Ladies, what games (or game genres) do you enjoy playing?

Ladies, what games (or game genres) do you enjoy playing?


Single Player games that don't cause me stress (so those that don't have complicated controls that I have to memorize--So like The Sims (series), Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Stardew Valley, Touhou, Resident Evil, Silent Hill (on easy), games like Okami, the Ori series, story based games like Danganronpa, Ace Attorney, The Walking Dead- I feel like you get the gist right? Any game that I have to play with others or with lots of shit going on make me stressed af, and puts me in a state where I don't even want to game anymore.... And that's majority of the bigger games now.


Stardewwwwww fan! Our fandom is passionate for sure lmao


Girl I’m right with you - relax and build a mansion with a pool in the Sims lol


I’m heavily into JRPGs. Also, The Sims.


Yay! Another black woman who loves JRPGs and the sims


I really want to get into those


I highly recommend it. If you want any suggestions I can name a few!


Yes any and all!


I’m not sure what you play games on, but I’ll name a variety! Nier Automata Ys VIII Tales of Arise & Tales of Vesperia (or any Tales games) Tokyo Mirage Sessions Any of the Persona Games Fire Emblem Three Houses


I'll add Final Fantasy, but while the new game looks amazing, the story and game play are kind of sucky now. I would highly recommend Final Fantasy 10.


Oh no! Doesn't FFX have the cute girls?


So FFX is the first one in the series. FFX-2 is the one that stars the heroine of FFX. I can't explain more than that because of spoilers, but FFX-2 got a bad rap because of different gameplay and also that massage minigame.


Minecraft, Don't Starve, the Civilization series, and Stardew Valley. Stardew Valley is probably my favorite game of all time.


I tried Don't Starve with a friend. It was fun, but so hard! So I went back to my happy farm in SDV, lol


That's why I play solo, with mods. Don't Starve Together is like...ten times harder!


I've only played Together. It stressed me the fuck out lmao


It stresses me out, too. I play with my husband, though, and he's a champ. He also lets me adjust the settings to make it easier, and I play as Wigfrid, which helps.


I always feel like an outlier. Maybe because I JUST started playing games again. But.. the games I play most currently are Luigi's Mansion 3, Saints Row the Third, Tetris, Pac-Man, Asphalt 9 Legends, Need for Speed, Portal (1&2), The Swapper, and so. Much. Super Mario. I have like 6 Mario games. Once I get a new PC I will be revisiting Mirrors Edge, Catherine, and Left 4 Dead. I want to get into Life is Strange, Little Nightmares, GTAV, and many other games I have in my wishlist spreadsheet. I'd love to play a shooter but I'm not competitive enough for games like Apex. I haven't played through a shooter since Goldeneye 007 on N64. I might have to get an Xbox because I really wanna play through the first Crackdown. I love blowing ish up in that game!


The swapper is such an eerie game. Perfect for fall. Thanks for reminding me I never finished it!


I got it on sale and have to be careful. It's such a time suck!


Not sure what you’re into but I’m always looking for a portal 2 partner! GrungiestCactus on Xbox


halo and sims!


Could never get into Halo! But the Sims is my fav!


Great to see another player of Halo these days!


I never got why people like the sims. They always have such fun things to say about it but I thought it was boring. But I was a teen at the time.


I still talk in the Sims language on occasion as a grownnnnnnn person. It’s strange! I never said I was normal, ok?!




I mostly grew up on Nintendo because I’m a huge Zelda fan. It’s probably my favorite franchise because Ik I can almost always pick up a Zelda game and have a good time. Plus I like all the lore and theories and stuff. It makes me happy to see a few ladies here have mentioned they at least like to play Zelda even if they aren’t as obsessed as I am bc I haven’t really met many other black fans of the series. I like a more casual gaming experience. Single-players that don’t have too much going on and don’t take too much time to learn the controls. Games like Animal Crossing, Story of Seasons, Super Mario, etc. I’m not a big fan of first person shooters, idk why but the perspective just throws me off, or big intense multiplayer games.


I feel this on a spiritual level. I feel like most people side-eye me when I say that I only play Nintendo. My parent brought my siblings and I a Wii when it came out, so I've had all their consoles since. One of my favs will always be Super Mario Galaxy, and I really want the third to be released for Switch.


