I did missed a few bleedings while on a pill, it's not that uncommon. She should get the test just to be sure though.


Thanks for your answer! And yeah she got me a little paranoid haha


It's my first month on the pill and I didn't start bleeding until the fourth day of my placebo pills. It's not irregular to not bleed on the first day or to not bleed at all.


If today was the first day of her "period" week, then she needs to wait a few days. Not every one starts on the very first day, it may take 2-3 days. If she doesn't have her period at all when it is time for her to start the new pack (next week, I am assuming) then she needs to take a pregnancy test.


Okay thanks for the help


I took birth control pills for over 10 years and never got my period on the first day of the placebo pills. I usually got it on day 4. Like some of the other commenters mentioned, if she doesn’t get it at all and she’s going to start the new pack, take a pregnancy test to be sure.