Trying to understand fear

Trying to understand fear


:( I would love nothing more, honestly, than to be able to protect you guys. It makes me so angry when people have to fear being themselves because of hate and ignorance. I have dedicated a very large part of my life to being able to protect myself and the ones I love in any number of different situations, and hearing about others struggling with fear makes my blood boil. I wish I had a solution for you. I wish I could help. What works for me is unlikely to work for many other people. I doubt you or anyone else is going to be willing to start training in mixed martial arts and buying and shooting and training with guns to a level that they feel confident carrying one.


I hear you and it's challenging. I have been there when I was simply hanging out with my outwardly gay friend. The one thing that I picked up from him was self confidence and ignoring the other people. Unfortunately the best I can offer both of you are hugs!