I don’t understand why people don’t take Nintendo seriously! I guess because they’re a more family friendly brand. My first experience with them I was 4/5 and used to play on my brother’s old N64. I got a GameBoy Advance for my 5th birthday, it was the clear one btw. But I think I really got hooked on Nintendo specifically when the DS came out. I have to play Galaxy at some point, I never got it when it came out and bought the 3D Allstars edition last year. I look forward to it when I narrow down my back log.


I am also, deeeply obsessed with the entire Zelda series. 🖤 I've got so many hours of my life sunk into BOtW, but have been considering restarting Wind Waker again this year. The wife and I play Ocarina on 64 during the weekends occasionally. Which is your favorite!?


Hey fellow Zelda nerd! At this point I’ve probably spend over 250 hrs on BotW since starting it this year. Sometimes I hop on just to do completely pointless exploring. I technically haven’t even finished the game yet bc I have yet to face Ganon. I want to try to fully expand my inventory and beat the trial of the sword before doing it. There are a chunk of games I haven’t gotten the chance to play (like Minish Cap and Wind Waker bc I don’t have a WiiU and can’t find copies of the original versions) but Twilight Princess is my favorite to date. Idk if it’s just the nostalgia talking but I have so many good memories with that game. I got it years ago on my Wii for my birthday and spent the rest of that summer vacation playing it.


Why are we exactly the same, with BotW?! I'm in the same position, just exploring, taking photos for the compendium, and avoiding Ganon at all costs. 😹 It truly is such a gorgeous game, I love it dearly. But that's interesting! I've never played Twilight Princess, but I've heard good things. I've been considering looking for a used copy while waiting for BotW 2 to come out...if it ever does. Skyward Sword didn't seem insanely interesting to me, so I haven't gotten that either. I got a copy of Wind Waker for the GameCube as a Christmas present when I was a kid, so I have one of the coveted copies of that one. It's such an adorable and challenging game, you should keep your eye out for a copy!


You’ve got to check out Twilight Princess! Ik a lot of people considered it overrated for a long time but over the years it’s become a fan favorite. I love its more realistic art style and the transformation aspect of it. Ik if you got a WiiU there’s supposed to be a lot of quality of life improvements but I still play the original version and have a lot of fun. I bought Skyward Sword but haven’t gotten around to playing it yet. I got the original before the remake was announced and wondering if I should suffer through the original first before experiencing the updated version. I was probably around 5/6 years old when WW came out and much more concerned with getting my own GBA so I never got it, I’m jealous. I didn’t even realize Zelda existed until 5 years later when a commercial for Phantom Hourglass came on and I begged for it because 1) I was obsessed with my DS and wanted the new gold DS Lite 2)I thought the main character was a girl lmao and 3) the commercials actually showed women playing an adventure game so I knew it was cool and ok which goes to show representation matters. But I still keep my eyes peeled for WW. I occasionally come across a copy online but I’ve been ripped off before so I’ve narrowed my search down to periodically checking with local game shops that Ik stock a lot of older games and consoles. Checking thrift stores, yard sales etc.


Oooh, I'm into a more realistic art style for sure. I don't have a Wii or WiiU...ugh. So I'd have to keep my eyes peeled for a GameCube copy. Which in my case, unfortunately, means looking online pretty much. We're a good ways rural, so there's not really any spots by us to look. You got catfished by fake copies before!? That's annoying as hell.....and makes me paranoid! Maybe we'll have to keep eyes out for different copies for each other 😹 I too thought Link was a girl as a kid! Haha. Now only if we could play as Zelda in BotW 2...... 👀


I travel back and forth to the Philly area a couple times a year so I do get the chance to check out some other game stores sometimes but yeah the pickings are slim for Zelda. I’m still bitter we didn’t get a lot; I just want WW on the Switch! Since you say you’re rural too do you mind if I ask where you’re from? But I actually got ripped of from **GAME STOP** an actual legitimate store! I was looking for SS last summer and they had a copy for $40 online only. I got it except it was actually a demo disc you know for stuff like displaying in the store to try the controls. They were selling it as an actual copy of the game to play and it took me about 3 months to get a refund on it. I understand Covid had slowed a lot of things down but I was arguing with them for weeks to return it. I found it on Amazon and that went well but I’m still paranoid.


Any games that are story oriented or where I can just relax. I love the Sims, The Life is Strange Series, Catherine (on easy lol), Red Dead Redemption 2, Night in The Woods, Cyberpunk 2077 (yeah I know lol), nintendo games as a whole, and mobile games if that counts!


