Pills or IUD

Hi everyone- I am looking for some clarity on my birth control dilemma. I’m 25 and have been off and on birth control pills for years now. I’ve tried a few different brands and Sprintec has typically worked well for me although this last round I gained a little weight, had crazy mood swings and limited libido. My partner and I are anxious about me being off birth control and so I looked into getting Kyleena IUD but am worried about having the same effects because of the hormones.

Can anyone shed some light on their experiences? I would hate to go through the pain just to go through hell again. Is Kyleena or Skyla better? Or maybe a pill that seems to be worth it?

Thanks in advanced!


Have you considered a copper IUD? I highly recommend it. My body is so much happier since I stopped putting hormones in it


I have considered it but am mostly worried about the amount of heavy bleeding associated with it- did you have that experience?


My periods have always been heavy and actually, especially more recently, I have noticed my periods being lighter. I have had my IUD for 5 years and am due to get it changed next week. My periods are slightly painful, which I’ve never experienced previous to having my IUD, but it’s nothing too severe or anything I can’t handle


The hormones in IUDs actually stay in the uterus and rarely make it to other parts of the body. Acne is a common side affect, but weight gain and mood swings aren't.


I am suffering right now with the IUD oil!! Breaking out like crazy and my hair is so greasy so quickly. Does it ever settle down?


It should settle down after 3-6 months of having it in. If it doesn't, prescription acne care can be used with an IUD. Having a skincare routine can also help.


Gotcha. I had stopped taking my spironolactone around the same time so I've started taking that again and it seems to be helping. Thanks for the tip! Hopefully after some more time passes I can quit the spiro as well.


Have you considered a copper iud, no hormone side effects then?


I have! Just worried about the bleeding associated with it- have heard stories of people bleeding heavily for months on end?


I've heard horror stories and huge success stories. For me personally, since I don't have it yet, I am going to try and see how my body feels. Apparently after 3/6 months it gets much better. Small price to pay for long term non hormonal birth control. I'm so scared of hormonal birth control now I might prefer to deal with heavier periods 🫠


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I have had my Kyleena for only 2 weeks now but it's been overall okay, I don't notice side effects besides cramping and light spotting (which is normal at first) Copper IUD was constant pain for me, the inflammation from the copper can be strong Pills made me have a whole list of side effects


Have you thought about getting the Nexplanon implant?


I have but wasn’t sure about side effects for that either, any experience?


I have Nexplanon now and I love it!


Validating your experience with sprintec - I quit it after three years because the emotional and libido side effects were getting increasingly worse. I was switched to Lo Loestrin about six months ago and that one isn't working either; I'm hungry all the time and have gained about ten pounds. Before Sprintec I was on Sronyx, which my body basically seemed to ignore after a while. Hope this post gets some good answers, because a hormonal IUD is the next option for me too!


I recently switched from the pill to an Lyletta IUD and I like it better than the pills I have been on. I have anxiety and depression and i feel better emotionally with the IUD than with the birth control pills. My periods aren't regular yet though, but the bleeding is longer but lighter. Which is all parts of the process of getting adjusted to it which does suck, but for me, it's been worth it so far.


I’ve had the Kyleena IUD for almost a year now, and haven’t noticed any hormonal side effects such as acne, weight gain, etc. The only change I’ve noticed is that my period is MUCH lighter, and sometimes depending on where I am on my cycle, certain intercourse positions can be uncomfortable


Don’t get the Kyleena IUD. I just had to have mine removed a month ago and it was the best decision I ever made, I had it for a year and a half. I had Constant and severe abdominal cramping. Started bleeding constantly after 10 months with it. Within 5 minutes of having it removed I cried because the pain was gone and I hadn’t realized how much pain I was in. I was also very moody and tired all the time. I DO NOT recommend Kyleena.


I have mirena, I can't say definitively whether it has caused any health issues, cuz I've been on it for about 6 years now and I was dealing with health before getting it. I can say weight gain and acne weren't an issue, and I don't get periods anymore. Mental health issues were preexisting with no noticeable change. Sex life started after insertion, so idk what sex is like without an iud. I can say my libido didn't change. Insertion sucks, but overall I'm very thankful that it's worked out so well for me. I did the pill for a hot minute before getting an iud, but I was young, dumb, depressed, and lived a poor lifestyle so I can't say whether the pill affected me in any way. Not having to take keep track of pills is great, and not having to keep track of my cycle is even better.


I’ve had my liletta IUD for about a year now and I love it. It’s so convenient and I haven’t had any problems with it. At first I was so anxious about being on it because I had heard stories about people gaining a bunch of weight and having all of these terrible side effects. Which side note, when I got my iud inserted, I was struggling with my weight and wanted to loose some so that is why I was so anxious about it. Anyway the first few days after insertion, I was extremely bloated and crampy. It was like having just a bad period. But after a while, that subsided and now I feel great. I have a friend who has a copper IUD and she loves not being on a hormonal birth control and having the convenience of an IUD. Both of us have talked about how painful insertion was, so if you do plan on gettin an IUD take some Tylenol or ibuprofen before hand and have your boyfriend or a friend drive you home. Although it was painful for me, I think it’s been 100% worth it. I previously was using the ring and also loved the convenience of it. You just pop it in for the month and replace it. So that could be an option worth exploring as well if you’re not 100% sold on an IUD yet.


I had the copper IUD, it did make my period a bit heavier (but my period was already heavy as Niagara falls before the IUD). I would take that 100% over having to remember to take a pill every day lol. The pill sounds so annoying, I don't know how so many women do it. I have the Kyleena now and I don't get my period. Both IUDs have been a good experience.