy Roach flying between cities in Texas that is a few hours drive to do custody exchange. The list goes on. Personally I just don’t relate to this and am wondering how much longer influencers will be around if they continue to become more and more unrelatable


Personally, no. I don't hate follow people so I don't get the whole "I'll never click a link when an influencer influences me" chip a lot of folks here have. I follow either gorgeously curated aspirational people (Julia B) who I know are in a different stratosphere of wealth, and then women like steffy, noelledowning, carly, or chinaealexander who link fashion/home goods/kid stuff I like and can *generally* afford.


As a new mom, I find “mom-fluencers” the worst. These women literally have an entourage supporting them (assistant, intern, full-time nanny, siblings/parents they pay) and I find that ultra unrelatable. Oh you work at home with an army taking care of you and your child? Tell me more about how you never have a moment anymore but also have time to film your morning skincare routine.


I don't see it; as long as the money is flowing in, they'll continue. I'd love it if some had a moment of clarity where they realize that "buying \[getting for free\] all the things" isn't happiness and fulfilling, but contributes to the neverending consumer cycle. They have SO.MUCH.STUFF yet they continue to receive so.much.more.stuff. But fear not, because they'll just buy a bigger house or sell the things they got for free instead of cutting back. Sigh, I often get overwhelmed with the number of things I have in my home, feeling like it's bursting at the seams when it's really not. I can't imagine having monthly closet sales, or building an entire closet dedicated to sneakers (only to then sell that house 2 months later) and being happy with my life.


I view it as entertainment… I can’t take any of them seriously. I have a separate account where I only follow about 30 influencers (I don’t want them mixed in with my normal, primary account). Then I’ll switch over to that secondary account and watch stories when I’m bored, similar to watching reality television. It all seems like a big joke to me. I never purchase anything, just viewing.


Same. It's reality TV. If one of them has a code for something I REALLY want I'll use it... but that's pretty rare


I do this too. I do worry about younger people and teens who may not understand this as ‘todays magazine’ or a reality TV show like escape. And wonder why they don’t like like influencers, can’t have the same things, and don’t have a “perfect” life


>I do worry about younger people and teens who may not understand this as ‘todays magazine’ or a reality TV show like escape. Won't someone please think of the children who are a lot more social media savvy than anybody gives them credit for...


Nah, a lot of young people believe everything that comes across their tiktok feed, they're like boomers.


I agree, at this point it’s just entertainment. I haven’t been “influenced” by anyone since 2021. They are all so un relatable now.


I think the vast majority of ones I follow have all changed , and not for the good either . They all seem very braggy and in your face with their wealth . Maybe they don’t realize it or maybe they do and they don’t care how they come across . There are hardly any I care to even look at the stories because of that . But on the flip side , there are people who will keep these influencers in business because they have to have what their favorites are shilling !


I don’t think the relatability will be the downfall of influencers, most of them are purposefully aspirational. I do think there will be some interesting shifts for some as companies get tighter with ad dollars, and as venture capital dries up at many of these start ups/early stage companies that have targeted the influencer community for marketing.