Fun shooters like Resistance, Borderlands, Far Cry; Survival like Conan Exiles, 7 Days to Die; RPGs like Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy; Horrors like Outlast, RE: Biohazard (nightmare fuel); Some indie platformers What do you like??


I'd say I've been really into playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Dragon Ball Fighterz, Enter The Gungeon, Asphalt 9, Streets of Rouge, Mario Kart 8, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 among the games that I have on PC and Switch.


Ah you like fighting games!!! I tend to prefer games that are less repetitive, but many of those games are super good!! I want to try to new smash bros with Sora lol


Mostly I like singer-player games, but I've been playing FFXIV off and on for a while now. I'm almost to the end of the main story, finallyyyyyy.


My games of the 2020s have been PSO2/NGS and Yakuza. But my husband has claimed the PS4 for racing so lately it's PSO2. I guess I like open-world-ish beat'em'ups. Action RPGs? Something I can open up, run around for half an hour smashing things to get some exp and do daily tasks, and be done with it. The Katamari series has always been one of my favorites. Again, open-world-ish destruction.


I love Yakuza! I’m still on Kiwami right now though. Do you have a favorite character?


I don't think that I have a single favorite character, and I'm maybe halfway through Y5. Of course everyone loves Majima. I like Akiyama's fighting style and wish I could kick like that. And I've got a nerd-girl soft spot for remastered Tanimura. I need the Karaoke options to pick up, because Baka mitai doesn't do it for me. Get to the top has been my favorite as of late.


I like RPGS (I don’t see many being created due to the in demand FPS genre), *some* FPS, and MMORPGS.


Stardew Valley!!! I started on mobile and started again on the switch. I also play Animal Crossing, Super Mario Odyssey, Unravel 2, Hollow Knight. I have Zelda BOTW but I’m not really a fan, Link’s awakening is more to my taste.


Searched for a fellow Hollow Knighter! Fucking LOVE that game. It’s so gorgeous and therapeutic!


Yes! It’s wonderful and frustrating at the same time. I can’t wait until Silksong comes out. (If it ever does). Do you have any other games like Hollow Knight that you like?


I thought I might be really into side-scrollers so I got Celeste and Gris. The platforming in Celeste kicked my ass! And Gris is gorgeous but not as engaging as Hollow Knight. I play Animal Crossing too!


I love RPGs, I mostly play Horizon zero dawn, started playing Detroit Become human, literally obsessed with genshin impact, I also like to play The sims, I really like sky children of the light and other mobile games (animal crossing, Godus, hole.io and some other random stuff lol)


Stardew Valley and Cooking Simulator! Also Island Saver and Virtual Villagers. 💀


Virtual Villagers is still around?? Loved that game!!


Hahah yep! I got it on Steam! I’m pretty sure it’s free too!


Quickly ran to the computer to check..it is free!! Guess I’ll be playing that this weekend, thanks!


Omg no problem! I’m glad I could help!


I play everything other than most first person shooters and sports games! Big on RPGs (JRPGs, SRPGs, TRPGs, ARPGs), fighting games (both multi-character like Smash and one on one like Tekken/Soul Calibur/Blazblue/etc.). Also MMOs/Online games like FFXIV and Monster Hunter. My all time favorite franchises are Fire Emblem, Dark Souls (Soulsborne in general), Shin Megami Tensei, Yakuza (and the Judgment spin-offs), and the Tales of Series! I also love the more chill games like Animal Crossing, LoZ, Sims, and Pokémon. All the games!!


I don’t know any of these names but my bf plays like all of them! 😂😵‍💫


I enjoy first person shooters mostly! Really excited for the new Halo. Just started playing Back 4 Blood.


Monster hunter world is my jam right now :) I like action-adventure/rpgs in general. Favorite game of past couple years is Horizon Zero Dawn


Grew up playing mortal Kombat so I gravitate towards that. Currently playing assassins creed, mortal Kombat, jump force and a few puzzle games all on Nintendo switch lite


I play GTA and sims


I'm all about FPS and simulation games! Halo is my favorite series of all time, but I also love Sims, Animal Crossing, Legend of Zelda, and Fable. Mostly on PC and Xbox, but I also have a Switch and PS for exclusives 🙌🏾


I mostly like single player, story-driven. My favs are TLOU, God of War, Beyond 2 Souls, Saints Row, Tomb Raider, Detroit Become Human, Uncharted, Horizon Zero Dawn, Soma, etc.


