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you’ll be fine!


Since the vaccine can mess with periods, it might actually be beneficial to start BC now as it can help regulate your period.


This happened to me too! My period was a week and a half longer than usual but it was mostly just spotting and it seemed to regulate after. I think you'll be fine!


I’d just take the birth control rather than wait a month. It’s not going to hurt you to take both and the sooner you start taking the pill the sooner your body will get used to it.


Congratulations on getting your first dose! You should be fine to start the BC on the same day as your vaccine. They won't interact with each other. You may get side effects from both - the typical sore arm/fatigue from the vaccine (\~6-8 hours afterwards), and possible light nausea/headaches from the BC, but the BC side effects likely won't kick in for a few weeks if you do experience them. PS. I switched to taking my BC at night which really helped with the nausea. Source cred: I'm a scientist and physiology professor. :)