Awakened is basically a noob class. You find some absolute headcase who has decided he wants to 1v1 PvP on an awake guardian, but they're the exception and there's a reason I call them headcases. Awakened guardian is, however, a very comfortable grinder especially at spots like elvia (particularly serendia elvia) and a lot of people play her because they like watching stuff on a second screen while they grind. Succession guardian is a whole different story; she's actually a decent PvPer both in 1v1 and larger scale stuff like GvG (although I think she falls off by siege) and she's still very strong in PvE. So, she *is* a noob class, but one that can be mastered and used to terrorise ~mid skill players on other classes. High skill PvP fans will typically take other classes (ninja, awak ranger, awak lahn etc) but on a day-to-day basis, succession guardian gives you a decent shot at winning most fights for a spot. If you really know what you're doing? You get better at it - the skill ceiling is *lower* than other classes, but still higher than most people think.


Yes and no. Guardian is really easy to get into. Like the easiest. It is very low APM and is very protected which leads it being very very easy for baseline PvE and PvP awakening especially. However just like every other class in BDO there are things you can do that will set you apart from other guardians and increase your performance. Is that skill cap as high as something like ninja, kuno, hash, zerk, warrior, valk, etc? no. But if you enjoy Guard just play Guard nothing wrong with that.


The low apm is so nice for grinding and also works well with a decent controller setup too.






So back 4 years ago when i started bdo i mained ninja, i loved the class PvP wise, yet i quit bdo cause Ninjas grind (quite high apm) gave me severe wrist pain. When the tagging system arrived i came back to check it out and tagged a guardian for PVE. With her i could grind hours without getting painful hands. Very chill class and for PVP i just switched back over. With the tagging System your not 100% limited to one class which makes this game great. Just stick with her and when you feel like playing something different just tag it ans give it a go. After all its a game, play the class you enjoy, do stuff you enjoy, if you have fun you are a winner.


Awake --> yes (nothing wrong with it), Succ --> no


I wouldnt say shes noob specific. Shes noob friendly. As far as I know any class can wreck any class with the right gear and skill.




Unfortunately, no. High skill guardian never beat high skill ninja or zerk, just because lack of fast movement and fast skills. It will be grabed on any long skill animation..


High skill succ guardian can beat anyone what are you smoking lol




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It does have a low skill floor, but a very, very high skill ceiling. Skilled guardians who properly time their iframes and sas between damage skills are terrifying.


It easy to learn but hard to play effectively specially awk guard, as of now awk guard is very good in 1v1 and shit in other aspect of the game while succ guard is easier to play effecrively but needs proper positioning and skills. There are more noob classes on the game and performs better than guardian tbh.