The Sims Also: Age of Empires, God of War, Pokémon, Quest for Glory III, Need for Speed: Underground, Chocolatier, Oregon Trail II, GTA Vice City


OMGs a fellow Chocolatier player! I have all three; Decadence by Design is my fave because I love playing around with the ingredients :D


Yay! I’m not alone


RimWorld, oxygen not included, the Sims. Give me a colony or a household and I will manage it.


The Sims is my #1 choice, I've been playing it since the first release... Hubby brought me a PS4 2 years ago and my current favs are Black Desert, Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA V, God Of War, Spyro, and I just downloaded Skyrim. If any of you ladies own PS4/5 I am down to chat and/or game together. Hopefully that doesn't come of weird. Just send me a DM!!


It depends on the platform. I’ll play almost anything if I like it. I grew up playing Nintendo (gameboy, ds/dsi, gamecube, etc). So for that, top two is smashbros & Zelda. PlayStation I only played on Sony when I was younger to play kingdom hearts (since Nintendo had limited games from the franchise) I throughly enjoy them all. I just started kingdom hearts 2 recently again on PS5. In my later teen years I started playing with a PS4 more & loved playing street fighter, ratchet and clank, bloodborne, god of war, ghost of tsushima, and Sekiro. Xbox This is the platform that I played the most. Final fantasy, mortal kombat, assassins creed, left 4 dead, resident evil, silent hill, dead space, halo, etc. I use to be into COD I wouldn’t consider that franchise classic to me. I’ve only ever played sims on PC. One of my all time favorite games.


Let’s just say, I’m really upset Grand Theft Auto San Andreas isn’t available on Xbox One! 😂😂


I love GTA. Good pick!


So glad I’m not the only one! Such a classic game!


They are coming out with a remastered trilogy with GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas


Wayment!!! Lol on Xbox?!


Yeah it’s rumored to be released in December but not confirmed.


My day is made!!!


I like low-stress life sim and RPG games like Animal Crossing, The Sims, Story of Seasons, Rune Factory and Stardew Valley! I also like when there's an adventure/story element mixed in because it can get boring when there's no real direction in the games. I really liked Monster Hunter Stories and Fantasy Life for that reason. I want more of those cute RPG games, when there's fighting and it's realistic, it stresses me out so bad.


I loooooooove Fantasy Life! I wish so bad they would port it to the switch somehow.


Same! I also wish they made a sequel


Same! I don't usually replay games, but I would replay that one. It was so cute and I loved the adventure!


Destiny 2 & Gears of War are my regulars but love survival horror and RPGs in general


Yes, a fellow destiny player!


I’ve completed the Spider-Man games (PS4 and PS5). Enjoying Animal Crossing NH rn. Always looking for more single-player story games to enjoy!


I love time management games Imma diner dash OG. Played all the spin offs with top scores lol. I like the phone games too but not when you have to buy stuff to advance.


Recently Apex even though it stress me out (i hate shooters) I like game with story and open world like Skyrim, life is strange. I live surviver games too. I like horror games too, recently been playing Dark pictures sagas. I used to like mmorpg but not anymore.


I like single player stuff. Other players online mess with my fantasy. I like the sims, the life is strange series, stardew valley, cities skylines, la noire. That type of stuff.


I like skyrim but, I love playing games (especially horror) off of itch.io with my little cousin. But the one game I absolutely love is juice galaxy, it's got that yume nikki vibe of just walking around and exploring but alot weirder and scary from time to time.


I like RPGs, FPS, Indie - basically anything that lets me explore, craft, have an animal companion, fight (if I want to) and develop my character. Just got done playing Yakuza 6 (that game is SOOO long!). Playing DOOM Eternal, Neir Automata, The Sims, Stardew Valley, Endless Dungeon, Dawn of Man.


I love any story based games like telltale games, Yakuza, mafia, and mass effect. I also really like the old Nancy Drew and Sherlock Holmes mystery games. And my all time favorite is the Sims. I love to connect with black women who game! I don’t really have a lot of people to talk to about it!


Stardew Valley, and Genshin impact and Bioshock are my favorites today. I live for those horror mystery pov stories where you find a phone and have to search through evidence to solve a mystery like Sara is Missing. Generally, I like no stress open world mmorpg or rpg games I can get lost in. I hate when you have to play 24 hrs to support your guild. I like Royal Chaos but I low key hate the way they try to make you addicted.


SecondLife Beat Saber on my Oculus


I grew up on Nintendo so Smash Ultimate is currently the go to, but I like to play some Xbox games with my brother. I love the Just Dance series and pretty much have every game on the Wii. I have 2 siblings so when we're all at home, we play the Wii. On the Xbox, I like Mortal Kombat (not that good at it though) and have played Soul Calibur 4, DOA3, and DOA 5. I hate first person shooters. I can't get into it, although I enjoyed playing Gears of War with my brother. As for Xbox, I currently like playing Human Fall Flat and trying to get the rare achievements. My fatal flaw with gaming is that I'm a completionist.


Animal Crossing, Mortal Kombat, and Sims (Mac). I enjoy fighting games but none as much as MK that I play consistently.


I’m mostly an RPG, indie, and simulation type of girl, sometimes fighting and racing games but games with adventure, open-world, storytelling, etc. are my favorites. Honestly Nintendo alone is responsible for a huge chunk of my childhood. I straight up hate sports games and the vast majority of FPS.


I love playing mostly single player games with interesting story lines. Legend of Zelda (huge fan), gta, assassins creed, the Witcher, etc. now if only I had a ps5 so I can play horizon zero dawn, ghost of Tsushima, god of war, Detroit become human etc I’d be in heaven


I'm going to try to save up for a PS5 or a new Xbox because I really miss playing video games one of my favorites is Mass Effect, BioShock, and those are pretty much the last video games played in a long time.


I’ve been playing a Sims Mobile and I really like it! Just redownloaded Sims Freeplay as well. They’re fun games and don’t require much brainpower to get through the tasks and events. Perfect for me!


I just download Book of Travels and I’m setting up my character, first time gaming for me other than Farmville and solitaire Edit: And games like weed farm lol


single player rpgs where i find myself unusually honing in on the character creation if my post history has anything to say about it. i’m genuinely about to buy saints row 4 just to dick around with the character creator i can also kill almost any rhythm game you can throw at me


I love more story-oriented games like Red Dead or Mass Effect, but I also love fun shooters like Borderlands or Far Cry or Overwatch! You should check out r/blackgirlgamers!


The simsssss


I like most games besides FPS. I really like games similar to Animal Crossing, Pokémon, Sims, Fire Emblem, Skyrim, and Dragons Dogma.l


I like roleplaying games like the Sims. I also enjoy fighting games like mortal Kombat and Tekken. Fallout shelter is one of my guilty pleasures.


Does anybody have any recommendations for phone games that are kind of like the Japanese RPG romance games LOL


I like a mix of genres, but I primary play JRPGs, RPGs, and games that are mainly single player. My favorite game is FFX and I have played it over 10 times. I loved ❤️ reading about all the games and game genres that everyone in the forum is into playing.


The Sims, Pokémon of any kind, recently got into Dead by Daylight (am very bad, but it’s helping me through my shitty breakup)


Just Dance! (Only reason I got/still have a Wii. RIP Wii releases) And I’m about to get into Beat Saber once I get better songs!


I am in love with my Switch! I love Stardew Valley, Atomicrops, Hades, Mario Kart... On PC I like action RPGs like Mass Effect Trilogy, Horizon Zero Dawn, and State of Decay


I enjoy JRPG games like Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, ect. But I also enjoy action and adventure games like GTA and Saints Row. I actually have a list of games I want to play that I bought. Right now I’m playing Dark Cloud 2 and Tales of Berseria


Immersive single player RPGs where I can create a character and interact with NPCs. Basically all BioWare games are my fave: Mass Effect, Dragon Age. I also loved: the Witcher, Cyberpunk, Skyrim and Oblivion. I’ll play other types of games too, but these are my favorites.


Recently I like playing low key puzzle games. I got Unraveled Two a while back which is fun and I got my wife (who is not a gamer) to play with me and enjoy it. I really like the Lego game franchise, but honestly think it was cuter after they figured out a better split screen view, but before they started adding real dialog. I liked how they silently animated scenes. Stardew Valley has been my go too for the past half a year or so. I did pick up Ori during a Steam sale, but haven't played it yet. I am nostalgic for fighter games like Tekken and Mortal Kombat, Crash Bandicoot, some racing games, and occasional sports games, so I've got a fair amount of those too.